13/08/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

13/08/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Aug 13 Tansie  
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Hello .

The MMORPG, Black Desert.

This weeks updated included the release of the ruler of sandstorms “Nubaeru”  along with 88 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.

[Events ]

● The new World Boss “Nubaeru” event is in progress.

– Defeat the ruler of sandstorms to receive a special gift!

● Independence Day Celebration event.

– Friday, 14th August – Sunday, 16th August

* Blackstone drop rate has been increased. Combat experince has also been doubled during hot times (6PM to 12AM). Receive 100,000 mileage.

* Independence Day items can be purchased using Mileage in the Pear Store (F3) under the Mileage tab.

[Character ]

● more than state the effect this phenomenon has been modified to be applied to some abnormal.

[Warrior ]

● The damage and attack range has been increased for some skills:

Skill Damage Attack Range
When I ring 86% 12m
When the ringing II 97% 15m
When the ringing III 108% 18m
When the ringing IV 119% 21m

● The descriptions for these skills have been adjusted.

[Ranger ]

● General Damage of wind skill has been increased:

Skill Damage
open the way wind I 615%
Wind II opens the way 668%
Wind opens the way III 721%
Wind opens the way IV 631%

[Sorceress ]

● Dark Hellfire skill has been changed to have a guard state while casting.

● General damage of Dark Hellfire skill has been increased:

Skill Damage
Hellfire of Darkness I Avoid hitting the magic 485% x 3
Hellfire of Darkness II Magic Damage 579% x 3 strikes

● General Damage of the Dark Yeongyeok skill has been increased:

Skill Damage
Yeongyeok of darkness I 261% x 4 strike
Yeongyeok the Dark II 324% x 7 strike
Yeongyeok of Darkness III 387% x 9 strike
Yeongyeok of Darkness IV 450% x 9 strike

[Giant ]

● The root stroke skill edurance comsumption has been reduced:

Skill Endurance consumption
Strike roots II 270
Roots striking III 240
Strike roots IV 200


[Tamer ]

● blisters flying technical description of the contents that are redundant description has been fixed.

● technical conditions yell over the effects are applied while using technology use has been modified heukrang this phenomenon does not disappear when it terminates abnormally.

[Plum ]

● On horseback Tribulation: The red moon has been modified to use the technology.

– However, the extreme tribulation: The red moon does not apply.

● polar ring: red moon after the tribulation skills: technical counterpart to the red moon was modified to 10 seconds 10% movement speed reduction effect is applied when you use them.

– Existing pole Tribulation: The effect is applied in addition to the effect of the red moon technology.

[Valkyrie ]

● On the defensive item collection and the state it has been modified to enable learning.

● Atta Nice dress while wearing an expression of the character naturally has been improved.

[Wizard & Witch ]

● The effect of mobile technology space, their movement speed is increased 10% when 10 seconds have been modified to use application.

[Kunoichi ]

● Insular: energy use during operation and the number of strikes of a 200% black shadow sect technology ordinance was modified.

● The sky dineum technology in non-combat conditions have been modified to be used properly.

● Shuriken keep in a state of mounting a deer Rios Shuriken Shuriken technology used in this invisible phenomenon has been modified.

● Heart norigi, Insular: The smoke skills when you press the “space bar” to use shadow sect technology has been used to modify the symptoms.

● The description of the target chase technique has been modified part.

● When you use the stealth technology after heart norigi technology jugular stab the heart norigi technical skills command it has been modified a phenomenon that is not used properly.

● The history of technology can not be used as a smokescreen technical command has been added.

[Item ]

● Added new liver is cooked.

– The three highly concentrated juice grain can be obtained through the simplified production of processed food tabs (L).

● The effect of Elixir used as a breath of ahal effects of this phenomenon leaps and bounds have been fixed to be applied to duplicate.

● The following items have been changed prices.

Items Existing Price Price change Existing repair costs Changing repair costs
[Guild] light gray upper surface 200,000 600000 1000 2500
[Guild] steel top surface for battle 436 480 1.30944 million 1000 3000
[Guild] light wood sanggap 320,000 960000 3000 4500
[Guild] Battle for steel sanggap 475 840 1.42752 million 3000 5000
[Guild] mild silk saddle 260,000 780 000 3000 2500
[Guild] Battle for silk saddle 429 680 1.28904 million 3000 3000
[Guild] mild silk stirrup 180,000 540 000 9000 2000
[Guild] Battle for silk stirrup 416,000 1.248 million 9000 2500

● The following is a camel feed has been added.

– Acacia leaves

– Advanced acacia leaves

– Acacia leaves teuksangpum

● Improved Award, Shuriken item up Durability This phenomenon is not restored to its sub-items has been fixed.

● If you hold the tension of adventurers caused only challenge has been added.

until Sept , you can get two on the Blackstone’s day adventurers.

● technical experience increasing the number one purchase during this unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● items imprinted orders are 50% reduction in consumption Durability combat the seats it has been added.

● The tooltip of the Rocca Bar cheolbyeok a series of short-range damage reduction + 2 has been added.

● The Sorcerer Larnaca know Partenkirchen hat has been improved natural appearance when worn.

● <it does not stack with the effects of ahal Elixir> Elixir of description that can be used for a breath of ahal the content that has been added.

[Monster ]

● World Raid monsters have been added to the head Bergamo press.

● greater ZAKA, the World message appears before pressing Bergamo and 30 minutes.

● greater ZAKA, Bergamo does not disappear if you press the attack two hours after the show.

● greater ZAKA, the World Press Bergamo message appears to disappear.

● spawned the early hours of the Valais region of North Island and Ilya monsters it has been adjusted to 1-2 minutes.

● Added a ranged attack mutation patterns of tree spirits.

● 1 ~ Blackstone deuropyul region of level 40 monsters have been increased.

[Content ]

● The new simplified pension added.

– The three highly concentrated herbs can be obtained through the creation of a simplified pension Processing tab (L).

● pension of seats buff ignore all resistance, all resistance buff icon has been modified.

● [Guild] it has been significantly raise the price of imperial trade goods package.

● appearance was modified when wearing a harness existing equipment is shabby equipment on camels.

● This phenomenon duplicate items appearing in search results Item has been corrected in the production notes.

● The Citadel of moving one channel to another channel during movement of the occupation have been fixed before the phenomenon can not blow the fort when the department.

● The administration Guild House Guild Fri payment authority has been added to the commanding officer.

● Most of the gold guild house management functions associated with this explanation can not be used when non-payment Guild (Guild missions, technology, etc.) have been added.

● elephant ride of attack technology (N Paws, rushing, moving horns attacks) has been modified to use this unusual phenomenon.


[Referral & Knowledge ]

● This new knowledge has been added.

* Simple dishes, can be obtained during the processing tab pension liver (L).

– Cereals juice

– Cereals juice concentrate

– Enriched cereals juice

– Refined grains juice

– The number of herbs

– Concentrated herbs

– Be highly concentrated herbs

– The number of herbal tablets

● This phenomenon can not gain formal knowledge in Valencia has been modified.

● The dialog to get the terrain knowledge base manager of Cuiaba bit Islands Island has been added.

● The dialog to get the terrain knowledge base manager of Valencia Island has been added.

● The belrap to dry oasis or a hint dialogue concerning the economic III was added.

● knowledge [the merchant’s capital Valencia] has been modified to complete the theme.

● The Valencia have been added following the request is belrap oasis.

– Journal of carboxylic butadiene

– Journal of kongko

– Journal of the fibrils Event

● Added a special daily / weekly paper commissioned two in Valencia.

* Commissioned its request after completing the main Valencia can get through the black spirits.

– Special Commission I] insidious spirit of the ruins (Daily)

– Special Commission II] holy power (once a week)

● The difficulty of the task is easier Valencia guild reward has been increased.

● [Tears fall of the royal family – the Valencia region, [sad story of five Schwerin], [dream that could not be done; this phenomenon has been modified continuously Commission does not proceed.

[Other ]

● also anglers Branchydanio NPC has been added to Valencia.

● Inner Harbor Caddo not trade exchanges have been added under the caretaker or the story.

● Stealing features have been added to the Valencia also major NPC.

● Epee Ria job supervisor phenomenon does not appear on the world map has been fixed.

● Alti Nova and the phenomenon that is found in the stables and further away you find an elephant in other villages has been modified leaf.

● In Valencia global stall store choboyong mapae / wagons Registration, dry thorns have been removed,

● New camels are feeding the acacia leaves Valencia have been added to the global stall shops.

– Valencia being one bullet centipede stall

– Valencia stall four being two bato

– Valencia 3 stables being Nasr

– Valencia 4’ll get Stables Ska

– Sand Bazaar stall to become boheul

– Shaka to become the area Stables Liberty reuma

– Rocks post card people get Stables

– Inner Harbor stall being Hebrews Ana

– The belrap become an oasis stall Eugene

● New crop seeds to local traders ‘poems by acacia seeds’ has been added.

● stall may get a new NPC has been added to the northwest entrance to Valencia.

● stall becomes the new guild NPC has been added to the sand Bazar entrance.

● rocks posts have been set up around the area as a base.

● The difficulty of the mission Guild Valencia mitigation, and compensation has been increased.

● Carried out of the ring commissioned by the horsepower has been fixed.

– Fuck baho La Derry

● Fixed a Valencia revival coordinates.

– Book stall near the preface being

● Do not pre-occupied areas close to the shore of Caddo been extended.

● The entire area has been expanded Crohn’s castle stronghold.

● the ability to automatically move the boat from the sea to a destination have been added.

– Now it supports automatic way to find times when boarding at sea.

– When moving from the sea to the mainland and the closest land to the sea to find the way to the destination, fell behind in the times to go to find the way to your destination land.

– If you move from sea to sea to sea around the island of automatically guides you to your destination.

● This phenomenon can not be learned from the elder wood planks, some bases have been modified.

● Card Resurrection location manager Lee ruins have been fixed near the base.


[UI ]

● has been modified to allow up to six declared guild war.

● tax base has been enhanced this phenomenon does not appear in real-time.

● A phenomenon that can not leave the elephant found in the village on the B town has been modified.

● elephant displayed in the guild stall level, weight, and experience has been deleted.

● elephant MP has been fixed as energy.

● work material values ​​rather than upon the number of jobs available, type the amount of work produced by this phenomenon maximum quantity has been fixed input.

[System ]

● solve this phenomenon forced upon the other party, try to catch hold has been fixed.

● intermittent symptoms NPC is not visible improvements.

● Some guilds have not completed this phenomenon has been modified during production.


We hope you have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.



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