Giant Weapon Awakening release 17/12/2015

Giant Weapon Awakening release 17/12/2015

Dec 15 Tansie  
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 Hello Black Desert Adventurers!

In September, we revealed the Sorcerer Weapon Awakening and gave you a sneak peak to the Giant Weapon Awakeing. Do you remember?
Finally, the massive and powerful Giant has received his new weapon and we are excited to share this with you in our latest GM notes.
Hands that wield sharp axes have been fitted with iron gloves!
Giant Awakening weapon  Iron Gloves. Feel the power!
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Coming 17th December 2015.

Giant, born again as the incarnation of destruction.


“Divisions to Akure with tantu, jump off to find the foundation of prosperity.”

Giant source of ~ ~

It stayed in spite of the superior body giant flan area only populated for a long time, the only reason there was no territorial ambitions.

However, as black crystals are discovered and mining started with a rapidly ravaged cake flan internal conflict it occurred.


Suggesting emigrated to the south and to the patriarchs ever lead a herd of life Akure

Bogeondae greedy humans refuse to exterminate the tribes to incite the crowd did not know even a confrontation between young tantu.


Tantu belonged to a very small piece considering the Giant.

As a result, often little mantra was called Thanh, tantu it is regarded as objectionable.


However, despite the small pulpit’re petite led a young bunch of giant,

Bring your ambition to head as they also have an emergency.

Also I found a flourishing race ‘around the foundation to this great adventure across the continent.


One day at dawn, tantu disappeared followers led him to the crowd.

According to media rumors, the brilliant sound that flavor to this ancient land filled.


Tantu had conspired with the Dwarf race was first located in an ancient land.


Dwarf patriarch of Ain grades

“Giant and the Dwarf is like a brother received a big’ve helped in the past will return,” he greeted the tantu.

Also not far from their land, the ancient mausoleum of the Sleeping Giant is led by Warchief.


Ancient text carved into the mausoleum of the Warchief has not yet eoteuna would dwarf even not decipher,

Tantu knew from the beginning it was like, pulled reads like a familiar, was written as follows:



“What we jikyeonaen the ancient Dwarven armor made of iron gave poda.”



The change took place also read out the ancient records tantu.

Jakdeon is grown exactly like getting petite other kin.

Did not grow enough to realize the key spits also been inherent ability, more wise, it was stronger.


Tantu is to recreate the ancient iron gloves included with the dwarf races,

Furthermore, this giant has created only be improved with the use of iron gloves included.


Finally, the iron glove of the catcher is completed tantu was confident that could put the destructive power to the giant race.


◈ Giant Weapon Awakening Video

Blow up everything nearby and admire the new powers of the Giant.

※ Ranger awakening weapon is revealed at the end of the video as a surprise to the public. Do not miss out!



◈ How to obtain
Giant Weapon Awakening can obtained level 56+ only. You must complete the awakening quest before you can be equipped with weapons of iron gloves.
The story makes plain in Akure division of the giant clan chiefs happened to Akure with tantu begins,
The Commission will continue to talk some giant clan left to find the prosperity of the emitter.
The main quest consists of seven pieces, that are included in three test commissioned.
Referral process is not difficult greatly if you could contact the local media monsters, you can complete any request.
When you have completed all quests through tantu chiefs in the mausoleum of the Warchief
Awakening the Giant’s arms can be described as an iron glove.
◈ Skill Tree
Awakening weapons skills are available through combat skills window (K) on a separate tab.
Once you’ve started the quest at level 56+, you can see all the available skills.
<Awakening weapons skills are available through combat skills window (K) on a separate tab>
◈ Skill Breakdown
Giant’s Weapon Awakening skills are as follows:

Alternately with both hands, and can be coated using a variety of attacks linked to the attack attack down the damage to the punch and attack this effect, If you are not cooldown is a technology that can restore vitality.
Fire cheolpo
In the middle distance with the iron gloves, a technology that included shooting a bullet, you can quickly check the enemy through the normal shooting. The tree is beyond powerful attack that deals damage to enemies gathered in an iron glove and catcher, If you are attacked by a large number of enemies it is characterized by the determination of the mass recovery.
Giant Leap
Iron Glove catcher after a shot on the ground can move a long distance to move quickly flying by the recoil technology,
The features that you do suffer any damage during transportation.
Strike Colossus
It gathered strength in artillery and armor made of iron so that you can move that deals massive damage to enemies in front three times
The final blow to the enemy beyond the tree’s most powerful technology.
When lifting
Lifting the ground under their feet, and float them over the front of the enemy in the air Tree technology.





Each character will receive a weapon awakening and a powerful look!

Ranger and Tamer Weapon Awakening are expected to emerge soon. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

We strive to make Black Desert more enjoyable.
Thank you.


  • Dec 16, 2015 @ 8:31 am

    Question, Weapon awakening drop from boss or gifted by NPC quest or allow to craft special weapon once completed the quest ?

  • Dec 16, 2015 @ 8:28 am

    Ancient Iron Man :D, and the avengers :p

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