19/07/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

19/07/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Jul 19 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

This week’s patch brings some bug fixes, changes to some classes’ skills, and increased Silver prices when selling Pearl items in the marketplace. The Terrmian Waterpark Event is still ongoing so don’t miss out on the big Summer Event. This week’s patch size is 901.67 MB

[ System ]

  • The distribution method of Guild Welfare Fund has been slightly changed. Guilds can receive the weekly welfare fund only by claiming from the Guild (G) window if 10 or more guild members are online.
  • The fund will be ready to be claimed on Sunday 24:00 UTC.

  • Only the guild master can see the button to claim the welfare fund.

  • Funds can be collected once a week and at least 10 members must be online at the time of collection.

  • Guild Officers cannot claim the welfare fund.

  • The following messages will be displayed if the fund cannot be claimed.
    • “Not enough guild members online.”

    • “The Guild Welfare Funds for the week has already been provided.”
[ NPC ]

  • Fixed the collision motion of NPC Colodu and the issue where Colodu became taller while doing the greeting motion
All Classes
  • Normal skills cannot do damage against the Terrmian event monsters.
    • Summoned beings also cannot do damage against the event monsters.
[​IMG] Berserker
  • After using the skill Titan Blow, Flow: Ancient Wave can now be used with a separate key command.
    • Key Command: Shift + ↓ + RMB
    • You can still use this skill during the charging motion of Titan Blow.
  • Flow: Split Shot can now be used after Flow: Ancient Wave.
  • Less stamina will be used while using the skill Evasion.
    • 350 → 250
[​IMG] Witch & Wizard
  • Fixed the issue that caused Witch’s teeth to turn black or otherwise abnormal if it was customized with face options 3, 4, or 5.
[​IMG] Musa
  • Fixed the issue where the Musa’s Soul effect would not turn off upon mounting a horse.

  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to use the skill Forward Roll with Crescent Blade even after locking the skill command.
[​IMG] Maehwa
  • Fixed the issue where the General Apricot effect would not turn off upon mounting a horse.

  • The skill Tenacious Edge I will consume less WP.
    • 25 → 20

  • The skill Moonrise I and II will consume less WP.
    • I: 40 → 30
    • II: 40 → 35
  • The skill Sticky Snowflake I and II will consume less WP.
    • I: 40 → 30
    • II: 40 → 35
  • The skill Frost Pillars will consume less WP.
    • I: 35 → 30
    • II: 40 → 35
    • III: 45 → 40
  • The skill Petal Drill I will consume less WP.
    • I: 40 → 35
[​IMG] Ninja
  • Fixed the issue where the forward attack damage of the skill Wind Slash VI was not being applied properly.
  • The enhancement focus option (Enhance/Durable) has been removed for any Basteer weapons and sub-weapons.

  • The maximum Marketplace price has been increased for Pearl items.
Pearl Shop Update
  • Fixed the issue where damages against ocean monsters from Galleys and Epheria Sailboats were sometimes not applied properly.

  • Relocated some Pirate Scarecrows near the water below the Diving Board at Terrmian Waterpark.
  • The knowledge card “Sunfish” is now categorized under Large Fish.

  • Fixed the issue which the ingredients for Juicy Fruits in Guild Craft incorrectly displayed Fig, instead of Olive.

  • Grunt is now categorized as a Rare Fish and Golden-Thread as a Large Fish.

  • Obtaining 6 processing knowledge cards has been added to the condition to display the processing quest Excellent Magnate on the world map.

  • Coconut and Fig were added to the following quest as optional rewards.
    • [Daily] For the Desert Travelers
    • [Daily] Must-Have for Desert Travelers
  • Fixed the issue which multiple Terrmian Festival Entry Coupons could be obtained.
  • Fixed the issue where the installed Wooden Fence Gates had the Flame Tower icon on the world map.

  • World Map icon has been added for Terrmian Waterpark
  • Fixed the issue where it was unable to move at a certain spot near the diving board at Terrmian Waterpark.

  • Fixed the Golden Treasure Chest despawn action

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