07/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

07/05/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

May 07 Tansie  
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Source: http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/update/read?bbsId=BDN002&articleId=123

The weekly maintenance and patch update has just come live and this week we are looking at a lot of changes including a new 3v3 PvP duel system and lots of PvP balance changes.

Due to the PvP changes a full skill reset scroll has been added to all accounts and can be claimed on one character per server through the mail. For full details of all the changes this week refer to the information below.

(Due to this being such a massive update some sections have been loosely translated temporarily but I will go through them later)

 [Events ]

● Full skill reset scrolls have been given to each account (one for each server).
– Reset scrolls have a limited time to be claimed through your mail and will not be available after 20/05/2015.
– Reset scrolls must be used within 7 days after they have been claimed.

● Plum Class Event
– Daily challenges have been added to the Plum class that give you rich rewards such as blackstones and fragments of memory!

● May event has been implemented
– Item can be bought on Friday 08/05, Saturday 09/05 and Sunday 10/05 between 5PM and 11PM (8AM and 2PM GMT).
– Item is bought in the Pearl Store (F3) under the Mileage tab for 1 Mileage.
– Item Passive: 110 minutes, +5 damage, +1 attack speed, +1 casting speed.

[Character ]

● The amount of damage you receive during PvP has be adjusted.
● Defense during PvP has been adjusted.
● The description of skills per level have been fixed.
● Bug has been fixed for the “Lost Sheep” quest where the character wouldn’t put down the sheep if it made contact with water.
● Photo Mode has been modified to randomly use all social actions.
● Stun time while using black spirit rage has been reduced to 2 seconds.

[Warrior ]

● A bug with the “Forward Slash left fencing IV” skill has been fixed.
● The cool-down of all movement abilities has been reduced.
● Basic combat movement speed has been increased.
● Defense has been increased.
● “Twilight of the Wound” skill damage during PvP has been reduced.
● A bug with combat after harvesting or gathering has been fixed.

 [Ranger ]

● Overall PvP damage has been increased.
● Cool-down of “short-lived” skill has been reduced to 8 seconds.
● Damage and range of “short-lived” skill, when used with black spirit rage, has been reduced during PvP.
● Damage range of the skill “rush-elect” has been increased rush-elect.
● If shooting avoid explosion when a non-PvP cooldown has been modified to avoid the rigid effect.
● PvP damage when the wind technology, opening the way has been increased.
● seconds: PvP damage reduction technology has been shooting the breeze together.
● left, right, has been modified so that you can use in the Guardian sword with a move-key right-click without entering the rear.
● Playing: avoid shooting after move-in + rear, right-click, you can not use the direction of the wind collected by shooting techniques, it has been modified to avoid using an Explosive Shot by its operations.
● norigi technical weaknesses of not using the rear shift key + right-click gathered the wind while holding this technology can be used in conjunction shoot, dodge its blast shooting this method has been modified for use in operations.

 [Sorcerer ]

● Reuse standby abyss of flame technique used was the amount of recovery time, reduced vitality.

 [Giant ]

● The cooldown has been reduced reign of terror-party technologies.
● wrath of the beast, more than any state in the blow coming from the technology used in front of the enraged beast resistance and defenses have been added.
● wrath of the beast, the raging technical description of the Beast “is more than any state except for the catch saenggimyeo resistance is a defense state.” The information that has been added.
● Left, Right basic technology used in rigid raid damage of the beasts of the attacks have been modified to apply.
● lava drilling technology has been modified to use the technology of birds of prey attacked after use.
● Damage of the wrath of the beast skills are up, goes down, the attack effect has been added.
● damage of Fury of the Beast technology is up, is down attack effect has been added.

– Trang embargo ;
● yell technologies consecutive hit of damage has been increased.
Jeuryeo tread ●, surf, a state of fear over the effects of beating technique has been modified so that it applies during PvP.
– Jeuryeo tread: Bound
– Surf: knockback
– Beat the Fear: fainting
● endurance consumption used during a dash attack has been reduced.
● Damage to wield the whip technique has been reduced.
● PVP damage when the whip wield technology has been reduced.
● Added the cooldown of tread technology jeuryeo.
– The bound of the cooldown effect does not apply.

 [Blader ]

● The rain has decreased the amount of the chasing technique.
● damage is climbing the phenomenon hit twice in succession when using the next technology that is not properly applied has been modified.

 [Valkyrie ]

● After moving the roll avoidance behavior it has been modified to activate the left and right a little faster.
● The speed of the moving distance and avoidance behavior of the left and right movement has been increased slightly.
● Shield chase after the celestial windows, ethereal sound, Eli frozen breath, the left and right attack, avoid moving shield Pursuit, pole: Retribution has been modified so that the technology is rapidly activated.
● Defensive Stance Defensive Stance does not move during the off phenomenon has been fixed.
● Shield pursuit II, III technology cooldown has been reduced.
● Move the basic combat movement speed is increased.
● The defensive posture of defense has increased.
● The effectiveness of the shield was modified to correctly display awakening stroke technique.
● This phenomenon triggered rush of the first group than the departure of the sprint definition has been modified.

 [Plum ]

● Basic Combat video has been added.
● truly sensational horse boarding for technical operations in the technical description has been fixed.
● The sensational indeed in a state boarding skills at the end of a phenomenon that is not used properly has been fixed.
● tribulation: red moon, the use of technology to the next technology has been readily modify and use.
● The rain has decreased the amount of the chasing technique.
● trouble: how to operate the red moon Technology ↓ + Left click + Right-Click has been added.
● anger absorption technology has been modified to be used during the buff effects are applied properly.
● has been modified so that other keys are not applied in a non-aqueous plugging operation method when using the technology.
● When creating a character action character pose posture to take action twice this tribulation: the image has been corrected by the red moon technology.
● trouble: has been modified to facilitate the linkage of a red moon technical skills and beheaded when using other techniques.
● squatted roll while sitting has been modified so that the normal use.
● Action Guide has been modified a phenomenon linked to the samurai naohdeon technology.
● After the decapitation techniques have been modified to facilitate the use of mobile
● After the decapitation technique used has been modified to facilitate all kicking techniques are linked.
● jinyeok been modified so that the true skills of the damages is normally applied.
● Gene: broken links next time when technology is used chasing technology has increased after use.
● After chasing Technology beheaded technology used in conjunction with normal attacks one blow beheaded technology is part of the release of this application has been modified to be used without applying a general attack.
● tribulation: Slash has been modified so that the offset is applied at the blow up of the red moon in technology and kkotbaram avoid hitting one hit.
● plum yeongyegi the parts shown in the video description kalbaram trouble: has been corrected in the red moon.
● extreme tribulation: Operation Technical Description The pole of the red moon tribulation: the notation has been modified so that the same technology and red moon.
● damage is climbing the phenomenon hit twice in succession when using the next technology that is not properly applied has been modified.

 [Item ]

● The modification of the black spirit has changed item exchange and shop sales to be registered.
● increasing defense was topped up when potential of the armor red nose.
– +1 To +5: increased by 3
– +6 To +15: increase by 4
● Maximum MP / rain / divine power of +100 effect on the armor of Red Nose have been added.
● [Events] box has been modified seedlings phenomenon that is not used.
● waistband potential breakthrough by increasing levels of a tree ordinance that offense has been changed from +1 to +2.
● brass ingot production time of rapid phenomena box has been modified more than a bronze ingot box.
● The number of craftsmen have been added to the hermit’s clothes.
● Improve items when modifications are equipped items have been modified so that you can use to improve the material.
● production / production workload notation has been modified so that it appears only two decimal places.
● has been modified so that the dye staining the window slot number changes automatically depending on the resolution.
● Carl Valkyrie peon boutiques in step 2 / plum dedicated [Carl peon aristocratic dress] has been added.
● Valkyrie / [Carl peon aristocratic dress – Plum, you can turn it into a costume from a costume voucher.
● force to break through all the potential breakthrough of water equipment is available on board have been added.
● The potential breakthrough item exchange price of water equipment is available on board has been increased.
● Changing the premium end of outer rights has been added.
– If you use the premium end of contour changes at a constant volume You can learn the skills odds.
– However, the “River: hind-elect, River: Take the front foot, open: instant acceleration, speed: lateral movement, you can not learn.
– If you do not learn the skills to increase the amount of experience points.
● glowing bottles, the tooltip has been corrected in the same glowing sap collected tools and other tools.

[Monster ]

● When you attack a monster payout value is reduced, a phenomenon that is not exposed character name have been modified.

 [Content ]

● 3: 3 Duel Systems exhibition match has been added.
– 3:03 in the content to enjoy the PvP configure the party.
– 3 party at the party when the party list by pressing the sheets ‘duel apply’ button you can participate.

– A party who has a duel mode when a total of 10 parties, based on the channel to start the duel.
(If you can not have 10 party duel once every 20 minutes if one party more than two.)
– The application window for the duel On / Off during the time remaining is updated.
– Once the application is complete, go to the duel arena Nova Alti.
– Alti in Nova Arena is outside, you can not move inside to the outside.
– You wait in the waiting room is closed until the status of each party involved moving all characters in Duel Arena.
– When the move is complete, the waiting room door opens and the duel begins.
– Duel one party is wiped out when you quit, you will be economic results.
– After the game, the result is a character from participating in a duel after a certain period of time will be moved back to its original position.
– When the duel is connected to the other party of the mobile termination character up to five minutes to wait in the waiting room.
* The duration of the exhibition game duel system including rewards and rankings do not apply.
* The contents are subject to change based on the contents of the exhibition games.

● The weight of the jukebox changes from 55LT to 45LT been modified to send the shipment.
● If the Guild Wars guild fund is less than 30 million silver after 4 hours after the proclamation declared war ended this phenomenon has been fixed.
● Before starting the occupation before the occupation information for other channels except channel 1 it has been modified to notify start-up.
● point of the ruins of ancient sculpture summoned to guide this phenomenon across the river has been fixed.

 [Referral and knowledge ]

● The following areas have been modified to automatically acquire knowledge:
– Toon Forest Belgrade
– Haas called cliff
– Rhema Island
– Teen Vera Island
– Oh Rera Island
– Porta nen islands
– Sasha Island
– Half Rose Island
● Added images of some knowledge.
● region found knowledge exchange button has been added to the base manager of the difficult places.
– Toon Forest Belgrade
– Haas called cliff
– Rhema Island
– Teen Vera Island
– Oh Rera Island
– Porta nen islands
– Sasha Island
– Half Rose Island
● Hidel City (Heidelberg) – the vanishing spirit] to the NPC Tech Tone button to continue Symptoms knowledge has been fixed.
● Serendipity Boutique and temples, the energy required for the bloody altar of knowledge has been deleted.
● The hints have been added to the knowledge adventure journal window.
– Hints can be found when not have gathered relevant knowledge in a knowledge window (H).

 [ Other Changes ]

● If you have installed overlapping the furniture has been modified so as not to add to the interior point calculation.
● The name of the ‘secret cave’ of ‘Marnier second experiment foundation “has been corrected to” Marnier second experiment basement foundation.
– Marnier is based investments in the second experiment foundation is applied.
● The waiting room has been set to Alti Nova arena battle areas.
● Change the name and Haas called chakras of the NPC near the cliffs ylene, dialog has been added.
● southwestern gateway to the tax base to which the client is shut down upon receipt of this phenomenon has been fixed.

 [UI ]

● Click on the house if you have a house when you click on the info window that appears stronghold stronghold This phenomenon has been fixed.
● NPC has been modified to show the separation of the extracted and removed from the window when you extract the fix to confirm.
● The end of alignment features have been added to the stables.
You will find a horse that has been entrusted to his current area (stall) the above.
– Displays the horses in their estates, such as that currently in second priority area.
– Based on his estates to display the words of the other estates in three ranks.
– In each of the manor arranged in ascending order by town.
● pre-occupation has been modified into a default position of the window.
– Occupation before the occupation score before the window position is changed depending on the status window position.
● pre-occupation has been modified so that the status window On / Off position during maintenance.
● Hire contribution windows, trade bargaining game window displays out when some screen phenomenon has been fixed.
● UI size from 100% 1280×720 resolution setting window layout has been improved this awkward phenomenon.
● World Map numbers and information technology, the number of horses held in stables have been added.
● packaging weight when compared point has been modified to display only two digits.
● Click in the exchange state that whilst the name of the horse has been modified so that when a warning message appears.

 [System ]

● Technical re-awakening during the consumption experience has been changed to consume two fragments of memory.
● has been added warehouse transport restrictions.
– Total transport items are limited to 100 columns.
– The weight of each item is 1 square 50LT.
– You can take advantage of your receipt of the items if you are already transported more than one hundred items and Cannes.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

Thank you.

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