14/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

14/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

May 14 Tansie  
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This patch update was approximately 350MB and included new world raid bosses along with 92 additional changes.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.

[Events ]

● Gift event items have been added:

– Flowers (Teacher’s Day – 15/05/2015): Go to a Skill Manager to exchange this item for combat experience. (Flowers must be used within 7 days)

– Perfume (Coming of Age Day): increases energy recovery by +1 for 1 hour. This item can be bought from the Pearl Store under the Mileage tab for 1 Mileage.

[Character ]

● All characters running speed has been increased during both combat and non-combat.

[Warrior ]

● Shield stroke, stroke shields together, furious blow and sack-stroke skills have been fixed to stun the monster correctly.

[Ranger ]

● Flow: sharp feathers skill has been modified to use less MP after using the Wind Technology skill 

[Sorcerer ]

● Evil shadow skill has been fixed to now work correctly when using slow motion.

[Giant ]

● Falling Rock skill has been modified to apply the stun effects at the time it is used.

● When using the rage of the Black Spirit, the size of the character will increase.

[Blader ]

● The transition of the auto attack when moving left and right has been modified

● The correct descriptions are now shown in the skill window.

[Valkyrie ]

● Shield-stroke skill has been modified to apply stun effects as soon as the skill is used.

● The description for the Heavlily Sound skill has been alted to show the increased knock down numbers for each level.

● Radiant Light Dash skill damage has been increased.

● The MP consumption of the skill Divine Force has been reduced.

● The defense time of Eli Language has been increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.

● The cool-down of the Eli language skill has been reduced from 210 seconds to 180 seconds.

[Plum ]

● The description of Pole Plum skill has been changed.

● Splitting skill after using left mouse click has been modified to properly apply the vitality of the recovery.

● The black spirit rage skill has been modified so that it can be used on a regular basis when using other skills.

● The transition of the auto attack when moving left and right has been modified

● Skill descriptions have been modified to include the correct descriptions

● Tribulation: Red Moon skill cool-down has been reduced.

● Tribulation: Red Moon skill has been fixed

[Item ]

● When successfully crafting using alchemy, the chance to obtain “Glowing Powder” has been added to alchemy skill level 1.

– You can create pension seats with a glowing powder.

– Pension seat can be produced and used, usage and function will be added in a later update

Item Market lower and upper price ranges have been changed

● Registering Costume sets from the Pearl Store onto the Item Market has been corrected but the problem is not completely fixed.

● Item Market upper price range has been adjusted for the “Ribereuto” Weapon.

● Item Market upper price range has been adjusted for Kia’s Helm, Armor red nose, beret gloves and Plymouth column shoes.

● Fruit juices, fruit and vegetable salads, fruit pudding, fruit pie, scented tea, specialty fruit pudding, juice concentrated fruit juices, fresh fruit and vegetable salad and flavored dark brown can now be used by the Plum class.

● Furniture set bonuses have been fixed.

● A bug which disallowed players to sell high level cooking utensils and alchemy tools to a store has been fixed.

● When a players alchemy skill level is high, the multiple manufacturing has changed fro 1-5 to 2-5.

● Weight limits have been adjusted so you can now continue crafting even when your weight is above 100%.

● A dog pet has been added:

– Ah Kai Dingo

● Alchemist clothes, crafting clothes, cooking clothing, training clothes, hunting clothes, fishing clothes, trading clothes, experienced clothes and professional clothes costumes can now be sold on the item market.

[Monster ]

● Monster levels have been adjusted

Monster Original Level Changed Level
Goats 45 35
Rainbow fox 41 35
Large house gisaengbeol 41 35
Stone mice 41 31
Goats 45 35
Little Goat 45 35
Freshly hatched Cuckoo new 41 35
Little stone mice 41 31
Brown raccoon 35 30
Locusts 35 30
Hummingbird 38 35
Spotted Deer 38 33
Sheep 45 35
Jellyfish 45 40
Gerridae 45 40
Full hedgehog 50 45
Armadillo 50 45
Median goats 50 45

● World Raid bosses have been added.

Serendipity crochet decayed Temple ofLaGuardia sovereigns Zaka has been added.
If the monsters to be hunted is the same as the normal Monster, the death penalty is applied.

 [Content ]

● PvP 3v3 dueling system has been changed.

It has been changed to only use one channel.

– The duel start conditions have changed. (6 teams waiting will be started straight away every 10 minutes)

– Only the party leader will be able to start or cancel a duel.

– When you apply to start a duel, a notification message will now appear.

– Information and duel buttons and tooltips have been added.

– Once the duel is over, a window showing each party score will pop-up.

● The original “Toon Belgrade” dungeon has been renamed to “Ancient ruins”.

● Using the new enchanting titles will increase the chances of success or failure.

Success titles Failure titles
Hood’s degree is about(훗 이 정도쯤이야) What’s enough?(얼마면 돼?)
Black and friendly spirit(흑정령과 친한) Black ordinance and contract required(흑정령과 재계약이 필요한)
Hooray!(앗싸!) God of potential breakthrough(잠재력 돌파의 맙소사))
Black blossomed looks good spirits(흑정령이 잘생겨 보이는) Textbook topped failure(돌파 실패의 교본)
Potential explosion(잠재력이 폭발한) Blackstone the Magician(블랙스톤의 마술사)
Breakthrough in Magic(돌파술사) Aaa lead(으아아아)
Twinkling(반짝반짝) I played doubt the black spirits(흑정령을 의심해본)
However the wings of steel(강철의 날개를 단) All hanging on the lure of black spirits(흑정령의 유혹에 걸려든)
Chapter floating ads(장광고유동) Jeolre jeolre(절레절레)
Mr. flow-field light and the Family(장광 고 가문의 유동 씨) Be as planned(계획대로야)
  Father’s success(성공의 아버지)
The mother of success(성공의 어머니)
Black Spirits and broke one(흑정령과 절교한)
Blackstone donate Angels(블랙스톤 기부천사)

● imperial delivery has changed.

– Only one channel in each server has a delivery imperial NPC.

– The weight of the item(s) for delivery have been changed from 35LT  to 80LT.

– Imperial deliveries reset every day between 19:00 to 23:00, each being reset once every hour.

– Imperial NPC‘s inventories have been adjusted.

Delivery: prices ranges have been changed from 150-250% to 200-250%.

– Imperial cuisine and imperial pension packing box has been changed to one item.

● Production notes has been modified to display all of the pension.

● If the character does not have PvP enabled, Guild Wars are not affected.

● A bug with worker exchange has been fixed and will no longer delete the worker when exchanging over different channels.

● A bug with assembling cannons has been fixed.

● You can now turn on/off chandeliers using the operation menu.

– When you come back home the initial option will appear, similar to how windows currently work.

● A bug has been fixed where everyone looks the same as your character after leaving character customization. 

● Hidel/Heidelberg duel function is temporally disabled while the events are active and will be re-activated in a fortnight.

– You can not duel in Hidel/Heidelberg event.

● imperial imperial trade content has been temporarily suspended.

– Interruptions due to imperial trade with the bid amount in the previous bidding owners.

 [Mounts ]

● The Sprint skill has been modified so that you do not have to continually press the SHIFT key and can now simply hold down the W key. 

● You can no longer use Q + S keys to abnormally rise experience levels.

● Using drift then accelerating has been modified so that it can be used a little faster.

● After using emergency stop, drifting is no longer use-able unless the horse has learned the skill.

● Horse Market pricing has been adjusted:

– The price growth due to the horses level has been reduced.

– Registration price of male horses on the mating market has been reduced.

– The price drop of horses that can no longer mate has been increased.

– Price growth is now dependent on the tier and skills of the horse.

[Referral and knowledge]

● A bug where knowledge of an island was not acquired, even after speaking to the Node Manager NPC, has now been fixed.

Dell PHE Knights through Christopher progress bar commissioned by Kant to be naturally corrected submission link.
The promised documents commissioned by the Exchange client-type hunting ornament has been changed.
The number of appointment requests, you can set the terms and conditions will be displayed without a preferred client.
New scrolls [partner] have been added to the threats of Media.
The median area Monster Hunt [taboo]gather and synthesize [Cartier‘s witchcraft], you can proceed to creating and using.

 [UI ]

● When buying an item from the NPC store and the quantity reaches over 500 or price reaches over 100,000, a confirmation message will now appear.

● When scrolling up and down the NPC store, items will no longer change sides of the list.

● A bug has been fixed where the mixed dye window appears in low resolution.

● Levels in the Profile tab have been changed to display correctly in both sections.

● Bug has been fixed where the text showing you have been hit by a monster did not appear at the same time you were hit.

● 3V3 duel section has been added to the ESC menu including tournament rankings.

– 3V3 is displayed as a cumulative PVP ranking score.

– Rankings will only be shown for all the players in the channel you are in.

● World Map has been modified to display the number of transported goods currently being transported

● External changes have been fixed:

– External appearance changes during the current and default appearance (before replacing) is displayed.

– Removed unnecessary left and right buttons on the first and the last page.

● The base has been modified to display in their area before the mini-map icon tooltip available Upper stronghold fort building.

● Intermittent World Map stronghold occupied the former status before symptoms appear dashboards have been modified.

● Removing materials from the processing window while hitting the process button will result in the item not being achieved.

If you’re applying for a full PvP duel 3:3 party house party option (deportation, withdrawal, delegation) button has been modified so that it can not be seen.

● A bug has been fixed where buff icons were overlapping.

● The base investment area under certain circumstances(telecommunication Center, the location of where to invest) is displayed to other areas.

 [System ]

● Safe areas have been modified so you can attack the stronghold.

[ Other]

● Renting return options have been added to the Media Library NPC.

● intimacy required to rent items at the Calphon tailor NPC has been reduced from 800 to 400.

● A bug has been fixed where when you speak to some NPCs, such as Neil taught in Hidel/Heidelberg City, the conversation does not show up.

● Character customization has been improved so that the hair dye is now applied to the scalp.

● Sorcerer, Giant and Valkyrie social actions have been fixed. 

● A bug has been fixed where you don’t see the hair underneath the Henderson helmet.

● Bladers now hold the handle of the sword in a more natural looking position.

● A bug has been fixed with some hair styles when The Atacama Giant is equipped.

● A bug has been fixed where some parts of the body appeared abnormal.

● The shoulder part of the “Venetian Room” costume has not showing up correctly when being worn on the Plum class.

● A bug where the equestrian clothing ribbon was invisible on the Plum class has been fixed.

● The Warrior class primary colours have been changed to black.

● A bug has been fixed where if you stop moving while playing the flute the effect will stop as well.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

Thank you.

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