Warrior Great Sword coming 22/10/2015

Warrior Great Sword coming 22/10/2015

Oct 16 Tansie  
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Hello, you adventurers!
September 10, we released the Ninja class and now we are giving you another big update! Have you seen our previous post about the awakening weapon system?
Warriors currently use a sword and shield,  great swords will soon be available for warriors too!
Finally today, we can give you some more information about the Warrior Awakening weapon and a schedule for when this will take place!
Thursday, October 22, 2015
Please enjoy the awakening of weapons systems updated with the newly powerful warrior born!
◈ Warrior Awakening Combat Video

Admire the first look of the new Warrior using a Great Sword!


Following the Warrior, Sorcerer and Giant weapon awakening is also coming soon!
It will be more enjoyable and interesting services to the black desert to try.
Thank you.


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