08/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Anniversary!

08/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Anniversary!

Mar 08 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

This week we are bringing you more in-game events as well as new costumes for the recently released Dark Knight Class! If you are interested in the event details, you can find them >Here< on the event post. This week’s patch is ~ 532MB




  • [1 Year Anniversary] NPC’s Gratitude Event has begun, be sure to check >Here< for additional information.

    • March 8th to March 22nd

    • A new event quest, One of Three, can be obtained where players can show the NPCs of the BDO world some gratitude! Show your support by giving the NPC of your choice a small token of your appreciation.

  • House Fame Challenge

    • March 8th to March 29th

      • Players are welcome to participate in the House Fame Challenge where for the next 3 weeks, your House Fame Points will be counted and prizes awarded based on how much you earn! Read more >Here<

  • Margoria Screenshot Event Winners’ Screenshots have been applied to the in-game loading screens.

    • Four additional winners’ screenshots have been applied. Check out the details of the images >Here<.

  • As a token of our appreciation, a Field Boss Reward Bundle has been sent to Adventurers who have been supportive and have enjoyed BDO’s first anniversary with us. It’s been sent on the 7th so if you didn’t check your ingame mailbox, make sure to claim it!

  • The following events have ended:

    • Dark Knight Beauty Contest

    • Play Your Way



  • Piercing Spear skill’s explosion effect area has been increased.


  • Heilang: Upward Claw skill’s 100% Black Spirit’s Rage animation got new effects added.


  • The animation effect of the skills Lethal Spin Spree and Flow: Wrath has been improved.

ZQChgri.pngDark Knight

  • Customization of the eyebrows not being correctly applied has been fixed.


  • The sitting position height for the item, L’elisir d’amore Hot Tube has been changed.

Pearl Shop Update



  • Tier 4~5 horses have been added into the wild, and they can be tamed.

  • Night Vendor Reservation feature has been re-added.

    • If the item is in the market purchase window and you click the ‘Hold’ button, the item will be reserved for 15 minutes.

    • When you open the market within the time limit for the pre-order, you will see the item you have booked without consuming energy.

    • Even though the night time may have potentially passed (22:00~07:00) you can still open the store window and purchase the pre-ordered item, as long as it remains inside the time window. (You cannot view other items outside of the normal Night Vendor operation)

    • If you click to view another item while you have an item on hold, the hold will be automatically canceled.

    • The reserved item will be family bound; players cannot book multiple items from multiple characters.

  • Some interactions have been disabled during a horse race to prevent possible fraud or cheating .

    • Interacting with furniture in your house has been disabled during a horse race.

    • Interacting with boat inventories has been disabled during a horse race.

    • Interacting/Using a maid has been disabled during a horse race.

    • Interacting/Accessing mount inventories has been disabled during a horse race.



  • Weapon and accessories of the Field Boss ‘Red Nose’ blinking white and black at times has been fixed.



  • [Finding Akan] Quest acceptance conditions have been changed, and any player that is higher than level 1 can now accept the quest.



  • The Text Clipping issue for the coupon book has been fixed.

  • The “X” button to close the coupon book has been added.

  • Fixed an issue where activating the coupon from the coupon book window and closing the window would make it appear as though the coupon was being applied to the item being purchased.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting a coupon in the coupon book window and then clicking a purchase item button would not correctly cancel the coupon.

  • The design of the coupon book has been changed.



  • Hair color changing for characters with the white or blue hair color during night time from the sun has been resolved.

  • Applying flooring to the Heidel 9-3 house, resulting in some parts of the floor not being covered, has now been resolved.

  • Using the storage maid to move items to Epheria Sailboat’s inventory was causing display issues and has now been resolved.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/134638-patch-notes-march-8th-2017/

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