12/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

12/06/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jun 12 Tansie  
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Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?articleId=145&pageIndex=1&bbsId=BDN002

This patch update was approximately 970MB and included sea content along with 121 additional changes.

For details on this update, refer to the information below.

[Character ]

● The jump animation when carrying a backpack has been improved to look more natural.
● Bug has been fixed which was causing rolling with a backpack to consume twice the amount of stamina.
● Fishing animation and fishing mini-game has been fixed.
● Switching between non-combat and combat whilst on horseback is now much smoother.
● Weight has been increased for all characters but giant.

[Warrior ]

● Black Spirit Rage skill has been fixed so that it will no longer automatically use on 100%.

[Ranger ]

● When using Breath of Air skill and Wind Skill together, additional mana will no longer be consumed

● When using Flow: kiss of the wind skill and Blade of Wind skill together, additional mana will no longer be consumed.

[Sorcerer ]

● Damage has increased on the Dream of Destruction skill. Skill has also been modified to reduce the damage during PvP.

●  Damage has increased on the Darkness of Joe skill. Skill has also been modified to reduce the damage during PvP.

● Damage has been incresed on the Darkness of the Room skill.

● Playing: Magic Damage has been increased.

● Damage has been increased on the Dark Waves skill.

● Health Regeneartion has been increased on the Bloody Disaster skill

● Dream of Darkness skill description has been modified.

● Dark Wave skill description has been modified.

● A bug has been fixed causing Dream of Damage skill to cause an abnormally large amount of damage during PvP.

[Giant ]

● Beast of Wind skill damage has been increased.

● Wrath of the Beast skill damage has been increased.

● Beast of Anger skill chances of knockdown has been increased.

● Beast of Rage skill damage has been increased.

● Jump skills will now apply the damage after the jump.

● Cry of the Beast kill damage will now properly apply.

[Tamer ]

● A bug has been fixed which was causing endurance to be consumed more than it was used.

● Monster’s Call skill damage has been increased.

● Whip Wield skill damage has been increased during PvP.

● Endurance consumed when using a dash attack has been reduced.

The swash skill so it can be used to move an avoidance of have been fixed.

The swash skill damage has been increased.

● Black Spirit Monster: Claw damage has been increased.

● Black Spirit Monster: Damage has been increased.

● Black Spirit Monster: The damage of the claws upper stroke skill has been increased.

● Black Spirit Monster: The cool-down of the claws upper stroke skill has been reduced.

● A bug has been fixed with the claw skills when used at 100% Black Spirit Rage.

[Plum ]

● Skill descriptions have been adjusted to properly explain the proportional damage.

[Valkyrie ]

The mullion door technology, Eli does not apply to friendlies.

Shield after the delay time is shorter and the use of technology in pursuit, the guard has been modified so that the scorecards.
Look at the direction the character sees the start throw the shield motion is corrected.
Flow: rotating skill has been fixed.
After using the sky as a skill poised to hit right click on stroke skill has been modified to be used immediately.
Pole: just rushing rushed poke Tool Tip rushed into the ‘ part rightfully has been fixed.
Shield cast technology that normally blow has been fixed.
Shield throw skill description has been modified to explain the PvP damage decrease.
Shield cast II critical hit chance has been changed from 60% to 50%.

[Wizard & Witch ]

● Customized pose changes has been added to the dagger.

● A bug has been fixed in the character creation window where the wand was invisible. 

● Costumes have been fixed.

● Description of Thunderbolt skill has been modified.

● A bug has been fixed with talking to NPCs in battle stance.

● A bug has been fixed with summoning the Black Spirit in battle stance.

● Black Spirit Rage skill has been fixed so that it will no longer automatically use on 100%.

● The lean animation, and sit animation has been fixed.

● A bug causing the damage to not be applied when using the Creatinine dagger has been fixed.

[Item ]

● Cancel has been added to the Breath of Ahal tool.

● The following items can now be sold in stores:

– Blue whale meat

– Blue whale (5 days)

– Blue whale teeth

– Blue whale tendon

– Blue whale bone

– Softens whale meat

– Alligator meat

– Shining powder

– Chipped alchemy stone

● The Item Exchange base and maximum price has been increased on all Pearl Store items.

● Chances of failure have been increased to some +15 items:

– Chapter +15 breakthrough in failure: 2

– Light failure breakthrough in Chapter: 3

– Topped failure in the optical: 4

– High oil broke through in failure: 5

– In the same oil topped failure: 6

Determine the pieces ‘ andthe ancient relics taboo of items acquired in the description has been added.

● New boats and decorations have been added:

– Ferries and Fishing boats can be mounted on the bow of the Sea Token.

– Sea Token can be purchased through the ferry merchant or fish merchants in each town.

– Sea Token is divided into four species, and to get the experience you catch a fish for your token.

– To be implemented in the future – the tokens have gained experience and can try to grow as Blackstone (weapons) capability is added and the rating will be raised.

● Blue coral set when the effect wears two earrings has been modified so as not activated.

● The weight of some items has changed:
Items Original Change
Distilled water 1LT 0.3LT
Bottles filled with sea water 1LT 1.25LT
Bottles filled with river 1LT 1.25LT
Bottles filled with turbid water 1LT 1.25LT
Bottles filled with ilgeupsu 1LT 1.25LT
Purified water 1LT 0.3LT


[Content ]

● Knowledge of Elixirs has been fixed.

● Bug has been fixed which made the chances high of receiving “Elixir of cruel slaughter”,  when creating a Elixir of Slayer.

● The number of results coming out of plywood to create a solid stream to heat the plywood and plywood reinforcements have been adjusted.

● Quantity of results appearing when you create a kind of pure metal crystals to heat the metal ingot are now adjusted.

● Quantity of results when you create a Ruby gem was adjusted.

● Quantity of results when you create Senior leather, feathers, leather, to shake the finest Shuffle leather, feathers has been adjusted

● When you create a purified water into four levels experienced in thinning process it has been modified more than placer is to come.

● Cancel button has now been added to the Alchemy stones crafting window.

● Item Exchange prices have been increased.

● It has been modified so that if a character is killed by a siege weapon, the death penalty will not be applied.

[Monster ]

● Health and damage has been increase on the Wilderness Golem, Stone Golem, Rock Golem.

● Wilderness Golem, Stone Golem, Rock Golem now drop Sharp Piece of Graphite Crystals. 

● Normal monster drop chances has been increased slightly.

● Beefy wood and old trees Ent spirit, twin head was added to obtain a belt of trees as a low probability city ordinance ent treatment.

● Mutant Tree has been changed to level 55-60.

The ancient ruins, and the decision to summon Cartier in witchcraft in the pattern of the summoned monsters have changed:

– The first waiting time summon a monster has been changed from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

– At the start of each stage bosses will appear first.

– General and bosses have been summoned monsters will be summoned at regular intervals.

– Kill bosses to complete each stage.

Each stage standby time has been changed from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

 [Referral and knowledge ]

● The request to change the pole Bar Les Bas-tier weapon weapons have been added.

[Exchange] potential for better weapons

– Compensation Commission: character-specific bar-less +7 + Blackstone weapons (weapons) 5

● referral to a necklace as a reward has been added horsepower sealed.

– Necklace # 1 horsepower sealed

– Necklace sealed horsepower # 2

● horsepower ear ornament, ring-horsepower, horsepower, which guides the Commission’s Necklace [one days – the Black Spirits commission added.

● Start conditions of the prophet commissioned by the Nova Altium has been changed to level 52.

● Elixir of will, anger, knowledge of the contents of this resistance has been modified according to the actual item effects.

● Stone tower elemental shaman, roving bandits prison, wandering bandits obsidian altar, grind foot tunnel, grind family tomb, the tomb blind eyes

● Guild missions have been added:

● it has been modified to replace the contribution to the ‘document relating to the origin of the fresh water “to” The origin of clear water’ NPC glue Tony cave.

● The next time the main unlucky Commission has been changed to 24-1 hours.

– One days mad scientist of the research journal

– One days hekse Sanctuary in-depth investigation

– One days Subjugation Shadows Temple

– One days Lou tumjok annihilated operations

 [Other ]

● The location of the base manager Cliff Haas called ‘ylene’ has changed.

– NPC had also been moved together with the ylene.

 [UI ]

● Registration of sale items which are less that 10 silver on the Item Market will now show an error message.

● If you sell more than 500,000 items from NPC shops are some of the silver in the warehouse has been modified so that display received.

● Request accepted, request, preferably away from the Widget, type sorting to be saved has been fixed.
Games options mini map rotation ON/OFF can be option has been added.

● The Trade Information window UI has been added.

– Open the information window on the world trade map, the left button has been added.

– You can see the progress of delivery to the imperial region.

– This list does not appear if the event is not in progress Imperial delivery.

Pet list and the status in the information pane will display the petgeneration.
If you do not have a link to an item in the dialog <,> can move the mouse cursor to the key.
The base I progress as the numberone channel in channels other than the Guild has been modified so that it doesn’t appear.
Game options-check option of the game tab, button > hit without being immediately.
To ensure real-time updates from the list window, the maid cool-down has been fixed.

[System ]

● Mark has been added to give the family name of the author when the character customization.

– Existing customization file does not display the author, the authorship is shown only if you use a customized file created after today’s update.

Use the character value packages every day [Event] item drop increases the challenges that pays the purchase order has been added.

● Pet dog breeding has been added.

– Crossbreeding of dogs and cats are not allowed.

● Fishing function has been added.

– After 5 minutes with no fish nibble, the fishing mini-game will be reset.

● Farming level has been added.

– The acquisition when acquiring the seeds and fruit growing experience through the fence, the level can be raised.

● Pruning and insect catch when the items have been added to the low probability can be obtained.

NPC characters that are not loadingon and off and is transparent in the visible.
[Events], use the refresh does notrecover after the phenomenon of nostalgia buffs.
Keep the appearance of the costumeitems has expired and does not turn off.
Use the leaps and bounds of oblivionafter knowledge status is displayedincorrectly.
2nd floor from chandeliers upon installation is set to a different targetedmanipulation of chandeliers.
The same kind of jewelry can beground in a row has been added.
When installing the same furniture as the interior decorations of the four setpoints to receive the credit.
Keyboard shortcuts window, select thewindow or if you terminate the rightcharacter to be saved has been fixed.
Use a wizard in the HP heart of town:the background music changes with the battle.
Lack of health, if you come from amale God heart sounds.
 A bug has been fixed where Guild skill cool-down time did not appear.

We hope you have a more enjoyable time on Black Desert.

Thank you.

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