Global Lab Updates – 4th February 2021

Global Lab Updates – 4th February 2021

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Adventure Log Update

  • Some of the adventure logs that have been exposed to the world so far have been witnessed of an instantaneous occurrence of an unknown wave at the same time on some bookshelves. Special changes have occurred in some adventure journals due to this wave.
  • The contents of the following adventure journals have been modified and added.
    • Igor Bartali’s Adventure Journal, Volume 8, Chapter 5: A warning phrase that requires attention when proceeding has been added to the bottom of the text.
    • Igor Bartali’s Adventure Journal, Vol. 10, Chapter 5: Go to Ekta: The condition to show Asula’s Red Eye Necklace has been changed to wearing Asula accessories with high enhancement grade or higher.
    • Dorin Morgrim’s Secret Journal, Volume 1, Chapter 2: It has been added so that it can be completed by handing a pole weapon or armor improvement stone to Dorin Morgrim.
    • Margahan’s Book 2: The number of monsters that must be defeated in the adventure journal has been changed as follows. Also, it has been changed so that you can proceed regardless of the order of the chapters within the volume.
Before change AAfter change
Defeat 2500 monsters at Sausan Garrison Defeat 1000 monsters at Sausan Garrison
Defeat 2500 monsters in the Crescent Shrine Defeat 1500 monsters in the Crescent Shrine
Defeat 3000 monsters at Sherekhan’s Tomb Defeat 2000 monsters at Sherekhan’s Grave
Defeat 3000 monsters in Manshaum Forest Defeat 2000 monsters in Manshaum Forest
Defeat 3000 monsters in Stars End Defeat 1500 monsters in Stars End
  • Herald’s Journal, Volume 2, Chapter 1: The condition to fish 3 sea eel within the time limit in the adventure journal has been changed to fishing for 2 fish.
  • The conditions for completing Caphras’ Record Adventure Journal have been changed as follows.
Adventure journal Before change After change
Caphras’ Records Volume 2, Chapter 5 3000 monsters to be killed 1000 monsters to be killed
Caphras’ Records Volume 4, Chapter 4 3000 monsters to be killed 1500 monsters to be killed
Caphras’ Records Volume 4 Chapter 6 Complete’Altar of Blood, Third Vision’ Complete all quests for the Altar of Blood

  • Some items that can be completed in Deve’s Encyclopedia 1, 1 to 4, 2 and 4, and 3 and 4 have been added.
  • A new journal ‘Fughar’s Age of Success’ has been published, which contains the path that Fughar has walked so far. You can check out the growth story of him and the top of the crow as you follow Fughar’s journey to the place he is now with an apple.
    • The adventure journal can be processed after completing the mediah main quest, and completing the order for ‘Adventure Journal: From Bottom to Top’ from the Black Spirit at level 57 or higher.
    • There are a total of 3 adventure diaries and consists of a total of 15 books, 5 each.
    • Fugar’s Secret Book, which contains the absolute secret on the top of the crow, can be used to obtain a large amount of Contribution EXP.
    • * If you use all of the Fugar’s Secret Scrolls that can be obtained from Fughar’s Age of Success Journal based on the maximum family contribution of 200, you can achieve the maximum family contribution of 230.
Fughar’s Secret Book Reward
Volume 1 Chapter 1 ~ 4 1 Fugar’s Secret Book per sheet
Volume 1 Chapter 5 Maximum weight +2LT (family applied)
Volume 2 Chapter 1 ~ 4 1 Fugar’s Secret Book per sheet
Volume 2 Chapter 5 Inventory +1 slot (family applied)
Volume 3 Chapter 1 ~ 4 1 Fugar’s Secret Book per sheet
Volume 3 Chapter 5 All defense +1 (family applied)

New Rare Fishing Collection

  •  We hear news that Yvrug (a yellow grade fish) are starting to haunt in the Balenos Islands, Nox Seas, and Armo Seas.
    • A flock of seagulls gathers where Yvrug is gathered.
    • The flock of seagulls after Yvrug can bite a lot more times than other flock of seagulls.
    • If you fish in a flock of seagulls that chase after Yvrug, you can get a plump Yvrug with a low probability.
    • Plump Yvrug, can be sold at NPC stores, but a daily quest was made to the NPC Miya, Papu <New Barter> at the Prawa tavern, who prefers rare fish more than gold bars. You can exchange Plump Yvrug for gold bars.
    • Fishing in a flock of seagulls that pursues Yvrug has a very low probability of obtaining Red Scaled Eggs.
    • Red Scaled Eggs can be sold at NPC shops, but if you collect 10 and bring them to NPCs to be revealed in the future, you can exchange them for gold bars worth 1 billion silver coins once per family.
    • The first adventurer who collected 10 Red Scaled Eggs and handed them over can obtain a summons book that summons Garmoth the world boss with a special title.

Elvia’s Realm (Hadum Server)

  • Elvia’s realm Biragi Den has been modified so that the monsters that appear alive are not around NPCs.
  • The size of the hunting area in Elvia’s Realm has been increased to make it easier to distinguish the Red Orc Wizard of the Orc Camp.
  •  Some monsters in the Orc Camp on Elvia’s Realm have been corrected to appear in abnormal locations.
  • Corrected the bug that the physical strength is immediately recovered when the leader Al Rundi of Elvia’s realm returns during battle, and has been changed to recover the physical strength after a certain period of time.
  • The bug has been fixed where all monsters on Elvia’s Realm were following adventurers for a long distance.
  • A daily quest that can be ordered in the area of ​​Elvia’s hunting ground has been added.
    • Details of the request are as follows.
Quest Area
Conditions to obtain
Quest name Requirements for completing the quest Reward for completing the quest
Orc camp Elvia Server,
Level 60 or higher
Investigating the Encroached Little Red Orcs Kill 250 Small Red Orcs Predator Root x1
Encroached Red Orc Berserker Investigation Kill 500 Red Orc Berserkers Predator Root x1
Investigate the Encroached Red Orcs Kill 1000 Red Orcs 3 Predator Roots
Bloody monastery Defeat the Encroached Fanatic Kill 500 Fanatics Predator Root x1
Defeat the Encroached Fanatic Warrior Kill 500 Fanatic Warriors Predator Root x1
Subdue the Encroached Fanatics Kill 1500 Fanatics 3 Predator Roots
Fogan Swamp Defeat the Encroached Swamp Fogan Sentry Defeat 300 Swamp Fogan Guards Predator Root x1
Defeat Encroached Giant Swamp Fogan Defeat 500 Giant Swamp Fogans Predator Root x1
Subdue the Encroached Swamp Fogan Swarm Kill 1000 Swamp Fogans 3 Predator Roots
Naga swamp Defeat the Apprentice Spearman in the Encroached Swamp Naga Kill 500 Naga Apprentice Spearmen Predator Root x1
Defeat the Encroached Swamp Naga Ax Kill 500 Naga Ax Predator Root x1
Subdue the Encroached Swamp Naga Swarm Kill 1500 Swamp Naga Swarm 3 Predator Roots
Castle Ruins Kill Encroached Mobile Soldiers Kill 500 Mobile Soldiers Predator Root x1
Kill Encroached Minions Kill 500 Assault Soldiers Predator Root x1
Subdue an encroached rebel group Kill 2000 Al Rhundi Rebels 3 Predator Roots
Biraghi Den Defeat the Encroached Bandit Charge Captain Defeat 500 Bandit Charge Captains Predator Root x1
Defeat the encroached bandit defender Defeat 500 bandit defenders Predator Root x1
Subdue the encroached bandits Kill 2000 bandits 3 Predator Roots
Altar Imp Defeat the Encroached Altar Imp Brawler Defeat 200 Altar Imp Brawlers Predator Root x1
Defeat the Encroached Altar Imp Warrior Defeat 300 Altar Imp Warriors Predator Root x1
Defeat the Encroached Altar Imp Defeat 1000 Altar Imps 3 Predator Roots
  • This quest is a family quest and is a daily quest, and can be performed again after midnight (24:00) after completion.
  • The Root of Predator can be exchanged for the following items from the <Ahib Odrakyo Priest> Regenty in the basement of Glish Village.
  • * However, you can meet Regenty by completing'[Elvia] Ebon Ashes’ in the Black Spirit recommendation quest after level 60 or higher, quest preferred type battle activation.
Number of roots required Exchange item Exchange cycle
5 Valtara’s Flame x2 always
5 Okaira’s Wave x2 always
5 Narc’s Lightning x2 always
10 Void Seed x1 always
25 Elvia’s main weapon, one of the Awakening Weapon Boxes Exchange for daily quest

Sailing Changes

  • Three kinds of daily quests for’ Ravnia’s Supply Transportation’ that can get additional sailing experience have been added.
    • This quest must transport the goods within the time limit.
    • You must successfully transport within that time to get Sailing Experience and a small amount of Crow Coins.
    • Depending on the quest, the amount of sailing experience that can be received upon completion varies.
    • Orders can be received from Ravinia in Velia Village, and only one of the three quests can be ordered and completed.
    • This quest is reset every day at midnight.
    • In order to receive a quest, you must complete the quest of’Jarrett’s Support’, which is one of the recommended quests (O)-‘Oqilua’s Eye’, consecutive quests.
  •  An unexpected quest that occurs during sailing has been added.
    • Shiley, who is staying on Pirate Island, is urgently waiting for supplies to be shipped.
    • You must transport supplies to the Pirate Island within the time limit in order to obtain a large amount of Sailing XP and Crow Coins.
  • Repeated quests that can restore ocean karma reputation have been added.
    • It is said that Hans of Velia village restores maritime reputation in exchange for bringing items hidden in the coastal cave.
    • ※ This quest can be ordered from level 50 or higher.

Other Changes

Monster Changes

  • The the nox of steel appearing in the Dark Rift did not collide in a specific attack has been improved.

User Interface Changes

  • Filters for each guild that occupied the base have been added to the world map.
  • It has been modified so that the most recently selected knowledge in the knowledge (H) window remains selected until reconnection. 

Class Changes

All Classes

  • Exclusive effects and audio effects have been added for Core Skills.
Many adventurers have requested to enhance the visual aspect of core skills. Accordingly, improved effects have been applied to this patch so that you can clearly see that it is a more powerful skill than before.

Splitting the grave

Pattern: Tomb Split


Pattern: crushed


  • The duration of the All DP increase effects has been corrected to update normally when using Dusk Slash with the All DP increase Skill Addon effect of Prime: Scars of Dusk applied


  • The sound effect of Core: Cartian’s Nightmare has been corrected to output normally.


  • The bug that the summoned Heilang did not disappear when using the Roaring skill on horseback has been corrected.


●After using certain skills in the Asura state, the super armor effect and damage amount has been modified to be applied normally.
● The description of Asura skill has been modified to suit the actual effect.

Witch, Wizard

  • Fixed a bug where the buff effect is not applied normally when using the Rage Absorption skill while using a certain skills.


  • Fixed a bug where all evasion reduction effects were not applied to the target when using the Black Spirit: Catacylsm skill
  • Fixed the bug that the effect sound did not come out when using Flow: Magical Evasion during cooldown.

Dark Knight

  • The bug that the damage was not applied intermittently when using the Shadow Strike skill while rotating the screen quickly has been improved.


  • The sound effect of the Earth Shatter skill has been corrected to output normally.
  • The bug that the effect sound was not output intermittently when using the Meteor Dive skill has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug where the buff effect is not applied normally when using the Rage Absorption while using certain skills.


  • It has been improved to lock Prime: Omua’s Aura.


  • The bug that the cooldown display of Succesion: Quoratum’s Opening could not be set has been corrected.
  • The description of the operation keys of the Prime: Bitter Reign skills has been corrected to match the actual one.
  • Fixed a bug where only 1 hitting action was repeated when maintaining the command when the Royal Fencing: Fleche I ~ III skill was on cooldown.
  • Fixed the bug that when using Break Orbit after switching the main weapon in the acceleration state, the Break Orbitskill in the normal state was activated.
  • Fixed the bug that the sting appeared in the form of a scythe intermittently in the dyeing (J) window.
  • Fixed the bug that a Thornwood Gaurd remains when switching to awakening from the main weapon using the Break Orbit skill.

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