05/11/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

05/11/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Nov 05 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert

Thurs 5th November patch notes included a change to the Crimson Battlefield , along with 60 additional changes.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● [Event] Black Desert calendar 2016 model contest is in progress.

– To challenge the Black Desert calendar 2016 model, a limited edition gift set also get –

Events page Shortcuts


● The top feature has been changed in accordance with the target to enable all the characters in your party.

● it has been adjusted so that the distance to the top and are subject to follow along at a distance closer.

● The phenomenon of transformation in the battle funny attitude to social behavior during normal posture has been corrected.


● If being knocked down in the bayonet in place, this phenomenon happens standby switch to standby Sword has been fixed.

● ‘guard during cooldown effect does not apply.’ Explanation of the grinding technology The phrase has been deleted.

● Using the technology, this phenomenon does not apply to damage that has been modified to take down the operation of the switch to a sword bayonet in.


● Flow: Wind gathered at the state acquired the Liberty technology development does not stop even after the endurance run out of moves during shooting technique used has been fixed.

● Main hand this phenomenon can not be a rolling motion in the non-seated state has been modified.

[Wizard & Witch]

● The cancellation technology meteor falling from the lighthouse and the healing has been modified to operate.

● The development of technology is rapidly ever ordered gravitational effect is applied has been modified.

– It has been modified so that a 100% hit.


● The number of pets that can be taken out at the same time has been changed to 4-3.

● Halloween event has been shut down a batch-related items have been removed.

– Halloween candy, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds advanced, teuksangpum pumpkin seeds, pumpkin gifts, items that are grown in gardens

● unusual materials ratio has been modified during cooking to the next item.

– Goto sleep

– Cuttlefish

– Dried mangdungeo

– Dried octopus

– Dried Mackerel

– Dried grow

– Dried cuttlefish

● New Pet acid have been added.

● horse racing rewards of compensation description of the ‘bard of Steel fighting spirit, fighting spirit of the items of equipment items have been fixed harness this phenomenon labeled as’ leather bard’s fighting spirit. “

● decision to summon up the ancient ruins, standing in witchcraft Cartier, a 10-second delay when using the Monster appears Pilar page has been modified to disappear immediately summon up magic.

● invocation pet penguin and the desert fox has been modified so that the state is always on skills.

● If the Elixir of fierce hunting for a breath of Ain ahal this buff is an unusual phenomenon it has been fixed.

● An information message is modified when a character destroyed death has been fixed correctly.

● glazed phenomenon feather item is not a guide to exchange NPC locations have been modified.

● This phenomenon is heated to a ninja sword peon nobility of character costumes are unable to obtain the fix has been fixed.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● World Caddo Inner Harbor Stables of the NPC can not be viewed on the map, get, haberdasher, marina manager, was added to the blacksmith.


● Fixed a stupid tree spirits summoned cut gods camera effects.



● This feature has been added that workers manage the garden.

– When you send forth laborers in garden, action points are consumed, the workers are waiting in the garden.

– Workers are waiting for the situation to manage the garden (pruning, debugging, etc.) to continue its work to consume action automatically comes first.

– Workers are laborers Management window, press the Cancel button on the action it becomes 0 or return to the hostel.

– Garden can send a list of current workers can be viewed by clicking the icon left the garden.

– Click the list button in the garden you can see the list of workers that can be sent to the garden.

– Garden can be sent, regardless of which area is also situated in the hub connection.

– The time is displayed in the Task List window management means the one-way travel time.

– Garden workers already in this job, you can not send new workers.

– Work of laborers is canceled if the workers dismantle this garden of turf management, action consumption is not recovering.

– If the workers are exhausted or out of action points, The management of the garden, click Cancel, the job is terminated, workers are returning home to this residential village.

– Home workers who are paid as a result of working in a warehouse.


● If the characters by assigning a knockdown effect of the falls aboard a camel ride in the water has been changed so that you can ride seven seconds away.

[Crimson battlefield]

● Crimson Battlefield has been reorganized.

* Detailed information can be applied to change.

– Crimson battlefield is only in the other channels except for the channels that are occupied transition proceeds.

– Each battle is going to be channel 30 people can participate in a maximum of 60 people on each team Crimson battlefield.

– Crimson battlefield a total of 20 minutes of battle is in progress, you can participate until after 10 minutes.

– Participation character is moved to the Crimson battlefield private area, proceed battle a team of black and red desert military groups.

– When the battle ends the character will be moved back to its original position.

– Similarly, even if you log out and shut down by force of battle is considered to be disengaged is moved to its original position.

– The character to participate is given the vitality of 1,000 synergistic effect, the minimum or less ATK and DEF character of the Crimson battlefield is the corrected values ​​are applied.

– Participation character has a score of 10 points to start by default.

– When the opposing team scores, and learning aid, learning along on the other side of the score, you score difference.

– The victory of the Crimson battlefield is determined by the sum of each team with high team score.

– Once the acquisition is complete, the battle of the red seal of bulk payments. (6 winning team, defeat two teams)


● The ability to use energy as a fishing attempt at space (Space) has been normalized.


● This operation Guild feature has been added during production to be the first.

– Elephant baby elephant must first work upon creation.

– There are valid until the ongoing work in progress, then apply when starting a new job.

[Referral and knowledge]

● The working knowledge of the following items list has been modified.

– Cereals juice concentrate

– Enriched cereals juice

– Refined grains juice

– Concentrated herbs

– Be highly concentrated herbs

– The number of herbal tablets

● capital contribution of 260 million or less than 300 adventurers in Valencia was commissioned five additional one days of paper that you can order.

– One days; Belgium.Ape a court-martial Education

– One days – the sky is led by as

– One days] eerie sight

– One days; unbalanced diet is harmful to the body

– One days] flower batdeon the love of the Queen

● Guild commissioned four kinds of fishing (1 medium, 2 large, very large one) has been added.

● [awakening] In addition to the NPC to complete my trail commission ordinance was changed from black to Ethan.

● The knowledge icon has been removed from the telescope hijeu dialog button.

● Some NPC typos and knowledge of the metabolism and images are different phenomena have been modified.



● In the vegetable garden to harvest, breeding, pruning, this phenomenon into picking the status bar when debugging has been fixed.

● If you acquire Combination items when the top item combinations have been added to the channel to expose message.

● position when the red full-length field instead of the tensile ranking points have been added to the red full-length feature to appear on the character name.

● Changing the black shamans summon shortcuts This phenomenon is not reflected in some of the UI have been fixed.

● Integral phenomenon can not be written to describe the quick slots registered as a mouse click has been fixed.

● The filter function has been added which operates in the clothing, furniture store category in Perl.

● character information window color is a Christian living level has changed.

● Exchange item has been added to the Search Reset button.

● warning messages to the miserable woman to play in the former occupation and the ongoing transition base channel has been added to constant exposure.

● The Battle Stance View button has been added in the Pearl store.

● Separate Quick Slot Close button has been changed to the menu button.

● Function (button) to erase the shortcut in the pop-up window type keyboard shortcuts have been added.

● Enter key mapae water boarding reminder messages several times this phenomenon has been fixed at the time of registration.

● Space key so you can press the confirmation window has changed.

● When the production workers immediately upon completion of this phenomenon has been modified, the remaining number of times is not updated immediately.

● The Night Raven Technical unnecessary wording has been added to explain the sorcerers phenomenon has been fixed.

● When trinkets potential breakthrough in the character journal ‘chapter, light, high, oil, copper, show that this phenomenon has been modified

● If you use the search filter and sort items by name in the Exchange feature has been modified to be applied to the non-alignment, and search the full list of functions phenomenon.

● Hangul is the number pad, enter FR ㄺ after development is shown in the dialog when the dialog has been corrected in the input state.


● Shift + `(~) using the key kwikping accuracy has been improved.

– Double click can be set to directions.

● Prior base view when you click an existing road Find disappearing phenomenon has been modified.

● When connecting a certain amount of time developing this character that the character is unconditionally kept unbeaten status has been improved.

● This phenomenon is not visible to the intermittent workers have been improved.

● The suspended individual mass production capability has been normalized.

● Move the phenomenon does not normally have been modified after catch.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

thank you.

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