21/02/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

21/02/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Feb 21 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers!

This week we are excited to unlock the character creation for Dark Knight! Join in on our latest contest by creating your very own Dark Knight before the class is unlocked in the game!

We are also running a limited time sale on selected outfits and gear that will be removed from the Pearl Shop once the sale ends. This week’s patch is 764,61 MB.




  • The maximum number of character slots has now been correctly expanded to 13, in today’s urgent maintenance [ 2/23/2017 ].


  • Dark Knight Pre-Registration & Customization Event

    • Pre-Registration: Feb 22nd to Mar 1st (for 1 wk)

    • Customization Event: Feb 22nd to Mar 8th (for 2 wks)

    • Starting today, players can select and customize the Dark Knight using the Character Creator, allowing them to decide on the appearance of their new character before she is officially added to Black Desert Online next week.

      • Note: Pre-Registration will only allow players to create the Dark Knight class and design a desired appearance. Once the Character Creation is done, players can NOT access / log in with the Dark Knight character until 1st. of March.

      • If you want to create multiple character templates, save the template FILE but do not click ‘DONE’ when creating a Dark Knight.

    • Help us celebrate the newest class by designing your very own Dark Knight in order to participate in this event.  For more information read >Here<.

  • New Loyal Attendance Reward event has started.

    • Feb 23rd ~ Mar 29th 09:00 UTC

    • Attendance is checked at login and the attendance reward is received automatically right away. In addition, “make-up” days are now available on weekends in case you miss a reward during the week!  

    • [Weekend Double Attendance Reward] has been added. On Saturdays and Sundays, players can receive the attendance reward two times each day. One attendance reward is received automatically at login and the second reward can be claimed after being logged on for one hour.

    • For more information read  >Here<.  

  • Margoria Screenshot Event Winners’ Screenshots applied to in-game

    • Four winner’s screenshots have been applied to in-game. Check out the details of the images >Here<.

  • Valentine’s Day NPC Popularity Contest has ended! The results are posted >Here<

    • The winners have received the special title “ Take my heart, not my mobs“.

    • The  Participation Prize will be distributed automatically via in-game mail.

      • Sample: If you participated 6 times and kept all the 6 letters from NPCs,  You’ll receive a total of 3 types of  prize packs from casting 1/3/5 votes.

        • [Participation Prize]

          • All users who at least participated in the event by casting a minimum of one vote will receive a participation prize of the following:

          • [ 1 Vote ]

            • (1x) Perfume of Courage

            • (1x) Perfume of Swiftness

            • (1x) Khalk’s Elixir

          • [ 3 Votes ]

            • (5x) Black Stone (Armor & Weapon

          • [ 5 Votes ]

            • (5x) Memory Fragments

          • [ 8 Votes ]

            • (2x) Hard Black Crystal Shards

            • (2x) Sharp Black Crystal Shards


ZQChgri.pngDark Knight

  • Dark Knight has been added to the character creation UI option for the pre-registration and customization event.

  • Dark Knight class section has been added in Beauty Album.



  • All sealed horse flutes have become unbound and can be moved from one character to another. Please note that in order to use the horse flute, you must activate it which will bind it to your character.

    • Horse Flute (1 Day)

    • Horse Flute (7 Days)

    • Horse Flute (30 Days)

    • Horse Flute (3 Days)

    • Horse Flute (90 Days)

    • Horse Flute (Permanent)

    • [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days)

      • Upon receiving [Event] Horse Flute (7 Days) item, the item had been sent to your Pearl Inventory mistakenly. This error has been fixed so that the item will be sent to normal inventory.

  • Some items have been added to the list of items not available for personal trade.

    • Heidelian Drawers

    • Velian Drawers

    • Calpheon Drawers

    • Mediahn Drawers

    • Mediahn Bedside Table

    • Heidelian Bedside Table

    • Velian Bedside Table

    • Velian Handcrafted High-Quality Bedside Table

    • Calpheon Bedside Table

    • Valencian Drawers

    • Valencian Bedside Table

    • Drawers

    • Drawers with a Belt on Top

    • Large Drawers

    • Platinum Drawers

    • Heidel Wardrobe

    • Velian Wardrobe

    • Calpheon Wardrobe

    • Mediahn Wardrobe

    • Valencian Wardrobe

    • Double-Door Wardrobe

    • Heidelian Dining Table

    • Heidel Handcrafted Dining Table

    • Velian Dining Table

    • Velian Handcrafted Dining Table

    • Calpheon Dining Table

    • Calpheon Handcrafted Dining Table

    • Mediahn Dining Table

    • Mediahn Table

    • Heidelian Table

    • Velian Table

    • Calpheon Table

    • Valencian Dining Table

    • Valencian Table

    • Rectangular Dining Table

    • Round Dining Table

    • Two-legged Dining Table

    • Four-legged Dining Table

    • Heidelian Chair

    • Heidel Handcrafted Chair

    • Velian Chair

    • Velian Handcrafted Chair

    • Calpheon Chair

    • Calpheon Handcrafted Chair

    • Mediahn Chair

    • Mediahn Handcrafted Chair

    • Valencian Chair

    • Valencian Handcrafted Chair

    • Chair

    • Chair with Armrests

    • Rocking Chair

    • Serendia Geography Bookshelf

    • Eastern Balenos Geography Bookshelf

    • Calpheon Geography Bookshelf

    • Steamed Whale Meat

    • Whale Meat Salad

    • Steamed Chewy Whale Meat

    • Fresh Whale Meat Salad

    • Khalk’s Fermented Wine

    • Khalk’s Strong Fermented Wine

    • Whale Tendon Elixir

    • [Event] Sour Cranberry Juice

    • Whale Tendon Potion

    • Superior Whale Tendon Potion

  • To commemorate the Dark Knight Release, character slot expansion coupon will be available for everyone for 1 Loyalty.

    • Schedule: 2017/2/22 ~ 2017/3/15 (for 3 weeks)

    • Only 1 purchase allowed per family.

    • The maximum amount of character slots will be increased from 12 to 13.

  • Farewell Discount Event has begun. After the discount event has ended, the following items will be no longer be available in the Pearl Shop.

    • The following items will be on discount of 20%

    • Schedule: 2017/2/22 ~ maintenance on 2017/3/8

      • [Warrior] Bern Outfit Set

      • [Warrior] Bern Weapon & Outfit Set

      • [Warrior] Bern Helmet

      • [Warrior] Bern Armor

      • [Warrior] Bern Gloves

      • [Warrior] Bern Shoes

      • [Warrior] Bern Longsword

      • [Warrior] Bern Shield

      • [Ranger] Bern Outfit Set

      • [Ranger] Bern Weapon & Outfit Set

      • [Ranger] Bern Helmet

      • [Ranger] Bern Armor

      • [Ranger] Bern Gloves

      • [Ranger] Bern Shoes

      • [Ranger] Bern Longbow

      • [Ranger] Bern Dagger

      • [Sorceress] Bern Outfit Set

      • [Sorceress] Bern Weapon & Outfit Set

      • [Sorceress] Bern Helmet

      • [Sorceress] Bern Armor

      • [Sorceress] Bern Gloves

      • [Sorceress] Bern Shoes

      • [Sorceress] Bern Amulet

      • [Sorceress] Bern Talisman

      • [Berserker] Bethel Outfit Set

      • [Berserker] Bethel Weapon & Outfit Set

      • [Berserker] Bethel Helmet

      • [Berserker] Bethel Armor

      • [Berserker] Bethel Gloves

      • [Berserker] Bethel Shoes

      • [Berserker] Bethel Axe

      • [Berserker] Bethel Ornamental Knot

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Outfit Set R

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Weapon & Outfit Set R

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Helmet R

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Armor R

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Shoes R

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Shortsword R

      • [Tamer] Cavaro Trinket R

Pearl Shop Update




  • Now that the Valentine’s Day Event is over, the item combination slots for simple alchemy and simple cooking has reverted back to 2 slots instead of 3.



  • Fixed the issue where some boats got stuck randomly and started sinking in certain areas of the seas.

  • Some titles which were removed in last week’s patch has been added again.

    • Conqueror of Balenos

    • Conqueror of Serendia

    • Conqueror of Calpheon

    • Conqueror of Mediah

    • Conqueror of Valencia

    • Balenos is mine!

    • Serendia is mine!

    • Calpheon Castle is mine!

    • Mediah Castle is mine!

    • Valencia Castle is mine!

    • Breakthrough PEN Node

    • Breakthrough TET Node

    • Breakthrough TRI Node

    • Breakthrough DUO Node

    • Breakthrough PRI Node

    • Stormtrooper

    • Special Force Commander

    • Ultimate Weapon

    • Senior in Node

    • Node Veteran

    • Why don’t you give it a try? It’s Node War!

  • The issue of “Quest Objective” not being displayed on top of the Red Orc Berserkers’ heads in situations where they were the quest objectives has been fixed.

  • Fixed the issue where the menu tab in the Pearl Shop would not reset or display properly.

Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/132312-patch-notes-february-22nd-2017-updated/

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