Global Lab Updates – 23/09/2022

Global Lab Updates – 23/09/2022

Sep 23 Tansie  
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Item QoL Changes

  •  The bound to character status of the following items located in the pearl bag has been removed
Item name
Reset horse mating (female)
Reset horse mating (male)
Mount engraved Scroll
Horse Appearance Change Ticket
Pet Appearance Change Ticket
Mount Skill training ticket
Mount All Skills Training Ticket
[Event] Mount Skill Training Ticket
  • Bonfire tool items have added snowy cedar wood to the recipe so that they can be crafted by simple alchemy
    • Bonfire Tool Simple Alchemy (L): 5 of any solid wood + 5 Rough Stones + 5 Powder of Flame
  • The usage information of the ‘Kagtunak’ item has been modified to be displayed in more detail.
  • [Hunting] Apprenticeship, Mastery, Professional, Artisan Matchlock item descriptions have been added with conditions for use according to hunting proficiency.
    • In accordance with the above improvements, the text format of the conditions for use of the [Hunting] Master Matchlock has been changed.

Fishing Changes

  • At some point, someone secretly started dumping glass bottles into rivers and seas.
    • While fishing, you can catch the ‘Abandoned Glass Bottle’ item and go to NPC Crio with this glass bottle to exchange the items below.
required item Exchange Item (Choose 1)
5 discarded glass bottles
1 wind conch seaweed
15 silver keys
1 Crio’s Rugged Fishing Chair
Contribution EXP 900 + Fishing EXP 30
(Fishing experience is based on beginner 0, and you can acquire experience up to apprenticeship 2.)
  • Crio’s sturdy fishing chair has the following effects and cannot be registered on the integrated exchange.
※ Durability 200, fishing skill increase +100, automatic fishing time decrease +5%
  •  The following items that could be obtained by fishing have changed so that you can no longer obtain them .
    • Broken bottle shards, fertilizer sacks, seaweed, punctured boots, boneless fish, broken fishing hooks, broken ropes, torn sails, shriveled anchor lines, washed away laundry, torn net
    • Instead of being unable to acquire the above items, you can acquire the ‘Abandoned Glass Bottle’ item at a set probability through fishing.
  •  As the above items can no longer be acquired, the quest conditions and quest descriptions or quest names related to the item have been changed.
request name
[Manor] Riverside janitor
floating boots
fresh seaweed dish
[Fishing] Humans polluting the river
[Fishing] Fishing in the den of bandits
[Fishing] Recycle a broken rope
[Fishing] Picking up trash
seaweed good for health
[Fishing] Picking up seaweed
[Fishing] Dangerous objects
environmental protection
[Daily] Muna’s Message
  •  The difficulty of existing fishing promotion quests has been improved.
request name Quest completion conditions
[Fishing Advancement Beginner 10] Barter Obtaining green grade fish by fishing
[Fishing Promotion Apprenticeship 5] I have no energy these days Obtaining green grade fish by fishing
[Fishing Promotion Apprenticeship 10] I like spicy Obtaining green grade fish by fishing
[Fishing Advancement Skill 5] The best fish in Serendia Obtain a blue grade fish by fishing
[Fishing Advancement Skill 10] Total Trouble Obtaining green grade fish by fishing
Obtain a blue grade fish by fishing
  • New fishing promotion quests have been added.
    • The following promotion quests are quests that can be received and completed once per character (correction)
Order name and order conditions Received and completed NPCs quest reward
[Promotion] Glory of the Fishing Family #1
[Fishing Advancement Beginner 10] Barter exchange quest completed
50 wind conch seaweed
1 Crio’s Rugged Fishing Chair
[Promotion] Glory of the Fishing Family #2
[Fishing Promotion Apprenticeship 10] Complete the quest I like spicy
10 Perfume of Swiftness
10 Mysterious Ballax Lunch Boxes
[Promotion] Glory of the Fishing Family #3
[Fishing Advancement Mastery 10] Complete the Total Difficulty quest
5 gold keys
1 ash tree stew
10 fragments of memory
[Promotion] Glory of the Fishing Family #4
[Fishing Promotion Specialized 10] Complete Epheria’s Delicacy quest
100 mysterious blue conch
1 item engraved spellstone
[Promotion] Glory of the Fishing Family #5
[Fishing Mastery 10] Complete the quest Master of Fishing
1 Expansion Ticket with 8 Bag Slots
1 item engraved spellstone
  • The NPC that accepts the quest ‘[Fishing Advancement Beginner 10] Barter’ has been changed to Crio.
    • The price of fish with blue grade or higher has been doubled compared to the previous price
    • The types of adjusted fish are as follows. (Blue or higher grade 220 types 122 types) (Correction)
fish name
spiny meat
spiny puffer fish
black sea bream
giant halibut
black eye crab
black bird
whale shark
goliath grouper
moray eel
play cloud
grand d’or
Geumgang Mochi
golden albacore
albacore tuna
flounder perch
bigeye tuna
deep-fried eel
John Dory
giant pearl oyster
giant octopus
giant squid
dohwa whitefish
poison ivy
basking shark
dot dome
I’m surprised you’re two billion
ribbon crocodile
hammer whale
miho bell dog
freshwater eel
minke whale
sea ​​eel
sea ​​hermit crab
Baeam Shark
white salmon
great white shark
snake shark
killer whale
bottlenose dolphin
red snow crab
blue grouper
Shark Ray
thread-tailed sea bream
mandarin fish
albino coelacanth
smoke dome
yeolmok fish
dwarf dog
Lim Yeonsu
giant grouper
under construction
point perch
bluefin tuna
Jinhwan Island Shark
bluefin tuna
celadon conch
grass carp
sperm whale
humpback whale
white grouper
golden halibut
yellowfin tuna
black dolphin
black marlin
beluga whale
  •  The ‘Golden Reward Seal – [Imperial Fishing]’ item that was obtainable through Imperial Fishing Delivery has been improved .
Before change after
Chance of obtaining when supplying blue and yellow grade fish
specified probability
Aquired when delivering blue and yellow grade fish 
Additionally acquired when delivering yellow grade fish according to a specified probability

※ Changes to fishing content cannot be checked at the Black Desert Research Lab, and will be updated on the official server.

Farming Changes

  •  The number of berries that can be obtained by farming Mysterious Seeds has been increased by 2.5 times compared to the previous one.
Seed name
mysterious citron seeds
Mystic Pepper Seeds
Mysterious Garlic Seeds
Mysterious Onion Seeds
Mystic Chili Seeds
Mysterious Pumpkin Seeds
Mysterious Carrot Seeds
Mysterious Strawberry Seeds
Mystic Grape Seed
Mysterious Sunflower Seeds
mysterious olive seeds
Mysterious Tomato Seeds
Mysterious Paprika Seeds
Mysterious Seed Potatoes
Mystic Barley Seeds
Mystic Wheat Seeds
Mysterious Corn Seeds
Mysterious Sweet Potato
Mystic Dawnweed Seeds
Mysterious Silver Azalea Seeds
Mystic Flamescale Seed
Mysterious Dry Mane Seed
Mysterious Silky Lamiaceae Seed
Mysterious fortune teller mushroom mycelium
Mystic Arrow Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Dwarf Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Cloud Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Sky Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Tiger Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Emperor Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Ghost Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Mist Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Hump Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious bluff mushroom mycelium
Mysterious Primordial Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious clown mushroom mycelium
Mysterious Nolina Seeds
Mysterious Penestraria Seeds
Mysterious Daubenia Aurea Seeds
Mysterious veal mushroom mycelium
Mysterious Chirping Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Pie Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Acacia Seeds
Mysterious Oriole Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious Red Spotted Clown Mushroom Mycelium
Mysterious situation mushroom mycelium
Mysterious Maltese Mushroom Mycelium
  •  Some descriptions of Mystic Seeds have been changed as follows.
    • You can acquire 15-20 fruits by farming, but not seeds.

Elixir Changes

Adjusted the price of some life content items on the  central market
  •  The upper limit price of 89 items that can be acquired through life content activities has been adjusted as follows.
Item name old price price after change
[Party] Elixir of Improved Affinity 241,000 279,000
[Party] Elixir of Frenzy 276,000 (modified) 330,000
[Party] Elixir of Endless Frenzy 825,000 (modified) 1,130,000
[Party] Elixir of the Flowing Wind 241,000 (modified) 279,000
[Party] Elixir of Deadly Assassin 595,000 (modified) 700,000
[Party] Elixir of Advanced Concentration 81,000 98,000
[Party] Elixir of Endless Rage 120,000 (modified) 144,000
[Party] Elixir of Powerful Life 186,000 216,000
[Party] Elixir of Defense 108,000 136,000
[Party] Elixir of Steel Defense 180,000 210,000
[Party] Elixir of Cruel Slayer 630,000 740,000
[Party] Elixir of the Merciless Sky 675,000 800,000
[Party] Elixir of overflowing energy 144,000 171,000
[Party] Griffon’s Elixir 129,000 215,000
[Party] Elixir of Powerful Griffon 296,000 429,000
[Party] Elixir of Skilled Training 241,000 279,000
[Party] Soaring Winnie Spirit’s Elixir 229,000 253,000
[Party] Elixir of the Reliable Runny Spirit 161,000 166,000
[Party] Elixir of the Shining Spiral 240,000 285,000
[Party] Elixir of Fatal Destruction 258,000 304,000
Elixir of Enhanced Affinity 212,000 254,000
Elixir of Frenzy 250,000 300,000
Elixir of Endless Frenzy 855,000 1,030,000
Elixir of the Flowing Wind 212,000 254,000
Deadly Assassin’s Elixir 530,000 635,000
Elixir of Greater Concentration 74,000 89,000
Elixir of Endless Rage 109,000 131,000
Elixir of powerful vitality 163,000 196,000
Elixir of Defense 103,000 124,000
Elixir of Steel Defense 159,000 191,000
Elixir of the Cruel Slayer 560,000 670,000
Elixir of Merciless Sky 605,000 725,000
Elixir of overflowing energy 129,000 155,000
Griffon’s Elixir 130,000 195,000
Powerful Griffon Elixir 260,000 390,000
Elixir of Skilled Training 212,000 254,000
Soaring Winnie Spirit’s Elixir 192,000 230,000
Reliable Loney Spirit’s Elixir 126,000 151,000
Elixir of the Shining Spiral 216,000 259,000
Elixir of Improved Mastery 660,000 790,000
Elixir of Rough Labor 288,000 346,000
Elixir of Corrupted Armor 2,340,000 2,810,000
Elixir of Destruction 230,000 276,000
Special product Ryeomcho 9,650 40,000
Special Silver Azalea 11,100 40,000
Special product flame scale flower 10,600 40,000
Special product dried mane grass 9,000 40,000
Special product silk honey grass 9,650 40,000
Special Fortune Teller Mushroom 12,100 40,000
Special Arrow Mushroom 13,500 40,000
Special product dwarf mushroom 12,800 40,000
Specialty Cloud Mushroom 13,500 40,000
Special Item Sky Mushroom 12,800 40,000
Special product tiger mushroom 12,800 40,000
Special Emperor Mushroom 12,100 40,000
Special Item Ghost Mushroom 13,500 40,000
special wheat 29,000 40,000
special barley 29,000 40,000
Special Potatoes 25,700 40,000
special sweet potato 25,700 40,000
special corn 30,500 40,000
special carrot 12,000 40,000
Special Acacia Leaf 12,000 40,000
traces of chaos 102,000 200,000
signs of despair 102,000 200,000
trail of waves 102,000 200,000
traces of the earth 102,000 200,000
signs of emergency 102,000 200,000
traces of savagery 102,000 200,000
traces of origin 102,000 200,000
traces of battle 102,000 200,000
trail of hunting 102,000 200,000
trail in the forest 102,000 200,000
signs of violence 102,000 200,000
traces of death 102,000 200,000
traces of memory 102,000 200,000
top quality soft leather 610,000 1,000,000
Top quality tough leather 640,000 1,000,000
top quality hard leather 690,000 1,000,000
top quality thin leather 605,000 1,000,000
super thick fur 610,000 1,000,000
top quality fur 510,000 1,000,000
super light feathers 640,000 1,000,000
superlative colorful feathers 700,000 1,000,000
cinnamon 3,770 15,000
solidly polished stone 200,000 300,000
fine black stone powder 30,000 80,000
polished stone 34,300 80,000
leather glaze 225,000 300,000


  • A recipe has been added that can be crafted into a blue grade elixir by combining 3 green grade elixir and 1 blue liquid reagent together with simple alchemy.
crafting material result
3 Elixir of Skill + 1 Blue Liquid Reagent Elixir of Infinite Skill x1
3 Elixir of Expertise + 1 Blue Liquid Reagent 1 Elixir of Improved Mastery
3 Elixir of Labor + 1 Blue Liquid Reagent Elixir of Rough Labor x1
3 Elixir of Iron Armor + 1 Blue Liquid Reagent 1 Elixir of Corrupted Armor
Skill Elixir 30 + Blue Liquid Reagent 10 + Essence of Ibellab 1 10 Elixir of Infinite Skills
Elixir of Proficiency 30 + Blue Liquid Reagent 10 + Essence of Ibellab 1 10 Elixir of Improved Mastery
Elixir of Labor 30 + Blue Liquid Reagent 10 + Essence of Ibellab 1 10 Elixir of Rough Labor
30 Elixir of Iron Armor + 10 Blue Liquid Reagent + 1 Essence of Ybellab 10 Elixir of Corrupted Armor


Gatekeeper Changes

  •  The summoning method has been added for the following gatekeeper monster
    • Valencia – Cadry Gatekeeper, Crescent Gatekeeper, Desert Naga Gatekeeper, Desert Fogan Gatekeeper
Added Summoning Mode Added battle methods and difficulty
While killing monsters in each hunting ground, there is a very low chance that a gatekeeper monster will appear.
Difficulty: can be defeated alone
The gatekeeper summons an additional number of monsters to battle together.
  •  The loot of the added gatekeeper monster has been changed so that only one of the adventurers who contributed to the defeat can acquire it.


Other Changes

Content Changes

  •  The production time of the Peridot Forest Path carriage, which can be crafted at the Wagon Works, has been reduced by 4.5 times compared to the previous one.
  • The price of the forest road wagon wheel, flag, insignia, and cover has been increased by about 2 times compared to the previous price.
  •  It has been improved so that 150 pieces of shape can be obtained as a fixed item when performing simple alchemy of Merindola’s element.
  • When delegating the captain due to the absence of the guild leader, it has been improved so that the delegation can be delegated without consuming the guild funds.

System Changes

  •  Data optimization work related to the request process has been carried out.

Bug Fixes

  •  When the screen filter is in the ‘NonContrast’ state, the screen contrast adjustment is not possible in photo mode.
  • [Elvia] Atoraxion: The phenomenon that the entry materials dropped by the following monsters at certain locations in Baamacia, Sikarakia were acquired as [Normal] items has been fixed
    • Baamacia: Cetus, Monoceros, La Serta, Creomar, Putorium, Kratem
    • Sikaracia: Kartios, Laikana
  • Fixed the issue where only one kill status UI was updated when several specific subjugation quests were received.
  • The phenomenon that some icons and descriptions were not exposed has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the appearance of the instrument remains when switching to the gamepad mode UI while playing the Marnis instrument has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the minimap was partially displayed in black and white in certain areas has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that tooltips were not displayed properly when moving the mouse cursor quickly over buttons and icons in the UI has been fixed.
  • The typo in the description of the following items or knowledge has been corrected.
    • Item: [Event] Flask of Mysterious Fast, Cox Pirates’ Relic (Battle),
    • Knowledge: Crystal Crocodile Drunk in Moonlight
  • When joining a guild, the phenomenon in which the text of the guild notice was displayed abnormally has been corrected.
  • The description text of the subjugation reward exposed to the guild boss subjugation that can be checked through the guild (G) window has been corrected.

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