08/01/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

08/01/2016 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Jan 08 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert.

08/01/2016 weekly maintenance included adjustments to the party distribution experience along with 89 additional updates.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.

■  Compensation Information

  • Reason: Weekly maintenance was extended by two hours
  • Sent to:  Anyone who logged in between Thurs, January 7th 2016 – 07:00 and Fri, January 8th at 7:00
  • Compensation  contents:   GMs lucky beginner box x1
  • Payment method:  Letter will arrive in your family mailbox

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

In addition, as of this weeks maintenance, the launcher is now supported by Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Meaning you can launch the game from your favorite browser! All you need to do is re-download the launcher for your browser.

Launcher download links are information is shown below:


Translated by BlackDesertFoundry.com


● New Year’s Eve is a hot time event is in progress.

– Double EXP weekends all month! 200% combat EXP

– Duration: 8th – 10th, 15th – 17th, 22nd – 24th, 29th – 31st

–  Blackstone drop chance increase will be applied as well!

Events page Shortcuts

● “Blessing Package” for returning adventurers!

– Duration: Fri, January 8th – Sun, January 31st

– Rewards: 100G, Value Package (7 days), 50% combat EXP increase (7 days), Dye Pallet (7 days), Imp Captain Scroll x5, Skill Reset Scroll (7 days), Tier 5 Horse (Permanent)

Events page Shortcuts


● move forward and better training techniques used reaper character is a phenomenon that when a person’s rotation direction has been fixed.


● This phenomenon stroke roots in the iron glove status Po technology used by Super invincible armor, not the effects of the applied effect has been fixed.

● PVP Damage of the battered technology has been reduced slightly.

● Use the wrath of the giant leap in technology when using PVP black Elemental Damage has been reduced slightly.


● The following items have been added.

– Obtained by heating in the crafting/processing window (L).

– Youngrong by Opal

– Moonlight Opal

● Items related to hunting have been added.

* Obtained by gathering after a killing a monster.

– Fugitive The horn of calc

– The epidermis of the fugitive calc

– Shiny nails Fugitive calc

● New cooking recipes have been added using the new hunting items.

– This week’s talks calc

– Dame of the week strong calc

● New Elixir has been added using the new hunting items.

– Elixir of calc

● Jewellery can be crafted using the new hunting items.

– Earrings Fugitive calc

● The names of the following items have been changed.

– Shabby coin pocket -> decent coin pocket

– Mane loose bundle -> bundle mane

● Shop selling prices of the following items has been increased.

– Broken Shackles: 400 -> 500

– Decent coin pocket: 600 -> 780

– Mane bundle: 425 -> 550

– Fanatics of the mark: 550 -> 720

● The rewards of the following exchange items have been increased.

Item to Exchange Before Change After Change
100 Broken Shackles 80,000 100,000
100 usable coin pocket 115,000 150,000
100 mane bundle 85,000 110,000
100 Proof of fanatics 115,000 150,000

● it has been reduced propensity value that can be obtained when Valencia monsters.

● The name of the plywood reinforcements item has been changed to wood reinforcements.

● Resident Evil kings of the four rings, Bar conquest of the ring, manme of a golden ring, the ring youngwon been changed to general items to buy items in the character belongs.

– Shops selling and stock exchange registration No, no breakthrough potential

– Already the item you are holding is expected to be attributable status changes to future regular items.

● The effects of some Elixirs has changed.

– Elixir of penetration, penetration of severe leap, [party] Elixir of piercing, [PARTY] in severe penetrating flight

: Baekeotaek additional damage when hit -> baekeotaek defense ignores damage when hit

– Elixir of death, severe death leap, [party] death leap, [party] Elixir of harsh death

: Improves critical strike bonus damage when hit -> Critical Hit Damage ignored when defense

● Damage effects of some elixirs has been increased.

– Elixir of Assassins

– Elixir of Deadly Assassin

– [Party] Elixir of Assassins

– [Party] Elixir of Deadly Assassin

– Elixir insight

– Elixir of sharp insight

– Elixir [party] insight

– [Party] Elixir of sharp insight

– Elixir of Slayer

– Elixir of cruel murderer

– [Party] Elixir of Slayer

– [Party] Elixir of cruel murderer

– Elixir of heaven

– Elixir of merciless sky

– [Party] Elixir of heaven

– [Party] Elixir of merciless sky

● Elixir and Food descriptions have been changed for the following items.

– Elixir of commitment

– Elixir of the firm commitment

– Formal Valencia

– Special formal Valencia

– Grilled scorpions

Fresh grilled scorpions

– King of the Jungle Hamburg

– King of the Jungle oversized hamburger

● The description of the following items have been improved.

* Item descriptions will now state whether the item was made with Cooking or Alchemy.

– EXP + 10%

– Increases luck

– Attack Speed ​​+1 Point

– Speed ​​+1 Point

– Casting speed +1 Point

– Critical damage probability +1 Point

– EXP + 5%

– Increases luck

– Health Recovery

– MP / rain / divine power recovery

– Additional ATK +5 group Ain

– Additional ATK +5 inganjok

– Animal-shaped Add to +5 ATK

– Melee damage +2

– Ranged damage +2

– +2 Magic Attack

– +2 Melee damage reduced

– +2 Ranged damage reduction

– +2 Magic damage reduction

– Battle EXP + 10%

– Maximum HP +100

– Maximum MP +100

– All damage +2

– mushroom

– Grilled smoked

– Herb

● A new feature has been added, allowing you to convert spare energy into energy potions to use later or sell on the marketplace.

* Talk to Alustin in Velia town to convert energy to energy potions.

– Energy potions do not share a cooldown with the energy tonic.

: Energy exchange rates

– Energy 100 -> Energy Potion (10 Energy)

– Energy 200 -> Energy Potion (20 Energy)

– Energy 300 -> Energy Potion (30 Energy)

– Energy 400 -> Energy Potion (50 Energy)

● Hunting rifles now require level 30+ to use.

● The NPC maeipga exchange registration and amounts of party-type leap has been adjusted.

● The category of the Valencia rock salt was changed to the grocery trade goods from raw materials.

● has been modified to drop the other items on going.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● Preference value of 0 or more characters are moved to the nearest exit point, except to escape from Mui Mui if Kuhn Kuhn surroundings.

– However, less than zero characters are moved to the nearest exit point, including Mui Kuhn.

● Do not Dress of the bar schedule ryurik NPC has been changed from the original dress in Santa suits.

● has been improved to allow to exchange greetings and talk to the NPC Apu Aru.


● World press chiefs appearance and attack a monster Bell pattern, the sound effects have been changed.


● land used for hunting in state hands artillery aboard the horse has been added to enable this.

– Fast-moving ‘Fugitive calc “5 of inflicting the most damage to (or party) can acquire these items through hunting.

● When picking a brisk probability sampling in accordance with the level it has been corrected to avoid wastage.

● Depending on the growing level of energy during cultivation has been increased by stochastic probability not be consumed.

● Added earrings expression of runaway production on three charges calc 3 steps.

● trade goods has been changed to have the following characteristics depending on the type.

– Goods: the trade level cap has been removed.

– Luxury: the price compared to a similar level of trade goods was rising dramatically.

– Food: Price warranty period has been reduced to 12-24 hours.

– Munitions: to obtain trade goods sales by 1.5 times during trading experience.

– Clothing: bargain game a success bargain bonus to acquire doubled.

– Medications: to obtain trade goods during trade experience 1.2 times sales.

– Raw materials: The inventory has doubled.

● The warehouse is connected to the city library, town of residence used has changed.

Original: center of town warehouses

– Change: the nearest warehouse storage NPC in character

● Criminals in prison ‘prison trap’ has been added.

– If you go to jail trap invisible to automatically close pop, movement speed reduction of 40% will apply.

● Added standard timbers, solid timbers processed diet.

● Fishing Point has been moved along the ocean currents.

● This phenomenon seems right to residence of the other characters is connected to the carriage has been fixed.

[Referral, knowledge]

● the wrong part of the constellation category knowledge hint informs the phenomenon has been corrected.

● commissioned a new guild has been added to the Valencia region.

– Mane tribe, tribe basim, card reader, come Oregon, pogeon Desert, crescent, desert out, inflicting Commission’s Subjugation

● ‘fish to be gifts to the residents’ requests and objective description has been changed.

– Blowfish, Dome, Fog jaridom, benjari, sea eel

● Please remove the buds of embers request to change the target quantity and the position descriptions have been added.

– Papa runes 50 -> 20

– Rune Pao 200 -> 250

● ‘Serendipity Boutique and southern camp guards’ request, the starting conditions have been relaxed.

● criminals camps [sulfur labor I ~ IV] a target number of requests has been reduced.

● and Krio Canaria name and objective of the Commission has changed.

– Krio and sandfish

● ‘journey again, leaving fishing’ Oh Valley town commissioned new has been added.

● When you lose a ‘small treasure box of Eliza, Eliza commissioned through the inside of the proceeds remember Apu Aru has been modified to receive it again.

● Find the treasure of Valencia is developing to deliver the gold to the NPC of the successive commission has been modified several times.

● making materials felling ax, felling ax has been modified to produce commissioned and commissioned explained the goal.

● The start condition and a description of the youth commission of the blue light has changed.

● When a king’s tomb commissioned underway lost the ‘Valencia Castle robbed devices “through the Apu Aru it has been modified to receive it again.



● Some knowledge and commissioned, the NPC dialogue typographical errors have been corrected.

● Application on the World map Search top-level people have been added to allow.

● Do not market to enter this part of the mating market price mapae registration is deleted, and the UI have been fixed.

● Once the letter has been added to show whether the date and the enclosed items received.

– If the item has been shipped green gift box icon and exposure, receiving the included item white gift box it will be exposed.

● Get all the items transported window button has been added.

● Relative character name is Guild Invitation button in the menu that appears when you click the window has been added.

● This buff and debuff icons have been modified so that display up to 20.

● Notification concerning land and hunting has been added.

● Location of the item price icon in the shop in question is an unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● When more than one billion silver is held in a warehouse store and exchange text is overwritten look at this phenomenon has been fixed.

● has been modified notification message appears during the escape.

– The closest safe area -> The nearest moveable region

● The description on the button in the dye UI has been added.

● has been added to your channel on the red button entry into battlefield situation.

● whale hunting is hunting icon is displayed in unified, it has been modified so that each whale Fugitive calc and written poetry appeared.

● The limited experience acquired icons and street party in the party window displays icons have been added.

● reaper sickle icon has changed the sorcerer.

– Better alluring magic of the Reaper

– Reaper sickle dandelrion

– Reaper’s scythe alluring

– Aker reaper sickle Guard

– No better ambassadors Cartier

– Desert wijangbok reaper scythe

– Entrance wijangbok reaper scythe

● Exchange this button you can turn off notifications for registration notification UI has been added.

● scary and ugly icons of the Commission has changed this goal.

● The Gaema samurai warrior characters, a phenomenon that comes from the desert helmet mount default hair color has been fixed.

● The Valkyrie is Larnaca know Partenkirchen (R) graphics when wearing an unnatural phenomenon has been fixed.



● Party experience rates have been changed.

* Before Change

1 player: 100% EXP

2 players: 50% EXP

3 players: 33.3% EXP

4 players: 25% EXP

5 players: 20% EXP

* After Change

1 player: 100% EXP

2 players: 120% (60%) EXP

3 players: 150% (50%) EXP

4 players: 200% (50%) EXP

5 players: 250% (50%) EXP

– However, combat experience obtained is the same as the original.

※ information relating to the premium PC experience acquired party room that is applied to benefits will be fixed later.

● When the street party can acquire experience between party members has been increased.

– If you can not obtain a certain distance out of the party experience, the experience acquired when the distance is far away party rate will be reduced.

● Adjust the experience has been acquired in accordance with the level difference between party members of the party’s lowest level characters and monsters.

– The party high / low level is applied from the difference is more than six.

– The level difference between the lowest level characters and monsters of the party can not acquire experience points if at least 10.

※ However, if all party members will experience more than 50 levels penalty in accordance with the level difference does not apply.

● When the frame is a phenomenon that PAN decline in world map has been improved.

● The UI of the vehicle on the World map has been improved so as to show larger or smaller depending on the distance.

● Intermittent detachable quick slot does not store phenomenon has been improved.

● The person in the house I owned a home filter the type of world map purchase only one kinds of classifications that have been added to this entry.

● wijangbok worn look of the character when the character name information has been corrected so that all grayed out.

– Yourself, guild name, guild sentence, title, icon, such as living level

● has been corrected by the end of silver needed to choose between exchange and storage bag.

● making some notes and game pages loading this delay phenomenon has been improved.

● Click on the name of the character have been added in dialog with the ability to invite to the guild.

● When you change the initialization that such eyebrow and beard in the customization screen has been fixed.

● The most recently received letters has been modified to appear on the first page of a letter I received lists.

● Guild guild window sentence declaring war on the received status does not show phenomenon has been modified.

● bid hour exchange the item has been changed to a random set of time between 1-1 minutes 30 seconds from the existing one minute.

● If you do not enter the village of resurrection after death in the region it has been modified to revive the character in a village near the town of discovery.

Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?articleId=239&pageIndex=1&bbsId=BDN002


[Pearl Store Update]

“Release Product Information”
※ Sale items may differ from the images above, and are subject to change.
※ The costume may look different depending on whether you wear underwear, and other accessory items.
※ Some of the items purchased in the Pearl Store may not be registered on the market place.


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