Global Lab Updates – 11th June 2021

Global Lab Updates – 11th June 2021

Jun 11 Tansie  
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Horse Racing Update – Trophies

  • Grand Prix Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophy, which symbolize the best riders in the Grand Prix, have been added.
    • Trophies can be exchanged from Gula at the Horse Ranch, and the number of items required for exchange is as follows.
Exchange item Required item
Sweeping Wind Trophy 40 gold trophies
long wind trophy 50 silver trophies
Whispering Trophy 100 bronze trophies
  • The effect of each trophy is as follows.
Item name use effect
Sweeping Wind Trophy Mount experience +20%, training experience +30%, training mastery 25
long wind trophy Mount experience +10%, training experience +20%, training mastery 15
Whispering Trophy Mount experience +5%, training experience +15%, training mastery 10
  • Each trophy furniture item lasts 10 hours and has a durability of 10.
  • ※ The effects of each trophy furniture item cannot be stacked, and if you receive the effect of another trophy furniture while already receiving the effect, the effect of the trophy furniture you received last will be updated.

Sea Monster Balancing

  • The probability of obtaining the Blue Spirit Water item, which can be obtained by defeating Candidum, Dark Iron Tooth, Nine Shark, Sea Crocodile, and Lekrashan, has increased by 50%.
    • Blue Spirit Water is an item used to make Nine Shark and Drift Tracker Chandeliers.
  • The probability of obtaining a sea crocodile scale item that can be obtained by defeating a sea crocodile has been increased by 50%.
    • Sea Crocodile Scale is an item used for processing plywood engraved with wild waves.


  • One weekly quest that can be received from Oquilla’s Eye NPC ‘Baby Ricksa’ has been added.
    • This quest is a weekly quest, and you can receive the order again after midnight (0 o’clock) 7 days after completion.
Quest name quest achievement goal Completion Reward
[Weekly] Savage Sea Crocodile Defeat 10 Sea Crocodiles 300 Contribution EXP

Choice Reward (Choose 1)
5 sea crocodile scales
5 Scales of a Violent Sea Monster

Bartering Trade Items Revamp

  • Among the items that can be exchanged for [Tier 1] trade goods through barter, the following items have been deleted and new items have been added.
Bartered Items Deleted Additional barter items
green crystal ore
blue crystal ore
purple crystal ore
dust of the earth
silver azalea
pile of dawnweed
cloud mushroom
fortune teller mushroom
wolf skin
fruit of nature
Black Stone (Weapon)
Black Stone (Armor)
light feathers
clear liquid reagent
big cloud mushroom
pink morning mushroom
large fortune teller mushroom
Flour dough
trail in the forest
edible honey
cotton wool
lion skin
cactus thorns
  • Changes have been made so that the barter information list in the barter exchange window is initialized when there are changes in the contents related to barter exchange due to regular inspection.
    • If any changes are made to the contents related to barter (eg, adjustment of the number of ocean coins that can be bartered on Hakoban Island, etc.), the barter information in the barter UI will be reset.
    • However, not all barter information is initialized, and the barter information that was performed at least once before being changed is maintained.
For example,
When the exchange item on Baremi Island, which can be bartered for a total of 4 times before the update, falls under the ‘deleted item’ mentioned above,
If it is possible to exchange 4 times because it has never been exchanged, it will be renewed as a changed item, and if it has been exchanged even once, it will not be renewed as a changed item.

Hunting – New rare animals

  • In the hunting town of Behr Village, hunters began to share new information about strange hunting animals.
    • It is said that the squirrel was found near an island where a lot of stomach churn was heard. Because the animal is small and fast, it is not easy to spot unless you look closely.
    • You will also hear about unusual hunting animals that you can meet during the day and night.
    • It is said that you can meet the deer in the setting sun, which can only be seen at night, if you follow the twinkling lights.
    • It is said that the <Drunk with Dew> weasel, which can only be seen during the daytime, lights up a sparkling light and can only be seen when the sun is up.

Cooking > Squirrel

< Drunk in the Dew> Weasel

setting sun> Deer appearance scene

< The setting sun drenched> deer
  • You can acquire knowledge by chance when hunting rare animals, and you can acquire a title if certain conditions are met.
monster name style
<Cooking> Squirrel nimble
<Drunk with Dew> Weasel dew in the sunlight
wet with dew
the sun came down
<In the setting sun> deer in the sunset
twilight light

Other Changes

  • The phenomenon in which Katos appeared awkwardly in the <Fragment of Ba> appearing in Atoraxion Baamacia has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the effect was not exposed in certain patterns of <Baa’s Wrath> Kraten that appeared in Baa’s Heart of Atoraxion Baamacia has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that the NPC that can acquire the ‘Non-flowing Water’ knowledge was not summoned in Baa’s Paradise has been fixed.

User Interface Changes

  • The design of the UI that displays the area name within Atoraxion has been changed to match the concept of the area.

System Changes

  • The starting adventurer’s family name creation condition has been added.
    • When entering the safe area with a character of level 15 or higher, a UI to select a family name is displayed.
  • All large ships’ guns can be fired only when the character is level 50 or higher.
    • Prior to this update, characters below level 50 could fire cannons, but the actual damage was not applied.

Bug Fixes

  • After boarding the dreamy Aduanat, the phenomenon in which the dreamy Aduanat fell from the air intermittently when using the speedy wing technology while using the wind wing/freedom wing technology in the air has been fixed.
  • Game Settings – Notifications – Fixed the problem that the notification message about hiring a crew did not appear when you turned off the Change Region setting.
  • The phenomenon that certain backgrounds in the Atoraxion area look awkward has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that it was possible to gather even though the items were not visible at a specific location in Grana has been fixed.
  • When entering a specific location in Fujiya Gorge, the phenomenon of being exposed as if entering the water has been corrected.


Class Changes

All Classes

  • When a sharp/hard black crystal piece is obtained through water gathering/shoveling, the action continues without stopping to cheer.
  • If the buff effect and the debuff effect are applied at the same time as a skill special effect, the bug that the debuff effect is applied even if the target uses forward guard has been fixed.
  • The bug that some characters’ movements looked awkward when using the social action ‘Swipe forward’ has been corrected.
  • Fixed the issue where part of the UI was awkward in the passive tab of the skill (K) window.


  • Fixed the issue where when acquiring the Absolute: Evasive Explosion Shot skill, damage was not applied when connecting Flow: Call from Sky with the Flow: Air Explosion Shot skill.



  • The effect displayed when using the Summon Heilang after Surging Tide has been modified to match the actual attack range.


  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of each bow was awkwardly exposed when linking with other skills while using Stub Arrow and Charged Stub Arrow skills.



  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of each bow was awkwardly exposed when linking with other skills while using Stub Arrow and Charged Stub Arrow skills



  • Just Counter I~III, Absolute: Just Counter and Prime: Just Counter have been modified so that the links to the following skills are activated properly while using the skills.
    • Sharp light I~IV, Absolute: Sharp light
    • Glaring Slash I~V, Absolute: Glaring Slash, Prime: Glaring Slash I~IV
    • Sideways Cut I~III, Absolute: Sideways Cut


  • When the space bar is input after using the Flashing Light skill, the link to the Shadow Stomp skill has been modified to activate properly.



  • The amount of damage applied when using Piercing Cry after acquiring Spirit Arrow II skill has been modified to match the actual skill description.
  • Light’s Mark skill has been added to the description of the list of skills to which the Righteous Fire effect is applied.
    – The effect of the actual skill is applied normally as before.
    ● When using Luthraghon’s Call I~IV skills on horseback, the number of hits applied to monsters has been changed to match the actual skill description.


  • The skill demonstration video of Electrify skill has been modified to match the actual skill action.

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