Late Night Talks with PA – 8th October 2021

Late Night Talks with PA – 8th October 2021

Oct 08 Tansie  
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On October 8, 2021, Pearl Abyss held the third late-night talk. In this broadcast the developers discussed content currently under development and future development plans.This post is a translation of the key points talked about in the broadcast

Official full broadcast in Korean:


PEN Boss Equipment

The current feedback is that the method of creating the “free” PEN Boss Equipment from the Growth pass is too complicated. The growth pass will be changed and rearranged so that it flows more naturally.

As well, the Shai “Sol” weapon is an item made with different intentions that the other class weapons. At this time there will be no way to use this method to enhance PEN Sol weapons. Pearl Abyss apologises to Shai players and promised there will be some sort of compensation/other method for Shais.

Player Feedback

Feedback completed:

  • Ocean content improvements – after class reboot
  • Life skill improvements – after class reboot
  • Altar of Blood and Savage Rift rework – after class reboot
  • Storing treasure items in the family inventory – currently no ETA
  • Damage numbers – currently no ETA

Feedback under review:

  • Improvement of dungeon(?) – changing to a stronger boss summon where the difficulty depends on the number of players that insert the key
  • Alliance system update – this will take too much time to update this node war season
  • Guild Drilling improvements – the goal is to apply this during the node war pre-season but it still needs more time
  • Improvements of the imperial delivery and imperial crafting channel restrictions – currently discussing the impact of removing the channel restrictions
  • Improved OTP (one-time password)

Feedback in progress (example images below):

  • Character customisation and appearance improvements – ranger and wizard have new hairstyles and faces
  • New attendance UI improvement
  • Improvements made to the campsite tent so that it can be placed on more elevations
  • Dye improvements to RGB method

Class Reworks

The class reworks have been completed to a certain extent. However, it took too long to receive the feedback and apply the feedback one by one for each class. Now the development will be changed so that all classes will be released sooner on Global Lab so feedback can be received for all classes.

The new release schedule is shown below:

The current ETA for live server update is early December but this may take longer depending on feedback

New classes will not be released whilst the reboot is in progress so that all of the focus can be on the older classes. The reason for the reboot was to match the performance between old and newer classes.

  • The aim is to balance the PVP of each class, such as damage, crowd control effects, defensive effects (SA/Iframe/Front Guard) and the 3 minute (E buff) for each class.
  • Pearl Abyss are also considering the special passives that the older classes do not have (such as Corsair ability to swim faster). For example: the warrior passive is going to have the concept of a “mercenary”.
  • Fixing class bugs is also a focus for the rework.

Dark Knight Teaser

Valkyrie Teaser

Feedback Forums

The feedback forums were updated in Korea and over the last moth, over 1,000 suggestions have been posted. Pearl Abyss would like to say thank you to all the players who submitted feedback.

The recent feedback is about the pricing of Pearl Costumes and also from life skill players who feel that life skills have been neglected during the grinding zones updates in Valencia and Elvia. The current plan is to update and improve life skills after the class reboot is completed.

Pearl Abyss are also aware that the patch notes can be hard to follow and understand. They are trying their best to make the patch notes more visual so that they are easier to read. The tutorial for new players is also going to be improved.

Guild UI Improvements

Based on player feedback, the recruitment and skill windows will be updated (images below)

In addition, a new marking and ping system will be added. Guilds will be able to assign markers to players in the platoon/party UI.

The new ping system can be used to tell your guild important information using quick commands (shift + 1/2/3/4)

Siege Changes

  • Guild costumes will be automatically given to players during the siege. The colour will be randomly assigned (image example below)
  • A destruction effect will be added to all annexes and forts
  • If a guild occupies a territory they will be able to participate in node wars in another territory
  • Ballista improvements and new “tank” siege weapon will be added

New Content Roadmap

A new content schedule will be uploaded after the class reboot is completed. There are a lot of things that are still the main focus (class reboot and node war/siege is main priority).

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