10/12/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

10/12/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Dec 10 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Thurs, 10th December 2015 patch notes included anniversary events along with 80 additional changes.

For details of this update, refer to the information below.
The following is translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com


● Gift Packages will be rewarded to new players to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Black Desert

– Duration:  Thurs, 10th December  2015 (after maintenance) – Thurs, 31st December 2015

– Receive 4 items in mail: 10,000 Gold, Combat Experience +50%, Drop Rate +20%, Instant Revive x11

– Automatically be entered in a contest to receive additional prizes, such as: Black Desert Limited Edition Gift Package, 300,000 W voucher, AMD GIGABYTE Radeon R9390 D58GB Graphics Card

Events page Shortcuts

Thanks to the love you send over a year, filled with special gifts and luck will be the first anniversary of Black Desert thank you gift.

– Duration: Thurs, 17th December  2015 (after maintenance) – Friday, 18th December 2015

– Open the Pearl Store (F3) > Go to the Mileage Tab and purchase an Anniversay Thank You Gift [Event Item] for 1 Mileage.

  • Three items availabe from the Anniversary Thank You Gift [Event Item]

Fireworks: Consumable item, 3 colours (Red, Green and Blue).

[Event] Furniture: Can be installed in houses, buff effects do not stack with other furniture. Durabilty cannot be used when exhausted.

GM Luck Box: Acquire one item at random from the following list – Sealed ZAKA box, Mark of Shadow, Ribereuto Arms Package, Scala Necklace, Belt Wood Spirits, Prior Necklace, Ear Witch Earring, Sockets, Blackstone (Weapon), Blackstone (Armor), Condensed Blackstone (Weapon), Condensed Blackstone (Armor).

Events page Shortcuts

● Black Desert Fan Art Event Competition

– Enter your Fan Art for the chance to win a Black Desert Limited Edition Gift Package or AMD GIGABYTE Radeon R9390 D58GB Graphics Card.

Events page Shortcuts

● Pearl Store Event in progress

– Event 1: Daily pick one thousand won happy every day!

Each day special items will go on sale.

Duration: Thurs, 10th December  2015 (after maintenance) – Thurs, 17th December 2015

  • 10/12 – Character slot – 50 Pearls > 15 Pearls (70% off)
  • 11/12 – 4 Bag Space – 90 Pearls > 15 Pearls (83% off)
  • 12/12 – Value Package (7 days) – 140 Pearls > 15 Pearls (89% off)
  • 13/12 – Skill reset, Skill awakening – 335 Pearls > 15 Pearls (95% off)
  • 14/12 – Combat Experience Scroll – 165 Pearls > 15 Pearls (90% off)
  • 15/12 – 4 Storage Space – 285 Pearls > 15 Pearls (94% off)
  • 16/12 – Pet Appearance Scroll – 160 Pearls > 15 Pearls (90% off)

– Event 2: Good & Bye items discount 

Some costume sets will be discontinued after this sales event. 40% discount on all of these costumes.

Duration: Thurs, 10th December  2015 (after maintenance) – Thurs, 17th December 2015

– Event 3: Long time No see

Old costumes will be brought back temporarily and can be bought again during this event. 

Duration: Thurs, 17th December  2015 – Thurs, 18th December 2015

– Special Event!

Anyone who buys a Pearl Store item during these events will be entered into a raffle with the chance to win a Black Desert Limited Edition Gift Set.

Good luck!

Duration: Thurs, 10th December  2015 – Thurs, 18th December 2015

Events page Shortcuts

● PC Rooms Event is now in progress.

Events page Shortcuts

 *Event Rules apply*


● Minimum damage per hit has been adjusted.

● Visual hair bug after mounting an Elephant has been fixed.


● Kahn projection pitches when worn some body is unnatural phenomenon has been modified.


● Flow: This phenomenon is manifested effect of crow crows rushed rushed to the technology does not apply has been fixed.

● Technology movement of the nightmare has been modified naturally.

● The striking effect when bound to a nightmare skills has been changed to knock back.

● blade movement speed of the technology used in the dark Scream of Darkness has been increased.

● When exploding in the dark of blade technology to scream from the other side of darkness has been modified to knockback knockdown.

● Damage is among the cooldown of Shadow capture technology has been reduced.

● The speed of the projectile piece of technology was exploding upward.

● If you wait a re-industrialization of the technology has been modified so that it is not running dark time increases the cooldown again.

● 100% during industrialization technology is activated and critical hit in the darkness, the Critical has been modified to prevent actuation of the cooldown.

● The contents of damage during PvP half that in the postindustrial technical description of darkness has been removed.


● has been modified to claw up 100% black stroke Elemental Technology of super armor status.

● use of the whip wield technology heukrang: surf, heukrang: has been modified to use the fear of the beating, Thunderbolt technology space immediately.

● I ~ IV damage of flash technology has been increased.

● The flash technology has been modified so that you can activate when spirit is not.

● Flash technology has been added stiffening effect during strikes, was set to be activated during the cooldown.

● Striking down rods poke technology Smash effect has been removed, Magic Defense of hitting the target has been modified to decrease by LV.

● flow: this phenomenon is used during the early Swipes technical rigor does not apply to water, wind has been fixed.

● Flash content that damage has been reduced during cooldown has been removed from the technical explanation.

● bunggyeok technology during PvP damage has been increased.

● Damage rods poke I ~ III technology has increased.

● The chance of beating the fear of technology used when Stern was increased.

● Flash technology has changed so that the technology is played by the viewing direction when triggered.

● The range of the flash technology has been an increase in attacks.

[Blader & Plum]

● Special pyeonjeon, special pyeonjeon: The knockdown effect of enhanced technology has changed a knockback.

● The use of the gathering skills have been removed yeokgeuk.

● cooldown has been reduced yeokgeuk technology.

● If yeokgeuk cooldown increased use of technology has been modified to not run the cooldown again.

● [Musa] The stiffening effect of yeokgeuk technology has been changed to stun.

– Yeokgeuk Plum is the same as the original.

● [Musa] waterspout: Striking the description that the offset in screen technology fixes missing phenomenon.

● Plum: This description is striking that during the ascension offset technology fixes missing phenomenon.

● The warrior weapon battle mode off location overlooking the displaced phenomenon has been fixed.


● The judgment 100% black Elemental Technology of the front guard of the light conditions have changed as a whole super armor status.

● The third blow of the sword techniques of the condemned activate speed has been increased.

● The invocation of divine power technology has increased the speed.

● The cooldown has been reduced Eli language of paragraph (a) techniques.

● Horseback judgment of light and general technical skills and hit the target offset by success when players are deleted except for the black Elemental technologies, has been changed to faint.

[Wizard & Witch]

● has been modified so cool mist technology used in super armor status.

● The casting speed and projectile technology has increased the speed of the multi-hp hoesal.

● If both players Fireball technical character of the target knockdown when hitting stiffness has been modified so that other targets are knocked down egen.

● it has been changed from a knockdown technology Fireball explosion hit the target when bound.

● has been modified so early blow when bound residual lightning technology.

● When all of the planetary gravity strikes and meteor strikes during the gravity-fall technology has changed stiffness and impact on the knockdown knockdown blow to the satellite.

[Kunoichi & Ninja]

● The cooldown has been reduced heart norigi technology.

● The effect of the fox claws bound by rigid effect technology has changed.

● endurance conditions for the use of blade technology has eased spleen.

● has been modified to guard full use of the technology in the spleen of the blade guard during the attack techniques used for harvesting.

● goblins technical personnel and players hitting the target on the success of the offset is deleted, the stiffness has been added.

● When plugging technique has been modified when using shadows to create a faction buff available.


● The following items are now sold in stores.

– Octagonal Flower

● The defense of the Guardian of temple item token has been increased.

● The exchange registration prices of the following items have been adjusted.

– Appointment of friendship

– Mesto Earrings

– Riedel Earrings

– Ring of the Bandit

– Blue coral ring

– Belt rutum

– Elite Belt rutum


● A bug has been fixed with the Gather Guild Skill.



● Guild Guild creative word Colon and the commanding officer of today has been modified to remove all the posts.

● Intermittent seats pension check from the box and held Repair window Amount (most / warehouse), this phenomenon seems to overlap check box has been fixed.

● Intermittent after leaving the battlefield this phenomenon remains red score display has been fixed.

● Intermittent red battlefield scoreboard phenomenon that soon ended rather than preparing to show in this has been fixed.

● it has been modified to disable the item expire when the destination extension by right-clicking the item.

● Exchange scroll intermittently in the article list is a phenomenon beyond out of the window has been fixed.

● high-performance bag icon (yellow arrow) in my arms awakening has been modified so that display.

● World Map has been modified to allow the ESC key to close the information window of the water boarding stables in the city stronghold.

● palette icon of Merv (top left of the screen). This phenomenon has been shown to modify red.

● This phenomenon is overlapping text has been modified in the channel selection window move.

● This phenomenon has been fixed fee when registering misspelled the worker to worker exchanges.

● bases around the guild window, scores are not initialized at the beginning phenomenon has been fixed.

● intermittent change if former Ambassador and Ambassador made by the NPC dialogue when certain conditions this phenomenon is out have been corrected.

● World map or some UI appears abnormal setting, this phenomenon does not apply button has been fixed.

● The number of laborers are working with some of the guild when making fixes phenomena that appear abnormally.


● The character effects of the snow making has been adjusted.

● bosses phenomenon of the intermittent character stops summons has been improved.

● When production is completed, the guild workman is spent making requests to exceed been modified to automatically cancel.

● has been improved so that the oil can be used multiple times for a lantern.

● The operation of the station workers in assets that do not have this phenomenon has been modified after the write completes.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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