05/07/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Party Finder!

05/07/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA] – Party Finder!

Jul 05 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

This week we are excited to announce new events! Join us in the latest screenshot contest or check out the Fortune Cookie Event. We have also added a Group Finder, use it this weekend to team up, find new friends, and crush the competition. This week’s patch is 1.01GB.

  • Brand-new rewards for new and returning adventurers!
  • July 6th, 00:00 – September 27th before maintenance
  • Congratulation! All servers in each world have been completed, you have unlocked all extra Event benefits for the “Growth of a Kamasylve Tree” Event.
Kamasilve tree event reward.PNG
  • Thank you for successfully accomplishing the Growth of a Kamasylve Tree Event. We have prepared four new events as a token of appreciation.
  • “[Event] Pit-a-pat Fortune Cookie” Event has begun.
  • From midnight, July 5 till July 26, adventurers can choose “[Event] Pit-a-pat Fortune Cookie” or “Fortune Cookies for Rookies” from the Achievement section to get one Fortune Cookie.
  • Fortune Cookie for Rookies will give you 1~3 Black Stone (Weapon) or Black Stone (Armor) upon use.
  • Right-click the item [Event] Pit-a-pat Fortune Cookie to obtain [Event] Lucky Note.
  • You can use [Event] Lucky Note to receive a random daily event quest.
  • You will not use up your Lucky Note if you already have an unfinished event quest identical to the quest you are about to receive from the Lucky Note.
  • Several event quests can be done at the same time.
  • Event quests will be reset every midnight, after which you can start the same quest.
  • Even if you complete an event quest before midnight, you cannot receive the same quest again on the same day.
  • Event items and quests will be removed after the event period.
[ System ]
  • You can put in five ingredients in Simple Alchemy (Processing).
  • Party Search function has been added.
    • You can access Party Search function from the ESC menu.
    • From the Party Search window, you can see parties that are currently recruiting, and you can also post a recruitment ad.
    • You must be a party leader or not affiliated with a party at all in order to post an ad.
    • A recruitment ad can contain up to 30 characters.
    • You can set minimum level; your current level will be set as default.
    • Recent listings will be shown on top, and listings from your current server will be shown first.
    • You can only apply to join parties that are on the same server.
    • Applying to join the party will prompt a pop-up window to the party leader. Upon the leader’s approval, you will be joined to the party.
    • The pop-up window will show your name, class, and level.
    • If you want to join a party on a different server, you need to switch server first before applying.
    • You can only search for recruitment ads.
[ NPC ]
  • A new blacksmith NPC Coloduhas been added to Helms Post. He only does repair work.
[ Sound ]
  • Fixed the issue where some NPC voices would not be played or incorrect files were being played.
All Classes
  • When a character jumps up and down out of joy upon obtaining special items, his/her weapons, sub-weapons, and awakening weapons will be hidden.
[​IMG] Warrior
  • Fixed the issue where Warrior’s glasses would overlap with the helmets Kibelius, Doomsday, and Milen Fedora.
[​IMG] Valkyrie
  • The SP recovery amount for the skill Sharp Light will now match the skill descriptions.
    • I: 15 x2 per hit > 30 x2 per hit
    • II: 20 x2 per hit > 40 x2 per hit
    • III: 25 x2 per hit > 50 x2 per hit
    • IV: 20 x3 per hit > 60 x3 per hit
  • Fixed the issue where the command lock function would not work correctly if Evasion is used while command-locked and with the Lancia.
  • Fixed the issue where the SP recovery amount was not adjusted properly when the skill Sharp Light is used while mounted.
[​IMG] Musa
  • Fixed the issue where a black line would appear on Musa’s leg while wearing Epheria Marine underwear.
[​IMG] Ninja
  • Fixed a graphical issue which the Ninja’s hair did not show when equipping the Epheria Marine Helmet.
[​IMG] Striker
  • Fixed the issue where the bead part of Rektar Piercing could not be dyed.
  • All equipment with increased accuracy stats will now show the same description as dishes, crystals, and elixir items. All effects remain the same.
  • The Item category for Jukebox items have been changed from Interior > Props to Interior > Jukebox.
Pearl Shop Update
[​IMG] [​IMG]
  • A new voice option in character customization has been added.
  • Sausan Golden Wagon located around Shultz Guard post would appear more naturally now.
  • Fixed the text discrepancy between the knowledge title of Castle Ruins Seal (from Old Moon Guild Travel Journal) and the word Castle Ruins in the description.
  • Fixed the issue where “Navigate” button would be displayed in the Quest Info window instead of “Black Spirit” button when a Black Spirit quest is completed.
  • Fixed an issue that the auto-navigation to NPC Annolisa Rosie was not working properly.
  • Deleted tutorial for Heidel.
  • A pop-up window has been added for using coupons.
  • Trash bin highlight will be canceled if you stop dragging an item by left-clicking.
  • The height of input fields for inputting item quantities has been slightly enlarged.
  • A new guide video “Basic Controls and Combat” has been added. You can check it out from the guide button list in the World Map.
  • Changed the message box text that appears when no horse is selected for exchange.
  • Selected horse info will be reset if you open the Exchange window again after selecting a horse and closing it.
  • You can take high-resolution screenshots while your character is lying down on the ground.
  • Fixed the issue which the knowledge card grades were all shown in grey.
  • Fixed the issue where the entire coupon list would show if you increase the quantity of an item.
  • Fixed the issue where a coupon was shown as available despite different item categories.
  • Fixed the issue where Venia Riding Attire would look unnatural if character customization was done while wearing the attire.
  • Fixed the issue where linking an item in the chat would cause a crash.
  • Fixed the issue which the Kriegsmesser would move when the Dark Knight is sailing the Epheria Sailboat.

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