Global Lab Updates – 12th November 2020

Global Lab Updates – 12th November 2020

Nov 12 Tansie  
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Hadum Server – Naga Grindspot added

  • Serendia’s swamp naga habitat has been encroached by Hadum.
    • Fogans, angered by the Naga’s attack, also organized a raid and invaded the Naga territory.
    • Huge and powerful ‘swamp naga commanders’ are guarding the territory against the ongoing fogan attacks.
    • When the battle begins, the Swamp Naga commander summons multiple Naga subordinates to fight together.
    • ‘Poisonous plants in swamps’ inhabiting all over the place create a poisonous zone for a certain period of time when killed, giving harmful effects to both players and monsters within the range.
    • The loot that can be obtained from the hunting grounds encroached by Hadum is not confirmed and may be changed later. Changes will be continuously updated through Black Desert Lab.

Arsha Server – Chaos Rift

  • “Chaos” rift event has been added to only the Arsha server.
    • The chaos rift can occur in hunting grounds throughout the Black Desert world.
    • When the chaos rift opens, a notification message is displayed on the entire Arsha server.
    • The rift will close 30 minutes after appearing, or if you succeed in subjugating all the monsters that appear.
    • Powerful monsters appear from the rift and drop “Ancient Spirit Powder” instead of dropping junk loot.
    • Cooperation with other adventurers may be required to lead your subordinates and defeat the powerful bosses that appear.
    • ※ In the Black Desert Lab, it can be found in parts of Valencia, including the Ibellab Oasis and the hills in front of the Sand Grain Bazaar.

O’Dyllita Summon Scrolls added

  • If you defeat monsters in the hunting grounds of Odylita area (Thornwood Forest, Tunkta, Olun’s Valley,  Crypt of Resting Thoughts), you can acquire the Poison of Deep Night as a loot with a certain probability. (Fixed)
    • You can obtain Ivedor’s Spell Scroll by combining 5 Poison Tooth of Deep Night in [+] form.
    • The validity period of use of Ivedor’s spell book is applied for 7 days from the time it is acquired. After the expiration date, Ivedor’s Shaman cannot be used.
    • If you use Ivedor’s Spellbook near Salanar Pond, the deep night of Ivedor will open, and you can get rewards by defeating monsters that appear in sequence.
    • When you defeat the boss monsters that appear in the deep night of Ivedor, you can acquire “Specter’s Energy” and “Flame of Despair” with a certain probability.
    • When you defeat the boss monster that appears in the deep night of Ivedor, you can definitively obtain “Ancient Spirit Powder” or “Caphras Stone”.

New Titles added to Grind Spots

  •  Titles that can be obtained from the hunting ground have been added.
Hunting Zone Title (google translated and likely to change)
Tunkta Honorary bullfighter
High quality triceps
My heart is Tunkktunk
Thornwood forest Spooky Forest Keeper
Queen of thorns
An extortionist
Olun’s Valley
Valley acrobat
O’Lun’s Guard
Rock scholar
Crushed rock with bare hands
Crypt of Resting Thoughts mesmerist
Ahib Grim Reaper
Labyrinth Prison Designer
Ash forest Chain breaker
Ashen Forest Painter
Kim Sujeong, who left me
Star’s End
my score is
Erosion and negativity and stars and poetry
The lord of the dead
Mirumok Ruins Hover hover hover
Heavenly Woodcutter
Gyfin Rhasia Temple Guypindor
I’m tough guy pin
Civilization destroyer
Padix Island The flute
Variant monster
Pirate king
Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone) In-depth interviewer
Undersea Relic Planner
Dragon king
Traitor’s Cemetery Hexe’s Curse
A tearful hero
A miserable life
You can’t do this
Abandoned Monastery Pseudo Slayer
Do you know the Tao?
A strange contemplator
Elion’s Sword

New Quests added

  • You can purchase ‘Jerry’s Mercenary Office Request Form’ from Drigan’s Mercenary Office Manager for 1 million silver coins.
    • In order to purchase the ‘Jerry’s Mercenary Office Request Book’, at least one of the family characters must complete the’Dahhuman’s Path’ quest
    • The ‘Jerry’s Mercenary Office Request Book’ can be exchanged and processed with one of the following requests through dialogue with Jerize.

Pre-quest Quest Requirement How to Complete Reward
[Request] Sweeping fallen leaves in ruins [Weekly] Subdue the ruins of Tshira Level 56 or higher Defeat 10,000 monsters in Tsh’rah Ruins Contribution EXP 300

150 Ancient Spirit Powder

[Request] Noisy Red Wolf [Weekly] Subdue the Red Wolf Village Level 58 or higher Defeat 10,000 Red Wolf Village monsters
[Request] The ghost under the sun [Weekly] Subdue Sherekhan’s Tomb (Day) Level 60 or higher Kill 7,000 monsters at Sherekhan’s Grave (Daytime)
[Request] Ghost under the moonlight [Weekly] Subdue Sherekhan’s Tomb (Night) Level 60 or higher Kill 200 monsters at Sherekhan’s Grave
  • Among the quests that can be exchanged for the’Jerry’s Mercenary Office Request Book’, the same type of quest cannot be accepted in duplicate.
    Ex) You cannot accept the [Weekly] quest to subdue the Tomb of the Sherekhan (Day) during the [Weekly] subjugation quest.
  • A new quest that can be started with a mysterious picture obtained from a suspicious transport has been added.
    -The mysterious picture that was revealed this time is a picture with a huge sum and a faintly drawn eagle pattern, and if you have the item, you can receive a quest.
  • The completion conditions for some of the tasks of’Fugar’s Secret to Success’ that Fugar prepared for adventurers who are taking on a new challenge have been changed.
    • In addition, it is said that a new gift that Fugar has hidden in the bookshelf has also been found, so if you have not yet completed’Fugar’s Secret to Success’ among the adventurers who enjoyed the summer season, we recommend reading the success secret again.
    • The changes are as follows.
Chapter Before change After change
Chapter 2: Kind Lara [Daily] Lara’s Great Discovery and Bread Quest Talk to Lara
Chapter 5: Sweet Edible Honey Craft 1 Premium Edible Honey Craft 10 Edible Honey
Chapter 12: over land and into the sea Node Manager (Calpheon Sea) Complete the knowledge topic Acquire knowledge of Barater’s NPC Juria
Chapter 19: Kutum, a strange ancient weapon Defeating Kutum Defeat Kutum or show the black spirit of the late Kutum’s energy.
Chapter 31: Desert Sandstorm, Nouver Defeating Nouver Defeat Nouver or show the intact Nouver’s evil Black Spirit
Chapter 37: Not a Bad Deal Exchange Dragon Fossil Scales and Valks Advice (+20) from Valks. Talking to Valks with a dragon scale fossil
Chapter 39: Kamasylvia’s Mystical Ecosystem Complete the Kamasylvia (Meadow) knowledge topic Perina / Perica / Collect Knowledge on the Feather Wolf
Chapter 43: Agris, the intensely burning heat Complete Mark’s Tome Volume 2, Chapter 8 Complete all 1 Magahan Tome

The added details are as follows.

Quest How to complete Reward
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] First Gift When completing Chapter 5, you can receive an order from the Black Spirit. [Event] Old Moon Secret Book (3 days)
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] Second Gift You can receive orders from Black Spirit when 10 cards are completed. Blessed Messenger
Scroll ( 100 min) 3 Item Acquisition Increase Scroll (Advanced) 60 min 3 x
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] Third Gift Can be ordered from Black Spirit when 15 cards are completed Enchanted Parchment (+30)
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] Fourth Gift When 20 cards are completed, you can receive orders from the Black Spirit. Enchanted Parchment (+40)
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] Fifth Gift You can receive orders from the Black Spirit when 25 cards are completed. Enchanted Parchment (+50)
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] Sixth Gift When completing 30 cards, you can receive orders from the Black Spirit. [Event] Kamasylv’s Blessing (7 days)
[Fugar’s Secret to Success] Seventh Gift You can receive orders from the Black Spirit when the last chapter is completed. [Event] Old Moon Secret Book (7 days)

Other Changes

Monster Changes

  • The probability of appearance of the world boss below has been increased. (Added)
    • Nightmare Kzarka
    • Bloodstained Nouver
    • Siren Karanda

Item Changes

  •  The bug that the application time of the elixir of rough labor item description is different from the actual time applied has been corrected.
  • Fixed the bug that the effect of the item was not applied intermittently when the duration of the spirit’s perfume elixir remained.


  •  The bug that the fairy was used automatically even if the potion setting was turned off in the mysterious support technology setting has been corrected.

Background, NPC, effect, cutscene

● The pbug that the mouth and forehead patterns of’A Pumpkin Seen Somewhere’ were not visible when there was wallpaper in the housing has been corrected.

User Interface

● The bug that the icon of the item related to Hae Wonseok was abnormally exposed in the production note has been corrected.
● When equipment repair is completed, a system message has been changed to display which part of the equipment has been repaired.
● In the red battlefield entry menu, the entry list for each battlefield has been changed to expand.
● The button design of the special item open window has been modified.
● The awkward part of the description of the transfer item deletion when canceling the character conversion has been corrected.

Global Lab Shop Changes

These updates are only specific to Global Lab testing server and are not coming to live servers.

  • Lab NPC Eora’s shop sales items have been added.
-Artini Sol
-Black Star Helm
-Black Star Armor
-Black Star Gloves
-Eora’s Adventure Support Box
* [Event] Old Moon Blessing Package (3 days)
* Item Acquisition Increase Order (60 minutes) 10ea
* Contract: [Warehouse] Management Maid] Fairy Kiara
* Contract: [Transaction Management Maid] Fairy Kiara
-Eora’s Crow Coin Bundle
* 5,000 Raven Coins-
Black Stone Box containing Eora’s Glow
* 100 Black Stones containing Glow
-Black Spirit’s Claw Sculpture Box
* Black Spirit’s Claw Sculpture
-Eora’s Heavy Sailing Ship Ship Registration Certificate Box
* Ship Registration: Epheria
Heavy Sailing Ship -Progress * Ship Registration: Epheria
Heavy Sailing Ship -Balance * Ship Registration: Epheria
Heavy Sailing Ship -Emergency * Ship Registration : Epheria
Heavy Sailing Ship -Valor -Eora’s Heavy Sailing Ship Ship Equipment Box
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Progress: Chiro’s Gun
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Progress: Chiro’s Sail
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Progress: Chiro’s Athlete
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Line Progress: Chiro’s Black Gloves
* Epheria Heavy Sailboat Balance: Chiro’s Gun
* Epheria Heavy Sailboat Balance: Chiro’s Sail
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Balance: Chiro’s Athlete
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Balance: Chiro’s Black Gloves
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Emergency: Chiro’s Gun
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Emergency: Chiro’s Sail
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Emergency: Chiro’s Athlete Award
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Emergency: Chiro’s Black Gloves
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Valor: Chiro’s Gun
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Valor: Chiro’s Sail
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship Valor: Chiro’s Bow
* Epheria Heavy Sailing Ship’s Valor: Chiro Black gloves
-Eora’s Juice Box
* Refreshing Orange Juice 200
* Sweet Raspberry Juice 200 * Sweet
Green Grape Juice 200
-Wagon Registration: Peridot Forest Road Wagon
-Eora’s Forest Road Wagon Equipment Box
* Forest Road Wagon Wheel
* Forest Road Wagon Cover
* Forest Road Wagon Flag
* Forest Road Wagon Insignia
-Eora’s Donkey Harness Box
* [Donkey] Krogdalo ‘s Horse Mask
* [Donkey] Krogdalo’s Barding
* [Donkey] Krogdalo’s Saddle
* [Donkey] Krogdalo’s Stirrup
* [ Donkey] Krogdalo’s Horseshoe
-Eora’s Copper (V) Manos Equipment Box
* Copper: Manos Homie
* Copper: Manos Lumbering Ax
* Copper: Manos Sap Gathering Tool
* Copper: Manos Skinning Knife
* Copper : Manos Slaughter Knife
* Bronze: Manos Pickaxe
* Bronze: Manos Gatherer’s Clothes * Bronze: Manos
Craftsman’s Clothes
* Bronze: Manos Trainer’s Clothes
* Bronze: Manos Hunter’s Clothes
* Bronze: Hemp North Navigator’s Clothes
* Dong: Manos Chef’s Clothes
* Dong: Manos Alchemist’s Clothes
* Bronze: Manos Fisherman’s Clothes
* Bronze: Manos Necklace
* Bronze: Manos Earrings
* Bronze: Manos Ring
* Bronze: Manos Belt
* Bronze: Manos Magic Piece
  • When opening Eora’s weapon box with Shai, it has been added so that you can obtain Yu (IV) and Copper (V) Artini Sol.
  • Added to be able to obtain TET (IV), PEN (V) Black Star helmet, armor, and gloves from Eora’s armor box.
  • Eora’s Accessory Box has been added to allow you to obtain the TET (IV), PEN (V) of the Creepy Ring.
  • Ancient Spirit’s Crystal from Eora’s Crystal Box
  • Has been added so that you can acquire Swiftness, Courage, and Slayer.

Class Changes


  • Fixed the bug were the connection to the main weapon skills was not possible while using Counter Slash in the Awakening state.


  • Fixed the bug were the attack behavior was abnormal using Headbutt I ~ IV, Absolute: Headbutt at a certain attack speed
  • Fixed the bug were the Skill Add-on effect was not applied when linking Prime: Storming Beast after using a specific skill.


  • Fixed the bug were the Skill Add-On effect was applied abnormally on the 3rd Hit when using Prime: Gale after acquiring Ultimate: Gale.


  • Fixed the bug were the demonstration video of the Throwing Kick I skill did not match the actual movement of the skill.
  • Fixed the bug that the camera effect was unnaturally exposed when sprinting after using Target Chase I, II, III and Shackle Target

Witch, Wizard

  • Fixed the bug werethe effect  remained when connected with Awakening skills while using Meteor Shower I ~ Absolute.

Striker, Mystic

  • Fixed the bug were the defensive effect of the skill was not maintained when using Flash Step and Silent Step.


  • Fixed the bug were backwards Flash Step is continuously activated when used in certain situations.


  •  Fixed the bug were the character’s weapon switching motion was unnaturally displayed when the horse was demounted in main weapon horseback combat.

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