Global Lab Updates – 15th October 2020

Global Lab Updates – 15th October 2020

Oct 15 Tansie  
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Horse Racing Rework

  • With the support of the Old Moon Guild, Gula, the head of the Stonetail Horse Riding Association, introduced a new stallion.
    • The new horse, called Gorga Brisa, has a completely different abilities than the existing horses.
    • According to Gula’s explanation, these are racehorses brought from a place called Zvier Hills in the distance.
    • The added racehorse has a feeling of operation and appearance differentiated from the existing horses. In addition, the new horse race will be changed so that only racehorses can be used.
    • In order to obtain a racehorse, you can purchase a “Horseplate: Gorga Brisa” from <Black Desert Lab> merchant NPC Eora.
    • The skill methods are as follows.

Acceleration W (automatic deceleration if W key is not pressed)
Change of direction A, D (left/right)
Sudden stop S
Sprint F
Limit speed increase Q
Drift A or D + S
Drift instantaneous acceleration W during drift
2nd stage drift A or D + S
    • When using jump and instant acceleration skill a constant acceleration gauge is required. The acceleration gauge can be checked through the horse’s endurance UI in the current laboratory, and the gauge is charged when using drift.


[​IMG]A new horse race, the Old Moon Grand Prix, will be held soon. There were quite a few adventurers who misunderstood the Old Moon Grand Prix as a horse racing spectator. It is said that if you experience “Drip Soon Ga” at least once, you will fall in love with that hand. I really really feel the taste of my hand when riding a horse and running through the vast continent of the Black Desert. Horse racing was the content for adventurers to compete with the taste of speed and hands over this fun horseback riding.Unfortunately, there is a different level of race every time, and the level of access is so accessible that you can only participate by taking the level out of the stable. Fell off. In addition, in addition to the fact that if there is no word that has acquired a specific skill, the game is disadvantageous, and the participation rate is low because there are few elements that can appeal to adventurers in terms of compensation. Left.

Accordingly, it was decided to completely reorganize the existing horse race, so the content that came out is the Old Moon Grand Prix. In the Old Moon Grand Prix, a’race horse’, which is different from the existing horses, was produced separately so that you can operate it as if you were enjoying a racing game. You can also release energy instantly and run downhill. In addition, since you can now take out the racehorse from the stables provided in the horse racing arena, there is no need to take out the racehorse in advance, so accessibility is greatly improved. Today, the Black Desert Research Institute first introduced <Class 1 Racehorse>, and the balance of the racehorse will be adjusted more carefully in the future by receiving feedback from adventurers through the Black Desert Research Institute, and we will come soon with an interesting course. We ask for your anticipation, interest, and harsh reproof.

Ocean Karma System

  • Ocean Karma system has been added.
    • The Ocean Karma is shared by the family, and it is a number that tells the adventurer’s reputation in the sea.
    • Ocean Karma starts from 0, can be recovered up to 300,000, and can be reduced to -1,000,000
    • If the Ocean Karma value is more than 0, the status is changed to’Navy’, and if it is less than 0, the status is changed to ‘Pirate’.
    • When switching to pirate status, the ship is displayed in red, and adventurers who are not in a forced pvp status can hit the ship.
    • When you first strike an adventurer in a forced attack state (PVP), your Ocean Karma is reduced by -50,000 once.
    • When destroying a ship, the Ocean Karma decreases by -200,000.
    • After destroying the ship, if you kill an adventurer, the Land Karma will decrease, not the Ocean Karma.
    • If you are converted to pirate status, you will not be able to repair and supply your ship through a general wharf. Ships can be repaired and supplied only from Gafur, the Wharf Manager of Kuit Islands occupied by the pirates.
    • Ocean Karma can be restored by defeating sea monsters.

[​IMG]The Ocean Karma system has been added. This system will be the cornerstone for pirates and bounty hunters. Ocean Karma increases when you kill sea monsters, and decreases when attacking or destroying another adventurer’s ship as a pirate’s position. If it becomes negative, the use of sea content is severely restricted. In addition, this Ocean Karma is applied on a’family level’ basis, so care must be taken. Ocean Karma is prepared in the form of content provided to both, not one side, so that adventurers can access some role aspects.

Red Battlefield Changes

  •  For a more fair and fun battle in the Red Battlefield, the adventurer’s equipment is converted into points when entering the Red Battlefield, and the participating camp has been changed.
    • Also, it has been modified so that you cannot change the equipment you are wearing after entering the Red Battlefield.

Dark Rift Changes

  • More fierce energy began to emanate from the ancient fragments of the Ancient Puturum that emerge from the Dark Rift.
    • Ancient Puturum’s activity range has been changed to only the Valencia Desert to protect the ancient ruins and heritage.
    • The loot of the ancient Puturum, which was strengthened by the fierce energy emanating from ancient fragments, has been changed to a more valuable reward.
    • When you defeat the ancient Puturum that appears in the Dark Rift, you can acquire Mass of Pure Magic and the Howling Dead’s Chest.
    • Opening the Howling Dead’s Chest you can get a Laytenn’s Power Stone, Ogre Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Basilisk’s Belt, or Ring of Crescent Guardian.


Sea Monster Changes

  •  A colony of <Sea Bean’s Predator> Dark Irontooth colony was found in the sea area near Port Rat.
    • In the spawning season, <Sea Bean’s Predator> Dark Irontooth acts alongside a number of young Dark Irontooth.
    • If you defeat <Sea Bean’s Predator> Dark Iron Tooth, there is a chance that you can acquire items necessary to strengthen trade ship/destruction ship equipment as loot.


Other Changes

Quest, Knowledge

  • Povios, a member of the top of Calpheon Xian, dispatched to the Kamasylvia Grana cow farm, avoids the eyes of Ganels and proposes an interesting quest.
    • If you are level 58 or higher and have at least 1 Amity with Durgev, the leader of Drieghan you can receive the quest ‘How to Survive’ from Povios.
    • If you reject Phobios’ proposal, you will receive a quest for ‘Two faces of heroes’ through the Black Spirit, and you can proceed with the quest for another story.
    • The above consecutive quests can be completed once per character, and the last final reward quest can be completed once per family.
    • Depending on whose hand you hold, you may be penalized from the other side.
    • You can meet Povios from Grana Cow Ranch only after completing the reorganized Kamasylvia main quest
  • Two new daily quests have been added to the Kamasylvia Grana cow farm.
    • If you are at level 58 or higher, you can receive the quest ‘[Repeat] The Dreaming Shepherd’s Path from Rozria.
    • Level 58 or higher, when completing the reorganized Kamasylvia main quest, you can receive the quest ‘[Repeat] Whose Bouquet for?
    • The two new quests above can be found in the quest list window – [Lv.58] Kamasylvia Contribution in the Repeat quest tab.
    • The ‘[Repeat] Carrot Delivery’ quest and the ‘[Repeat] Dreaming Shepherd’s Road’ quest cannot be duplicated.
    • The ‘[Repeat] Small Life is also important’ quest and the ‘[Repeat] Who is this bouquet?’ quest cannot be duplicated.

Background, NPC, Effect, Cutscene

  • The location of the crew waiting for the captain at Velia Tavern has been changed so that it does not interfere with tavern sales.
  • Duvencrune’s Old Moon Manager Taya has begun renting the Old Moon fence.
  • In O’draxxia, the old moon manager Mene entered along the top of Calicha.

User Interface

  • If there is a character with character switching set, the icon display has been added to the character portrait of the game end UI.


  •  A Central Market has been added to the Black Desert Global Lab’s Korean server.

Class Changes

  • All characters’ Skill Add-Ons have been readjusted.
Skill Add-on List
Monster Attack Increase
PvP Attack Increase
PvP Attack Decrease
All DP Increase
All DP Decrease
All Evasion Rate Increase
All Evasion Rate Decrease
All Accuracy Increase
All Accuracy
Critical Strike Chance Increase 
Attack/Cast Speed ​​Increase

Attack/Cast Speed ​​Decrease
Movement Speed increase
Movement speed decrease
Inflicts Bleeding Damage
Instantly Recovers HP per hit
Instantly Recovers MP/WP/SP per hit
Instantly Reduces MP/WP/SP per hit
Chance of Down Smash
Chance of Air Smash
Back Attack Damage Increase
Down Attack Damage Increase
Air Attack Damage Increase
Critical Hit Damage Increase

[​IMG]Each character’s Skill Add-On has been adjusted. Previously, two of the given six Add-Ons were selected and attached to the skill but in the changing method, you can select and attach any of the 24 (common) Add-Ons for each skill. The existing method has limited choices, so the specialization was used like a certain formula, but we are expecting to be able to customize it to suit your play style a little more. In the case of each specialization value, it was previously grouped into 5 stages (even if the same monster attack power was added, but there were variations in the number depending on the skill), taking into account the cooldown time and usability of the skill we lowered it to 3 levels. In addition, a new Enhanced Skill (Rabam’s Enlightenment) is currently being prepared for all characters.

  • Fixed a bug where the target was behaving abnormally even though the Grab skill was successful.


  • Fixed a bug where the character behaves abnormally while using Night Crow when consuming Shards of Darkness when locking Storming Crow II after learning Crow Food II and Storming Crow II.

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