Warrior Awakening and Harpy Boss

Warrior Awakening and Harpy Boss

Oct 21 Tansie  
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Awakening the Warrior Weapons  Sword and
Slayer’s expanse harpy queen  is Karan
October 22, 2015 gets more powerful the black desert!
Please enjoy the activities of the Warrior armed with new powers.

Good morning. You adventurer!


The last weapon of public awareness through the GM notes Warriors ‘bayonet’ Following the Battle of the image,

The new Commission and the new chief introduces the Monster appeared to gain awareness weapons!


[GM notes] new forces, new skills! Awakening the Warrior Weapons public image! Go to see;


‘Vigilance commission, and to test the strength of adventurers to get the awakening weapons

So far, the public did not form bosses ‘Karan is’ and new to the reward!

Please expect a more robust black desert, October 22, 2015!

Warrior, be acquiring weapons awakening!


“Brothers of the goyen, hold the sword of faith.”

Yongbyeongdan past story ~ ~ goyen


Goyen yongbyeongdan is nowhere to go with the story of each one, nothing more was no place to keep those who gathered to live.


Chapter mercenaries goyen neungsukhi dealt a huge steel bayonet is sturdy enough of a male key. 

This increases the number of outstanding swordsmanship skills went down goyen mercenary is  brought skills Sanya mirror each other.

Ssatyeoman also went along with the reputation of yongbyeongdan accumulate skills.

They vowed to be a brother to each other so together.


Then  one day, was subjected to a request from the lion’s dandelrion

In exchange was the proposal to promote the full goyen yongbyeongdan to dandelrion Knights. 

If you only win riches and fame, and they all had a chance to be a framework that can be settled somewhere.


One accepts the request goyen yongbyeongdan promised the Victory Day,

It was the last smile of yongbyeongdan brothers.


Goyen yongbyeongdan did not receive reinforcements during the war of dandelrion realize they are just shielding yeoteum atda.

Goyen is dead and gone away even bayonets of goyen in place.


Only members have barely surviving mercenaries oechyeotji multiple goyen,

Dandelrion was eventually defeated in the war on hold when lakh  was buried in dwiangil history.


Brothers who have vowed on the spot.

Norago chatget be filled with the spirit of goyen disappeared ‘Sword of goyen.





◈ awakening Commission
When the Warrior Weapons awakening commissioned more than 56 levels, without other conditions, you may receive through the black spirits.
Past goyen yongbyeongdan can reach the story step by step bayonet awakening to the beginning.

<If more than 56 levels, you can proceed with your request through the Black Spirits Awakening!>
The main request consists of seven pieces, he commissioned three additional awaits adventurers in you.
The process of referral is not easy increased, the median had the ability to deal with the monsters of the region face
It will be enough to solve all requests.
Even if his father ever in power, progress is also a good idea to create a guild or party with other adventurers.
When you have completed all articles commissioned by the NPC questions emerging in the media
You can receive a total of three mercenary skills with steel bayonet weapon as a reward.
Sword usage associated with the action, etc. You do not need to worry, you can learn from the article in question.
This finishes the whole process of combat skills window (K key) Weapons tab on the awakening will be able to acquire the bayonet techniques.
◈  awakening weapons technology
Awakening weapons technology is available through conventional combat skills window (K).
When you have finished all your requests safely, you can see all the available technologies.

<Technique awakening weapons technology tab at the top of (K) will create a new>
◈  representative list of technologies
Knowledge of the warrior is typically manifested weapons as follows.
Most of the technology is to use a large two-handed weapon as is done with a powerful and spectacular attacks.

Significantly when rotated twice and stopped after rotating stand twice gives a massive damage to enemies around
The more powerful attacks over the enemy to harm the tree.
After hitting the enemy hard to put a bayonet attack, dealing massive damage to enemies attacking it fell down to beat.
Sunder grave
Ohreumyeo jump from left to right in place Whack a strong ground attack and strongly bear out
The attacks inflict massive damage to enemies around.
Flow: Dead Sunder
Jumping forward rotation of the high jump and the location of enemies falling to the ground after a strong Whack Attack
The strongest attacks inflict damage.
Flow: Wildcat Strike
Gather a group of body wielding a bayonet strongly inflict damage to enemies in front of a very powerful
The attack makes the combat disabled.


Harpy Queen’s, it appeared Karan
Now, approaching the Queen appeared in the New World Karan heads the Monster harpy!

The expanse of the murderer, the Karan


Harpy thoroughly collective life that are selected for the strongest female in the crowd with their heads.

This is called the head of the starter with Karan.


Karan important reason is because the approach is bearing its eggs in the crowd of harpy harpy of a number of Karan but this harpy bitch.

This practice is dedicated to Karan harpy that I wake up in embraces Al approached Karan

Section There are two scholars to conjecture assuming allegiance and relevant.


Sometimes that Karan newly selected to the power of their own overconfidence and herd

Other creatures and beolindago the festival to indiscriminately slaughter.


The haechiwooneun powerful harpy queen Karan can get different weapons dandelrion box as a reward.


◈  Queen of the Harpy, the bosses Karan

Curran appeared in the ridge area called the harpy lair that Karan and  existing  large jakana  unlike the press Verbier
Because the shape of the head haeohneun a variety of attacks from the air  adventurer now have a different pattern kkajiwaneun
Attack her will be.
Damage that Karan was equipped strong character near and far,  to cast a wide area attacks that target.
It’s wise to avoid the unconditional body when she is ready for wide-area attacks fearsome ohreumyeo flew high into the air.
In addition, it may call to his own bodyguard when you want that Karan is disadvantageous.
Since this is more of an adventurer who would be this attack only equalize with breathing.

·  Knowledge of the Karan is a harpy hunter NPC Karan is on a ridge  clock master, you can get through.
·  If successful, the attack Karan, all adventurers of the desired ultimate  awakening weapon you can get.
·  Awakening weapon’s name is  dandelrion weapon boxes and will be the best equipment, in particular for the Warriors.
·  Other job  later awakening weapons, you can get a weapon that suits you open the box you will have been released.



◈  harpy queen Karan combat the image

Admire the look of the new bosses Karan armed with fearsome claws and wings!


※ The picture Sorcerer weapons awakening finish is a surprise to the public. Do not miss out!

It will be a black desert trying to service the more enjoyable.

thank you.

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