Global Lab Updates – 6th November 2020

Global Lab Updates – 6th November 2020

Nov 06 Tansie  
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Battle of Thornwood Castle

“Thornwood Castle has been opened. This is another heir of Hadum, who rebelled against the Queen of O’dyllita, Viorencia Odore, and blasted the seeds of corruption in the capital O’draxxia, turning numerous Ahib sisters into Fallen Ones. This thorny castle is occupied by the Thornwood goddess, awaiting a great adventurer who can uncover the secrets of the castle and stop the Rise of Hadum by intercepting Sephir Odors’s tactics. They are divided into two separate islands, each facing a mirror, and each advancing to remove the threat lurking in all parts of the island, finally confronting Sephir Odore, and stopping Sephir Odore faster than the other side. Adventurers have it all.”

  • Thornwood Castle Battle has been added. The faction that defeats Sephir Odore first can get a victory reward, and the other faction can get a defeat reward.
    • In order to enter the Battle of Thornwood Castle, a 5-person party must be formed with only adventurers who have completed the character Awakening / Succession quest.
    • When a 5-person party is formed, the party leader can enter by selecting the ESC menu > War > ‘Battle of Thornwood’ menu.
    • After entering Thornwood Castle, when both factions are ready, the battle begins.
  • In the Battle of Thornwood Castle, various effects are obtained through the accumulated team points earned by planting the ‘Sinful Seeds’ acquired by individuals in <Turasil Shinso>, and finally calling Sephir Odore as the opponent. The goal is to kill her first.
  • If you defeat the monsters in Thornwood Castle, you will get the ‘Sinful Seeds’. The number of seeds that can be obtained varies for each monster.
    • You can consume the obtained ‘Sinful Seeds’ by interacting with <Turasil Shinso> inside the Thornwood Castle.
    • The maximum number of seeds an individual can have is 50. Seeds earned more than that are not reflected.
    • Thornwood Castle has elements that can be used strategically, such as supply boxes, sideways, and rites that can be boarded upon killing. How you use these strategic factors will have a significant impact on winning or losing. Mounts such as Laytenn can be carried by one adventurer with the highest contribution when defeated.

  • <Turasil Shinso>, the center of the strategy, moves to the next location every time 100, 200, or 300 ‘Sinful Seeds’ are planted. The place to be moved is constant.
    • When <Turasil Shinso> moves, <Prickly Vine> is created in the existing place.
    • One adventurer who interacted with <Prickly Vine> acquires the powerful buff ‘[Hero] 1~4 level’, and is given the opportunity to go directly to the mirror world and check (attack) other adventurers.
    • As you have to face 5 players in the opponent’s faction, you must use several strategic points to prevent the enemy from moving forward. [Heroic] buff increases the effect value when used at each stage.
    • The adventurer who died in the mirror world resurrects in the original world after a while.
  • The final boss, Sephir Odore, appears when the number of ‘Sinful Seeds’ planted in Turasil Sinso exceeds 400.
    • If you succeed in summoning Sephir Odore from one faction, she will also appear 1 minute later on the other faction.
    • If you succeed in attacking Sephir Odore before the opponent’s faction, you will win.
    • Sephir Odore appears regardless of the number of seeds planted 30 minutes after the Battle of Thornwood begins.

* Laytenn mounting operation method is as follows.

Basic attack LMB
Direction attack LMB + A/D
Rush attack LMB + W
Upward attack LMB + RMB
Jump attack SPACE
Wide area attack RMB
Fire Laser

Hadum Server – Fogan Grindspot added


  •  Serendia’s Swamp Fogan habitat has been encroached by Hadum.
    • Swamp Fogans have become violent and aggressive, and are starting to fight more fierce over the territory with the other Swamp Nagas.
    • In order to counter the fast-paced swamp fogans, swamp nagas form a raid squad and continuously attack swamp fogans.
    • Titium has dispatched a massive toad called Turval to protect the swamp territory.
    • Turval attacks using his huge body as a weapon and is commanded by Prince Fogan Titium.
    • When Turval is defeated, the chief of Fogans, Chief Fogan, Titium will appear after a certain period of time.
    • Currently, the loot that can be obtained from the hunting grounds is not final and subject to change. The changed contents will be continuously updated through the Black Desert Lab.


Blackstar Gear Improvements

  •  The stats of the Black Star Awakening Weapon items have been changed as follows.
  • Click image to view larger version (tooltips from

[​IMG]Since the release of the Blackstar Awakening weapon through the Black Desert Global Lab last week, we have received various opinions from adventurers from all countries. Thanks again to the adventurers who provided feedback. First of all, the Blackstar Awakening weapon is not approached as a higher concept of the existing boss equipment like the existing Blackstar main weapon, but was added to give new adventurers a choice. After the release, there were many opinions that the basic performance was too high compared to Dandelion when reaching each enhancement stage, and whether it was impossible to equip crystals due to this, regardless of Caphras levels. We have reduced the performance values (including effects including additional damage to all races) applied at each enhancement level, and have been changed to be the same as Dandelion.

There were a lot of questions about the top equipment ‘Fallen God’, but first of all, there are no plans to add related equipment this year. Since ‘Fallen God’ itself is the equipment placed at the top, it will be updated from next year with sufficient consideration and preparation. For other parts and weapons, the concept and production (or acquisition) method may be different from the ‘Fallen God’s Armor’, but the upgraded form of the boss / Blackstar equipment that adventurers have made hard will be maintained.

  • Blackstar Awakening weapons can now be improved with Inverted Heart of Garmoth and Karanda’s Heart and Dragonslayer Awakening wepaons can be improved with Karanda’s Heart.
    • Items that can be improved with the Inverted Heart of Gamoth and Karanda’s Heart are as follows.

Items that can be improved
Inverted Garmoth’s Heart Dandelion, Blackstar, Dragonslayer, Nouver, Kutum
Karanda’s Heart Dandelion, Blackstar, Dragonslayer


La Orzeca Costume Appearance Update

  • While O’draxxia Blacksmith Limitte was regaining the power of the goddess absorbed in La Orzeca’s costumes, he made a different appearance than before.
    • [Repeat] La Orzeca’s Bead quest has been added to exchange La Orzeca’s helmet and armor for a new look.
    • This quest can be received at the final completion of the La Orzeca helmet or armor production quest.
    • This quest can only exchange female character costumes. However, in the case of Shai, only the helmet can be exchanged.
    • ※ Costumes acquired through this quest cannot be returned to their original appearance.

[​IMG]Since the launch of La Orzeca, we have received so many suggestions from adventurers in each country for the design of female characters. The design of the same version as the male character was added, and adventurers can choose according to their taste.

Horse Racing Rework Continues

  • The Old Moon Grand Prix progress method has been changed as follows.
    • You can participate by selecting the ESC menu → Life → Old Moon Grand Prix menu or tapping the horse race information icon at the top right.

    • After entering the Old Moon Grand Prix, you can register a racehorse with stable keeper ‘Miles’.
    • ※ The item that can register a racehorse, ‘Horse Emblem: Gorga Brisa’, can be purchased through the NPC ‘Eora’ in the <Black Desert Lab> shop, ‘Gula’, a stable keeper at the Stonetail Horse Ranch, and ‘Miles’, a stable keeper of the Old Moon Grand Prix.
    • At the Grand Prix, a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 jockeys have been changed to participate in one race.
    • * 3 minutes after the first participant enters, if the minimum number of participants is not exceeded by the end of the queue, the match will be cancelled and the race will exit.
    • When more than 5 jockeys are preparing and the queue time is over, or when all 10 jockeys enter the queue, the queue ends and you will be given 1 minute of preparation time.
    • Grand Prix starts automatically after all preparation time has passed.
    • The Grand Prix is ranked in the order of passing all set checkpoints and entering the finish line first.
  •  The new stadium ‘Velia: Coastal Cave’ of the Old Moon Grand Prix has been added.
    • Velia: The route to the Coastal Cave Stadium is as follows.
    • East Gate of Velia Village → Western Guard Camp → Western Gateway → Coastal Cliff → Coastal Cave → Velia Village


  • ‘Escape’ function that can be used in the Old Moon Grand Prix has been added.
    • If you do not hear the way at the racetrack, you can return to the racetrack by clicking the ‘Escape’ icon added in the upper left corner.
    • The reuse time of the ‘Escape’ function is 5 seconds, and the speed of the racehorse up to now is reset.
  • The appearance of the Gorga Brasa racehorse has been changed.
  • Old Moon Grand Prix rewards have been added.

Ranking Item Contents
1st Glorious Grand Prix Box
  • Grand Prix Gold Trophy x1
  • Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x24
2nd Pristine Grand Prix Box
  • Grand Prix Silver Trophy x1
  • Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x15
3rd Flawless Grand Prix Box
  • Grand Prix Bronze Trophy x1
  • Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
4th – 10th Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x5 None
Failure to finish Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x1 None

    • * Grand Prix trophies are items that represent the honor of the rider and can be exchanged for items that match their skills. 
    • You can exchange the following items for Old Moon Grand Prix Coins from Stonetail Horse Farm Stable Keeper Gula.

Item Number of coins required for exchange
Swaying Wind Shard
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2
Rumbling Earth Shard
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2
Dew in the Wind Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x2
[Race Horse] Georgiero Champron
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
[Race Horse] Georgiero Barding
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
[Race Horse] Georgiero Saddle
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
[Race Horse] Georgiero Stirrups
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
[Race Horse] Georgiero Horseshoe
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x10
Stonetail Meal
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40
Stonetail Tonic
Old Moon Grand Prix Coin x40
  • Daily and weekly quests that can be proceeded when you have Old Moon Grand Prix coins have been added.

Quest Requirement How to Complete
Basic reward Optional reward
[Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix,
the protagonist of glory
Own Old Moon Grand Prix Coins Hand over 40 Old Moon Grand Prix Coins Contribution EXP 300
Mythical Feather x1
[Daily] Grand Prix,
challenge the best
Hand over 20 Old Moon Grand Prix Coins Contribution EXP 100
  • Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast x10
  • Rainbow Gem Fruit x10
  • Breezy Conch Seaweed x10
  • Pure Forest Breath x10
  • Deep Blue Hoof Root x10
  • Stonetail Fodder x10

Other Changes


  • Black Desert Lab NPC Eora’s shop has a Blackstar Awakening weapon box and Karanda’s Heart box.
    • TET (IV) Blackstar Awakening weapon, PEN (V) Blackstar Awakening weapon has been added to the components of Eora’s weapon box.
    • The name of Eora’s elixir box has been changed as follows.
Before After
Eora’s Elixir Box Eora’s Elixir Box I
Eora’s Elixir Box I Eora’s Elixir Box II

  • If the scarecrow in the free arena is left unattended for more than 5 minutes, the health has been changed to recover.

Quest, knowledge

  •  Artini, who opened a musical instrument store in Lake Kaia, Ancado Inner Harbor, Lake Flondor and Salanar Pond, created the [Jukebox] Red Wind.
    • Artini is said to have chosen the value with 30 Gamoth’s Scales, not silver coins, considering the story contained in this jukebox.
    • You can obtain the following jukebox through exchange with Arniti when completing the quest ‘The Day of the Windfeather Peak’ from Artini.


Background, NPC, effect, cutscene

  •  The effect of freezing conditions has been improved more naturally.

User Interface

  • The bug were the old moon incense burner mold icon is different from the production note has been corrected.
  • Fixed the bug that the [Guild Skill] healing touch description and the actual recovered life did not match.
  • Advanced Delotia Tart’s acquisition method description has been corrected to Master Lv.1 or higher, which is a condition that is actually acquired from Master Lv.1 or higher.

Class Changes


  • The following text in the description of the Sturdy Smite has been changed to suit the actual effect.

Before After
No collision while moving No collision during jump

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