Global Lab Updates – 17th December 2021

Global Lab Updates – 17th December 2021

Dec 17 Tansie  
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New Red Battlefield Map, Capital of Valencia

  • A new area, ‘Capital of Valencia’, has been added to the red battlefield.
    •  In the red battlefield of Valencia, the capital, you will fight based on 5 occupied areas.
    •  Each occupied territory is marked with a territory, and only allies within the territory can occupy it.
unoccupied territory Black Desert Faction Control Area Red Desert Faction Control Area
yellow blue Red
  •  Each faction can acquire 1 point every second equal to the number of occupied territories, and the first team to acquire 3,000 points wins.
    • It takes a certain amount of time to occupy the occupied territory, and if an enemy enters the territory, the occupation process will be stopped. 
    • At this time, you can proceed with the occupation again by killing or pushing away the enemies within the control area. 
    • In addition, debuffs that reduce damage and evasion up to a certain value are given around the occupied area, so strategy and cooperation are important.
Captured territory success
(Based on the Black Desert camp)
engaged in occupied territory
(Based on the Black Desert camp)
Failed to occupy the occupied territory
(Based on the Black Desert camp)

A new area ‘Capital Valencia’ of the Red Battlefield has been added.
The capital, Valencia Red Battlefield, was designed in a way to acquire points by occupying the occupied areas, rather than the existing method of acquiring points by defeating opponents. Due to the rules of the occupation method taking place in the middle of the capital city of Valencia, adventurers can use the main urban backgrounds such as houses, stairs and roofs to capture the opponent’s occupied territories, defend their occupied territories, and navigate the complex city streets. You can play strategically, such as surprise your opponent. However, for the flow of the game rule to win by occupying the occupied region for a certain period of time, rather than by defeating the opponent, a debuff is given around the occupied region to make it difficult to play ‘holding’ using damage reduction and avoidance of a certain amount or more. Please note that.
In the future, we will continue to update our adventurers to enjoy PvP content more naturally and fun through a variety of content.


Mansion Furniture Update

  •  6 types of furniture for Shai’s concert hall have been added for the manor only.
    • This item cannot be obtained from the Black Desert Research Lab.
    •  [Manor] Flon d’Or concert furniture is entitled to purchase materials for the furniture after completing specific quests related to the performance, and can be crafted through the furniture workshop by purchasing materials from NPCs
household name Preview
[Manor] Flondor Jukebox
[Manor] Flondor stage
[Manor] Flondor solo stage
[Manor] Flondor 3 tier Byeolgil Chair
[Manor] Flondor 3 tier autumn leaves chair
[Manor] Flondor Blessing Chair


  •  When installing the Frostwood Fireplace item inside a residence or manor, a flame effect has been added.
  • The thickness of the exposed fireplace when installing the Frostwood Fireplace item inside a dwelling or manor has been modified.


Season Server Changes

  • Season character exclusive Atoraxion: Sykarakia has been added.
    •  When entering Atoraxion from the Season Server, you will be entered as Season Atoraxion.
    •  Season Atoraxion is a level of difficulty that adventurers who wear Tuvala equipment of high (III) grade or higher can challenge.
    • Seasonal character exclusive Sikarakia weekly quests have been added.

quest name Order NPC Completion goal Complete NPC Completion Reward
Traces of cracks left by Sica
fugar Atoraxion: Conquer Sycharakia and check the sealed Shika time Sealed Sica’s Time Atoraxion: Crate of the Rift

※ The above quest can only be accepted and completed by season characters who are level 57 or higher.

  •  You can obtain the following items by opening the rift box.
Items that can be obtained

▼ Confirmed items
 Rift Echo x1
Time-filled Black Stones x200
Tuvala Ore x30
Refined Magical Black Stones x30
Valks’ Advice (+30) x1
Valks’ Advice (+20) x2

▼ Additional items with a chance to drop
One (1) Tuvala Accessory from PRI (I) to TRI(III)
Black Stone of Frozen Waves x1

  • Atoraxion: The conditions for entering Sykaraakia are as follows.
* Level 57 or higher
* Black Spirit (/) – Main quest ‘[I’s Invitation]’ final completion
* Complete at least one of Awakening and Succession
* Afterwards, during the main quest of ‘[5 Player Cooperation] The Last Fortress, Atoraxion’, you can interact with Sol Magia in the Ancient Stone Chamber’s quest ‘[Atoraxion] Tears of Talibre’
※ Even if you do not proceed with the main quest after that, you can defeat the final boss of Atoraxion: Baamacia/Sikarakia and obtain weekly quest rewards.
  •  Atoraxion: A seasonal challenge that can be progressed in Sikarakia has been added.
    •  Atoraxion: Sikarakia challenges can only be completed once per family.
      Atoraxion: When you reconnect to the character after acquiring knowledge by defeating the Sentirutos of Sycharakia’s wrath, you can complete the challenge and receive a reward.
Challenge name Challenge completion conditions Completion Reward
[Season] In the dagger of the fallen Yolun! Defeat Sentirutos of Angry
Acquire knowledge of ‘In the Dagger of the Corrupted Yorun’
Atoraxion: 1 rift box

Hunting Caphras Update

  •  The following hunting monsters have been added to obtain Caphras Stones when slaughtering them after hunting.
hunting monster
giant wild boar
giant big antler deer
giant wolf
giant fox
giant brown bear
giant lioness
giant lion
giant goat
giant fox
giant wolf
giant brown bear
evil raccoon
sensitive bighorn deer
green stag
fresh green doe
Drieghan male goat
Drieghan female goat
grass rhino
jet black wolf
belladona elephant
feathered wolf
black panther
baby belladona elephant
jet black lion
Hunting is a daily content that allows you to feel the ‘unique charm of hunting’ in the Black Desert World, but the opinions of adventurers who regret not being able to obtain the Caphras Stone were also conveyed through this Calpheon Banquet. Now that you can acquire Caphras Stone, it has been improved so that you can feel the charm and fun of hunting content more.



  • During the Atoraxion main quest, Grace Lauren’s voice lines and basic lines have been modified so that they do not overlap. 
  • Atoraxion: It has been improved so that the other phases do not proceed together during the color phase of <Sentirutos of Grief>, the boss of Sikarakia and Sika’s cradle.


Conquest War, Node War

  • The phenomenon that the appearance of the garden and residence was abnormally exposed when the remote installation mode was ended has been corrected.


Mount Changes

  • It has been changed so that it is impossible to change the direction by moving the mouse during aerial movements such as Aduanat, Dream Aduanat’s Wind Wings, Freedom Wings, and emergency skills

UI Changes

  • Chat window setting UI has been converted to a unified design.
    •  Added all selection/deselect buttons in the dialog settings UI.
    •  When selecting a dialog color, the currently selected filter is highlighted.
    • Even if you do not activate the settings in the System Message tab, if you activate a sub-item, the settings in the System Message tab are automatically activated.

  • The usability of the dialog UI has been improved.
    •  When you adjust the transparency of the dialog in the dialog setting UI, the transparency setting is reflected in the dialog UI in real time.
    • Improvements have been made so that the transparency of each dialog can be adjusted even when the dialogs are overlapped without separating them.
  •  A notification message that is displayed when an unavailable menu is selected in the ESC (new) menu has been added.
  •  In the Find Nearby NPC UI, the size of the warehouse search area for each territory has been slightly adjusted.

Other Changes

  • Optimizations related to memory usage have been performed when first accessing the game.
  • [Lahn] The phenomenon in which the face shape of a custom made using a specific face type was exposed abnormally has been corrected.
    • Customizations made and modified during the period in which this phenomenon occurred may not be displayed properly. 
  • The phenomenon in which a specific location of the Red Wolf Village area was unnaturally exposed in the minimap window has been corrected. 
  • When using the pad-only UI, the phenomenon in which the shadow was unnaturally exposed on the key guide text while riding on a horse has been corrected. 
  • When using the pad-only UI, the phenomenon in which the icon was unnaturally exposed when removing the slot from the ring menu edit has been fixed.
  • When using the pad-only UI, the phenomenon in which the keypad is moved to the character selection UI when the keypad is moved downward in the connection termination confirmation UI in the game end window has been fixed.


Class Changes

  • When deleting normal characters and trial characters below level 45, the waiting time for deletion has been changed to 3 minutes, the same as for season characters.



  • Corrupt Sword Dance skill has been changed to the front guard effect while using the skill.
  • Core: Corrupt Sword Dance skill has been changed to a one-hit stiffness effect.


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