19/10/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Halloween Event

19/10/2016 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Halloween Event

Oct 19 Tansie  
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[Note] Players will need to open their Attendance Boss Reward Box by November 2nd, 2016 as the original box will be removed from the game and a fixed version of the box will be given to all players who logged in for all 30 days and opened the original box.

  • Please also note the ‘fixed’ version of this box will work as originally intended with a chance to contain any piece of boss armor.



  • The Halloween Event has begun within the Black Desert Online world!
    • During the event period you’ll be able to:
      • Enjoy various decorations in the Main Cities (Note: Lightning effects will only be visible with graphics settings of High or above on Texture/Graphic quality settings)
      • A Big Bloody moon will rise during the night.
      • Be sure to check out the Halloween themed background music after 10pm in major towns.
      • Added a Halloween themed Log in page, Channel Selecting page and Loading gauge.

  • [Event] Awakening Gift Pack” will be reissued to player who had it disappear from their inventory after last maintenance
  • All EU guilds that participated in the Node War last Wednesday will be awarded 100,000,000 silver due to the interruption.
  • [Halloween Events] A series of seasonal quests has started. More information can be found >Here<
  • Horse Racing has arrived, click >Here< for more information!



All Classes

  • Halloween effects for Awakening Skills, Halloween Costumes and Pets have been added.
    • Special ‘Bat’ effect will be seen when using Awakening skills that consume Black Spirit’s Rage 100% (Excluding Bloody Suit).
  • New hairstyle for every female class has been added.
  • Damage of the ability “Concentrated Magic Arrow” has been decreased when used in PvP.



  • Fixed the issue where Forward Blind Thrust doesn’t work properly after using forward chase with Blade.



  • Fixed the issue where Forward Blind Thrust doesn’t work properly after using forward chase with Blade.




  • Pearl Shop Sale
    • Halloween Pet Pack
      • Get all six limited edition Halloween Pets for the price of four!
        • Please note that you can exchange any Halloween Pet with another Halloween Pet, regardless of which specific Halloween Pet it is.  All other pet exchange rules apply.
    • Halloween Item Bundle
      • Bloody Suit
      • Drifty Ghosphy
      • Skeletal Horse Equipment
      • Halloween Interior Set
  • Some Furniture will no longer be permitted to register for sale on the Market Place.
    • Players can still buy these items from the Furniture Dealer NPC’s in town.

Pearl Shop Update


  • Horse Racing has been added.
    • The resurrection count of a Horse will no longer prohibit it from registering to race.
  • The resurrection count of every owned ‘Ground Mount’ will be reset on the 20th of October.
    • Ground Mounts: Horse, Camel, Donkey, Elephant, and Wagon
  • Death of a private ground mount at Node/Siege Wars will no longer be applied.
  • Mount Resurrection Reset can be used for Camels now.
  • Placing a Fence or a Garden will no longer be possible at Red Battle Field.
    • Previously set fences will be placed in the Velia Warehouse.


  • Fixed the issue where the spawn time of Field Raid Bosses was not working as intended.



  • A New daily achievement for Halloween has been added.
    • Players will receive a ‘Halloween Cookie’ as a reward.
  • Halloween Event Quest has been added.
    • Players of Lvl 20 or higher can activate the quest by talking to the NPC ‘Lara’ (Quest will only be available after the 20th of October 00:00 UTC)
    • Players will receive ‘Halloween Candy’ or ‘Halloween Gift Box’ as a reward.
  • Various Halloween Costume Accessories Quest has been added. (Only one of each Halloween Accessory can be obtained per account).
    • Rewards: Scarecrow Mask, Sweet Cone Hat, Wolf Nose, Devil Horn Headband, and the Jack-O-Lantern Mask.


  • The new function changing character order on character selection screen has been improved.
    • Data will be saved immediately when you change the order. (No need to click ‘save’ button)
  • Fixed the issue where the UI of Awakening tutorial wraps the system message and narration.



  • Applied update to address desync issue, additional updates will be made as this is improved.
  • Fixed the issue where the force enhance of green items on Pri, Duo, and Tri levels were not allowed.
  • Fixed the issue where the Unreleased Skill (Navigation Skill) appeared on the Ranking menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the Horse Flute effect was activated for players who do not own one.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/116891-patch-notes-october-19th/&page=1

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