29/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

29/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Mar 29 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

Found below are the patch notes for this week. We are excited to introduce new additional voice options to enhance your character customization experience. This week’s patch is ~ 633MB.




  • A New Loyal Attendance Reward Event begins!  (Mar. 30th 0:00 UTC ~ May. 3rd 08:00 UTC)

    • Previous Loyal Attendance Reward event has ended. (Feb. 23rd ~ Mar. 29th 08:00 UTC)

  • Dark Knight Seal event has ended. ( Mar. 1st ~ 29th)

  • Dark Knight Level Up Missions event has ended. (Mar. 1st ~ 29th)

  • House Fame Challenge has ended. (Mar. 8th ~ 29th)

    • All event information will be collected and finalized on 3/30 and the prize distribution will occur during maintenance on 4/5.


[ System ]

  • Node War and Conquest War times have been changed to reflect Daylight Saving Time.

    • Server time is based on the UTC time zone.


  • Character Voice Customization option has been added.

    • A total of 16 new voice customization options have been added which can be changed from the Beauty menu (F4 Key) → Customizing → Voice menu options.

    • 6 new male voice customization options added.

    • 10 new female voice customization options added.

  • To celebrate the Character Voice Customization option release, Appearance Change Coupons will be available to everyone for 1 Loyalty.

    • Start: Mar. 29th

    • End: Apr. 5th

    • Note: Existing characters must have an active Appearance Change Coupon to make use of the new voice customization options.

    • [Event] Appearance Change Coupon (7 Days)




ZQChgri.pngDark Knight

  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Knight’s damage was not always dealt properly when attacking with a Javelin while riding an elephant.


  • The 3 belts obtained as rewards from the Rhutum Sentry Post quest can now be moved among characters of the same family.

    • Rhutum Fighter Belt

    • Rhutum Elite Fighter belt

    • Sturdy Rhutum Elite Fighter belt

Pearl Shop Update



  • Pilava Island and Arakil Island knowledge has been changed to match the correct corresponding sea names.

    • Previously:

      • Pilava Island → Cron Islands

      • Arakil Island → Sausan Islands

    • After change:

      • Pilava Island → Sausan Islands

      • Arakil Island → Cron Islands

  • The energy gained from the following Knowledge has been changed:

    • Previously:

      • Cron Islands → Collect 5 Knowledge and gain 2 max energy.

      • Sausan Islands → Collect 5 Knowledge and gain 2 max energy.

    • After change:

      • Cron Islands → Collect 4 Knowledge and gain 2 max energy.

      • Sausan Islands → Collect 4 Knowledge and gain 2 max energy.

  • Knowledge available for Cron Islands

    • Baremi Island

    • Weita Island

    • Arakil Island

    • Kanvera Island

    • Paratama Island

  • Knowledge available for Sausan Islands

    • Pilava Island

    • Delinghart Island

    • Beiruwa Island

    • Taramura Island

    • Ostra Island

    • Red Battlefield


  • The NPC ‘Katan Recruit’ now moves more naturally to improve the players’ experience during the daily Valencian quest ‘[Daily] Training of the Solemn Martial Law’.


  • The Miniature Elephant icon appearance in the minimap has been changed to match the color of other mount icon colors (the icon will now appear green).


  • Male versions of the ‘Serendia Blacksmith Costume’ item icons have been fixed to match the actual costume appearance.

  • Not being able to gain the knowledge of the NPC Patrigio has been fixed, players can now interact with him to gain the relevant knowledge.

  • When the graphic settings are set to low, the #2 preset customization for Dark Knight had graphical issues with Dark Knight’s inner eyelashes. This issue has been fixed.

Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136965-patch-notes-march-29th-2017/


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