08/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

08/10/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Oct 08 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, a black desert.

Thurs, 8th October 2015 Patch Notes included a new “two-seater horse” along with 116 other updates.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● Challenge compensation has been increased.

– Play family cumulative 5000 hours – 3 to the call of Augsburg, three fragments of memory added

– Cumulative 10,000 family-play time – 3 to the call of Augsburg, fragments of memories 3, one additional modification of the black spirits

– Reach level 55 – 1.000 million additional silver

● [Costume Set Item 3 of the hair dye box bundle unknown at the time of purchase, [weapons, costume Set Item 5 uncharted bundle of hair dye boxes at the time of purchase will be paid in addition.

– Event Date: Thurs. October 29th 2015 will be paid until regular checks added.

– The image of the bundle of hair dye box contains three unknown dye.

● [Event] item in the sale and use of claws black Jinn, October 15, 2015 (Thursday) until the periodic inspection is possible.

– Once the period expires, the purchase and use stops doeohni please note.


● This phenomenon can not be used if you get a shot of the extractor uses the extractor has been modified.

● has been modified to use the emergency avoidance behavior at all.

– Registration is quick slot will be further supported.

● 50-level experience since obtaining the general level has been increased by the amount obtained all life activity.

● Wave flag operation of other social behavior when the flag does not disappear phenomenon has been fixed.


● 4Lv pot and pot Slash Slash: Slash skills while learning about the right pot used for defense technology is developing reduction does not apply has been fixed.


● Insular: Shadow Blast cooldown of 22 seconds III technology was shortened from 23 seconds.

● Insular: Shadow Blast cooldown has been reduced to 20 seconds of IV technology in 22 seconds.

● Insular: Shadow Blast cooldown of 16 seconds V technology has been reduced from 20 seconds.

● has been modified to prevent to prevent Shuriken Millie back on success.

● prevent the technology to prevent Shuriken, except for canceling technology for a certain frame of success pushed back has been modified not to be used.


● intermittently during combat stance hood and mask this phenomenon is visible has been fixed.

[Kunoichi & Ninja]

● invocation of smoke III technology, this time has been reduced from 17 seconds, 18 seconds.

● invocation time of 16 seconds has been reduced smoke IV technology in 17 seconds.

● invocation time smokescreen V technology has been reduced to 14 seconds from 16 seconds.

● Catch casting speed of falling technology manufactory has been reduced.

● Insular: Black moonlight technology has been modified to be super armor status of the cast during general use in the invincibility of the cast.

● underbelly of a prick technique latency when using the cooldown is released when alcohol use ttaegi this unusual phenomenon has been continuously modified and reused.


● Get the phenomenon and Valencia-style handmade furniture that does not apply to this set of options, a set of furniture has been fixed.

● Added pole weapons, armor improved seats.

– Improved cattle used in step 4, the green (magic) and blue (rare) weapons can be upgraded to 100% probability of a pole. (However, the black stone powder is consumed by additional material.)

– Pole weapons, armor improved exchange registration and shops selling seats available.

● litter item which can be obtained from the excavation base has been changed.

* Ancient stone chamber

Proof of the tree spirits -> Proof of old wood spirits

Rough skin of wild boar -> worn out leather of wild boar

Sharp fangs -> mudyeojin Fang

* Glycidyl town ruins

Sharp blunt pieces -> mudyeojin blunt pieces

* Brie Wooden sites

Ruins rubble> rubble weathered monuments

Ancient Artifacts -> fragments of ancient artifacts

* Mansya forest

Cursed Fangs -> weathered Cursed Fang

Cursed modifications -> modification cursed debris

* Lua tree trunk

Sharp pieces of bone> bone fragments mudyeojin

Cursed Fangs -> weathered Cursed Fang

The magic dust -> The magic dust lost light

* Ancient ruins balgulji

– Golem shattered debris -> Golem lost shards of light

● The next leap buff icons of the symptoms that have been modified are applied incorrectly.

* Elixir of Damage buff icon will appear in the hit phenomenon that has been modified.

– Elixir of frenzy

– Elixir of unending frenzy

– Elixir of anger

– Elixir of endless rage

– Perfume container.

● Paper has been added 3 new icons and drop items

– Lower funk ring

– Lower funk Belt

– Lower funk necklace

● Increases attack power buff has been modified so that the next leap will not overlap. Now you can get only one jump effect, the effect of lower grades will receive a high degree of effectiveness is gone.

– Elixir of anger

– Elixir of endless rage

– Elixir of frenzy

– Elixir of unending frenzy

– Perfume container.

● Pets exchange desert fox has been added.

● The selling price of fine wine to the chef has been increased to 50,000 from 10,000 silver silver.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● When Adriana hunger, Claire Arlene, have been off work NPC Tech tonnes, signposts from work that has been added in its place.

● The requested execution condition of intimacy pay Amazonia has been mitigated NPC.

– The secret of the infinite vitality (11 intimacy more)

– Lost pitches (51 intimacy more)

– Be careful underfoot, broken naksit needle (81 or more intimacy)

● The requested execution condition of Hesse veil of familiarity NPC been relaxed.

– The reclusive forest hunting activities (intimacy more than 41)

● The camera keotsin NPC Shah of trees has been improved.

● The condition of Klaus discovered NPC was removed.

– Knowledge discovery and talk to that NPC, it features also apply normally.

● The condition of hunger NPC has been deleted to find Adriana.

– Knowledge discovery and talk to that NPC, it features also apply normally.

● Heidelberg NPC location of any soldier flag next to Amerigo has been adjusted.

● The behavior of the elephant breeding cattle workers has been improved naturally.

● currency exchange dikchi been added to the Sliema island stronghold manager.

– Bullion buying is just not possible.

● Pet Penguin phenomenon has been modified random act is not added during the exchange.

● Water in the canyon has been modified Mach Valencia greater distance calculation unusual phenomenon when workers work until Valencia.

● inflicting this on Cox’s prison robbers area has been modified this phenomenon is disposed.


● it has been increased following the acquisition probability of a monster knowledge.

– Contaminated men

– Contaminated women

– Contaminated Dwarf

– Contaminated Giant

– Contaminated butchers

– Contaminated Wizard

– Contaminated witch

– Troll Shaman

● pogeon desert areas, modification of black magic-wow (inorganic) ‘monsters when you can get a low probability.

● The following items have been added to the Monster Drop List.

* The combination of items under the basilisk that kills the monster can be obtained when you get the waistband of the basilisk.

– Basilisk pieces – snakeskin belt

– Basilisk pieces – rings

– Basilisk piece – Fixed Pin

* The combination of items under the card when Lee Temple monsters that can be acquired can be re-acquire the card protector in the ring.

– Piece card reader – blue ring

Cards a piece Li-ruby decorations

Cards Lee Sculpture – Obsidian decoration

* You can obtain Crescent City monsters, the crescent ring can be obtained with a low probability.

– Soiled crescent ring

* City Centaur monsters can be obtained, it can be obtained with a low probability of Centaur waistband.

– Soiled Centaur Belt

* Can be obtained upon treatment Ogre, Ogre, you can get a ring of low probability.

– Soiled ogre of the ring


● When caught the disease from developing desert areas of purified water and untreated octagonal car has been fixed.

– Now this disease will be applied according to the time and area effects in a desert area.

● Clean item has been added to the warehouse.

– The item can be purchased from Pearl shops until November 5th.

– When you open the warehouse through the NPC, you can use this feature to organize the warehouse items.

– At a time when the warehouse clean can clean up to 10 slots.

– Clean Garage is available only items that can be put on the exchange.

– Clean the press after the check (separate check-in and check-off is possible), and then is replaced with a silver button on disposal.

– Clean the amount is credited to its warehouses, the price is set at random to 35-40% of the stock exchange quotes.

– Is also included in the sorting equipment durability is exhausted, one has to clean up after the repurchase and recovery is impossible.

● The strength stronghold citadel has been increased 1.5 times.

● miserable woman in the former occupation (including water boarding master exists) has changed the character shot at the same time as the participant to death.

● Do markets and mating markets, the transaction fee in exchange workers have been impressive.


● water board order board with engraved stone items have been modified so that water can be delivered and placed the imperial period.

● has been modified to automatically move to a sitting position aboard a camel.

● compensation horse racing has been added.

– Horse racing tension of 80 pieces, which can be exchanged, mapae: horse racing tension compensation (2 of mounting board technology) ‘has been added.

– Mapae: horse racing tension compensation (2 of mounting board technology) is the 6th generation of new words, you can not get into breeding.

– You can exchange for compensation through the horse racing horse owned NPC arugula to acquire the technology.

● New technology for two horse boarding technology has been added, you can learn a second person on board technology with a low probability of some long as the end of a six-generation 3-8.

<2-seater skills>

* 2 The board technology is that the passenger in the passenger seat with the owner of the horse one people to burn more.

– Available only from the end of the board held two technologies, passenger seat occupants must belong to a guild, such as a horse owner and the state party or.

– If two people aboard a character can not be used to blow out or horseback skills and weapons, the use of attack technology is also restricted words.

[▶ Two-seater Horses info

● camels moved significantly in this phenomenon curvy road after boarding has been modified automatic movement.

● fast pace of camels this phenomenon skill level is rising abnormally been fixed.

[Referral and knowledge]

● Pole weapons, expressions and knowledge to manufacture seats armor improvements have been added. (Improved cattle Step 4 materials)

– You can get through the heat to the processing tab.

– If a four-step improvements in cattle using a material improvement to improve to 100% probability of success on the pole.

* weapon

– It can be obtained by heating a pointed piece of black crystals 1 and 3 weapons upgraded seats 10.

* Armor

– Step 3 Armor Improved seats 10 and can be heated to obtain a solid black one piece decisions.

● royal capital of Valencia, traders and talk milmuyeok exchanges have been set up to enable.

● The keyword of the people and terrain knowledge has improved and intuitive.

– Especially if the person has changed, according to the NPC role (haberdasher, blacksmiths, etc.).

● has been mitigated by more than 300 in Altium’s ganin Ars Nova NPC Shen found Neruda and conditions of affinity at least 500.

● If you have a particular affinity to the NPC and the NPC found condition has been modified to give figures indicate familiarity.

● The new referral of the black spirits “(consecutive) World I ~ X forms of knowledge” has been added. (Corresponding request can be completed only once per family.)

● The daily dish compensation commission paid to Chuseok event has been deleted.

– Human substitute

– Fun to do grinding grain!

– One days – still young shepherds

– Broken open

● Initial Black ordinance referred to as compensation when performing [militia secondary weapon Box and the payment order of the [militia weapon Box has changed.

– Now, after acquiring a weapon box first receives a secondary weapon box.

● [treasure hunt – Find the hidden cave] The compensation commission has been increased.

– Tuesday this week and one can get a food reward (choice 1).

● [body itchy, and Klaus] The contents of the request has changed.

– Grey Wolf 2 kills

● [the warehouses Expansion of the commission has been increased to compensate.

● [ranchers] The compensation commission has been increased.

– Three weeks honey was added to compensate.

● [river bulgugyeong skipped the start of the referral conditions have changed.

– Over 50 levels available start

● [growing up and altar Imp Lynch] has been changed so that it can no longer order the Commission.

– If possible already in progress is completed, the commission, and price is not bad luck when cancel.

● [food stalls IMP], [Lost wedding ring] was changed to [empty warehouse – commissioned starting conditions are level 12 or higher.

● [story hesitant] commissioned the starting conditions have been changed to level 18 and above.

● [crucian carp and carp] commission has been changed to ‘type of fishing’.

● [regain the lost cat] request has been renamed to [Cat stole the red oak.

● [Minions of Darkness] is commissioned, the starting conditions change orders can be completed prior to referral.

● [all that matter!] Area of ​​the commissioned perform this phenomenon were not displayed properly has been fixed.

● [Presentation Make friendship Reports this week it has been added to the anger one referral reward.

● [forces counted mushrooms] have been added to the compensation commission cuisine (choose one).

● [crew reported to the Horn Warmth Bain] has been added this week to the Tuesday one referral reward.

● [Dagger Bandit], [commanding officer and family] request has been modified so that it can be completed even if mannagiman the relevant NPC.

● newly commissioned [the story of cannabis] has been added.

● contributions icon has been changed to a referral reward.

● objective information requested has been modified daily.

– Check that the Red Nose knowledge gained to -> Red Nose Experts attack

Kia’s knowledge gained to check whether> Kia’s targeting experts

– Begeu to check whether knowledge gained -> begeu targeting professionals

– Plymouth Khan knowledge gained to check whether -> Plymouth Cannes targeting professionals

– Marie hekse to check whether knowledge gained -> Marie hekse targeting professionals

– Check whether the foolish tree ordinance knowledge gained -> beefy tree ordinance targeting professionals

– Mogul leased to check whether knowledge gained -> Mogul leasing targeting professionals

– Agra Khan knowledge gained to check whether -> Agra Cannes targeting professionals

It has been modified to obtain a pulmonary lung ferry ferry knowledge to get torioh ●.

● 5 paper request may have been added one days in Valencia.

– The Commission has more than 54 levels, more than 10 300 adventurers from more than 260 contributions, you can order.


● The position of deportation / Delegation button in the party UI has been changed with each other.

● when selecting a pet name check function was modified for use with the Enter Key.

● Added a macro-preventing effect on fishing.

● Failure strengthen the message that is displayed has been an increase in the exposure time.

● certain minimum screen button appearing when summoned spirits black in the ratio has been fixed resolution abnormal phenomenon.

● The guild recruitment page of the Guild UI has been improved.

● Game Settings -> Sound Settings Turn the end of the music on / off, turn the battle music / Off option has been added.

● Game Options -> Games -> Use item has been added to the detachable quick slot.

– Check the use of detachable quick slot is turned off, the existing quick-slot removable, quick slot will appear.

● drag the desired item or skill in a bag or a removable window in order to register the item or technology described in the quick slot, it can cause a quick drop in the location slot.

– A window will appear for a shortcut to the quick slot when this occurs, you can change the keyboard shortcuts.

– Press the Close button on the top of each slot removable quick, quick slot is being turned off, you can adjust the position by moving the window by pressing and holding the top bar.

– When using a detachable quick slot, you can use the quick slot up to 20.

● The trash can drop off your bag item has been added to the bottom right.

● The icon has been changed in the next farm.

– Arable land Bazar

– Shaka to cropland

Al-Tass arable land

– Puerto Farm month

– Valencia plantations

– – Distribution of farm people

● ‘About Me’ button to interact with other characters have been added.

– In ranking the adventurer name that corresponds to that rank, you can see the self-introduction upon mouseover

● pet only pet of the same species have been modified to break down when replacing the button exchanges.

● where the information is output later to check the guild ranking has been modified so that the exposure of the words ‘Loading …’.

● 5-second delay has been applied to PvP On / Off button.

● When you press the minimize button in windowed mode intermittently confirmation message window does not appear this phenomenon has been fixed.

● Press the Minimize button in windowed mode, click Cancel in the confirmation window that appears has been modified to minimize.

● based energy investment position description has been modified successfully.

● Mark has been added to give the number you are working on other tasks can be completed in the guild screen production.

● In the dialog box set [the battle (death) type has been added.

– If you check this, you can determine the type of death / death messages of the guild are listed in various combat situations (forced battles, guild ago, before the occupation).

● The worker workman list of filters in the UI fixes phenomenon workers tooltip is displayed abnormally.

● The workers exchange phenomenon can not enter the worker registration price has been fixed.


● more than state of the black monster spirits to welcome this phenomenon does not appear on screen, if the immunity has been fixed.

● command post and fort character one installation dismantling has been modified to allow dismantling even lower guild ranks.

● items improved upon “glowing golden seal – work supervision]” has been corrected to prevent further can be obtained.

● The ENTER key 1-4 shortcuts have been added to the act.

– In combat 1 ww, 2 ss, 3 aa, 4 dd can be used as a pressing effect.

● Some days after the disconnection of the laborers to work if you have previously conducted a continuous, even if you reconnect after the last time a lot of progress has been set back to.

(However, during the disconnection it will proceed as before until one is in progress.)

– Applied tasks (including the exclusive base) production base, home production (improved, including mass-production house), promotion

● If the party state has been modified so that you can participate in Red battlefield.

● The notification message appears if durability is exhausted ornaments have been added.

● first base after the occupation has been modified so that you can install on estates and other estates occupied when you install the next fort.

– If the base is expected to close later modified to include a number of different estates to install.

● [Event] has changed the inner box so that the ninja can use.

● If you get a horse and a rocking motion while aboard a horse knocked down seven seconds have passed, you can ride again.

● The potential breakthrough +15 durability under the item has been modified to prevent a potential breakthrough is less than 20.

When a costume headpiece hide, the underlying problem has been fixed pitch did not appear.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

thank you.

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