01/02/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

01/02/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Feb 02 Tansie  
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Greetings Adventurers,

Found below are the content update patch notes for the February 1, 2017 update. This update features the Level 50 Content Guides, Golden Treasure Chests, and the end of our recent Pearl Store Sale with up to 30% savings on selected items. The patch file size will be 769 MB in total.



       [Margoria Event 2] Sebrianca’s Warrant Card Event has started!

       Start: Feb. 2nd, 2017

       End: Feb. 15th, 2017

       Players participating in gathering activities have a chance to obtain the [Event] Serbianca’s Warranty Card item, in which two of these can be traded in for a single Log in Trent.

       Please note that the Serbianca’s Warranty Card currently says that it is only obtainable via underwater gathering. However, this is not correct; it can be obtained from any type of gathering.

       The in-game pearl shop sale has come to an end.

       A Valentine’s Day altar has been added to various major towns (Valia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova and Valencia).

[ System ]

       Level 50+ Content guide has been added.

       The guide introduces various level 50+ activities players may participate in and enjoy.

       The window will automatically open after reaching level 50 and entering a safe zone.

       The guide will also automatically open upon reaching level 52. Afterward, you may manually open the guide by visiting the main menu [ESC] and clicking the [Knowledge Base] button.



        The Title [All of Me] has been added.

       This is included with the purchase of the Valentine Costume, [Heidel Masquerade Costume Set].

       When the item is obtained, [All of Me] title is activated, and can be used even when the costume is no longer worn.

       In addition to the new title, players who purchase the costume will also gain a new social action [Masquerade] to use.

Please note that the Title and Social Action from this are only granted when purchased from the Pearl Shop, you will not get them if you buy these items from the Market Place.

       Players can now preview the music from the jukebox prior to purchasing the item from the pearl shop.

       After applying a pearl shop wallpaper to your house, mold will no longer show on the wallpaper.

       Black Magic Crystal – Cobelinus’ item description has been corrected.

       It now correctly displays “Pasvinder in Heidel” instead of Calpheon.




       Golden Treasure Chest and Gold Key has been added.

       Gold keys can now be used to open Golden Treasure chests.

       Items found in Golden Treasure Chests can be sent to the inventory.

       Players may exchange their existing silver keys at the NPC named Morco, which can be found in major cities throughout the game world.



       Black Spirit’s Adventure sound can be turned on or off.

       Follow these steps to disable the sounds: [ESC]→[Settings]→[Audio]→[Sound Effects]

       The ability to adjust Sound Effect Volume functionality for Black Spirit’s Adventure will be updated in a future patch. 

       These changes are only applied after it has been adjusted in the settings, and saved. It will not affect the active sound levels while the Black Spirit Adventure Game window remains open until the window has been closed and re-opened once.


Known Issues:

1. Currently, the ‘Golden Treasure Chest’ can only appear on land and cannot be found in the sea. This is a bug that will be resolved during the next maintenance.

2. Halloween-themed screenshots may randomly appear in the log-in screen. These screenshots will be removed during the next maintenance.



  • Now you can obtain “Bottle with a Note” by spearfishing.
    • There is a chance of obtaining a treasure map upon opening a Bottle with a Note.

    • Right-click the treasure map to receive a treasure hunting quest.

    • Based on the quest content, figure out the location of the treasure and dig it up.

    • Hand over the treasure to Marzana in Ibellab Oasis to receive Sealed Golden Treasure Chest as a reward.

      • Use a Gold Key to open the Sealed Golden Treasure Chest.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/129577-patch-notes-february-1st/


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