18/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

18/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jun 18 Tansie  
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Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?bbsId=BDN002&articleId=148

This patch update was approximately 495MB and included mostly bug fixes with 75 changes altogether.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.

[Warrior ]

● Rotation Teaching Skill I, II, III, IV has been fixed.

[Ranger ]

● The cool-down of Wind Collected skill has been reduced.

[Giant ]

● Attack speed of Spray skill has been increased.

[Tamer ]

● While using Black Spirit Roar skill, it has been modified so that you can now use the skill again while it is still ending.

[Valkyrie ]

● A bug has been fixed where the “Press Tab for a smooth movement” tip does not show when running in combat stance.

● Description has been modified on the Spear of Light skill.

[Plum ]

● A bug has been fixed with the Gyokupun (Beheaded) skill and will now work correctly during mounted combat.


[Wizard & Witch]

● A bug has been fixed where the “Press Tab for a smooth movement” tip does not show when running in combat stance.

● A bug has been fixed where the correct casting speeds where not applying to skills.

[Item ]

● Fruit Pie can now be used for all characters

– Ranger, Sorcerer, Tamer, Valkyrie, Wizard, Witch

● Can Techa will no longer give combat experience but crafting experience has been increased from 5% to 8%

● When picking a pointed piece of black crystals / drop rate has been increased a solid piece of black crystals.

● Stone / Sap / Herbs trade items have been added:

– Jewel-encrusted boulder (stone)

– Intact insect amber (sap)

– The female cochineal insect (herb)

● Rock Golem / monuments Golem has now drop a pointed piece of black crystal

Snub-nosed‘s molars has been modified so that you can sell the item.

● The enchanting description of the defense of Fortuna gloves over +12 has been modified to show the correct amount.

● Potions have been modified to now queue for how many times you use them on cool-down.

When using a cannon shell after firing cannon does no longer move backward.

● Cannon recovery time is now 3 minutes 30 seconds.

● Cannon damage on characters have been reduced by 40%.

● The weight of extra large potions have been reduced.

● A bug has been fixed where using “equipped repair” at the blacksmith would attempt to repair an alchemy stone.

● A bug has been fixed when you insert a breath of Use and ahal indicated in the tooltip of some Elixir.

● Some items upper limit and lower limit prices has been changed.

● Due to a bug with the Sea Totem, the item currently cannot be sold

– However, when you first buy a sea totem you can sell it back to the store.

* Sea Totems that you can still sell:

– Totem of the old sea [mackerel]

– Totem of the old sea [cutlass]

– Totem of the old sea [rays]

– Totem of the old sea [defense]

[Content ]

● A bug has been fixed where using a higher grade food item would result in failure to cook the recipe.

● Processing or cooking in the Imperial Alchemy window will now give you the original materials back.

– However, only 80% of the materials consumed in the production box will be returned.

● When processing or cooking the imperial Delivery Boxes, it was added to one chance, depending on alchemy level so that more can be obtained.

– More chance to get one since the higher production level than the 10 available levels, further increase the probability from 20 when the higher level.

Trading events all items has been modified so that it is 200% of market fluctuations.

● Imperial Delivery has been added to the list of five to six in the party estates.

● You can obtain a ‘piece of ancient ruins decision “in all waters and rivers through fishing.

– Well, pool, pond, etc. The drop size will not be a small place.

● Interactions with wild horses have been fixed.

Price of wheat trade item level limit has been adjusted to match.

– Velia: Angel of flour, slabs of ancient stone chamber

– Hidel: the glory of his right foot, fake nobility, cyan top kickbacks book

– Gyshi: Amulet of the infidels, pagans of torture, glycidyl nominal cone

– Calpheon: Protesters supporting articles, the remains of the Emperor

– Keplan: Blackstone huge chunks, red birth surname

– Trent: Luck of the trees, in the heart ent, ent roots

– Alti Nova: barbarians of the tonic, Valencia enchanting fragrance, jewelry boxes of the royal family

– Leaf Village: Destroy the magic order, ordinance black cockpit, Cartier not stand authenticity copy

– Olbia Town: Seeds of pumpkin ghosts, poisonous weeds undiluted, end Prophets

Conditions in some mini-games have been added. (Cow milking, extractor shake)

– Character bags can be empty to start more than one column.

● Pruning, the chance that this drop items when debugging has been increased slightly.

● Horse has been modified to avoid the death penalty when they die during sieges.

● When entering secure areas and battle areas, the character color has been added nine minutes.

– Safe Area: Blue

– Combat Area: Red

● Sending workers to the fort and the command post just before the completion of construction, the occupation has been modified so that the transition can be completed when the former stronghold and starts.

● The imperial cooking/alchemy delivery has been modified so that you can proceed outside of channel 1.

● Imperial cooking/alchemy delivery times have changed:

– 12AM, 12PM, 6AM, 6PM from within 10 minutes.

You cannot attack spiked the cannons of allies, but was changed so that you can use.

● Barricades have been changed:

– Before the occupation before / after: everyone seemed only occupied before the barricades of the participating guilds.

– Common

* You can go to dismantle the barricades near the barricade of all allies. The barricades are removed during dis-assembly.

* Barricades allies can not attack.

* Focusing on the fort and the command post can be installed only within a certain area.

● When you are entering the occupied regions around, the red effect on the character has been modified to appear for a while.

● When entering the battle area to a safe area, yellow effects on the character has been modified to appear for a while.

● Dry, thinning, the same items that do not overlap in firewood ambition has been modified to allow for continuous processing.

[Monster ]

● World bosses larger ZAKA critical attack will now appear.

 [Referral and knowledge ]

● Workers have been changes to education and the goal of the commission.

● Raid guild commissioned added.

– The chief Subjugation] Haas called ancient sites Subjugation Operation

– The chief Subjugation] Subjugation dissipation garrison operations

– The chief Subjugation] wandering bandits garrison Subjugation Operation

– The chief Subjugation] Marnier second experiment foundation Subjugation Operation

● Olbia Village, eight cattle Bruce, Vine farmland, hills stone tail milking request that the power to the horse ranch experience rewards have been added.

● The next goal of collecting commission has been changed to silver stone / platinum ore.

– Gathering Lv48] lucky I test

– Gathering Lv49] Lucky II test

 [UI ]

● Alt + number shortcuts in the dialog will now work when the character is dead.

Character death: in the dialog direction keys to enter previously entered into the dialog‘s contents have been modified.

Character death: in the dialog box for the Tab key you can enter the name of the character as a whisper.

● A bug has been fixed where the character creation screen was low resolution for Wizard and Witch class.

● When registering a unit price of the goods in the minimum exchange the item, you can just enter the maximum value [Min], [Max] button has been added.

● When you interact with the NPC dialogue to exchange some items that are exchanged items have been added to the list pane in the window.

● Game Settings – Screen -> ‘remove other players effects’ optimization option setting has been added.

Life rank plantation , goods , growth ‘ has been added to the rank, life has changed at the top rank button design.

● Path-finding button has been added to the trade information for each Imperial Delivery NPC.

The growth, has been added to the goods ranking icon.

● Changing horses skills sound, the sound of the blacksmith click the bottom button and sound button during character creation have been changed.

● The name of the Life ranking has been changed to ‘priority sector’.

● When the message has been modified Guild cultivation levels normally increase in the guild is to come.

● When you press the [Batch fixtures Recovery button] in the residential batch mode, ‘wallpaper and flooring will be deleted because it is disposable” message has been added confirmation to appear.

Automatic fishing items in the filter feature has been added

[System ]

● A bug has been fixed where In-game environment from the login screen and sound is audible.

● Character PvP nine minutes the color is adjusted.

– The color of the opponent guild war is being displayed more red.

● A bug with Florin not sending with the letter of the assets after the operation is completed the station has been fixed.

● A bug has been fixed with automatic fishing where the fish did not appear in inventory. 

● A bug has been fixed where you would not get more contribution points when exploring with the explore titles:

* You can earn more than a certain number of contribution when using exploring title.

– Novice adventurer

– Intermediate adventurer

– Adventurer

– Beginner Explorers

– Intermediate explorer

– Explorers

– Pioneer

– Leader of the desert

– The Black Desert Lighthouse

● A bug has been fixed where installing barricades in a city garden would not work.

● A bug has been fixed where items would disappear when expanding inventory.

● A bug has been fixed with the Pearl Store (F3) where characters were appearing dark.

Maid cool-down has been modified so they do not overlap with other local maid.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

Thank you.

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