Sorceress and Giant 2nd Weapon Awakening Revealed

Sorceress and Giant 2nd Weapon Awakening Revealed

Sep 24 Tansie  
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Hello.  The MMORPG black desert  is.

Find holiday fun comes with rich full moon, celebrated Thanksgiving greetings to raise to you.

I love the black desert adventurer gives you hope that you can send all the holidays restful.

In addition to the black desert and I hope this can give you a greater fun and pleasure for the rest of the year.

Please jisigil greet Thanksgiving with family and friends, followed by happiness and good times with fellow adventurers.

Adventurer Everyone, Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

And more seolrego update of the black desert can be a joyous Thanksgiving notice here ★

It revealed the second awakening of the protagonist weapon systems!

The second weapon systems manifested job
New capabilities more robust and more being added as renewed
Meet the black desert awakening weapons systems right now!

Awakening weapon system that appeared last September 10 unveiled the second half of the black desert trailers updates!
It’s the first to apply to many adventurers to doelgeoran news gave the Warriors get the expectations and interests.
Armor, wielding a huge sword in both hands and charisma even as rough image georige beating did for us!
And today, the second awakening weapon systems applied following the Warrior profession reveal to you.
Awakening the hero of weapon systems with giant sorcerer!
Now please meet at the GM notes.
◈ reaper sickle, sorcerers public awareness weapons
The awakening of the Sorcerer weapons following the Warrior has been released.
Sorcerer weapons awakening of the ‘sickle of the reaper (tentative name) “looks as Vonage Whilst the battle style
This figure is expected to be more suitable to the character concepts that govern the forces of darkness.
Sorcerer is using the sickle of the reaper can be a powerful range attack in large type mowers way and pull enemies.
Hers being able to give great damage to the enemy than the existing wide range of!
Thanks to the show that will exhibit a fairly high power at a large number of monsters hunting Mall.
In addition, the black magic also be possible to view various properties of a grant to better attack the messengers
It will be able to meet in the sorcerers daeinjeon seen a more versatile look.
Like the Reaper’s sickle Warrior Sorcerer it will also be given a dedicated technology,
Traditional charm / lease only other technology which is expected to be added in conjunction with the Equipment.
Please enjoy the new look of charm abound sorcerer to transform!
◈ improved iron gloves Po, the giant public awareness Weapons
Giant awakening of weapons to improved iron gloves contain a (tentative name) it will be added.
The strength and ruthless character must have felt very well suited to the giant and the ability
The more hot and will be dynamic action.
Improved iron gloves po can usually knock an opponent crushed with an iron fist as if wearing gloves
You can hit the enemy attacks with a powerful hand cannon to finish.
Giant style, but so far that damage to all enemies around
Using this improved iron gloves Po seems to be able to see the other aspects to focus firepower on the front target.
This action is also a giant ax linking the existing and improved iron glove of catcher ready.
Also, please forward for the upward mobility of the hand cannon with a rebound!

Followed by a sorcerer warrior, awakening the giant weapon until the system!

I did most adventurers doesi you expect any character?

Select any profession also allows feel the pleasure and charm of the old and the other new  evolution of the black desert will continue!

Please also involved, please get special benefits, with various events to celebrate Thanksgiving in progress.

[Thanksgiving event information and patch notes]

Adventurer deurimyeo ask for your interest and participation of the people sent to entertain the holidays daemyeongjeol no wish to ride a time.

It will be more enjoyable and seamless service to strive for black desert.

Thank you.


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