15/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]


15/03/2017 Patch Notes [EU/NA]

Greetings Adventurers,


Found below are the patch notes for this week.  This week the Black Spirit’s Adventure has returned, we have added several Dark Knight costumes, and of course, we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. The patch this week is ~400 MB.




  • Black Spirit’s Adventure has returned!

    • Roll the dice a maximum of 3 times per day for a chance to receive prizes.

    • Event Dates:

      • Starting after the maintenance on 3/15/2017

      • Ending with maintenance on 4/19/2017

  • St. Patrick’s Day Mini Event begins!

    • To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, all players will receive beer on 3/17. Please check your in-game mail on this date to find your delivery of beer!

    • What’s Included:

      • [Event] Cold Draft Beer (x10)

      • [Event] Cold Dark Beer (x10)

* The event rewards will be obtainable from your mail until 3/31 after which the unclaimed mails will be deleted.

  • Additional St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!

    • The following item has been added to the Loyalties Shop for 1 Loyalty in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day:

      • Green Dye Box Bundle

    • Additional Details:

      • A limit of a maximum of three purchases per family name of the Green Dye Box Bundle for 1 Loyalty point.

    • Event Dates:

      • Begins after maintenance on 3/15/207

      • Ends with maintenance on 3/22/2017


  • The following crafting recipes of  Dark Knight outfits have been added. They can be crafted in Costume Mill via workers:

    • [Dark Knight] Calpheon Noble Dress

    • [Dark Knight] Garnier Troupe Outfit

    • [Dark Knight] Serendian Iron Suit

    • [Dark Knight] Orwen Travel Clothes

    • [Dark Knight] Jarette’s Armor

    • [Dark Knight] Delphe Knights Outfit

    • [Dark Knight] Thermian Casual

  • The following 7 outfits become available in game.

    • [Dark Knight] Calpheon Noble Dress

    • [Dark Knight] Garnier Troupe Outfit

    • [Dark Knight] Serendian Iron Suit

    • [Dark Knight] Orwen Travel Clothes

    • [Dark Knight] Jarette’s Armor

    • [Dark Knight] Delphe Knights Outfit

    • [Dark Knight] Thermian Casual

* The above outfits can be transformed by using ‘Equipment Tailoring Coupons’ to give it an amity of +15% (* Since the basic effect of ‘Calpheon Noble Dress’ is Amity 15%, This item will get  additional effect of  Movement Speed +2) . After the transformation, the costume can be equipped in the same slot as a pearl costume but can’t be registered to the marketplace.

  • Calpheon Noble Dress & Garnier Troupe Outfit

    • These outfits can be crafted after purchasing the design blueprint from Merv (NPC) in the Capital of Calpheon.

  • Orwen Travel Clothes

    • Get the design blueprint from Yaz (NPC) located on the 2nd floor of Valley Lily Inn in Heidel in order to craft Orwen Travel Clothes.

  • Jarette’s Armor

    • Get the ‘Craft Permit: Golden Armor with Patterns’ and ‘Craft Permit: Finest Female Casual Clothes – Women’ from Carolin (NPC) first then purchase the design blueprints from Ornella (NPC) in order to be able to craft Jarette’s Armor.

  • Delphe Knights Outfit

    • Get the ‘Delphe Knights Certificate of Contribution’ as a quest reward from Jeron (NPC) at Delphe Knights Castle and exchange it with Granbill (NPC) for the design blueprint to craft the Delphe Knights Outfit.

  • Thermian Casual

    • The design blueprint can be obtained from Ornella (NPC) in Heidel by purchasing it from the amity shop.

    • Old Casual (Female), which is needed in order to craft Thermian Casual, can be obtained by Drying; processing menu (L key) Washed-Up Laundry that can be obtained from fishing.

Pearl Shop Update



  • Guild War Declaration Rule Changes.

    • Guilds who do not possess a node or a region CAN declare a guild war on any guild.

  • When exchanging Black Spirit Soul Water X10 for a Magic Crystal of the Sun – Assault, you will now receive the correct item.

  • Players will no longer collide with destroyed Hwachas.



  • Margoria Screenshot Event Winners screenshots have been removed from the game due to the event period ending.

  • In the Quest UI, text displaying region names that have yet to be discovered have been fixed.


  • Fixed the issue where auto pathing would be interrupted if a Guild Ping is set on the map.


Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/135539-patch-notes-march-15th-2017/

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