Translated Patch Notes 21/01/2016

Translated Patch Notes 21/01/2016

Jan 21 Tansie  
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The MMORPG, black desert.

Thursday, 21st January 2016 patch notes included changes to
the enchanting system along with  44 additional updates and is approximately 372MB.
For details of this update, refer to the information below.
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● PC room benefits have been changed.

– Additional combat experience acquired: 30% → 50%

– Add party experience acquired: deleted



● Flow: rushing wind skill described in the available spaces have been added after the phrase bon right of the wind.

● Elemental sword has been modified to maintain the movement status when switching to a non-combat status of the run.

● When replacing the sword in the spirit with Longbow any state transition rate has been increased.

● After shooting has been modified to avoid an explosion hit a public shooting normally apply.

● Intermittent roots down skill is not activated phenomenon has been modified.

● After use flows Guardian skill: the call of the sky when using the finishing operation has been modified naturally.

● When switching from one state to the wind walk mount skill Longbow mentality, this phenomenon has been fixed is not consumed.

● cooldown Howling winds knock back the technical description has been added to this explanation does not apply.



● The left click of the deceased devastated when Slash attack technique used has been modified to be used immediately.



● When using rock for mechigi technical damage that this phenomenon applies to inflated been fixed.


[Wizard & Witch]

● lightning, fireball, cool mist skill prior behavior has been modified a little faster when you use them.

● Freeze skill is used has been fixed speed when concrete is flying faster than ever.

● blizzard (with poles), falling meteors, lightning (black spirits of energy) when using character has been modified to look to match the orientation of the camera.

● Multiple magical arrows skill is being modified to be used during cooldown, when used during cooldown has been set so that damage is reduced.

● condensation skill used in the magic arrow for a knockdown effect monsters, characters have been modified so that the stiffness effect is applied.



● This phenomenon has infused this magic tool that is sold in stores have been corrected.

● Some dishes, of the description of the Elixir ‘damage’ was modified to ‘damage’.

● location, wizards Kunoichi, ninja character Pennsylvania seungmabok wear costumes and head area Hide OFF setting has been modified a phenomenon that is not properly applied.

● The number of Blackstone when needed breakthrough potential force of arms and armor and mitigation, reduced the maximum levels of durability has been increased.

– Weapon

– Armor


● The potential breakthrough exchange registration amounts of force when necessary weapons and armor black potential that breakthrough has been adjusted slightly adjusted depending on the number of stones.

● outbuildings invitation has been modified to be sold in shops.

● intermittent symptoms that an error has been fixed when clicking the register button within the exchange goods.

● The system output in combination with items acquired during the message content has been improved briefly.

● The appearance of samurai armor mouse keys Valley A, B, when the durability is worn has been corrected to display properly.

● Kunoichi has been modified so that the inner city Silesia appearance when worn properly displayed.

● Value Package (15) This phenomenon is described in the product bundle discount is misspelled been fixed.

– Exchange receipts of 20% -> 30%, living / Skill / EXP say 20% -> 30%

● If you delete the request related items during the course of treasure worth commission it has been modified so let’s get back to the village Arenas warehouse NPC becomes part of Rome.



● stamina and damage of some monsters has been increased to Valencia.

-Collar elite fighters

– Infantry reinforcement Kurdistan

– Card reader sturgeon projection

– Desert fighter pogeon

– Crescent Moon Guardian

– I Commanding Officer desert

– Sandstorm Elite Section

● intermittent phenomenon Imp Summon monsters from the sulfur package was modified.

● roving bandits fighting has been added to the Belt of the Gladiator Schultz drop items.



● The traders do not sell trade goods has been changed to apply the desert trade Buff 50%.

● If you enter automatically move after boarding the carriage when entering the desert This phenomenon does not slow down the speed of the carriage has been fixed.


[Referral, knowledge]

● This introductory knowledge quiz has been deleted.

● Some of the descriptions knowledge typographical errors have been corrected.



● If you open the UI have been fixed pulse dye mixed bag to be opened.

● Taking screenshots on Beauty Shop UI / screenshots Open Folder button has been added.

● Game Settings> Settings part of the screen (texture quality, antialiasing, depth-of-field, far-quality, SSAO) is explained by the screenshot has been supplemented.

● The gender filter was added to the town market.

● The notification window phenomenon is not a vessel registered in the ship listing status open in the marina has been fixed.

● The speed can be purchased at NPC store purchase during continuous improvements more quickly.

● has been modified so that you can set the Alt key on their keyboard shortcut settings.



● This item maximum durability when repaired warehouses phenomenon can not be repaired using the silver has been fixed.

● occasional growing phenomenon on the screen when you take the water board has been modified.


Please have a more enjoyable time on the Black Desert.

[Pearl Store Update]

“Event Information”
◈ My Winter Pet Package Event guide
– Date:  Thurs, January 21st 2016 – Thurs., January 28th 2016
– Description:  Winter pet package 20% discount
※ What is Winter pet package? Little Snowman pet + Penguins pet
“Release Product Information”
※ Sale items may differ from the images below, and are subject to change.

※ The costume may look different depending on whether you wear underwear, and other accessory items.
※ The items purchased in Pearl may not be registered on the item market in accordance with item attributes.
◈ Pets


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