Late Night Talks with PA – 28th January 2022

Late Night Talks with PA – 28th January 2022

Jan 28 Tansie  
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Late Night Talks with Pearl Abyss continued on 28th Jan 2022 to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Part 1 of the stream was a Black Spirit Adventure Board game hosted by GM Si-eun and the Black Spirit himself. Part 2 of the stream welcomed developer Kim Jae-hee to talk us through upcoming/planned content, and answer questions sent on the BDO KR Forums.

You can catch the official stream at the following links:


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New Region – Land of the Morning Calm

A teaser video was shared showing characters wearing the Tiger Emissary costume. In the backdrop there were Asian inspired buildings, structures and folliage. This was in fact a small teaser of the next region that Pearl Abyss is working on and is called the “Land of the Morning Calm”.

The new region is in very early stages of development but will be an addition to the area behind Port Ratt. After the video, a concept art image was also shared of this new continent across the sea.

Mrawek’s Labyrinth – New Miniboss

The next teaser shown by Pearl Abyss was the design for the new mini-boss that will be added to Mrawek’s Labyrinth. This boss will be coming in the next Global Lab Patch (4th Feb) and is for the 6 man grind spot in the Mountain of Eternal Winter region.

In the grind spot, up to 6 players on each channel can enter a portal into the Labyrinth. Each player will have their own room in the underground maze, and once 6 players have entered, another player isn’t able to join until someone else leaves. There is also a boss that spawns after a certain amount of time in the Labyrinth, but Pearl Abyss would like to add this new miniboss as a reward for players who reach the halfway point.

Upcoming Shai Costume

Concept art for a new Shai “Jester” costume was shared.

Dressing Room Update

Pearl Abyss are currently developing a “Dressing Room/Wardrobe” function for player housing, where players can put their different costumes to be stored. The idea has been delayed in the past because of its low priority, but development has now started.

Upcoming Carrack Skin

The Ocean Patch update is still not available due to bugs and other issues that have come up. Pearl Abyss stated that they need more time to work on the underlying issues of sea content before they can bring any new content patches.

However, due to the overwhelming feedback and suggestions for a Carrack skin to be developed, Pearl Abyss teased a new Carrack skin that is scheduled to be patched to the game very soon.

T10 Dine Preview

Finally, the stream ended with this sneak peak of the Tier 10 Mythical Dine! This magical horse has been teased in the past but we have now seen it for the first time in-game.

The Mythical Dine will be able to run on water for a brief period of time and has a unique water effect.

Developer Q&A

As well as the sneak peaks from today’s stream, Kim Jae-hee took the time to answer some questions from the forums

Q: Compared to the current Valencia and Elvia grind spots, the Mountain of Eternal Winter has a lower hourly profit

A: The grind spots in Mountain of Eternal Winter are not the best grind spots in the game. It may be a mistake on our side, but we didn’t want to always make the newest grind spots higher and higher profit every time. So instead we have focused on adding various rewards and more challenging, fun and unique grinding experiences for our players.

Q: There is no room at the current Elvia grind spots. I heard that the Elvia Server structure is being improved but I would like to know how?

A: I’m aware of the lack of grind spots right now. We think that the core of the issue needs to be solved instead of just adding more areas and recklessly increasing the zones. Currently, the way the servers work is that they are divided into Normal servers and Elvia servers. If you want to grind on an Elvia grind spot, you need to go to an Elvia server. However, we are currently playing with the idea of being able to choose between Eliva or Normal when you enter the area, instead of switching servers (similar to the system on Black Desert Mobile). With this method, we hope that the shortage of grinding spots will be improved.

Q: Will there been an upgrade to Witch Succession?

A: The current hit bug with Fissure Wave will be fixed immediately. There is also a bug where the Black Spirit Rage absorpion is not working correctly when using the Toxic Flood skill. After the reboot we found other problems and we are sorry that it took so long to fix it. The issue where the Flow: Perfect Sign skill addons were not applied is also something we missed, we will fix this straight away.

Q: Will life skill content be improved?

A: We are going to improve all areas were profits are underwhelming. As will the recent update to improve Processing Trade Crates, we plan to proceed with improvements one by one. We would also like to lower the barrier to entry for life skills since the introduction of life skill mastery made it more difficult to get started in life skills.

Q: Speaking of life skills, is there any progression on the ocean update?

A: The ocean update is taking a lot of time. We are really sorry and hope that you enjoy the Carrack skin we are developing.

Q: It seems that convenience updates are been neglected?

A: Convenience updates were slowed down for a while in preperation for the Mountain of Eternal Winter update. We do have some ideas and more patches coming soon and really appreciate the suggestions sent by players. A patch will be coming after the Lunar New Year Holiday, where the farming fence collection time will be increased to 2 weeks.

Q: Is it possible to improve the sorting of items?

A: We will prepare an update to improve the sorting of items by various filters. It is difficult to improve warehouse sorting, but the search function will be updated. We are also developing the dressing room function so that players can store their costumes and remove them to be worn.

Q: Will the cooking and alchemy recipe list be updated to sort by most recent creation?

A: I will discuss this idea with the development team. We also have ideas for other ways to improve the recipe list, such as adding favourites at the top and sorting by the most recently created items.

Q: Is it possible to improve trading and imperial delivery by removing the restrictions on tagged characters?

A: We are worried about the potential abuse that may happen if we fully lifted the restrictions on general trading. We do have plans to improve trading and are considering lifting these restrictions on Imperial Delivery.

Q: Narchillian Weapons are designed for new players, but there are so many classes in the game and players may change their mind. Is it possible to change the weapon?

A: I will proceed with an update immediately so that players can change the weapon for a new class.

Q: Item trash can disposal needs improving

A: We are working on an update so that players can click the trash can icon, then select multiple items to delete at once.

Q: I am curious if there is any news about a new class?

A: The next class is still in very early stages of development.

Q: I am curious if there is any news about the Tier 5 pet?

A: The tier 5 pet is taking longer to develop than we thought. There have been issues with routing that we would like to fix first, but once the development is complete we will share it on the Global Lab.

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