Global Lab Updates – 4th December 2020

Global Lab Updates – 4th December 2020

Dec 04 Tansie  
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Hadum Server – Bloody Monastery

  • Serendia’s Bloody Monastery habitat has been engulfed by Hadum.
    • If you defeat a fanatic at bloody monastery encroached in Hadum’s realm, you can get a ‘Red Bell’ item as a loot with a certain probability.
    • Use the’Red Bell’ item to attract the attention of nearby fanatics.
    • At Hadum’s Bloody Monastery, after a certain period of time, fanatics gather inside the monastery for a secret ritual.
    • Muskan will appear inside the monastery when the fanatics complete all the secret rituals.
    • If you kill all of the ‘<Martyr> Fanatic Shaman’ who are performing the secret ritual and force the ritual to stop, the angry Muskan will appear.
    • Additional rewards can be obtained by defeating the angry Muskan.
    • The loot that can be obtained from the Bloody Monastery engulfed in Hadum’s realm is not final and may change later.
    • Changes will be continuously updated through Black Desert Lab.

  • *For players who have not read previous Global Lab patch notes, the Hadum Servers are a new channel (similar to Olivia, Season, Arsha). On the Hadum channel, low level grinding spots that are designed for under level 50, become endgame grinding spots. This content is continually being changed and new grind spots are being updated each week. Hadum Servers are currently only available on Global Lab testing server.

Family Inventory Improvements

  • These changes are continued from last week’s Global Lab Patch Notes
  • Character resurrection items, mount stamina, and life recovery items have been added to the family inventory so that they can be used immediately and moved to the family inventory.
    • Eg. Elion’s Tears, Elion’s Blessing, Carrots, Acacia Leaves, etc.

Item Drop Increase Scroll Improvements

  • These changes are continued from last week’s Global Lab Patch Notes
  • Item drop increase scroll point conversion function has been improved.
    • A pop-up window has been added where you can see the number of scrolls consumed when converting the item drop increase scroll into points and the points converted accordingly.
    • The description text of the UI buttons has been improved.

New Guild Chat added

  • A new chat option for Guild Leader, Guild Advisor, and Guild Officer have been added.
    • You can see only the staff dialogue and settings if you are one of the three positions of Guild Leader, Guild Advisor, and Guild Officer.
    • Staff dialogue can be accessed by pressing Alt+F1 keys or left-clicking the horsehead icon in the dialogue input window.


Old Moon Grand Prix (Horse Racing Revamp)

  •  If you deviate from the guided raceway during the Old Moon Grand Prix race, the additional speed according to the ranking has been changed to decrease.
  •   A description has been added to the horse gear item with [Race Horse] Georgiero, explaining that the black stone of the storm is acquired, the ability to acquire when enhancing, and 100% success when enhancing, but the durability decreases by 10.
  • It has been modified so that you can receive daily and weekly quests from the next Old Moon Grand Prix from Wafra.
    • * [Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, the hero of glory
    • * [Daily] Grand Prix, challenge the best
    • Miles can be met by entering the desired racetrack after selecting the (New) menu → Life → Old Moon Grand Prix or the race information icon on the top right.
    • Accepted quests can be completed anytime, anywhere with the Black Spirit.
    • Adventurers who are accepting the quest before the change can complete the quest to Wafra, and can accept the quest from Miles after the quest re-acceptance time passes after the quest is completed.

Automatic Mount Skill Improvements

  • These changes are continued from last week’s patch notes
  • Conditions have been added to the automatic skill use function during automatic vehicle movement.
    • You can use skills automatically during automatic movement only when the character’s training level is Artisan Lv.1 or higher.
  • It has been added to increase the speed when using a sprint with automatic skill while riding a horse while wearing a riding crop.
    • * The increase in sprint speed during automatic movement according to the grade of the riding crop is as follows.
Riding Crop Increase sprint speed
Loggia Riding Crop Increase sprint speed during horse auto movement +10%
Izauro Riding Crop Increase sprint speed during horse auto movement +15%
Manos Riding Crop Increase sprint speed during horse auto movement +20%
  • ※ If the mount’s skill level is insufficient, using the automatic skill use function when moving automatically may result in failure to use the skill at a probability.

  • The bug that horses, camels, and donkeys did not follow directions when using automatic skills during automatic movement has been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made to quickly rotate the direction when a curved road emerges while using automatic skills.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  •  The maintenance time of the roar skill that can be used when wearing Krogdalo’s saddle has been changed from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • The weakened dark eye item description has been modified more naturally.
  •  [Maehwa Succession] Illezra’s candlestick item description has been corrected to match the quest.
  • Desert buff is applied to the item is displayed as an icon in the trade item sales list has been modified so that you can check. 

Quest/Knowledge Changes

  • Black Star Equipment Ancient Ator’s power quest The first quest goal was abnormally completed.
  • [Heirloom Succession] Illezra’s bell icon has been changed to a bell shape.
  • As a guardian character, the dialogue was naturally corrected when talking with a specific resident of Bahitram.

User Interface Changes

  • The ‘Show only red battlefield score’ function has been added to the game settings → view.
    • This function hides my character name on the red battlefield and sets it to show only the score.
  •  The alignment of guild positions in the list of guild members has been modified so that artillery is positioned before the quatermaster.
  • The Farming Garden list window has been reorganized.

  • Nader’s four slots have been changed to change at once when viewing other slots by scrolling the mouse or pressing the arrow while opening five or more slots.
  • A UI has been added to display the number of pages you are viewing among all slots opened at the bottom of Nader’s belt slot. 
  • In the skill specialization window, the description of the skill and skill effects displayed by shortening words has been modified to be exposed.
    • When you mouse over a skill icon or skill effect phrase in the skill specialization window, a description of the skill is displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that seemed to have a chance for a clumsy worker to be promoted in the Workers Exchange.

System Changes

  • In Game Settings → Screen Quality, when remaster mode or ultra mode is set, the brightness of the accumulated snow has been adjusted so that it is displayed slightly darker.


Class Changes

All Classes

  • The effect of this awakening BON skills have been changed.

Since the awakening BON skills was added, many adventurers gave us feedback that the part to deal with is limited and difficult depending on the type of this skill that the opponent has learned. After contemplating how to improve these areas, we made changes to the visible parts that appear when using this skill and general skill to make it easier to cope with than before from the viewpoint of dealing with them.


  • When using the Judgement of Light skill, the effect has been modified to match the attack range.

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