23/07/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

23/07/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jul 23 Tansie  
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Weekly Maintenance and the new continent Valencia update has been completed.
Thank you Adventurers for being so patient during the long wait.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.

[Events ]

● Black Desert grand opening events (3):

● Gold coins event to celebrate Valencia:
– Collect coins each day by logging in!
* Extra coins can be earned by completing 3 daily quests:

> Mackerel nutritious

Level 10+, Fishing Level 2+,  Location: Velia – Docks, NPC: Kruwa (Dock Manager)

> The roof cats

Level 7+, Location: Velia, NPC: Oh Mariano

> Pesky rabbits

Level 16+, Location: Hidel, NPC: wallabies OSU

More information is shown below:

 [Item ]

● Modification of a black magic item has been added.

 [Weapons ]

Modification of black magic-wow: +2 gravity and ignores all enemy resistance + 10%

 [Armor ]

Modification of black magic – Sturgeon: +2 damage reduction and stun / stiffness / freeze resistance + 10%

Modification of black magic – tonic: Health & fainted +50 / stiffness / freeze resistance + 10%

* Shoes 

  Modification of black magic – fall: fall 15% damage reduction and knock back / offset resistance + 10%

  Modification of black magic – emergency: +35 jeompeuryeok & knockback / Offset resistance + 10%

  Modification of black magic – Geum: knockback / knockdown offset resistance + 10% & / bound resistance 5%

  Modification of black magic – fast: Speed ​​+2 Point & knockback / Offset Resistance 5%

* Pitching

  Modification of black magic – Memorize: casting speed +2 Point & Knockdown / outbound 5%

  Modification of black magic – daunting: Knockdown / bound resistance + 10% and fainting / stiffness / freeze resistance 5%

  Modification of black magic – Agility: +2 hoepiryeok & Knockdown / bound resistance 5%

* Gloves

  Modification of black magic – robust: Catch & knockback resistance + 10% / + 5% offset resistance

  Modification of black magic – redundancy: increased critical strike chance of catching +2 Point & Resistance 5%

  Modification of black magic – Classes: Attack Speed ​​+ 5% resistance +2 Point & Catching

  Modification of black magic – hit: Enemy gravity and grab resistance +2 5%

  ● New food items have been added:

  – Gaziantep bread

  – African snake stew

  – Fig pie

  – Pistachio Rice

  – Gaziantep sandwich

  – Date Night often

  – Millet

  – Puffy bread Gaziantep

  – Rich African snake stew

  – Sweet fig pie

  – Fried savory pistachio

  – Spicy sandwich Gaziantep

  -‘re Often mild Date

  – Traditional couscous

  – Grilled scorpions

  – Crispy roasted scorpions

  – King of the Jungle Hamburg

  – King of the Jungle oversized hamburger

  – Formal Valencia

  – Special formal Valencia

[Content ]

● The desert area has been added.

* Directions

– The desert road is not located

– In the desert you can not see your mini-map or open your World Map

* Movement

– The main character’s movement speed is the same as the common areas.

– Horse, carriage movement and use of skills, such as horse skills is limited.

– The camel is the most-efficient means of transportation in the desert.

* Weather Effects

– Desert during the day you are at risk of having heat stroke and during the night you are at risk of having hypothermia.

– Both of these will drain your health

– Drinking octagonal tea will reduce the risk of having heat stoke or hypothermia.

– You can create octagonal tea using purified water, or distilled water and an octagonal flower.

– Powerful monsters appear at night.

– Sandstorm has been added.

– Sandstorms occur randomly.

– Sandstorm deal a lot of damage to Adventurers.

– Installing a tent, with a desert tent tool,  will help you avoid the damage of the sandstorm.

– Desert Tent tools are available in the shops of Altium Nova and Valencia regions.

* Find Treasure

– In the desert, you can sometimes find an item with a shabby shovel.

– Per consumption, you can get a variety of items.

● New Transportation elephants have been added.

– You can capture and breed elephants in Valencia.

– Use the rope and peanuts to capture an elephant.

– Once a baby elephant is trapped, you can use the guild house to feed it and it will grow.

● Automatic time fishing text has been corrected.

– changed from: 2 minutes -> 1 minute 30 seconds

● Bazaar stall imperial seal was added – can be exchanged for camel obedience.

● To obtain a description of the modification to the exchange via a tensile reinforcement has been described.

– Revision of black magic – Har pwiah

– Revision of black magic – and valerian Valley

– Revision of black magic – viper

– Revision of black magic – Heath Tria

– Revision of black magic-carboxylic mail

– Revision of the red battle-force

– Revision of the red battlefield – Jinjiang

● Added Valencia trade-related content.

● New crops have been added:

– Nolrina

– Ria phenethyl Strahan

– Dow Pennsylvania Aurea

– Songahri mushrooms

– Kkeolkkeol mushrooms

– Purple mushrooms

– Mushroom pie

– Figs

– Octagonal

– Nutmeg

– South Africa

– Gaziantep

 [Referral and knowledge ]

● Added the request of the Valencia regional cuisine

[ Other ]

● Valencia added.

● Production base has been added.

(* Specialty stronghold of Valencia does not currently work.)


[UI ]

● Channel change option has been added to menu.

● Confirmation windows will now close when you hit “ENTER”.

● Guild stall has been added.

– Use to register captured elephants.


[System ]

● Wait Time of Battleground has been adjusted from every 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

● Bug has been fixed where guild items would remain in the characters bag after leaving a guild.

● If guild items are in a characters bag after leaving a guild, the character will be logged out and the item will be removed.

● Guild protection has been added:

– Guild members can be secured to protect the guild members do not participate in the battle switched to the protection state.

– The protection status of guild members can not participate in the battles between guilds.

(However, before stronghold occupied before can participate, force attack, not applies.)

– To set the guild back into combat personnel are protected 24 hours pass.

– The guild protection can be set for up to 10% of the subscribed guild.

– To use the guild guild members must have at least protection up to 10 people.

● You can now only join the red battlefield when the area is safe.

● Repeat authoring features have been added to be stored separately to the client doc-ument folder.

– Improved information will not be stored.

● fraud guild system has been changed.

– The Guild has been an increase in the maximum buying.

– Relative Guild bangeotap has been changed so as not to destroy when fraud increases.

– The fraud has been changed so as not to decrease even if the guild colon die.

– Fraud during the call has been changed to increase the use of technology monarch Step 1.

● game overall sound has been added and improved.

Most new areas have been added to the background sound, naturally has been improved.

– Music during the Battle of the bosses have been improved to naturally change.

– Former horse boarding in the area when the background sound is being modified to be heard, the music has been modified arrangement of the regional board.

– When the game loads the background sound has been added.


We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

Thank you.

Credit for Event Images: http://www.bdotome.com

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