25/01/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Margoria Expansion

25/01/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Margoria Expansion

Jan 25 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

Found below are the content update patch notes for the January 25, 2017 update. This update features the Margoria Expansion, Margoria Launch Events, and a Pearl Store Sale with up to 30% savings on selected items. The patch file size will be 1 GB in total.



The route to Magoria has opened, make your way to any port and set sail for adventure! Be warned though, this will be no leisurely sail, the ocean is filled with all types of life and if the rumors are true even the undead have taken to the waters.



  • Ocean Conquest (1/25 ~ 2/8)

    • Start: Jan. 25th, 2017

    • End: Feb. 8th, 2017

      • Underwater Exploration!

        • Take to the seas to unearth forgotten knowledge and earn a special title as well as 2 pieces of an Epheria Sailboat Design.  Read more >Here<

      • Margoria Adventurer (Guild Galley Reward)

        • Band together with your guild members to tackle the all new “Adventurers of Magoria” guild missions. Completing one of these missions will reward 2 million silver to your guild bank, while completing more than earn your guild their very own Galley! Read more >Here<



  • Fixed the issue where after learning Star Throw III, moving backwards and using the Star Throw, damage output was not registered properly


  • Fixed the issue where after learning Star Throw III, moving backwards and using the Star Throw, damage output was not registered properly




  • The Wish Lantern has been added to the game.

    • The Wish Lantern is a special celebration item that can be used anywhere in the world and has a 30 second cooldown.

    • When you use this item your point of view will shift into spectator mode when pressing space bar and allow you to direct the lantern as it floats up into the sky and is buffeted by winds.

    • Once activated the lantern will rise up into the sky and grant you temporary buff to your Luck.

    • At the following locations special backgrounds have been prepared to provide amazing screenshots.

      • Velia

      • Heidel

      • Calpheon

      • Mediah

      • Valencia

  • To commemorate the opening of Margoria, discounts have been applied to the in-game pearl shop until Feb. 1st.

    • [20% off sale items]

      • Scarlet Macaw

      • Marine Romance Costumes

      • Lahr Arcien / Lahr Arcien W / Lahr Arcien R

      • Splat Fisher’s Clothes

      • Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit
        * Known Issue : The name of Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit appears as Da-Da-Da-Dum Diving Suit at the moment. This will be corrected in a following update.
    • [30% off sale items]

      • Lahr Arcien Underwear

      • Lahr Arcien Eye Patch

      • Lahr Arcien Horse Gear Set

      • Belle Epoque Ferry Set

      • Dark Thorn Ship Cargo Container

  • New crafting items have been added to the Workshop.

    • Coral Belt

    • Polished Coral Belt

    • Red Coral Belt

    • Brilliant Red Coral Belt

    • Twilight Red Coral Belt

    • Blue Coral Belt

    • Brilliant Blue Coral Belt

    • Daybreak Blue Coral Belt

    • Green Coral Belt

    • Brilliant Green Coral Belt

    • Prairie Green Coral Belt

    • Golden Coral Belt

    • Brilliant Golden Coral Belt

    • Golden Sun Coral Belt

    • White Coral Belt

    • Brilliant White Coral Belt

    • Breezy White Coral Belt

  • Crafting recipe and knowledge for the following items have been added. They can be crafted by heating processing.

    • Red Coral : Coral Fragments x10, Ruby x1

    • Blue Coral : Coral Fragments x10, Sapphire x1

    • Green Coral : Coral Fragments x10, Emerald x1

    • Golden Coral : Coral Fragments x10, Topaz x1

    • White Coral : Coral Fragments x10, Diamond x1

    • Twilight Red Coral : Red Coral x3, Resplendent Ruby x1

    • Daybreak Blue Coral : Blue Coral x3, Resplendent Sapphire x1

    • Prairie Green Coral : Green Coral x3, Resplendent Emerald x1

    • Golden Sun Coral : Golden Coral x3, Resplendent Topaz x1

    • Breezy White Coral: White Coral x3, Resplendent Diamond x1

  • The following compass descriptions have changed.

    • Ancient Explorer’s Compass

    • Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass

    • Upgraded Compass Parts

    • Part for Explorer’s Compass

  • When using the following items, training EXP is gained.

    • Seaweed : Gain Strength EXP when consumed.

    • Tangleweed : Gain Health EXP when consumed.

    • Agar  : Gain Breath EXP when consumed.

      • Cooldown for above items are shared.

  • The following items are automatically collected to the Galley after defeating ocean monsters.

    • Candidum Shell

    • Hekaru Spike

    • Black Rust Jawbone

    • Nineshark’s Horn Shard

    • Ocean Stalker’s Skin

  • When the following items are looted, world message will be sent to alert all.

    • [Guild] Steel Candidum Shell

    • [Guild] Amethyst Hekaru Spike

    • [Guild] Black Rust Tongue

    • [Guild] Nineshark’s Fin

    • [Guild] Ocean Stalker Whisker

    • [Guild] Goldmont Pirate Golden Goblet

  • [Guild] Skilled Sailor Contract Renewal item has been added to the Guild Wharf Shop.

    • When using the contract renewal, the skilled sailor use time limit is extended by 1 day.

    • The max limit for using contract renewal is set to 7 days.

  • Contract Renewal: Skilled Boatman item has been added to the amity shop from Tirol (NPC) in Calpheon.

    • This shop can be used only when amity with Tirol is higher than 500 and each contract renewal purchase lowers amity with Tirol by 50.

    • Contract Renewal: Skilled Boatman item has the same method of us as the [Guild] Skilled Sailor Contract Renewal item.

  • The following item has been added to Wharf Shop.

    • [Guild] Breezy Crystal / Breezy Crystal

      • Recovers 10% of the MAX power of a galley when used.

    • [Guild] Origin of Wind / Origin of Wind

      • Recovers 50% of the MAX power of a galley when used.

  • New materials that can be gained through processing.

    • Golden Pearl

    • Glue

    • Margoria Dark Iron

    • Hard Pillar

    • Tough Flax Fabric

Pearl Shop Update 




  • Imperial Trade limit has been added.

  • New Territory has been added.

    • Margoria (Ocean)

    • Vadabin Sea

    • Juur Sea

    • Port Ratt
      ※ In the vast ocean, there is no auto-pathing and you also can’t see your location in the world map.
      ※ In the vast ocean, the height of the waves are determined by the weather.

  • A new weather effect, Hurricane, has been added to the ocean.

    • Within the hurricane, it is possible for players and ships to be struck by lightning.

    • If players are hit by lightning, players will lose HP and will be knocked down. If ships are hit by lightning, they lose HP.

  • New Guild Galley has been added.

    • Galleys are used for battles and can be crafted in a guild house.

    • To craft a galley, guilds must win the bid for a house in either Olvia, Velia, or Altinova.

    • In order to use the shipyard to craft a galley, the guild must acquire the guild skill ‘Dominator of the Sea’.

    • When the galley is crafted completely, [Guild] Ship Registration: Galley will be ready for use in the guild house inventory.

    • ‘[Guild] Ship Registration: Galley’ can only be withdrawn by the guild master and can be used be registering it through a guild Wharf Manager.

    • To board the galley, players need to interact with the ladders on the galley.

    • Galleys that have been spawned can be deposited back to the wharf when the galley is near the wharf manager. (When using remote collection on a galley, it will take 10% damage)

    • When the galley’s sail level has reached a certain level, the galley is able to use skills.

    • When the galley’s durability is below 50%, basic speed of the galley will decrease by 30% and if the durability is below 10%, galley’s skills will not be useable.

    • On each side of the galley, there are 4 cannons which add up to 8 total cannons on a galley.

    • Cannons can be used by placing cannon ball for ship inside the cannon bag.

      • Cannon Ball for Ship can be purchased from the Guild Wharf Manager with Guild Funds.

      • To use the cannon, hold down the Shift key, and use W, S keys to control the up/down angles, and control the horizontal movement with the mouse. To fire the cannon, press Shift + LMB.

      • From the guild wharf manager, sail, cannon, hull, and prow statues can be purchased to equip it on the galley to increase the stats.

      • Sailors can be hired from guild wharf managers to work in your galley. There are 4 types of sailors and each sailor type has its own merits.

  • Guild Shipyard has been added to guild houses in Olvia, Velia, Altinova.

    • The galley blueprint needed to craft the guild galley can be purchased from Philaberto Falasi (NPC) Amity shop in Epheria.

    • Similar to elephants, on days crafting is completed new crafting can’t be started.

    • In future updates, there will be new boat types to craft in the guild shipyard.

  • Guild ships have a damage gauge.

    • Each time the ship has been destroyed, 10% damage gauge will increase and once it reaches 100%, the ship will no longer be useable.

    • Damage gauge can be reset by using damage restoration.

    • When using damage restoration, guild funds will be consumed.

  • Galley & Epheria’s sailboat, can be used permanently and have abilities that consume ‘Power.

    • Power is consumed when skills are used while the Galley, Epheria sailboat is in motion.

    • When the Power is below 5,000, skills will no longer be useable and when the power is below 1,000, it will move very slow.

    • The power consumed can be restored by using a recovery item.

  • Galleys and Epheria Sailboat can be repaired.

    • Galleys and epheria sailboats durability can be repaired with ‘Ship Repair Material’.

    • Ship Repair Material can be obtained by processing (wood chopping) 2 plywoods of the same kind.

  • New processing items needed for crafting galley’s equipment has been added.

    • The following items can be obtained by processing from the guild crafting menu.

      • [Guild] Sticky Glue

      • [Guild] Crude Decoration

      • [Guild] Sea Horn

      • [Guild] Cloudy Timber

      • [Guild] Sandy Ingot

      • [Guild] Stormy Rope

  • New crafting materials have been added to Guild Wharf Manager shop.

    • [Guild] Lavania League’s Finest Flax Cloth Bundle

    • [Guild] Ficy Workshop Special Bronze Ingot Box

    • [Guild] Trent Treant Plywood

    • [Guild] Goddess’s Tear Crystal

  • Personal trade ship Epheria Sailboat has been added.

    • Epheria Sailboat can be crafted in Epheria shipyard rank 3 at 3-5 2nd floor.

  • Siege weapon workshop rank 3 has added cannon crafting for Epheria Sailboat.

  • Vast Ocean fishing has been added.

    • New fish species can be caught when fishing in the vast ocean.

    • Calpheon Fishing Rod is recommended for catching big fish out in the vast ocean.

  • A new Life Skill, Sailing, has been added.

    • Sailing experience can be gained only in the vast ocean. All types of boats must be manually controlled and operated in the vast ocean.

  • New NPC ferries have been added.

    • Olvia ~ Lema Island liner

    • Lema Island ~ Port Ratt liner

      • Be careful when riding the liner between Lema Island and Port Ratt, ocean monsters may attack.

  • Wrecked ships have been added in the Margoria Sea where players can take a rest.

  • Air bubbles have been added to underwater where players can recover some breathe gauge.

  • You can hire 4 types of boatmen in the [Amity Shop] from Calpheon worker NPC.

    • Hired boatmen can board the Epeheria Sailboat, and depending on their types, various sailboat stats will increase.

  • Sailors and Boatmen can be promoted via the following quests.

    • Sailor: Receive quest from Dichzy Born in Lema Island

    • Boatmen: Receive quest from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria

    • Promoted Boatmen can only be used during a certain period of time.

  • Automatic lantern effects for both the Galley &  Epheria Sailboat depending on weather and time.

  • New trade goods added to Port Ratt.

    • Ratt Lacquer Ware

    • Oriental Saber

    • Dim Lotus Lamp

    • Red Kite

    • Haso Celadon Porcelain

    • Oriental Spice

    • Golden Dragon Ink Slab

    • Haso Silk

    • Millennial Wild Ginseng

    • Pure Gold Censer

  • New Resources for Gathering in the sea.  

    • Giant Pearl Oyster

    • Lobster

    • Diamond Starfish

    • Abalone

    • Water Thyme

    • Oyster

    • Tangleweed

    • King Starfish

    • Giant Pearl Oyster

    • Clam

    • Sea Anemone

    • Brown Seaweed

    • Sea Fan

    • Starfish

    • Red Coral

    • Turban Shell

    • Rainbow Coral

    • Agar

    • Shellfish

    • Dead Coral

    • Kelp

    • Seaweed

  • New cooking methods and knowledge added.

Food Item Name



Crafting Available Level

Prawn Salad

(Sweet and Sour Prawn Salad)

Shrimp x10, Olive Oil x10, Salt x10,

Egg x10, Fruit and Fruit and Vegetable Salad x10

Weight Limit +40LT,

Knockback/Floating Resistance +10%

Cooking Skilled 1LV and up

Steamed Prawn

(Hearty Steamed Prawn)

Shrimp x10, Paprika x10, Hot Pepper x10,

Cooking Wine x10, Mineral Water x10

Movement Speed Level +2, Grapple Resistance +10%

Cooking Skilled 1LV and up

Pan-fried Oyster

(Aromatic Pan-fried Oyster)

Oyster x10, Egg x10, Flour x10,

Vinegar x10, Olive Oil x10

Attack Spped/Casting Speed Level +2,

Stun/Stiffness/Freeze Resistance +10%

Cooking Skilled 1LV and up

Butter-roasted Lobster

Golden Butter-Roasted Lobster

Lobster x1, Butter x10, Salt x10,

Olive Oil x10, Garlic x10

Critical Hit Chance Level +2,

Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10%

Cooking Skilled 1LV and up

Margoria Seafood Extravaganza

Prawn Salad x10, Steamed Prawn x10, Pan-fried Oyster x10,

Butter-roasted Lobster x10, Fruit Wine x10

Weight Limit +50 LT, Movement Speed +2,

Critical Hit Chance Level +2, Max HP +100

Cooking Artisan 1Lv and up

Hard-Boiled Shellfish

(Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish)

Dried Pearl Oyster Flesh

(Tridana Giant Clam Flesh) x10,

Essence of Liquor x10, Garlic x10,

Hot Pepper x10, Olive Oil x10

Gathering Speed Level +2,

Underwater Breathing +10 sec.

Cooking Skilled 1LV and up

Oil of the Abyss

Deep Sea Fruit x10, Tyrant’s Blood x10,

Powder of Time x10,  Bloody Tree Knot x10,

Alchemy Skilled 1Lv and up

Elixir of Deep Sea

Oil of the Abyss x10, Coral Crystal x10,

Clear Liquid Reagent x10, Arrow Mushroom x10,

White Cedar Sap x10

All AP +10,

Max Stamina +100

Max HP +100

Back Attack/ Down Attack/ Air Attack

Damage Increase

Alchemy Skilled 1Lv and up

* There are not the only way to make these dishes,Find the Golden Recipe of your own!

  • Items for Guild Craft added.

    • [Guild] Iron Core Timber Square
      [Guild] Desert Alloy Ingot
      [Guild] Spirit-laden Plywood
      [Guild] Wind-laden Flax Cloth

  • The following fishes have been added to Imperial Fishing delivery list.

    • Striped Jewfish

    • Greater Amberjack

    • Skate

    • Blackfin Sea Perch

    • Goliath Grouper

    • Striped Bonito

  • “Wharf” button added to NPC Bolhi in Lema Island.



  • New sea monsters have been added which have a chance to drop items necessary for guild crafting.

    • Kandidum

    • Black Rust

    • NineShark

    • Goldmont Small Battleship

    • Hekaru

    • Ocean Stalker

  • While sailing the Margoria Sea, you may run into a new rare monsters, the Margoria Phantom Ship.  If you run into a phantom ship, your ship will come to a complete stop temporarily as the sky turns pitch black from storms.

    • In this state, you cannot control movement of your ship but only use its cannons.

    • Margoria ghosts that appear will match the number of members aboard your ship. (max 5)

    • You can continue sail only after defeating the phantom ship or its ghosts.

    • Once you defeat the phantom ship or its ghosts, your surroundings will return to normal state.



  • New guild quests added.

    • [Event] Margoria’s Adventurer

    • [Subjugation] Protect the Villagers (Margoria sea monsters)

  • New quests added for Port Ratt.

    • Start the serial quest from Gintabam. (Lv. 51 and up)

  • New knowledge categories added.

    • Oceanic Creatures

    • People of Port Ratt

    • Other Marine Life

    • Margoria Adventure Journal I

  • Knowledge cards on wreck ships added.

    • You can obtain the knowledge by interacting with them near certain islands.

    • West of Rameda Island: Debris from Fintomaria

    • West of Teste Island: Debris from the Yellow Fox

    • East of Arita Island: Debris from the Golden Sunset

    • East of Portanen Island Debris from Mila

    • Northeast of Pilava Island Debris from Lazia

  • 11 new knowledge cards were added to the category Margoria Adventure Journal I.

  • A new quest was added for Port Epheria through which you can explore the ocean.

    • To start the quest, talk to Pavino Greko, the storage keeper in Port Epheria (Lv. 55 and up only). You can also find the quest on the Recommended tab in the quest window.

    • You will gain the knowledge “Margoria Adventure Journal I” once you complete the quest.

  • “[Lv. 55 Ocean] The Uncharted Sea, History of Margoria” added to the Recommended Quests.

  • A new daily quest was added where you can obtain a blueprint for Epheria Sailboat.

    • You can receive the quest from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria (Lv. 11 and up).

  • New fishing quests added.

    • To receive the quest, dive near Nada Island in Vadabin Sea with a character of Lv. 56, Fishing Level Professional 1.

  • New ocean quests added to the Valencia region.

    • Shady Rumors

    • Big Deal

    • Awakened Artifacts

    • Scripture-Engraved Brick

    • Yet Another Discovery of Ancient Ruins

    • The Reality

    • An Interesting Story

    • Civilization Before Us

    • Following Ancient Footsteps

    • In Search of the Lady’s Kingdom

    • Coral’s Grave

    • Technicolor Coral Reef

    • Sophisticated Geography of Shasha Island

    • Underwater Cave



  • Auto Frame Optimizer option in screen settings has been changed to be checked [on] by default instead of checked [off].

  • Information about selling fish caught in the ocean added to fish descriptions.

  • Ocean background was added to the Log-In/Channel Select screen. The background will change randomly.

  • Sailing category added to the guild ranking.


Source:  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/128498-patch-notes-january-25th/

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