17/05/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

17/05/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

May 17 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

This week we will be adding Specialty Furniture Workshops in Tarif, Florin, & Arehaza. Additionally a High Resolution Screenshot Function will be added along with Minor bug fixes and class changes This patch will be ~2GB.

  • The Tulip Screenshot Contest winners have had their pictures added to the game’s loading screen.
    • A total of 4 loading screens will be available in the game.
  • Introducing a new feature: The Settings Depository, where you can save and load personalized settings.
    • Click Settings Depository in the bottom left of the Game Settings to upload and download settings.
    • All settings on all characters, UI, skill slots will be saved.
    • Your screen may be reloaded while downloading the settings.
  • High-resolution screenshot has been added to Game Settings > Display.
    • You can take high-resolution screenshots by pressing PrintScreen. If your graphic card permits, screenshots can be 4K or even higher in resolution regardless of your current in-game graphic setting.
      • In order to take normal screenshots, choose “current resolution.”
      • Up to 8K resolution is supported.
      • If your graphic card does not support 4K or 8K, normal screenshots will be captured.
      • It may take a few seconds to process high-resolution screenshots. Please be cautious when using this feature during combat.
      • You can directly set the screenshot as wallpaper after taking it.
  • You can choose to display Family or Character name in the chat window.
    • When you whisper to another character, you can choose to display your Family or Character name.
    • You can see the distinction between Family and Character name on sent whisper chats.
    • Existing chat block list will not work anymore.
    • You can set a new chat block list after this update to block all characters in a family.
  • Timestamps have been added to chat window.
    • Tick the box to see timestamps in the chat window.
  • You can switch between chat tabs with a shortcut.
    • If you have multiple tabs in the chat window, you can switch between them with a shortcut.
    • It is set to PageUp/PageDown by default, which can be configured in Game Settings > UI Hotkey.
  • You can adjust the window size with mouse in the window mode.
    • Place the cursor on the corner of the game window and drag to adjust the size.
    • You cannot adjust the size during game loading, cut-scenes, or while displaying the world map.
  • You can check the horse market from the world map.
    • Click on the horse market button to see the listing.
    • You cannot buy horses or collect money from the world map view.
    • You can adjust the effect opacity from Game Settings > Display.
    • You can adjust the focus effect during combat from Game Settings > Display.
      • You can configure the sudden color change effect when a combat happens. Lower this option to alleviate eye strains.
    • You can toggle the sound effect from the corporate logo displayed while loading the game client.

All Classes
  • Character hair will move more fluidly and naturally while underwater.
  • An animation for repairing Fortress, Command Posts, and Ships has been added.
  • Characters will move more naturally when moving down from higher ground while holding the following items:
    • Matchlock, Musket, Harpoon, Flute, Small Drum, Cymbals, Fishing Rod, Trumpet
  • The invincibility effect against monsters has been improved when the character rolls with a matchlock or musket in hand.
  • All summoned creatures will disappear when the character equips a matchlock or musket.
  • Black Spirit’s Rage icon has been changed.
  • Fixed the issue where the effects of the following skills would immediately disappear when the character dies using those skills.
    • Projection (including Black Spirit’s Rage), Wave of Light, Cartian’s Protection, Delighted Blast
  • The motion while using the Alchemy Tool has been changed.
  • Values in the character customization window cannot be set to more than 100.
  • Fixed the issue where the food would not disappear if the character starts processing in the middle of eating a food item in a safety zone.
  • A character’s upper body will move more naturally while transitioning into a combat stance (Tab key) after being hit in an idle stance.
  • Characters will now no longer do the item obtaining motion even if certain items are obtained while processing.
  • The visor open option now works correctly.
[​IMG] Warrior
  • The unnatural motion when using Flow: Knee Kick has been adjusted.
  • Fixed the issue where the connection to the next skill was a little sluggish while transitioning into the Great Sword mode in certain situations.
  • Fixed the last hit PvE damage amount discrepancy in the skill Pulverize.
  • The cape part of the Anemos outfit can now be dyed even if the armor durability is low.
  • Fixed the issue where it looked like the character animation was frozen while using the skill Flow: Knee Kick.
  • The spin hit info of the skill Flow: Slashing the Dead has been modified.
    • Spin Damage 2 hits → Spin Damage x4
  • Damage for skills Grave Digging and Flow: Slashing the Dead have been increased.

[​IMG] Ranger
  • The skill description of Razor Wind has been modified.
    • “Damage reduced in PvP” added
  • The skill description of Cold Blade has been modified.
  • Damage of the skill Flow: Tempest has been increased.
    • 681% x 13 hits → 701% x 13 hits
  • Damage of the skill Elven Rage has been increased.

[​IMG] Sorcerer
  • Skill description of Dark Flame II has been modified.
    • Damage reduced in PvP → Damage reduced in PvP (Excludes Extra Hit Magic Damage)
  • Wearing [Sorceress] Le Vladian Underwear (No Stocking) will now show no stocking.
  • Fixed the issue where the 3rd hit of the skill Dead Hunt was not being applied in PvP.
  • Fixed the issue where Knockdown effect was being applied in PvP when Dead Hunt was used during cooldown.
  • Fixed the target number discrepancy in the skill Mark of the Shadow III and IV.
  • Damage of the skill Flow: Vile Plan has been increased.
    • 371% x 6 hits > 382% x 6 hits
  • Damage of the skill Grim Reaper’s Judgment has been increased.

[​IMG] Berserker
  • The graphics will look more natural in Iron Buster combat stance when wearing the Anemos costume set.
  • The helmet portion of Serendian Soldier Suit will look more natural after being dyed.
  • Fixed the issue where wearing Serendian Soldier Suit would cause visual overlaps of multiple gears.
  • Damage of the skills Devastation and Flow: Earth Dividing have been increased.

[​IMG] Tamer
  • The upper body portion of the Venecil Dress has been adjusted to look more natural.
  • The 2nd hit damage of the skill Heilang: Upward Claw has been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where the awakening weapon would look unnatural in certain situations.
  • Fixed the damage amount discrepancies in the skill Legendary Beast Dance (White Tiger) II, III, and IV.
  • Fixed the damage amount discrepancies in the skill Legendary Beast Dance (White Tiger) II, III, and IV during cooldown.

[​IMG] Valkyrie
  • Using the skill Blitz Stab and Ultimate: Blitz Stab before finishing the previous skill’s motion will now appropriately trigger the Knockback effect.
  • Fixed the issue where the character was sometimes debuffed while using Strong Defense.
  • Damage amount of the skill Terra Sancta has been increased. (Chop Attack Damage x2 hits/Wave Attack Damage x4 hits)
    • 1432% → 1475%
  • Fixed the accuracy discrepancy in the skill Lancia Training.
  • Damage of the skill Castigatio has been increased.

[​IMG] Witch & Wizard
  • Fixed the issue where the Forward Guard effect was being applied incorrectly while switching weapons.
  • “Pulls in the target on hit” was added to the description of the skill Earthquake.
  • Guardians Tett and Arne will now move more naturally.
  • Fixed the issue where Super Armor and Forward Guard effects would sometimes not work correctly.
  • Summoned beings will now no longer follow you when you use Emergency Escape.
  • Guardians Gorr and Marg will now move more naturally.
  • Summoned beings will not disappear when you use Bolide of Destruction.
  • Fixed the issue where switching weapons would not work between main and awakening weapons when done too quickly.
  • The main-to-awakening weapon switch speed has been slightly increased in a combat stance.
  • When switching to the awakening combat stance while moving in a non-combat stance, the skill casting speed will temporarily slightly increase.
  • Effects for the skill Crevice Protection have been improved.
  • The graphical appearance of the item Robert Boxer Briefs will look more natural when used on the wizard Face No. 7 (younger one).
[​IMG] Musa
  • Fixed the issue where the character voice would sometimes change while using the skill Tiger Blade.
  • Fixed the issue where the awakening weapon would look unnatural in certain situations.
  • Fixed the damage amount discrepancy of the skill Slice (while moving).
  • Cooldown time of the skill Crust Crusher has been reduced by 2 seconds for all levels.
  • Damage of the skill One Step Back has been increased.
    • Damage per hit 710% x 4 hits > Damage 730% x 4

[​IMG] Maehwa
  • Fixed the issue where the character voice would sometimes change while using the skill Tiger Blade.
  • Fixed the issue where the awakening weapon would look unnatural in certain situations.
  • Fixed the damage amount discrepancy of the skill Slice (while moving).
  • Fixed the issue where the wrong icon was being displayed for the skill Dragon Bite.
  • 100% Critical Hit info has been to the description of the skill Dragon Claw.
  • Damage of the skill Moonlight Dash has been increased.
    • Damage per hit 796% x 5 hits > Damage 812% x 5
  • Fixed the damage amount discrepancy of Sticky Snowflake II – IV.
  • Damage of the skill Sticky Snowflake has been increased.

[​IMG] Ninja
  • The Down Attack damage from the skill Floor Sweeping will now be applied correctly.
  • “100% Critical Hit” has been added to the description of the skill Serpent Ascension.
  • Weapons will now no longer show in a non-combat stance while wearing the Anemos outfit.
  • The cape portion of the Anemos outfit can be dyed even if the armor durability is low.
  • Damage of the skill Bloodthirst: Katana Shower has been increased.
  • Damage of the skill Vacuum Slash has increased.
    • Damage per hit 554% x 6 hits → Damage 571% x 6
    • Downward Slash Damage per hit 664% x 4 hits → Slash Damage 684% x 4
[​IMG] Kunoichi
  • The Down Attack damage from the skill Floor Sweeping will now be applied correctly.
  • The appearance of the blade from the outfit Night Cat will look more natural.
  • Damage of the skill Lunatic Discus has been increased.
    • 894% x Max 11 hits → 921% x 11
  • Damage of the skill Lethal Spin Spree has been increased.

[​IMG] Dark Knight
  • Fixed the issue where the MP decrease debuff would still be in effect if you reconnect to the game after using the skill Vedir’s Dogma.
  • Successive jumping while transitioning from Phantom Blade stance to non-combat stance will look more natural.
  • Fixed the issue where the Super Armor effect was being incorrectly applied for the skills Obsidian Ashes and Corrupt Ground.
  • Fixed the damage amount discrepancy of the skills Darkness Burst V and Ravage Rake IV.
  • The following items have been added to the loot list of hunting monsters. There is a chance of obtaining these items when you use Butcher Knife after hunting a monster. Install these items in your residence for buff effects.
    • Stuffed Bear Head
    • Stuffed Fox Head
  • Character Slot Expansion Coupon has become a yellow-rank item.
  • Attack efficiency has been improved for enhanced cannons.
    • The enhanced attack will be noticeable when attacking other ships.
  • Damage against Fortress and Command Post has been decreased for Galley and Epheria Sailboat.
  • Dim Magical Crystal: Sailing can now be processed through Grinding.
  • The chance of obtaining Sharp Black Crystal Shard and Hard Black Crystal Shard through farming has been increased slightly.
  • No more lanterns will be given upon creating a new character.
  • Following items were added to the description of Equipment Tailoring Coupon.
    • Serendia Formal Suit, Valencia Travel Clothes, Ahon Kirus Armor, Shroud Knights Armor
  • New accessories have been added:
    • Necklace of Dim Spell
    • Necklace of Concentrated Spell
    • Necklace of Sealed Spell
    • These necklaces can be obtained through the new repeated quest in Mediah.
    • Equip them with Helm Destroyer’s Belt to trigger the set effect of AP +2 & Accuracy +3.
  • Wording for Accuracy, Evasion, AP increase and decrease for the following items have been revised.
    • Actual effects stay the same, but some items might have a slightly different effect due to the change of formula effected by different wording.
    • Accuracy Enhancer
    • Aloe Cookie
    • Ham Sandwich
    • High-Quality Ham Sandwich
    • Sweet Aloe Cookie
    • Steamed Fish
    • Steamed Seafood
    • Plain Steamed Fish
    • Plentiful Steamed Fish
    • Serendia Meal
    • Serendia Special
    • [Event] Stardust Candy
    • Date Palm Wine
    • Mild Date Palm Wine
    • Steamed Whale Meat
    • Steamed Chewy Whale Meat
    • Valencian Meal
    • Valencian Special
    • Elixir of Deep Sea
  • Fixed the issue where the hunting damage boost from some food items was still being applied on normal weapon attacks.
  • The following items have been added to the Pearl Shop:
    • Arneus Wagon Set
    • [Dark Knight] Lahr Arcien Underwear B
    • [Loyalties] Morco’s Gear Bag
    • Patrigio’s Costume Bag

Pearl Shop Update

  • Pets will now have Agility & Caution mode options added.
    • Take out a pet of your choice and click on the icon that allows you to change the mode of the pets (Paw symbol).
    • Average mode is the default and normal mode.
    • Left click the icon once to change to Agility mode (Green Color).
      • Agility mode decreases time for item pick up rate by 10%.
      • When in Agility mode, hunger gauge is consumed 3 times faster than normal.
    • Left click the icon one more time while already in Agility mode to change it to Caution mode (Red Color).
      • Caution mode increases the time between item pick up rate by 10%.
      • When in Caution mode, the hunger bar is consumed 2 times slower than normal.
  • The reservation function has been added back to the night vendor.
  • The Florin Workshop, a new furniture workshop, has been added to the town of Florin in building 1-3.
    • You can craft following items in Florin Workshop:
      • Loria’s Hand Mirror
      • Onion Pickle Jar
      • Olive Pickle Jar
      • Green Herb Pot
      • Florin Dawn Wall Carpet
      • Florin Autumn Leaves Wall Carpet
      • Florin Sunset Wall Carpet
  • The Tarif Workshop, a new furniture workshop, has been added to the town of Tarif in building 2-3.
    • You can craft following props in Tarif Workshop:
      • Tarif Gourd-Shaped Bottle
      • Tarif Pot
      • Yisar Pjetyo Amulet
      • Allan Serbin Amulet
      • Scuffling Letusa Amulet
      • Tarif White Cedar Jewelry Box
      • Tarif Blue Stone Jewelry Box
  • The Arehaza Workshop, a new furniture workshop, has been added to town of Arehaza in building 2-1.
    • You can craft following props in Arehaza Workshop:
      • Arehaza Semicircle Carpet
      • Arehaza Round Carpet
      • Desert Fogan Flower Pot
      • Desert Fogan Lamp
      • Over the Rocky Mountain
      • Arehaza Town Scenery
      • Areha Palm Forest
  • Fixed the issue where mounts sometimes could not be healed.
  • The following tutorials have been added:
    • Equipping Items, Selling Items, Enhancements, Enhancement Bonus.
    • Click on the Black Spirit icon in the dialogue box or game screen in certain situations.
    • The Black Spirit icon for tutorials will no longer be displayed upon reaching a certain level.
  • Fixed the issue where Cadria Elephants were not affected by Elephant Traps from time to time.
  • The Hunger Gauge has been doubled in amount for all pets.
    • All pet feed items Hunger gauge recovery amount has been increased (x2) accordingly.
    • Required EXP per tier/level for all pets remains the same.
  • In the wild horse taming minigame, the SPACE key indicator will only be displayed when the horse raises the hooves.
  • If the character succeeds in taming a wild horse and mounts it, the rope will now disappear from its hand.
  • It is now no longer possible to move to the Red Battlefield area while holding trade items.
  • The characters visor will be set to “closed” by default in Pearl Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where the injury/damage meter was not properly updating after a guild mount is killed or destroyed.
  • New knowledge based titles have been added.
    • Knowledge Whale
    • Know-It-All
    • Black Sage
    • Prophet
    • Knowledge Artisan
    • Cogito ergo sum
    • Good Stuff Good Stuff
    • Genius
    • Professor
    • Irresistible Brain
    • God of Knowledge
    • If you have already met the requirement but have not acquired one of these titles, you will acquire the title next time you gain any knowledge.
  • The appearance of the [Guild] Node Fortress has been adjusted to look more natural.
  • Characters can now no longer enter inside the installed fortress.
  • Shabby Shovels can now also be used in Cantusa Desert.
  • The minimum number of participants for Red Battlefield has been adjusted to 10.
  • Using the skill Ram (Galley & Epheria Sailboat) to attack ocean monsters and other ships will now work with the correct damage amount.
  • When you confront a Phantom Ship in the ocean, there is now a short waiting time between stopping the ship and being able to work the cannons.
  • The issue with Valencia’s Villa Keeper NPC Narebo holding a wooden sword has been fixed.
  • When a user opens the escape screen with ESC key while summoning a monster after the quest is already accepted, the effect for accepting quest is no longer displayed on screen.
  • The issue where the NPC Ossa Dilla was not searchable by NPC search function has been fixed.
  • When having a conversation with NPC Azela for the first time in Florin Inn, the user is now automatically given a route to find NPC Valentine.
  • The issue that some wild horses in parts of Serendia and Marni Farm Ruins were stuck in natural objects has been fixed.
  • Garnier Troupe shooting firecrackers in town are now correctly displayed in their original positions.
  • A new NPC Baan has been added to the entrance of Elric Shrin.
    • By having a conversation with Baan, you can obtain some knowledge.
  • Fixed the issue that the character now falls off from elephant if attacked by Mutant Ogre or Mutant Troll while mounted on guild elephant.
  • Fixed the issue when Mutant Ogre or Mutant Troll go back to where they were after moving a certain distance & now they do not recover their HP.
  • Fixed the issue that when Mutant Troll and Mutant Ogre are stuck between objects and cannot move, they are now moved to where they first appeared. (But, their HP does not recover)
  • The Ghost of Margoria Phantom Ship now appears correctly.
  • New hunting monster, Giant Brown Bear, has been now added to Mountain of Western, Eastern Balenos.
  • Hunting monsters, Big-Horned Deer and Boars, are additionally placed in Western Balenos Mountain.
  • Blue whale’s movement has been improved so they move naturally.
  • HP for blue whale has been increased, and fixed that you can now hit the blue whale more easily.
  • Drop rate of Blacks Stone (Armor) has been increased when hunting blue whale.
  • New hunting monster, Giant Fox and Giant Wolf, are now added to Balenos Mountain which is located in the east of Port Epheria.
    • Giant Wolf summons other wolves once its HP drops below a certain level.
  • Fixed that HP for Goldmont Small Battleship is now correctly applied.
  • Fixed that the Ghost now shows up at the center of the ship when Margoria Phantom Ship appears..
  • Fixed so that Catfishmans do not appear near where you summon Giant Catfishman Qoobe.
  • Fixed that when the awakened boss monsters below are attacked on their venerable spots, they are now correctly stunned.
    • Muskan
    • Dim Tree Spirit
    • Yet, after they recover from stun status, they do not get stunned for a certain period of time.
  • When you kill these monsters below by completing the Helms Destroyer! quest, the number of kills are now counted.
    • Helm Devourer
    • Helm Destroyer
    • Helm Crusher
    • Helm Raid Captain
  • Fixed that the name of world boss monster Karanda is now displayed on its head.
  • Fixed when Karanda appears, boss icon is now displayed on mini map.
  • The following quests that you can obtain Token of Promise/Seal are now updated.
    • [Repeat] Necklace of Sealed Magical Power #1, #2
    • [Repeat] Hexe Sanctuary Analysis
    • [Repeat] Suppress Shadow Shrine
    • Now you can accept the quest again immediately upon completion.
    • Required numbers to complete the quests have been slightly increased, and number of Token of Promises/Seals have been also increased.
  • Fixed that some cut scenes for main quest, they are now correctly played.
  • Condition to accept the tutorial quest, Finding NPC Akan, has been changed.
    • You can accept this quest in Olvia region only.
  • Part of Guild Extermination Mission, Defeat Waragon of Valencia, has been removed.
  • Improved that required minimum Trading Level is now clearly displayed in Guild Trading Mission description.
  • ‘A Prophet of Altinova’ has been removed from Main Quest.
    • You can proceed Main Quest with ‘Bridle of Destiny’ once you complete’ While preparing for Mediah’ quest
  • Serial quest ‘Past of Encarotia’ has been added to capital of Calpheon.
    • At Lv.46 and up, it is acceptable from Rubin in Calpheon.
    • Once you complete all of the serial quests, you can obtain Calpheon Adventure Journal II.
  • NPC for ‘I Have a Dream’ quest has been changed.
    • Valencia guild manager NPC Yan → Assistant of Yan on left side
  • Changed that contribution EXP are not obtained when completing some repeatable quests.
    • Condition to accept the quest will later be changed so that you can use the repeat quest more conveniently in future.
  • Fixed that you now correctly obtain knowledge when you catch Jellyfish.
  • Following quests are now repeatable, and contribution EXP for reward are now excluded.
    • [Exchange] Earring of Sealed Magical Power Exchange
    • [Exchange] Ring of Sealed Magical Power Exchange
    • [Exchange] Earring of Concentrated Magical Power Exchange
    • [Exchange] Ring of Concentrated Magical Power Exchange
    • [Exchange] Earring of Dim Magical Power Exchange
    • [Exchange] Ring of Dim Magical Power Exchange
  • Fixed that conversation for returning accessory and receiving Token of Promise/Seal is not displayed while playing Magical Power Accessory Exchange quest.
  • New repeatable quests are added to Elric Shrine in Mediah region.
    • [Repeat] Destroy Spell!
    • [Exchange] Necklace of Dim Spell
    • [Exchange] Necklace of Concentrated Spell
    • [Exchange] Necklace of Sealed Spell
    • You can accept the quest by having conversation with NPC Baan at the entrance of Elric Shrine at Lv.53 and up. (Check your quest tracker settings.)
  • Helm Post daily quest has been changed to immediate repeatable quest.
    • [Daily] Helm Destroyer! → [Repeat] Helm Destroyer!
    • You can accept the quest and proceed again upon completion.
    • Reward for this quest has been changed to 4 Helm Destroyer’s Seals.
  • New quest has been added.
    • Tiny Light to Drive Out the Darkness
    • You can accept this quest having conversation with Black Spirit at level 16 and up ~ 30 and below.
    • You can obtain Lantern as a reward upon completion.
  • New daily hunting quest has been added.
    • [Daily] Easy Game
    • [Daily] The Reckless One
      • You can accept this quest having conversation with Velia chef David Finto at Lv.30 and up.
    • [Daily] Hunter’s Honor
      • You can accept this quest having conversation with Velia chef David Finto at Lv.50 and up.
  • New quest has been added to Altinova Tavern.
    • You can proceed this quest by purchasing a quest form from new NPC Datu Barudatu.
    • If you have higher Amity with Datu Barudatu, you can purchase higher level quest form.
    • The higher the quest level, the higher the figure you should reach yet you can obtain better reward.
  • Once you acquire 9 knowledges about Great Desert Adventure Journal III, you can complete the story. And maximum attainable energy has been changed to +1.
  • Fixed the issue that amount of consumed energy on the knowledge obtain button wasn’t displayed.
  • Gardaka’s Treasure Map quest has been fixed.
    • Excavation area has been slightly increased, and tips are added to quest summary.
    • You now obtain related knowledge and location information upon quest completion.
    • 3 new types of Gardaka’s Treasure Map quests have been added.
  • Descriptions for the following have been fixed.
    • Gardaka’s Code : Pilgrim’s Sanctum
    • Gardaka’s Code: Sand Grain Bazaar
    • Gardaka’s Code: Capotia Canyon
    • Gardaka’s Code: Great Desert
  • Location of Gardaka’s Artifact has been adjusted.
  • Issue that users were not able to proceed tutorial if higher level skill is learned ahead has been fixed.
  • Effect has been added to the spot so that users can clearly confirm where Unknown Energy quest ends.
  • Servers on server select window are now displayed in random order.
  • Storage item transport status is no longer displayed on other towns’ transport status but only where it is sent from and where it is sent to.
  • If you close sticker UI function and enable the window again, now the window appears where it was closed.
  • When you pre-order items that are not stacked, the item number input window is no longer displayed.
  • The issue that some UIs are moved to the center of screen when you change game resolution has been fixed.
  • The ENTER key is now moved to below the cross key button in game UI when using game pad.
  • Interface size can now be adjusted from 50% to 200%.
  • If you drop the resolution to a certain size after setting interface size at 140% or higher, the interface size is now automatically downsized.
  • If you drop the resolution to a certain size after setting interface size at140% or higher, the UI size that is displayed before accessing to server is also automatically reduced.
  • Elephant gear repair button has been changed to Guild gear repair button on item repair window.
  • You can now check skills, equipped gears, and costume information for your horse in the information window that is linked to information window of wagon.
  • Under Armor category in Marketplace, Functional Clothes and Craftable Clothes are added.
  • Percentage figure for hunger on the pet list and EXP percentage figure on pet information window are now displayed.
  • Text saying ‘this is displayed only in combat area’ is now added to Skill Guide window shown by UI edit.
  • The issue that caused the chat box to moved to an unwanted place when saving UI edit mode after completing tutorial has been fixed.
  • When resetting UI after completing tutorial, all UI is now correctly reset.
  • When taking a screenshot after setting the UI not to be displayed with Ctrl + U, camera related UI is not shown in the screenshot.
  • Issue that user was not able to proceed game normally if character is attacked while having conversation with NPC after setting hide UI option has been fixed.
  • Option that grid is displayed on UI edit mode has been added.
  • UI preset function has been added.
    • ESC key -> UI edit mode, set location for UI and its display option, and save the preset as 1, 2 or 3.
    • If you edit UI again after saving the preset, you can load the saved preset 1, 2 or 3
    • Please apply your preset after resetting the UI because the saved UI location may be different if the UI size and other options are not set as default.
  • Location for displaying workers list has been changed.
  • The issue that a party member’s location icon was still displayed after setting the icons not to be displayed from world map filter has been fixed.
  • The Hunting Musket tool tip has been updated to reflect actual in-game damage.
  • Actual in-game damage remains the same.
  • The unnatural movement & animation of pets inside houses have been fixed.
  • Fixed Shakatu’s Seal item description for possible exchange items.
    • Example: TRI: Ogre Ring -> DUO: Ogre Ring
  • Fixed Lauren’s Family Gift Box item description to include the Advice of Valks items.

Source: https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/patch-notes-may-17th-2017.2986/

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