Global Lab Updates – 13th August 2020

Global Lab Updates – 13th August 2020

Aug 13 Tansie  
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Musical Instrument Shop

  • Artini, a famous wandering musician and teacher, has opened a Musical Instrument store in these four locations:
    • Calpheon – North Kaia Pier
    • Valencia – Anacado Inner Harbor
    • Kamaslyvia – Flondor Lake
    • O’Dyllita – Salanar’s Pond
  • Artini’s Musical Instrument Shop is only available on characters that can play musical instruments
  • The new NPC store icon is shown on the map in the shape of an Instrument

  • You can purchase 5 new instruments from Artini’s Shop:
    • Flute for beginners
    • Cymbals for beginners
    • Harp for beginners
    • Piano for beginners
    • Violin for beginners
  • After purching the instrument you can play it using the Music Album

  • You can purchase special sheet music from Artini’s Musical Instrument Shop to learn a story about Black Desert
    • When using the sheet music you will receive a quest
    • The quest can be completed once per family and can be accepted and completed on any character level 56 or higher
    • In order to accept the quest you must have the “Life” quest option checked in your Quest log
    • At the end of the quest you can have a conversation with the NPC and solve the story together. This uses energy and will give you a special buff. You can also obtain a 10% discount on the Artini’s Jukebox
    • There are currently 2 different sheet music you can buy: “Glory of Calpheon” and “Feast of Florin”
  • Artini’s Music Journal has been added to the Adventure Journal under the Travel Journal Knowledge Category
  • Titles have been added which can be obtained by completing Artini’s Sheet Music quests
  • The rankings for Play under your character information (P) have been made family wide
    • Characters that have reached the highest rank C- will be merged into the family performance rank C-
    • If there are multiple characters that have accumulated playing experience points, the playing experience points accumulated by each character are all added up and the family playing rank is updated
    • However, you must acquire the performance experience value yourself at least once through a daily performance request, and the combined performance experience cannot exceed the highest rank C-
    • As the performance ranks have been changed into family, the number of notes and bars of characters that cannot be played are also adjusted to the rank of the family, and the restrictions on composition have been relaxed
  • An option to edit composed music has been added
    • When sharing the composed sheet music, you can use the sheet music editing restriction function
    • Sheet music with limited editing cannot be re-shared and edited when downloaded, and can only be played
    • However, before the above function is applied, the notes registered in the existing music album can be edited

Node War/Siege Changes

  • The AP and DP limits of Tier 1 node wars have been changed:
    • Tier 1: Easy – has been changed from 230 AP, 260 DP 210 AP and 250 DP
    • Tier 1: Medium – has been changed from 250 AP, 290 DP 230 AP and 270 DP
    • Tier 1: Hard – has been changed from 270 AP, 320 DP 240 AP and 300 DP
  • AP and DP limits have been added to Tier 2 node wars:
    • 270 AP, 320 DP
  • Damage Reduction Rate has been changed for Tier 1 (easy, medium, hard) and Tier 2 node wars:
    • Tier 1: Easy – Damage Reduction Rate (7%)
    • Tier 1: Medium – Damage Reduction Rate (9%)
    • Tier 1: Hard –  Damage Reduction Rate (13%) 
    • Tier 2: Damage Reduction Rate (16%)
  • A Maximum HP limit has been added to Tier 1 (easy, medium, hard) and Tier 2 node wars:
    • Tier 1: Maximum HP 5,000
    • Tier 2: Maximum HP 6,000
    • Maximum HP decreases by -500 every 20 minutes from the start of the node war
    • For example: Tier 1 node war: → 4,500 → 4,000 → 3,500 → 3,000

Quest Changes

  • “Start of a New History” quest has been added where players can receive various Pearl Costumes (7 day) for each class
    • This quest is one of [Valencia] [optional] qualification of Sahazad, [Valencia] [optional] Barhan’s power, [Valencia] [optional] Manmaehan’s passion, [Valencia] [optional] Saya’s Sili You can proceed after completion, and adventurers who have already completed the quest can complete it after a few weeks from the Black Spirit.

Class Changes

  • The skill to change between awakening and pre-awakening can now be placed on your hotbar (all classes)


    • The bug were your character momentarily slows down when Flow: Reckless Blow is successful has been fixed
    • Defensive efficincy has been increased when using Guard in preawakening (not including successsion)
    • The typo on the Quick Heavy Strike skill has been fixed


    • The increased ranged AP buff when using Kamasylven Sword Training I – V has been changed:
      • +10 ranged AP on the 3rd hit for 10 seconds has been changed to +10 ranged AP on the 2nd and 3rd hit for 10 seconds
    • Wind Step has been imporoved when moving forwards and will now connect more smoothly when used continuously
    • Charging Wind I – IV, Absolute: Charging Wind and Prime: Charging Wind I – III will now link more smoothly into Evasive Explosion Shot
    • The pushing effect applied to monsters has been reduced or removed on the following skills:
      • Dash KickI – III, Absolute: Dash Kick
      • Crescent Kick I – IV, Absolute: Crescent Kick
      • Will of the Wind I – V, Absolute: Will of the Wind
      • Prime: Nature’s Tremble
      • Wailing Wind I – IV
      • Flow: Tempest
      • Elven Rage I – IV
      • Vine Knot
      • Nature’s Tremble I – III
      • Black Spirit: Wailing Wind I – IV


    • The attack range of Beastly Wind Slash when in beast form has been changed
    • When right-clicking in Beast Form, it has been changed so that the feral Fierce Strike is activated immediately instead of the normal Fierce Strike.
    • The key input for using Fearsome Tyrant on horseback has been changed to S + E
    • The error in the description for Raging Thunder has been fixed


    • The hit effect of Prime: Upward Claw  has been changed


    • The maximum movement distance for Sanctitas de Enslar I – III has been changed to be the same as Prime: Sanctitas de Enslar
    • Shining Dash, Absolute: Shining Dash and Prime: Shining Dash speed has been increased
    • Fixed the bug where Black Spirit: Sanctitas de Enslarwas used even when the Black Spirit Rage was locked


    • Super armor effect has been added to Flow: Dash Slash during the attack
    • Musa’s Resolve animation speed has been increased
    • The stiffness effect on One Step Back has been changed to only apply to monsters and a super armor effect has been added whilst using the skill
    • Flow: Dash Slash can now be placed on your hotbar and used to switch from preawakening to awakening
    • The connection between the Chase skill and One Step Back has been improved


    • The bug where the super armor was not applied during Prime: Crescent Slash has been fixed.


    • The movement distrace when using Magical Evasion I – V, Flow: Magical Evasion or Prime: Magical Evasion forwards has ben increased by around 20%


    • The movement distrace when using Magical Evasion I – V or Flow: Magical Evasion forwards has ben increased by around 20%

    Dark Knight

    • Movement speed has increased by about 18% when moving forwards in combat stance (preawakening)
    • Trap of Vedir explosion damage has been removed and a frontal guard has been added whilst using the skill
    • Cluster of Despair attack has been changed:
      • Contionous attack whlist holding RMB > Contionous attack whilst holding LMB + RMB
    • The bug where the icon for Prime: Wrath of Vedir was not shown correctly has been fixed


    • Flow: Bite Off speed and attack has been increased
    • A Down Smash effect ahs been added to Infernal Destruction
    • Black Spirit: Absolute: Wolf’s Hunger can now be changed to attack in the direction of the camera up until the last hit


    • Charging bar has been added to display during the charge animation when using Wave Orb, Prime: Wave Orb
    • Wave Orb, Prime: Wave Orb will recover +200 HP when charging
    • When using Scissor Kick, Prime: Scissor Kick you must hold W + F keys to activate 2 hits
    • When using Sweeping Kick, Prime: Sweeping Kick you must hold S + F keys to activate 2 hits
    • Prime: Somersault animation speed has been increased
    • The connection between Prime: Somersault and Prime: Tornado Kick has been improved to connect quicker and more smoothly
    • The connection after using Flash Step into Prime: Roaring Tiger has been improved to connect quicker and more smoothly
    • You can now use Hidden Claw whilst in awakening


    • The following description has been added to Wind Orchid I – IV, Absolute: Wind Orchid
      • RMB or S + RMB after using certain skills activates 2 hits
      • Frontal Guard during 2nd hit after certain skills
    • The bug where frontal guard was abnormally long when using Wind Orchid I – IV or Absolute: Wind Orchid after using certains skills has been fixed
    • The speed of the first hit on Wind Orchid I – IV and Absolute: Wind Orchid has been increased
    • Wind Orchid I – IV and Absolute: Wind Orchid can now be placed on your hotbar
    • The HP regen on a successful hit of Prime: Crescent Barrage has been increased:
      • Regen HP on hit +20/25/30 → Regen HP on hit +40/50/60
    • Fixed the bug where the effect did not appear when linking after using certains skills has been fixed
    • 14th new voice has been added


    • The cooldown of the following skills has been changed to 10 seconds:
      • Sun, Moon, Stars
      • Shout to the Sky
      • Time to Shine!
      • Summer Rain

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