30/07/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

30/07/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jul 30 Tansie  
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Hello .

The MMORPG, Black Desert.

This weeks updated included the release of the new character “Kunoichi” along with 45 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.

[Events ]

● Kunoichi celebration Event Added – Win an Apple Watch

Details here: http://black.game.daum.net/black/event/grand_open/valencia/index.daum?opt=2

 [Character ]

● New “Kunoichi” character has been added.

– This character uses a dagger and sword and has very fast paced movement.

– Due to Kunoichi’s low defense, players require high skill to make the most of her abilities.

[Item ]

● A bug causing the Kalsyutain costume (7 days) to appear invisible has been fixed. 

● The Item Market max price limit of Octogonal Tea has been increased.

● Using an empty bottle around the Shakato area will now give you river water.

● Camel descriptions have been added to mount equipment.

● A bug has been fixed which was causing Aswell weapon upgrades to not work correctly:

– Michalis wand improved cattle, improved cattle Bar Les cane, cane Yulia improved cattle, improved cattle creatinine sticks, swords Le Rosa improved cattle, improved cattle Longbow Le Rosa, Rosa Le Talisman Improved cattle, improved cattle ax le Rosa, Rosa Le improving sogeom cattle, improved cattle swords Le Rosa, Rosa Le wand improved cattle, improved cattle Rocca Bar armor, shield Rosa Le improving cattle, improved cattle dagger Le Rosa, Rosa, le other leases only small improvement, small decorative knot Rosa Le addition, Rosa Le pacifiers Improved cattle, improved cattle Rosa Le horn bow, the key-tar Shuriken improved cattle, improved cattle Estee large Shuriken, Shuriken Libertad improved cattle, improved cattle creatinine Shuriken, Shuriken Rosa Le improving small, key-tar improved recognition cattle, improved cattle Estee greater recognition, Carlsbad Citation improved cattle, improved cattle creatinine recognition, commendation Le Rosa improved cattle

* If your workers were upgrading this item before the maintenance, you will receive the correct upgrade.

● Upgrades have been added for Rosa weapons and armor.

* Step 3 upgrades will be added at a later date.

● A bug has been fixed which caused food items to disappear upon a characters death.

● The prices of the following items has been increased.

– Basim mane trotter 800 -> 1100

– The biological leather seokgoe 720 -> 900

●  Elephant Armor has been added to guild stores:

– Light gray upper bard

– Light wood helmet/feather

– Lightweight silk saddle

– Lightweight silk stirrup

[ Monster ]

● Basilisk and Centaurs now spawn in more areas.

 [ Content ]

● A bug has been fixed where camels would not move at the normal speed after being mounted.

● Camel skills have been added.

● New titles have been added: 

– Resembling a monkey (원숭이를 닮은)

– That only ssambakjil (쌈박질만 하는)

– Raiser (악동)

– Serpentine (음흉한)

– Pushes me! (못살게 굴지 마!)

– Wicked (사악한)

– Armored infantry (철갑 보병)

– It should hit TLC sick (때려봐야 손만 아픈)

– Black Prince (흑태자)

– Maengchu (맹추)

– Lives in the gun belt (허리띠에 목숨 건)

– Bronco (야생마)

– Chubby (토실토실)

– Seokgoe in (석괴인)

– I do not want to come Milt (와라곤이 싫어요)

– Outbreak (발발이)

– Prince pogeon (포건 왕자)

– Gimpo gun battle royal (전투왕 김포건)

– Deoldeolyi (덜덜이)

– Until Valenciennes (발랑 까진)

– Crescent Guardian (초승달 수호자)

– Crusader (성전사)

– Ghoul (도굴꾼)

– I am the ruler of civilization (나가 문명의 지배자)

– Marauding (약탈을 일삼는)

– Crooks (도둑놈)

– I want the gold … gold! (금괴.. 금괴를 원해!)

– My face is you scared? (내 얼굴이 무섭니?)

– Guardians of the Desert (사막의 수호자)

– Asylum-party (비호자)

● Desert tents can now only be used in the desert.

● A bug has been fixed where life experience was not received while gathering and processing in Valencia


[Referral and knowledge ]

● An option has been added for the “Bastia Weapon” quest to receive a new weapon for the quest if the other was deleted. 

● A bug has been fixed where the wrong locations were shown for some quests.

● A new quests has been added “Undergound Stone Chamber”, which will take characters to the Valencia region.

● Lost black commissioned for “patterned black beads” cut to black for improved so you can get back to.

● Is the husband to talk of black beads design commissioned by the initiative to live to get back to their feet.

●The ancient windows. key valley narrows commissioned by the shimmering window and the heart of the ancients that Tosa has been improved so that it can get back to yu.

● I commissioned a descendant of slab of “I” of the single has been improved so that it can get back to you.

● Resident Evil kings of the four rings, Bar conquest of the ring, manme of the Golden Ring, Ring 0 won improvements ‘fake ruins keys’ of the Commission to receive the buy back to Ethan.

● A bug has been fixed which was causing energy not to be given after receiving knowledge of people in Valencia:

– Geumeumdal guild members (Guild managers)

– Base manager (Valencia seconds)

– Base manager (Valencia Gorge)

– The upper class of the capital Valencia

– Farm people of Valencia

– Shaka people to the area

– People in the sand Bazar

– Centaur Clan

– Card reader believer

– Basilisk crowd

– Basim family

– Valencia Gon Come

– Inflicting’s robbers

– Get desert clans

– Clan desert pogeon

– Argos South Neil


[UI ]

● The Item Market NPC dialogue text has been adjusted to be more readable.

● Channel information will now update in the change channel window UI.

● Additional filters have been added to the Item Market.

● A bug has been fixed where the probability of earning a prize from compensation boxes was impossible.

● A bug has been fixed which caused the incorrect boat to be selected at a dock manager.

● The error message at the trading NPC has been adjusted for when there are not enough goods left:

– “You can not transport more than one hundred.” -> “Contains more than 100 items that are not found in other regions is not possible for transport.”

● Fixed a resource graph position of the Valencia region.

● Guild missions which are currently in-progress will now be marked in the Guild window.

● A bug has been fixed where you could not edit the keyboard display in the UI.

● A bug has been fixed where mount information did not show up at a Stable Hand.


[System ]

● Maximum Contribution has been increased to 300.

– Once you reach 300 contribution it will be significantly harder to gain contribution points.

● A bug has been fixed which caused the screen size to alter.

● A bug has been fixed where data had to be entered twice.

● A bug has been fixed where an unusual amount of silver had to be paid to Bulhuello NPC in Sand Bazar.

● A bug has been fixed where guild siege items could be placed in Calpheon city.

● A bug has been fixed where guild siege items could overlap.

● A bug has been fixed where the message: “There are no items from the item exchange” would appear.

● A bug has been fixed where characters would stop moving if an action was queued multiple times.

● A bug has been fixed where player party icons and guild icons did not show in the desert.

● A bug has been fixed where character dyes did not load when the dye window is first opened.

 Additional maintenance patch notes from 30/07/2015:


● A bug has been fixed where Kunoichi did not make a sound when switching to battle stance.

● A bug has been fixed where Kunoichi does not gain life experience.



● A bug has been fixed where mounts lost durability at an unusual rate.

● A bug has been fixed where carriage descriptions where not showing in the information window.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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