Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Translated Patch Notes (KR)

Feb 04 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, Black Desert..

Thurs, 4th February 2016 translated patch notes include new items along with 60 additional changes.
For details of this update, please see below for details.
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● A special event in the old costume was changed to always progress.

– Date: January 14, 2016 until Thursday – a separate guide

You can exchange your old clothes to <Shout to Augsburg> or <Crohn’s Stone>.

[Back to the event page directly]


● February combat experience 200%! A hot-time event is in progress.

– Primary: Fri, February 5th 16:00 ~ Sun, February 14th when 24

– 2nd: Fri, February 19th 16:00 ~ Sun February 21st when 24

– 3rd: Fri, February 26th 16:00 ~ Sun, February 28th when 24

– Special hot-Time: Sun, February 7th ~ 9th (Tues.) 18 am to 24 are governed combat experience 300%.

[Back to the event page directly]


● The progress is one New Year is celebrated Mileage events.

– Date: Fri, February 5th, 2016 – Wed, February 10th

– The duration of the event in-game store Pearl (F3)> tab mileage will be a [stand] and the grab-bag rice cake soup 1 miles!

[Back to the event page directly]


● Setting Memorial 福 popping jackpot sangpumjeon event is in progress.

[Back to the event page directly]

– Jackpot event halinjeon

Date: February 4, 2016 (Thursday) – Sun February 14th

Chance of good luck from the comfort features products can be purchased at a discount to the Costume Set!


– Description Limited Time Offer Now!

Date: February 4, 2016 (Thursday) – Sun February 14th

– In rare treasure chest in a special event at ryurik Meet luck!



● Distance of the first chase III technology has been successfully modified.



● Flow: Using this technology craze associated technology has improved naturally after use.

● has been modified to apply the technology used in wind step increase defense effectiveness.

● has been modified to use a cooldown of Bon technology of wind.

– During the cooldown reduced damage, knock back, attack speed / movement speed reduced degradation unapplied

● When seolbim battle after wearing costumes representing this attitude in some parts of the body unusual phenomenon has been fixed.

● Outer clothing worn during the hermit trainer can this abnormal phenomenon has been fixed.



● flow: PvP damage when the battered technology has been slightly reduced.

● characters to stop this phenomenon in a particular behavior has been modified after mounting the awakening weapons.



● level of arousal techniques embargo ditch when the phenomenon has been fixed up as a system message.



● description of the following items has been improved and intuitive.

– Cooking, Elixir, Potion, pensions analysis, current pet food

● The following message has been modified World is not output when picked items.

– Earrings Mesto

● The item has been added to the room PC dealers selling.

– [PC room – Health Potion (very large)

– [PC room] Spirit Potion (very large)

– [PC room] life moment Potion (Small)

– [PC room] life moment Potion (Medium)

– [PC room] life moment Potion (Large)

– [PC room] life moment Potion (very large)

– [PC room] Spirit moment Potion (Small)

– [PC room] Spirit moment Potion (Medium)

– [PC room] Spirit moment Potion (Large)

– [PC room] Spirit Potion moment (extra large)

● The following two new leap and knowledge has been added.

– Leap years

Leap years running –

[Party] leap years

[Party] leap years running

– Elixir of Obedience

Elixir of seasoned Obedience –

[Party] Elixir of Obedience

[Party] Elixir of seasoned Obedience

* The effect of leap years: increasing life experience

* Elixir effect of Obedience: Horse experience increased

※ Look for the golden recipe for the creation of a new leap!

● Christmas decor furniture This phenomenon does not apply to this point bonus points have been fixed.

● The basic attributes of the following items has been increased.




Ring of Outlaws

ATK + 2 / + 4 Defense / +50 maximum endurance

ATK + 3 / + 4 Defense / maximum global output +50


● strengthen the ability of the following items have been added.




Signet of Ancient Protector

Damage +2

ATK + 2 / + 1 DEF


● In the luxury [to find the treasure of Valencia Continuous commissioned decorative necklace peaceful, also Eliza’s little treasure, gold coins desert items were acquired probability slightly upward.

● When mounting the North Valle appearance of a fishing rod, fishing rod Dieppe Leah has changed.

● Damage of arousal techniques have been modified to be affected in the damage of main weapon and weapon awakening.

● The new item can be obtained from the Valencia region Part2 hunting has been added.

– A soiled collar sichil

– Necklace sichil


[ Content]

● In August when three horses acquired through the crossing only been modified to birth steed message appears.

● 5 three words have been changed so that you can acquire the skills to move to the low side of probability.

● 6 ~ 8 three words has been increased probability that can be learned lateral movement skills.

● The setting has been changed in terms of price movement skills in a village market.

● The new title has been added.

– Wicked Prince

– Single- 0 shares

– There is no master / haul your lazy chairs WING / temple / I’m stronger than you.

– Tears overpowered by covering the front / elite stage / janakkaena think haul / ethnic battles

– Being in lucid / predator / Lords of the Sulfur mine

– Mean / eyes envision a pitch / free

– Awakened on horseback hunting

– Hunting drinkers of the wind

– Yieoganeun a living by hunting

– Expand the wings

– Cried even go rike Bear Hunter

– Brother of goyen yongbyeongdan

– Descendants in Cartier

– Giant Leap

– Little Sister Wood

● Asset Management Office during iterations, the result is abnormal phenomenon occasionally appear in the warehouse has been modified.

● The top equipment in the equipment sub-phenomena that are not continuous repairs maximum durability repair has been fixed.

● If you try to quickly collect during successive sampling bottle fixes the aura symptoms and empty bottles items consumed twice.

– The one-second delay has been added to retry after collecting bottles.


[Referral, knowledge]

● [Let’s Kill the tree spirits!] It has been an increase in the number of requests goal.

Original: Elemental five young trees, two trees grew less spirits, spirits mature trees 2

– Change: Young trees 10 decrees, five less grown tree spirits, tree spirits mature 2

● [Combat Upgrades – get directions from Forio support request has been successfully modified.

● When trading masters level greater than 1, it is not possible to get a desert oasis belrap trading in the buff has been modified.

● ‘popular products of Carl lady peon’, ‘Many girls dream’, this phenomenon has been modified to “Alti Nova skin of the upper class ‘, cross the confirmation do not complete the request” parade of endless research’ action.

● has changed ‘top Xian voucher’ location ‘rehabilitation at the top of Xian’ request.



● The exchange has been added to the ESC menu.

● The use of detachable quick-slot approach has changed.

– You can move the Quick Detachable slot in the UI to edit mode, or set to use.

● it has been modified to show only the number of guild battle victory in the guild ranking.

● Improved Symptoms of intermittent error messages in certain situations.

● warehouse symptoms overlap a button UI processing and exchange has been corrected.

● A typographical errors have been corrected in the description of the outbuildings world map.

– Or DOWN / Italian / outbuilding of syandi

● Y shortcut is set to challenge rewards the Finishing tab open.

● party location icon on the minimap has been modified so that it is displayed in the top position when requested icons and overlap.

● About description of the adventurer in your life priority this phenomenon that appears in the unusual position has been fixed.

● The sound effects have been added when you click on the escape, exchanges, red battlefield, move channels from the ESC menu.

● My Information window intermittent challenges specific information in this phenomenon seems to have been fixed in abnormal.

● Some UI fixes the exchange items that are unusual phenomenon exposed in certain situations.

● Changed the icon image of a leap items.

– Leap items of the same effects are displayed in the same color, the color-coded depending on the effectiveness of each jump.






Red / Yellow



For auxiliary




● When a character Durability Durability UI appears to decrease, a phenomenon that is also displayed in the UI durability of the other characters around have been corrected.

● workers has been modified to correctly display the entire list of the workers of the world map window command post during construction work.

● sort Guild energy / contribution in the guild status window has been fixed to work properly.

● The status window open exchange Pets Pets has been changed so that the eject button is disabled.

● Pets replacement window has been fixed typos.

● This phenomenon has been shown to modify the contents of the dialog occasionally overlap.

● A description of some of the furniture item typos have been fixed in perl stores.



● This is a non-intermittent operation after finding the water boarding award phenomenon has been fixed.

● ESC – Game – has been modified so that you can set the camera-related shortcuts on the shortcut for input.

● ESC> Game> Initialize Pad list of shortcuts UI item has been modified to correctly apply.

We  hope you have more fun in Black Desert!

◈ Setting commemorative clothing popping jackpot sangpumjeon
One event! Jackpot halinjeon
– Time: February 04, 2016 (Thursday) after checking ~ February 14, 2016 (Thursday) 24 pm
– Contents: Weight, bags, warehouses convenience, functionality and product discounts up to 20% weight gain possession (250LT) Limited launched and former professional weapons, costumes set off
* Discount items and prices, please check the top of the list at the bottom of the notice.
Both events! Precious treasure chest launch of the feast Limited ryurik
– Time: February 04, 2016 (Thursday) after checking ~ February 14, 2016 (Thursday) 24 pm
– Contents: You can purchase the precious treasure chest During the event ryurik.
Novelty items in the box when you purchase the precious treasure chest ryurik ryurik 1, a rare item in the box ryurik 1, can be obtained five rice cake soup,
You can obtain the item in each box of one chance in use.

“Release Product Information”

※ sale items may vary from the images below, and are subject to change.
※ The costume may look different depending on whether you wear underwear, and other accessory items.
Perl is ※ buy the item may not be registered on the stock exchange in accordance with item properties.
◈ Event

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