25/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

25/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jun 26 Tansie  
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This patch update included mostly bug fixes with 66 changes altogether.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.


[Valkyrie ]

● Eli frozen breath I skill MP recovery has been changed from 100 to 50% of max MP

● Eli frozen breath II skill MP recovery has been changed from 150 to 60% of max MP

● Eli frozen breath III skill MP recovery has been changed from 200 to 70% of max MP

● Celestrial Echo I, II, III cool-down has been reduced from 35 seconds to 25.

● Heavenly Resonance skill has been changed and can now be used during cool-down.

● The number of light hitting the black spirit skills has been increased to two times per attack hitting range on the Judgment of Light Falls skill.

● Shields throwing skill has been fixed.

– However, flow: Shield spinning, the effect is not applied, the effect does not invoke a clearance to push for the character.


[Plum ]

● Fixed a bug with the Blind Stab and Beheading skill combos.

●Fixed a bug with the Ong Chu gar pole and Beheading skill combos.


[Wizard & Witch ]

● A bug has been fixed where the Revive skill would not revive allies.

● The distance of Multiple Magic Arrow skill has been increased.

● A bug has been fixed where running in non-combat stance was not faster than running in combat stance.

● A bug has been fixed where the oars do not disappear after using a boat.


[Item ]

● Black seal, the seal of the hunter, glowing golden seal the ability to see the items that can be exchanged to exchange NPC has been added

● Experience gained machining amount has been adjusted when processing some items.

● Fruit Pie is “fighting increased” tooltip has been removed.

● The number of general trade goods that can be purchased has been slightly increased.

● Wilderness Golem, Rock Golem, Monument Golem:  nuclear trash items have been added.

● Wilderness Golem, Rock Golem, Monument Golem:  probability of looting Sharp Black Piece has been increased.

● Item descriptions has been changed.

– Shiny golden seal – Carlpheon trade

– Shiny golden seal – media trade

– Shiny golden seal – Imperial Delivery

– Shiny golden seal – Work Supervision

– Shiny golden seal – Imperial Cooking

– Shiny golden seal – Imperial Alchemy

– Shiny golden seal – Imperial Fishing

– Shiny golden seal – Imperial Training

– Shiny golden seal – Imperial Subjugation

– Black integer

● Glowing golden seal [coach] has been added.

● Glowing golden seal [Director] has been added. Can be exchanged for:

– [Exchange] abundance of fishing vessels decorated

– [Exchange] Steel mamyeon of the Fighting Spirit

– [Exchange] Steel bard of the Fighting Spirit

● Glowing golden seal replacement item is Black Essence.

● Glowing golden seal can be used to acquire the following items:

* You can obtain a modification of the higher grade through each item.

[Exchange] Black Essence – Heath Tria: Shiny golden seal – Imperial trade – 300

[Exchange] black integer – High Valley Taunus: Shiny golden seal – Imperial Cooking- 400

[Exchange] Black Essence – Heath Tria: Shiny golden seal – Imperial Alchemy- 250

[Exchange] black integer-carbonate-mail: Shiny golden seal – Imperial Fishing – 250

[Exchange] black integer-viper: Shiny golden seal – Imperial Training- 12

[Exchange] black integer-Har pwiah: Shiny golden seal – Imperial Subjugation  – 200

[Exchange] black integer – Revision of black Jinn: Shiny golden seal – Imperial Subjugation -400

● The tension was fishing through the acquisition probability of upward slightly.

[Content ]

● Farm pruning and insect catching: probability of dropping items has increased.

● Special except for the seeds to grow the merchandise obtained when output is approximately twice the amount of experience.

● The item has been increased cultivation experience gained from cultivation.

– The female cochineal insect

– Leaves of spirits

– Branches of the monk

– Weeds

● The horse turning force applied has been increased.

– The timing at which moment the acceleration is activated according to the braking force of the drift faster.

– However, it turned to be an existing brake is activated without invoking continuous braking power and relationships.

● Bandits will not appear on the map if they are gone.

● Bandits appear on an ongoing basis.

● Pets exchange tooltip has been changed.

– Before Change:

* ‘Disappears and is used to exchange pets, new pet one will be generated. Do you want to continue? “

– After Change:

* ‘Disappears and is replaced pets, pet one will be generated with the new technologies and skills. Do you want to continue? “

● Trade Minister of trade events in the information window does not sell trade goods (production, fish, monster, exchange etc.) if the max limit has already been exceeded.

● If the node is not connected to the imperial Fishing delivery, it has been modified so that the ticker is displayed as 30%.

● The imperial fishing price that is displayed will not reflect the price warranty period.

● If weight limit exceeds the maximum the delivery will not be made at the end. 

– That silver can be found at the warehouse.

● Place the end of the imperial period was modified to allow delivery only stables of the village warehouse.


[Referral and knowledge ]

● New special commission has been added.

– Like the existing special requests it can be done only once a day.

– Special Commission I: fanatic’s secret study (once daily)


[UI ]

● Pressing the Alt key on the world map will now show the tooltip.

● The Citadel, if you do not have time to build a building, such as the command post workers working time of 1 hour and 30 minutes a bug that has been fixed.

● Customizable buff icon has been added.

● Market cancellation of horses on the mating market is now fixed.

● Tooltips warehouses registered in the processing of the material during processing window has been fixed real items and other symptoms.

● Automatic feeding of horses has been improved:

– Endurance has been added to use the carrot when less than 10%.

– Information tooltip has been corrected to come to the check button.

– Bug has been fixed where if you have other items in your inventory the carrots will not be automatically consumed.

● A bug has been fixed where changing the position of the UI in edit mode are not stored in the residence.

● Jewellery window (glasses, ear cuff, etc.) hide button has been added.

● A bug has been fixed where the NPC Item Exchange registration window does not close automatically when the button is pressed.

● Mini-games to open the World Map has been modified so that an acceptable referral buttons on the bottom of the referral list.

● Trade information window has been added to the ESC menu.

– The NPC will be delivered to the Trade Information window displays.

– The availability and delivery area in the delivery of imperial trade goods list that is displayed can be purchased.

● World displays the directions to the appropriate NPC, right-click on the map icon during trading.

● Close the NPC exchange the item has been added to the list button.

● If you click the NPC dialogue button has been set to automatically closed list item exchange.

● When you mouse over the enchanting in the window register equipment (excluding accessories), has been improved so that you know the following enhanced level of information.

● The icon of some items has changed.

– Mark of Shadow

– Dark Blood Ruby Ring

– Clear waters sapphire ring

– Shining golden topaz ring

– Calm emerald ring supbit

– Brilliant starlight diamond ring


[System ]

● Auto-move mouse response range has been widened.

– Automatic movement setting can be a bit easier if you click on the part of his character to the entire map.

● Automatic fishing rods waiting time is two minutes pearl shops and other fishing rod has been changed to 3 minutes.

● High-end appearance than those at the end of grade change, or been modified so that it can not be changed in the appearance of the same thing.

● Effects of the monster when you turn on the effects of another player removes option has been modified so that display.

● A bug has been fixed where the name still shows up when using the Ent suit costume.

● Installable away from the barricade fell citadel was corrected within 30m.

● Set the size of this phenomenon UI initialization of the mini-map has been fixed.

● A bug has been fixed where some barricades appear invisible.

● If you are not a character to participate before the occupation and the former stronghold color display it has been changed to a pale orange.

● A bug has been fixed with deleting letters that have items in them.

● Barricades have been changed to only show the enemies barricades.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

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