28/12/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

28/12/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Dec 29 Tansie  
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The World Boss Nouver has finally awakened, prepare yourself and make your way to the desert to fight this fearsome dragon!  Before engaging the Ruler of the Desert there are a few key points to keep in mind.

  • Although Nouver has a slender frame, it has a very powerful breath attack so be careful when facing the dragon.

  • Nouver lives in the desert, this means you must be ready to survive sandstorms, heatstroke and hypothermia, not to mention the devastating attacks from the dragon itself.

  • Last but not least, those that are brave enough to face this fearsome beast and best it in combat will have the chance to loot an incredibly powerful sub-weapon.


  • In celebration of the New Year, Elion’s Blessing has been given to the desert area. While this blessing is in effect you have a very high resistance to the desert debuffs.

    • Dec. 28th, 2016 – Jan. 11th, 2017

  • The Fireworks Specialists of the Garner Traveling Troupe are visiting Velia, Heidel, and Calpheon.  Make sure you catch their awesome displays as they celebrate the holiday season!

[ System ]

  • A new Alert message will show up in the channel when a field boss monster appears.

  • Adjusted the setting to hide other character effects.

  • The message stating the guild stable must be empty when the guild master delegates has been fixed.

  • When you click find way, or auto move to quest location with the current quest category turned off the game will now ask if you’d like to turn it on. Should you not desire to turn it on, the quest location will not show up.

  • The color of the system message for field bosses spawning and dying has been changed.

  • System messages will no longer display while fishing or playing a mini-game.

  • Pathfinding from world map or mini-map can no longer be used while in red battlefield.

  • Added an automatic frame optimization option in game settings. When the game frame rate is low, it automatically removes the effects of other adventurers, hides their pets and raises the game frame rate.

  • Special weapon animation effects can now be deactivated when you use the function “Remove Other’s Effect” in the game options window.

  • Fixed an issue where the Backspace key was not being applied correctly when you had selected certain items from the item list in the marketplace.

  • The stamping sound effect has been added when you check the attendance reward.

  • Fixed an issue where some sound settings were not on when they had been turned on in the settings.

  • Fixed an issue where the current key input from the UI edit mode was not being applied correctly.

  • All visitors can now listen to the music from the jukebox .

[ NPC ]

  • Alca Antoure NPC at the Isolated Sentry Post will no longer handle trade goods.

  • The trade goods from Alca Antoure will now be handled by Andre Vidal at the Troll Fortification.

  • Watering NPC’s animation has been improved at the Northern Calpheon Tulip Garden.

  • The camera angle when interacting with Rahim and Siriya Min has been changed to look more natural.

  • Soldier NPC dialogue has been changed at Rhutum Sentry Post.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t have conversations with some NPC’s.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t view objects of the Valencia Castle and other areas from far away.



All Classes

  • While underwater with a fully depleted breath gauge, the elevation speed to the surface has been increased.

  • Fixed the issue where the Black Spirits Rage skill could be interrupted by the cheering animation from looting a rare item.

  • Adjusted the animation for whistling your horse while in awakening stance to be more natural.

  • While in combat stance using the lie down social action your weapon will now be hidden.

  • Fixed the issue where players could not jump immediately after an unarmed attack.

  • The animation for going over a wall has been changed so that the weapon is put away before the animation occurs.

  • Fixed the issue where some secondary weapons could not be seen in the pearl shop.


  • The increased attack damage from the effect caused by using the Greatsword Defense and the increased defense power effect from Rage Absorption can now be stacked.

  • After using Successive Charging Slash skills and then using the Slash I, II skill immediately will now apply the correct damage.

  • Reckless Blow’s CC has been changed from knockdown to bound.

    • Pulverize is used when this skill is activated or while charging. Damage before charging 1930% x 2 hits. When charging is complete, Damage 1930% x 3 hits Accuracy +25% 100% chance of critical hit.

      • Super Armor while charging

      • Target is bound if a hit lands.  

      • Down Attack

      • No charging required during Berserker mode.

      • Damage reduced during PVP.

  • Grave Digging’s CC has been changed from knockdown to bound.

    • Spin Damage 588% x 4 hits Smash Attack Damage 764.4% x 3 hits Accuracy +12.5% 100% chance of critical hit Moving, Attack, Casting Speed -30% for 10 sec.if a hit lands.

      • Super Armor

      • Target is bound if Smash Attack succeeds

      • Down Attack

      • Damage reduced in PVP.

      • Black Spirit skill’s damage differs from normal skill’s damage.

  • Flow: Slashin The Dead’s skill description has been changed.

  • Grave Digging and Flow: Slashing The Dead tooltip videos have been updated.

  • Flow: Armor Break has been changed so that the cooldown time does not reset.

  • Removed the buffeting effect from character selection screen.


  • Basic attacks while mounted have been changed to cause damage equal to the attack damage of the bow skill level.

  • Fixed an issue where in a pearl outfit and not having a weapon equipped, basic attacks would show the player wielding a weapon.

  • Tearing Arrow skill description has been adjusted.

  • Crossing Wind II skill has had the tool tip video updated.


  • Vile Plan skill animation speed has been increased and the upward Scythe attack animation after the kick animation has also been increased.

  • Fixed the issue if Abyssal Flame II & III were used on cooldown the skill effects would not be properly applied.


  • Ultimate: Fierce Strike skill has been changed so that using the skill while having insufficient WP will allow it to attack 3 consecutive times.

  • Titan Syndrome’s damage will now apply the added damage bonus from the Buster Training skill level.

  • Ire of Beast skill description has been corrected to show the appropriate smash damage.


  • While in the Awakened stance and using Legendary Beasts Power Skill in a quick slot, the animation for the transition to the shortsword mode has been improved.

  • The Bite attack for the Heilang’s attack pattern has been changed to no longer ignore the opponent’s guard status.

  • The Heilang’s attack has been changed so that the attacks no longer push opponents back with the exception of successful knockbacks.


  • After using the Blitz Stab skill and then using Shield Chase as a connecting skill has had the delay reduced.

  • After using the Evasion skill and then using Sacrum Ferit, the cool down time and SP consumption has been fixed to apply normally.

  • Sacrum Ferit skill description has been changed from using the skill to if successful a Guard is applied.

  • After landing 2 strikes with Sacrum Ferit and pressing shift + a directional key, it will now prioritize the Shield Chase skill.

  • When re-logging in or after using the Escape feature, a bug preventing the displaying the character’s weapon has been fixed.

  • The SP consumption amount has been decreased for the Sacrum Ferit Skill:

  • The Purification skill MP consumption has been decreased.

  • The Hastiludium II, III skill damage has been adjusted to match the amount listed in the tool tip.

  • The Hastiludium skill charge motion will now be affected by casting speed.

  • The Hastiludium skill attack method has been changed.

  • Flow: Revelation Sanctus skill has been changed to apply an air attack.

  • After using the Evasion skill and then using Sanctum Ferit while it was under cool down will now result in the correct amount of SP being applied.

uECh0VJ.pngWitch & Wizard

  • While not having a weapon equipped and pressing the tab key, the character will now punch consecutively.

  • An issue preventing teleport from working while in staff combat mode with 125% overweight status applied has been fixed.

  • While in the Pearl Shop interface the character will no longer appear to hold a staff when they should not.

  • An issue while performing certain animations resulting in the characters face cringing has been fixed.

  • The Kibelius outfit has been changed to look more natural underwater.

  • Jumping forward off a cliff has been adjusted to look more natural.

  • The Witch Jump animation has been improved.

  • Wearing the Grave Keeper costume and using Black Spirits rage resulting in the special effects not being applied has been fixed.

  • Fixed the issue where you would not attack if unarmed and hitting the “C” button.

  • Only one Lava Field/Toxic Field effect will actively deal damage when multiple instances of the skill are cast in the same location.

  • Damage will no longer stack between Lava Field and Toxic Field.

  • Lava Field’s accuracy is now 100%.


  • While in the Tiger Blade mode and using certain motions you will no longer be able to use the Awakening: Haem’s Crescent Blade Skill.

  • After using the Crust Crusher you will no longer have a guard effect applied during the return to normal stance.

  • While using the skill Divider II~V with WP left over after the skills consumption will result in the correct damage being applied.

  • After using the Tiger Blade skill and falling from a high place will no longer prevent use of the skill incorrectly.

  • Using the Divider skill when having insufficient WP only allowed 1 hit on the first attack instead of 2 hits, and has since been resolved.


  • While in the Kerispear combat mode and sprinting, the animation for returning to normal stance has been improved.

  • While in the Kerispear combat mode and standing still, the animation for returning to a normal combat mode has been improved.

  • While using the skill Divider II~V with WP left over after the skills consumption will result in the correct damage being applied.

  • After using the Tiger Blade skill and falling from a high place will no longer prevent use of the skill incorrectly.

  • Using the Divider skill when having insufficient WP only allowed 1 hit on the first attack instead of 2 hits, and has since been resolved.


  • The sword placement position has been changed when using the horse flute after changing stances.

  • While sprint in the short sword combat stance and having your stamina completely depleted resulted in the character coming to a sudden stop and has been fixed.

  • When learning the skill Star: Toxic, an alert message has been added to let players know this requires the start equipped for us.

  • Fixed the issue where you would not attack if unarmed and hitting the “C” button.


  • While in combat mode and moving the animation for returning to the idle stance would cause a delay in putting away the weapon, and has been fixed.

  • While sprint in the short sword combat stance and having your stamina completely depleted resulted in the character coming to a sudden stop and has been fixed.

  • When learning the skill Star: Toxic, an alert message has been added to let players know this requires the start equipped for us.

  • Fixed the issue where you would not attack if unarmed and hitting the “C” button.



  • The Guild Trade material item (ex: [Guild] Fine Texture Ash Plywood) has been changed to no longer burden a character with a pack on their back.

  • The description for the Swordfish item has been updated.

  • The item Steel Fighting Spirit Champron has been fixed to apply all of it’s normal effects.

  • The wagon part crafting item prices have been changed in the market place.

  • Dining Tables and other food related props from the Golden Sunset Supper Set have been changed to add to the interior point system. You may receive 3 points for placing it on top of a dining or normal table.

  • The following items have been changed to give increased recovery effects when incapacitated.

    • Whale Tendon Potion.

    • Superior Whale Tendon Potion.

  • The following item’s marketplace registration standards have been changed:

    • Blue ranked or higher ranked items (weapon, armor, and accessory) initial registration to the marketplace can now be registered at max price.

  • An Item lock feature has been added. Use Shift + MRB to lock/unlock an item. When an item is locked, the item can’t be registered on the market place, deleted, sold to NPC, enhanced, transfused, etc.

  • [Guild] Flag of Determination has been changed from a skill to an item.

    • [Guild] Flag of Determination has been removed from the guild skill menu. The guild skill points used to obtain this skill will be given back to the guilds.

  • A new annex “[Guild] Flag of Determination Manufactory” has been added for Node/Conquest War.

    • Build and activate [Guild] Flag of Determination Manufactory during a node/conquest war and after 30 minutes, you can receive the item “[Guild] Flag of Determination”.

    • “[Guild] Flag of Determination” item has an expiration time of 4 hours. After 4 hours have passed, the item is no longer usable.

    • When “[Guild] Flag of Determination” item is used, Flag of Determination is created and this item makes it possible to set up to 10 barricades near it.

    • Flag of Determination can not be set in a safe zone or inside a castle. Additionally, it can only be set outside a certain distance away from an ally or enemy’s fort.

    • When Flag of Determination is destroyed, the barricades built near it is also destroyed.

    • When the node/conquest war is over, the Flag of Determination and the barricades near it is also destroyed.

  • Fixed the issue where guild icons were overlapped on forts, outposts, and other building structure for node/conquest war.

  • Added a new feature to compare effect of jewelry that is equipped or in your bag.

    • If you have two of the same rings or earrings equipped this system will compare the less powerful one.


Pearl Shop Update




  • The distance and speed of the dog pets catching up to the player has been adjusted to match other pets.

  • The classification of some nodes that are displayed on the world map has been changed to the following:

  • Node Name

    Previous Classification



    Abun, Kusha



    Beacon Entrance Post, Rhutum Sentry Outpost




    Danger Zone


    Ruined Rune



    Sarma Outpost, Mediah Castle, Valencia Castle, Rune Gateway Fork




    Danger Zone


    Bree Tree Ruins, Trent Forest, Manes, Wandering Rogue, Abandoned mine, Rhutum, Saunils, Marni’s 2nd lab, Soldier’s grave, Elric shrine, Helms, Tungrade forest, Sausan, Basim, and Roud Sulfur mine


    Danger Zone

  • Items taken from the storage can now be selected automatically based on weight limit (100LT max) even when you take them out via storage maid.

  • Guilds with the skill ‘Ample Storage’ will gain 2 slots in the guild storage for each level of the skill.

  • You may now check the status of the ongoing conquest war by pressing “G” while waiting to respawn after death.

  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect horse to be displayed when capturing a wild horse at a stable.

  • Improved the conversation with some of node manager NPC’s, so the investment process is easier.

  • Fixed an issue preventing normal use of consumable items from the quickslot key window (hotkeys).

  • Fixed an issue where the smuggled goods from Valencia couldn’t be sold in Balenos Territories.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t recover a guild mounts HP/Durability/Energy/Stamina while the mount was in the guild stable.

  • Fixed the issue where “[Conquest] Field HQ” item could not be purchased from the guild shop.



  • The maximum amount of Obtainable EXP from Helms Post and Elric Shrine has been increased slightly.

  • The defense capabilities of monsters in the Helms Post and Elric Shrine areas has been increased making them more resilient.

  • The maximum health has been decreased slightly for Helm Golems.

  • You can now obtain a Hebetate Tree Spirit Summon Scroll from Treant Forest monsters as a rare drop.

  • Monsters have been removed near the node manager of the Hexe Sanctuary.

  • The chance to obtain knowledge has been greatly increased for the following objects:

    • Mad Scientist Bomb, Trap, Mansha Lightning Trap, Beehive, Helm Tribe Mine, Sausan Supply Chest, Cave Stalactite, Sandstorm Beartrap, and Desert Trap.

  • The respawn time has been decreased for the world boss Karanda.

  • The appearance of the following field bosses have been changed:

    • Red Nose, Bheg, and Mudster.

  • The field boss Bheg will now disappear in a more natural way if he leaves due to the lack of a battle.

  • The HP of the summon Mudster boss has been increased.

  • The AP of the field boss Dim Tree Spirit has been increased slightly.

  • The HP for some of the Mediah monsters, Helms Point, and Elrics have been decreased.

  • The spawn location for the monster Rhutum Elite Brawler has been adjusted.

  • Added Sausan monsters to the area near Sausan Harbor.

  • Fixed an issue causing some monsters in the Valencia Criminal Camp to not spawn normally.

  • The accuracy has been increased for the monsters at Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruin.

  • The amount of available loot has been increased from world boss monsters for the boss weapons, secondary weapons, and awakening weapons.

  • The death effect of the following monsters has been changed:

    • Plain stoneback crab, Grassback crab, Faust forest tiny stoneback crab, Faust forest herb stoneback crab, and Beetle stoneback crab.


  • The target amount of deliveries has been decreased on the guild trade mission ‘Local Economy’ while increasing the mission duration.

  • The guild mission rewards have been increased for the guild mission ‘Local Economy Revitalization’.

  • Some of the specialty delivery NPC’s have been changed for the guild mission ‘Local Economy Revitalization’.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from receiving the Harpoon fishing quest normally.

  • The quest summary description has been changed for the quest ‘Prove your cooking skills first’.

  • The quest description and target for eavesdrop related quests has been fixed.

  • A new daily quest has been added at Helms Post, you can now collect this quest from the node manager of Helm Post ‘Barattan Lancer’, at character level 52 or above.

    • You can obtain ‘Helm Destroyer’s Seal’ by completing the quest, and can exchange 10 seals for a Helm’s Destroyers belt.

  • The knowledge hint for Pilava Island has been changed.

  • The condition for receiving the quest ‘Bring Equipment’ has been changed.

  • The location where players finish the quest ‘Young Daughter’s Whereabouts’ has been added.

  • New quests have been added at Mediah:

    • Anomie

    • After they left

    • Old box

    • Someone else’s treasure

    • Box with a story

    • Black-haired, blue-eyed adventurer

    • Father and daughter

    • Seemingly valuable stolen item

    • Workers of the extraction mill

    • Meal delivery

    • Cold and clean drinking water

    • Leaky shoes

    • How kind of you



  • Knowledge of Altinova marketplace NPC, Lucy Benkum will now appear on the world map.

  • The icon of the world map for Valencia Capital marketplace NPC, Tasaila Hilla has been changed to the correct shape.

  • You can now open the inventory and equipment through pressing the (I) key at the marketplace.

  • Fixed an issue where the item description interface was incorrect when you put an item from the warehouse into your inventory.

  • A description has been added on the quest setting – Accept Quest.

  • The settings change button on the quest interface has been modified.

  • Node and Siege war status is now shown in the channel selection window even when changing is not available.

  • The F1 ~ F6 interaction keys have been changed to F5 ~ F10.

  • Fixed an issue where the video guide window would sometimes not display even when turned on.

  • Fixed an issue where the interaction with a shop NPC could not be turned off using the ESC key in certain situations.

  • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes not use the NPC shop when the dye combine window or game settings window was open.

  • The quest summary window will now close when used to open the world map.

  • Fixed an issue where the icons would be left in a rotated state when turning the rotate mini-map on and off.

  • The auction house window will now close properly when opening the world map.

  • You may now change the font size in the chat window.

  • When changing font size, all chat font sizes will change and stay changed even after relogging.

  • Fixed an issue causing the spacing for chats with item links to not function correctly when resizing the chat window.

  • Fixed an issue causing the default font setting to be set to small.

  • Fixed an issue causing the start of chat and system messages to not be aligned properly.

  • Adjusted the chat alignment to look more natural when font size has been changed.

  • When mousing over items obtained from attendance rewards in the chat window will now properly display a tooltip.

  • The name of the last item in the attendance reward table will now be shown on the icon.

  • The checkbox for Elion’s tear useage will no longer appear for characters of level 10 or below upon death.

  • The guide text location has been adjusted for item lock and crafting information at the bottom of the item description window.

  • Fixed an issue where the attendance reward available time was not correct.

  • A description has been added to the activated date button on the attendance reward window.

  • The text for ‘Attendance’ has been changed to ‘Connection Confirm’.

  • The menu icon order has been changed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

  • The Olvia channel period of valid entry will now show up when you mouse over the channel in the change channel UI.

  • Additional alternative font sizes have been added.

  • The attendance reward calendar will now blink if you have not received the rewards for a day that you qualified for.

  • The information for hunting grounds up to Mediah have been added to the world map.

    • This can be turned off via the upper right toggles in the world map.

  • Change settings will only be applied if the character is above level 7.

  • The button list will now disappear when you click the button activated mount on the stable or harbor.

  • Attendance reward button on the ESC menu will only show up when the event is ongoing.

  • When in control of a wild horse, the stable will be activated with a wild horse selected.

  • Fixed an issue where the level widget became darker after the UI simplification option was applied and canceled.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Get selected’ button deactivated when you closed the pet exchange window with ESC.

  • You can now adjust the pet order in the pet list window.

  • A description has been added on the Guild Craft information button.

  • Fixed an issue allowing players other than the guild master or vice master to click on the member recruit icon.

  • Fixed an issue where the inventory was not closing properly when the worker window was active after right clicking a beer item.

  • Fixed an issue where the position of the Quartermaster was not displaying correctly on the guild incentive distribution window.

  • Fixed an issue where the non-craftable items were showing on the crafting notes.

  • Fixed the issue that caused strange lighting effect around the character in the cash shop, beauty salon and in-game.

  • Fixed the issue showing rain & snow under the sea.

  • Adjusted the minimum allowed size of the chat window.

  • Fixed background sets 1 and 2 so they were no longer the same in the Beauty Salon and Customization Window.
Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/125495-patch-notes-december-28th/

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