Global Lab Updates – 27th August 2020

Global Lab Updates – 27th August 2020

Aug 27 Tansie  
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New Item – Black Star Helmet

  • New Black Star Helmet has been added
    • When worn with Black Star Armor, you can receive the Black Star exclusive set bonus

  • A Black Star Helmet creation quest has been added.
    • You can only complete the quest once per character
    • You need the item “Remnants of the Rift”. You also need knowledge of the “The Three Median Blacksmiths” and a special material called “Wraith Spirit”. Wraith Spirit can be obtained  with a low chance throughout the world and has a slightly higher drop rate from monsters at Thornwood Forest.
    • Remenant’s of the Rift can be obtained with a low chance when defeating Dark Rift bosses
    • You can acquire “The Three Median Blacksmiths” knowledge by completing the main story quest for Mediah, which has been revamped to a level 56 or higher questline starting with Tulem. Players who have already completed the questline can obtain the knowledge from Tulem.
    • The questline splits in the middle into two different storylines. Experienced players can battle the powerful monsters straight away, whilst newer players can battle easier monsters to complete the quests. 

New Item – Accuracy Ring

  • Dark Knight’s stronghold in the Valley of Olun, announced that the Ahibs of Seper, who rebelled against Queen Biorenchia Odor, created a ring that contained the power of the cursed Turasil
    • They are naming this Seper’s ring, which was obtained after defeating the fallen Ahibs in the Thornwood Forest, as the ‘Creepy Ring on the Back’.

Item name Attack Power (AP) Accuracy
Creepy ring on the back 3 8
PRI: Creepy ring on the back
6 12
DUO: Creepy ring on the back
9 16
TRI: Creepy ring on the back
12 20
TET: Creepy ring on the back
15 24
PEN: Creepy ring on the back
18 28

New Costume

  • Queen Biorenchia Odor of the barren land O’Dyllita announced a quest to bring the relics of Orzeka. La Orzeca costumes are given to those who rescue the ancient kingdom of Orzeca
    • La Orzeca costume was made by Orjeka to prevent Hadum’s grasp. It is said to have been made by containing the power of the thornwood goddess
    • The power of this thornwood goddess was extracted from the equipment when Orzeka destroyed himself, and then contained in the lungs of the god tree, Kturan, and its whereabouts became unknown, but according to recent information from Ahib, it can now be found in the monster zones below
Item name Monster Zone

Kturan’s left lung

Kturan’s Black Leaf

Thornwood Forest

Ash Forest

Silent Grave

Kturan’s Right Lung

Kturan’s Ashen Leaf

Land of the Turos

Ollun Valley

Silent Grave

  • Leaves affected by the powerful power of Kturan’s lungs can be obtained and made into Kturan’s lungs
  • Leaves have a slightly higher drop rate than the Lungs
  • Kturan’s black leaf is ‘Kturan’s left lung’, and Kturan’s Ashen leaf is ‘Kturan’s right lung’.
    • If you right-click on the lung, you can proceed with a story quest that can completed once per family. The reward is La Orzeca Helmet and La Orzeca Armor
    • If you obtain another Kturan’s lungs after completing the story quest, you can obtain the La Orzeca costume directly through NPC exchange
    • If you complete both the La Orzeca Helmet and La Orzeca Armor Story quests, you can proceed with the final quest through the Black Spirit and obtain the title La Orzeca

New Crystals

  • Tvisa, the Kamasylvia Tooth Fairy, solved a translation of Ronin’s ancient language to create new crystals
    • According to Ronin’s record, this crystal is called the ‘Rebellious Spirit’s Crystal’, and the following three crystals can be obtained using Simple Alchemy
    • The Rebellious Spirit Crystal can be equipped into the secondary weapon
Item name Simple Alchemy Recipe Item effect
Rebellious Spirit Crystal Black Spirit Crystal
Awakened Spirit’s Crystal
Valtarra Spirit’s Crystal
Max HP +175
All AP +5
Extra Monster AP +5
Skill EXP +5%

New Furniture

  • New Furniture items have been added that can be obtained by defeating the Great Whale
    • You can craft the Great Whale Wall decoration in Level 5 of the Furniture Workshops in Calpheon, Valencia, and Grana

Other Changes

Item Changes:

  • The weight of the following trash items that can be obtained in Valencia monster zones has been reduced from 0.3LT to 0.2LT.
    • Bashim Mane (Bashim Base)
    • Desert Naga’s Web (Desert Naga Temple)
    • Desert Fogan’s Helmet Fragment (Titium Valley)
    • Cadry’s Mark (Cadry Ruins)
  • The number of slots required in the garden fence has been added to the item description of High-quality bluffing mushroom hyphae and special dwarf mushroom hyphae
  • The unnatural line breaks in the description of the festival trail items has been fixed
  • Glory of the battlefield, the description of the expiration of the item description of the battlefield honor has been clearly changed.

Content Changes:

  • Valencia’s NPC Purazine and Odraxia’s NPC Cherpi have learned a new way to store energy. You can covert your energy through the NPC
  • Two Simple Alchemy recipes using Whale Tendons have been added
    • whale tendon elixir x3 + blue liquid reagent x1 = excellent whale tendon elixir x1
    • whale tendon elixir x3 + blue liquid reagent x1 = chewy whale tendon elixir x1
  • The daily arena challenge method has been changed in order to see more players duel in the Pit of Undying
    • Even if you lose during the battle in the Pit of Undying, it has been changed to allow a duel again by forfieting the quest and accepting it again.
    • If you try again, you can start immediately from the defeated level.
    • After completing the second duel, you can have a 1v1 duel with Yulho. However, Yulho’s duel cannot be challenged again when defeated.
  • It has been changed so that you can challenge the previous level according to your Insignia level

  • However, you can select only one daily quest for each level
    • Example: Players who have acquired a high-grade insignia can receive high-grade quests. However, if you select and proceed with a quest of one grade, you cannot receive the quest of the other grade.

Monster Changes:

  • Field Boss Giant Mudster has expanded its range of activities.
    • The suppressed Giant Mudster does not give up and moves to other areas of Serendia and threatens the monsters in that area.
    • Giant Mudster can move places up to twice.
    • Swamp Fogan and Swamp Naga are afraid of Giant Mudsters who never know when to appear.
  •  A <old> variant loa snake that has been exposed for a long time to the scent blooming from the loa flower pot on Padix Island was discovered.
    • <Old> variant loa snakes are larger than other loa snakes and emit light by themselves.
    • <Old> variant loa snakes appear with other variant loa snakes with a certain probability when the loa flower pot is neutralized.
    • When you defeat the <Old> variant Loa Snake, you can get the “Dream Earrings” loot with a higher probability than the existing variant Loa Snake
  • The probability of an outbreak event of a variant roa snake that appears when neutralizing the loa flower pot of Padix Island has been increased.
  • Agris’ Fever consumed when defeating the Fallen Ahib in the Thornwood Forest has been changed from 20 → 30.
  • The amount of ‘Ancient Spirit Dust’ that could be obtained when defeating the Fallen Ahib in the Thornwood Forest has been reduced by a small amount.

Quest/Knowledge Changes:

  • A quest to obtain green and blue grade armor as a costume has been added.- Each quest can be received from the Black Spirit upon completion of the main quest of the province except Valencia and Odylita.
    • You can check the costume box in the pearl bag.
    • This quest can only be performed once per character.
  •  The ‘Grand Prix Vera’s Order’ quest has been added to the Stonetail Horse Ranch.
    • This quest requires activation of the quest type ‘Life’ as one quest per family, and the training level is professional Lv. Must be 1 or higher.
    • When you deliver 100 Golden Repayment Seal – [Imperial Training], the quest is completed and you can obtain a ticket to change the name of the mount.


  • When acquiring the remnants of the rift, the character’s cheering action has been changed to output.
  • In the quest widget, if the quest name is long, the icon and the quest name have been modified so that they do not overlap.
  • The selection range for moving the sweet gift letter window has been adjusted to the subject area.

Class Changes


  •  Flow: Reckless Blow charging hits have been increased by 2.
  • Preceding skill combo text has been added to the descriptions of Whirlwind Strike, Quick Heavy Strike and Charging Heavy Strike


  • The cooldown of Flow: Tempest has been reduced to 9 seconds and the damage has been increased
    • 701% x 13 → 931% x 13
  • The cooldown of Waltz of Wind has been reduced to 7 seconds and the damaged reducuction during Cooldown has been removed
  • The cooldown of Flow: Rushing Wind has been reduced to 6 seconds and the number of hits has been increased by 2.
  • The cooldown of Nature’s Tremble has been reduced
Skill Name
Before change After change
Nature’s Tremble I 23 seconds 19 seconds
Nature’s Tremble II 21 seconds 17 seconds
Nature’s Tremble III 19 seconds 15 seconds
  • The cooldown of Regeneration has been reduced from 18 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • In the description of Black Spirit: Wailing Wind, the description which says the skill will push enemies on successful hits has been removed


  • The animation speed of Cataclysm has been increased and the connection with other skills has been improved to be more smooth after using the skill
  • Other skill connections have been improved to be more smooth after using Flow: Magical Evasion backwards
  • Other skill connections have been improved to be more smooth after using Chilling Wave


  • Using Succession: Magical Evasion backwards continuously has been improved to be more natural
  • The description of the key input of Prime: Multiple Magic Arrows has been changed to match the actual key input
  • Fissure Wave and Thunder Storm have been changed to activate immediately after using Flow: Magical Evasion backwards


  • The animation speed of Ensnaring Sands has been increased
  • The animation speed of Serpent’s Coil has been increased
  • Flow: Voracity has been changed to activate faster whilst using Serpent’s Coil
  • Flow: Condemnation has been changed to activate when left clicking after using Flow: Voracity
  • Quicksand can now be used on your hotbar to swap in the main weapon state
  • Flow: Sand Warp has been changed so that it can be used after the first hit of Collapse
  • The Awakening Weapon Box has been added so that you can obtain “Baharom Jusaldo” when opening it

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