14/01/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

14/01/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jan 14 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Thursday, 14th January 2016 patch notes included the Ranger weapon awakening “Elemental Sword ‘ , along with 56 additional updates..

For details of this update, refer to the information below.
Translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com


● Ranger adventurer, enjoy the spirit sword! The event is in progress.
– Duration: Thurs, 14th January – Thurs, 28th January
– Win 10,000 Pearl Store credits!
Events page Shortcuts
● Launch new costume event celebrates the gift of the goddess Sylvia. The event is in progress.

– Duration: Thurs, 14th January – Thurs, 4th February

– Win 50,000 Pearl Store credits! Purchase the new Ranger costume for a chance!

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● The advice of events will proceed to Augsburg enjoyed in the PC room.

– Duration: Thurs, 14th January – Thurs, 18th February

Events page Shortcuts


● The special events will proceed the old costumes.

– Date: Thurs, January 14th, 2016 – Thurs., February 4th until check

– Change old costumes into <Shout to Augsburg> or <Crohn’s seat> Do not miss the opportunity to exchange!

  • Helmet > Shout to Augsburg x6 or Crohn’s seat x12
  • Chest > Shout to Augsburg x15 or Crohn’s seat x30
  • Gloves > Shout to Augsburg x5 or Crohn’s seat x10
  • Boots > Shout to Augsburg x5 or Crohn’s seat x10
  • Primary/Secondary Weapons > Shout to Augsburg x6 or Crohn’s seat x12
  • Awakening Weapons > Shout to Augsburg x9 or Crohn’s seat x18

Events page Shortcuts



● warrior and Sorcerer characters symptoms manifested pick carrying weapons when picking up operation has been fixed.
● customize window has been added to the weather seven times.
– Screenshots can be set against a blue background screen is optimized for shooting.


● Berserker skills using techniques such as the cancellation of the burning phenomenon has been fixed effects of Berserker buff skills that do not apply.



● Ranger weapon awakening “Elemental Sword ‘has been added.

– Upon completion of awakening the spirit sword, weapon Commission can be obtained.

– Ranger New technology has been added.

Pressing the C button, you can replace the vigilance weapons and conventional weapons.

Pressing the C button in some technologies can be linked to the flow of current technology.

– Awakening weapons technology is applied to the weapon damage of awakening, it does not apply to existing primary weapon. However, the gravity is modified and the enemy will be applied in the main hand.



● Dead hunting skills used during operation has been improved more natural connection.

● Damage of the deceased hunting skills has been increased.

● milren costumes and fedora hats worn during some part of the body naturally has been improved.



● Added waiting time 4 seconds to re-root stroke technology.

● has been modified so that the roots of stroke technique using invincibility effect is applied.

– If the technology is applied in the use of iron gloves Four states and the ax.

● The cooldown has been modified so that the use of roots and stroke technique applies a super armor effects.

– If the technology is applied in the use of iron gloves Four states and the ax.

● The cooldown on all levels when using technology giant leap has been fixed to 10 seconds.

● consuming endurance levels when using technology giant leap has been reduced.

● After flying skills of the Colossus sitting next step of this phenomenon the cooldown of your Fire cheolpo technology in shooting action does not apply has been fixed.

● Flow: use the ancient power of technology left, if you click the right-click action is a phenomenon that does not automatically change has been fixed.


[Wizard & Witch]

● attack with bare hands, and this phenomenon has been modified to walk in the water during movement possible.



● The eyebrows icons and other phenomena has been modified in the customization screen.



● The names of the food items have been changed.

Original: Dame this week’s strong calc

– Change: calc strong fence of the Week

● ancient slabs labeled incorrectly described the decor buffs have been modified.

● wing item description and buff effect of calc changed.

– Maximum endurance for 2 hours +200

● potential breakthrough as oil, exchange of some of the same steps armor items lower limit / upper limit has been increased.

– Bosses items are excluded.

● calc fugitive caught in hunting phenomenon does not fall when trees have been corrected.

● calc fugitive hunter hunting after the phenomenon has been modified information is not updated in the UI.

● Press the damage of World bosses Berger has been slightly downward.

● Press intermittently do not come down from the Bergamo public phenomenon has been modified.

● The position of the World bosses summoned press Vere been fixed.



● Fishing Point has been moved along the ocean currents.

● Wait Operation sound of the little snowman has been fixed.

● Some collect the water respawn time has been changed.

– Roses, tulips, sunflowers, cabbage, barley, sweet potatoes, Africa, Gaziantep, paprika

● Intermittent maximum durability recover items and items that are not stamped this phenomenon has been fixed.


[Referral, knowledge]

● Some guilds request compensation in Valencia area has been increased.

● The following describes the different pension knowledge of material phenomena have been corrected.

– Blood of the sinner

Original: 1 clear, liquid reagents, deer blood 5, 1 powder flame, bloody two wood knots

Revision: 1 clear, liquid reagents, two deer blood, one powdered flame, bloody one tree knots

– Blood Sage

Original: 1 clear, liquid reagents, blood fox 5, 1 emergency of the trail, two kinds of monks

Revision: 1 clear, liquid reagents, two fox blood, one of the emergency signs, one branches of the monk

● Ranger awakening commission added.

* You can order by calling the Black Ranger spirits from more than 56 character levels.

– Ranger – the highest point of the forest

[Ranger] I retired from front-line heroes

[Ranger] heritage of the car bracket to drink

[Ranger] come flocking trials

> Trials Ranger, governance

> Trials Ranger, assistant

> Ranger trials, progress

[Ranger] heir

[Ranger] car drink probe sword of the spirit – Contact

[Ranger] car drink probe sword of the spirit-encounter

● early tutorials and order condition of the black spirits and change requests, and circulation is improved

● The black spirits commissioned for tutorials have been added.

– Novice adventurer shelter Oh valley village

– Eileen Shrew

– Training instructor Oh Valley

● Do woody parts to different NPC This phenomenon can not get the ‘Valencia and media’ familiarity knowledge has been fixed.

● Give me one, and say it! When a related item of lost progress has been modified to be re-commissioned by Apu Aru.

● The texture of some UI has changed.
● potential breakthrough success / failure message output based on the world has changed.
● Red battlefield within the channel status information, this phenomenon is not normally found in a position to update the channel status within the UI button has been fixed.

● protection from the guild and the guild list at the click of the left mouse button is expelled phenomenon has been modified in an unusual position.

● Some knowledge and commissioned, the NPC dialogue typographical errors have been corrected.

● unnecessary information to the item description has been modified so that they do not appear.

● Change the resolution, and the position has been adjusted so go out the window UI screen in the UI editing mode.

● Maximum Durability item has been modified to use the silver in the warehouse during recovery.
● The automatic alignment feature that initializes the bag phenomenon has been modified in certain situations.
● If the mouse pointer is used to rotate the camera functions with a mouse in the active window, this phenomenon has commissioned description has been fixed.

● This phenomenon does not change the existing quick slot position has been corrected in the editing UI when the detachable quick slot is set.

● When reconnecting the game screen and detachable quick-slot loading this phenomenon has been modified settings are not retained.

● The message filter settings are not stored phenomena such as exchange notification has been corrected.

● When reconnecting and loading the game screen is a phenomenon that UI ON / OFF function is automatically set to ON has been corrected.

● Some bosses to summon up unusual symptoms when using this system message is output has been fixed.

● character jamming has been improved in certain areas.

We  hope you  have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

[Pearl Store]

“Event Information”

◈ Value Package (15) Bundle Discounts launch event
– Date:  Thurs, January 14th, 2016 after the check-year 2016. Thurs., January 28th until check
– Content:  Content: You can see a Value Package (15 days) and convenience / functionality, product bundles at discounted prices.


“Release Product Information”
※ sale items may differ from the images below, and are subject to change.
※ The costume may look different depending on whether you wear underwear, and other accessory items.
※ The items purchased in Perl may not be registered on the stock exchange in accordance with item attributes.


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