03/12/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

03/12/2015 Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Dec 03 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, a black desert.

Thurs, 3rd December 2015 patch notes included a total of 71  updates.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.


● When mounting the wijangbok allies have been corrected in the character name to be displayed.

– Only characters that appear in the current situation to the enemy character names are not visible.

● Def efficiency calculation method for all characters has been improved.

● knocked down, and then over all the states bound character lay down on the ground as happens with catching air smash, smash down the state more than this except for the improvements not to apply a certain amount of time.

● Kunoichi, Valkyrie, if you wear this hat canapés for graphical options of this phenomenon appears to be abnormally low Rangers have been corrected.

● Wizards, two minutes from the lips icon image has been enhanced to make it easier to customize the Warrior character.


● Kahn projection pitches when worn some body is unnatural phenomenon has been modified.


● This resource is marked as relevant description in the description has been modified by EP mentality.

● Some rangers hair graphical representation has been improved when adjusting the length naturally in style in the customization screen.

● Seconds: Wind gathered Shoots description of the technology ‘play: the wind together will increase attack range than shooting techniques. ” The explanation of this phenomenon, which has been fixed is missing.


● When you attach an awakening in the arms dyed pearl shop window and intermittently talisman unseen phenomena has been modified.

● damage when used during cooldown Shadow capture technology has been modified to be reduced.

● Effect of blade technology has been modified to summon the dark phenomenon not seen in the other side screen.


● When using the technique of canceling the raid 5 seconds beasts attack, casting, movement speed reduced 10-15 percent this phenomenon does not apply has been fixed.

● The development of abnormal behavior in ↓ + Q has been corrected.

● All the waiting time for jump shot has been modified to avoid predators hunting in technology.

●  If you press and hold the keys of F predator hunting skills using this technique is not used in a continuous phenomenon has been fixed.

● Take mechigi, stir bodies hit rock mechigi example, corpse-bearer technology used in the attack rate has been fixed to prevent being affected by the down-and synergistic effects.

● Take mechigi, stir bodies hit rock mechigi example, corpse-bearer technologies default rate has increased slightly during use.


● heukrang: you Swipes technology has been modified.

– It has been modified so that the stiffness effect is applied when hitting success.

– It has been modified to be super armor status of the technology used.

– However, stiffness and super armor status of the cooldown is not applicable.

● heukrang: The cooldown has been modified so that the technology can Swipes 1Lv 9 seconds from 1 seconds per level decreased.

● heukrang: Swipes this mentality to consumption III technology has been fixed.

● heukrang: PvP Damage to wield the whip technique has been raised.

● heukrang: super armor was modified to state that the fear of the beating technologies.

● heukrang: Beat the Fear V, VI maintain a posture in technology and the ability to attack has been deleted.

● heukrang cooldown of beating technology of terror has been modified so that 1Lv reduced to 15 seconds from 1 seconds per level.

● determining the scope of a future heaven horizontal technologies has been increased slightly.


●  Desert wijangbok horn bow shape this phenomenon by Aker Guard horn bow shape has been modified.

[Blader, Plum]

● waterspout and tribulations: PVP damage when the red moon skills has been increased.

● The cooldown has been reduced blooming technology.


● has been modified so that you can hide cloak Ben Sligo costumes worn during setup.


●  After mounting the desert wijangbok graphics unnatural phenomenon has been modified in some operations.


● If the helmet is closed costumes this phenomenon does not open in combat stance it has been fixed.


● eksi frozen poles to the symptoms that chapter over potential breakthrough when defense shield decline has been fixed.

● The icon and the banner of the pavement floor decoration has been fixed.

● New pet dog curls have been added.

– Curly Dog

● imperial cuisine, pension delivery price has been increased.

● imperial cuisine, the chance has been increased tension comes out of the box when delivered high ratings from the pension.

● imperial cuisine, pension delivery min / max settings of the initialization inventories have been adjusted.

● The weight of the leap has been reduced.

– Green (Magic) General leap rating: 1.00LT -> 0.50LT

– Blue (rare) General leap rating: 0.80LT -> 0.70LT

– Green (Magic) Party leap rating: 1.20LT -> 0.75LT

– Blue (rare) Ratings party Elixir: 1.50LT -> 1.00LT

● The potential breakthrough +5 hermit’s life experience can increase the blessed life has been increased.

● The additional effect of the higher dish, pensions tools have been applied.

– Greater Cooker: Cooking time of 1 second reduction

– Greater alchemical tool: pension reduced time of 1 second

● cooking, adjust the minimum production time was 1:00 seconds pension.

● The icon of the five kinds of items used in poultices red battlefield has been fixed.

[Battlefield] health poultices moment (extra large)

[Battlefield] mentality poultices moment (extra large)

[Battlefield] can be enriched herbs

[Battlefield] health poultices (extra large)

[Battlefield] mentality poultices (extra large)

● The palette of Merv has been added to the dye window.

– The palette of Merv is a palette of all colors available.

– However, you must use after purchasing the item shop to use in Perl.

– Items that are not available for general dyeing, bleaching After this case, you can use all the stained area.

– If you are an existing dye on dyed items in palettes of Merv, all the colors are applied to the existing initialized.

– When Merv palette of colors is applied to the usage period has expired, that feature does not appear, when you update using the color display is applied in the previous period.

[Background, NPC, effects, other]

● The Aker costume cape movement of Valkyries have been improved naturally.

● Acacia leaves the store, advanced acacia leaves, teuksangpum this phenomenon can not be sold Acacia leaves have been modified.

● has been added to the knowledge of the operations supervisor Barbara Island Ilia.

● knowledge of ephedra has been modified to work supervisor Ah Leah Delph to learn through dialogue.

● Alti Nova Patrizia Geo NPC’s position has changed.


● next level and difficulty of the monsters have been relaxed.

– Red Nose, Kia’s, cowardly begeu, Titi Stadium, South Neil siege Colon


● Completed the fort and the command post has been adjusted to prevent the demolition.

● If the end of the second person on board technical shot two people hold the horse does not experience this phenomenon rise has been fixed.

[Referral and knowledge]

● Haas called cliff, toon Belgrade after finding the forest stronghold stronghold stronghold city manager and dialog buttons found this phenomenon has been modified.

● Added a new referral.

– Contribute] to contribute to the village road

– Contribution] other important mission of the Cross

– Contribution] way to contribute to the people

– Contribution – Red Oak sweeps

– Contribute] to contribute to the village road

– Contribution] fanatic sweep

● Hirsch knowledge content has been modified.

● This phenomenon can not catch a referral request target species has been modified in some fishing.



● Red victory in the battlefield, defeat, the sound has been added when reversing.

● The scroll pet list has been modified to operate in an abnormal phenomenon.

● resurrected in a state of mounting a full-length in the red wijangbok score after the city wijangbok off location fixes phenomena that appear abnormally.

● Status of the channel in the channel move UI display has been added.

● underwear view button has been added.

– In safe areas only they showed themselves in their underwear, invisible to the other characters.

– Jangbichang you can see the Settings button at the bottom.

● The design of victory and defeat messages in red battlefield has changed.

● The investment required is already appearing on the investment contribution based menu phenomenon has been fixed.

● former stronghold, the former occupying one of the guild fought at the local message ‘- was determined the winner of the’ changed to.

● The actual image of the NPC has been fixed goekeu different phenomenon and understanding images.

● making new Imperial Delivery, fishing NPC’s knowledge of typographical errors have been corrected.

● When you invest or recovering the contributions to the hub, this phenomenon does not apply to the contribution levels of the world map has been fixed.


● During the horse racing has been modified so that you can participate in the battle of the same red channel.

● phenomenon that can continue after the departure position in the red battlefield has been fixed.

● Some home purchases this phenomenon represented by no applications have been corrected.

– If all of the changes to the storage house.

● If the snow fall has been added to show the world map based information window.

– The weather is displayed depending on the extent to snow or heavy snowfall snowing.

Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

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