Global Lab Updates – 8th October 2020

Global Lab Updates – 8th October 2020

Oct 08 Tansie  
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Furniture Changes

  • Furniture items that can be obtained by killing sea monsters have been added.
    • You can create a oceanstalker decoration chandelier, and nineshark decoration chandelier in the Level 3 Furniture workshops at Epheria, Calpheon, and Florin using items that can be obtained by killing sea monsters.

New Ranch added to Kamaslyvia

  • Kamasylvia’s Queen Brolina Onette accepted an appeal from a resident of Grana and began operating a ranch with cows from her ally Calpheon.
    • The ranch is located on the left side of the world map, Grana, the capital city.
    • The ranch was operated by <Dreaming Shepherd> Papu and Rosria, and you can meet Phobios, a member of the Xi’an Top, sent from Calpheon.
    • However, you can meet Phobios only after completing the revamped Kamasylvia main quest.

In addition to Grana, there are many opinions to add cows to the capitals Valencia and Odraxia, but this is also being considered. Perhaps, in the case of Valencia, the capital city, it would be a way to use camels rather than cows, taking advantage of the regional characteristics.

Red Battlefield Changes

  •  Red Battlefield Black Desert Team’s position and respawn position have been improved so that it is not too close to the wall.

Aakman Changes

  • A quaint ancient mechanism has been restored at the Aakman Temple. This ancient mechanical device is normally hidden and activates when an intruder appears.
    • When a monster is defeated in the Aakman Temple hunting ground, there is a chance that the Dark Condenser appears and operates.
    • Dark condenser accelerates as time passes, and after a certain period of time, it causes a wide-area explosion, causing damage to nearby adventurers.
    • If the Dark Condenser is destroyed before exploding, a defense reduction debuff is applied to nearby monsters.

Hystria Changes

  • The emergency alert system that did not work in the ruins of Hystria is restored and restarted.
    • When killing a monster in the Hystria Ruins hunting ground, there is a chance that the emergency alert tower will appear and operate.
    • When the emergency alert tower is defeated, the alert level is set by measuring the risk of the intruder.
    • The boundary level is set to 1, 2, and final.
    • Ancient weapon monsters appear around you to eliminate intruders according to the set alert level.
    • The higher the alert level, the more powerful monsters appear than the relatively low level.

Gatekeeper Changes

  •  The gatekeeper of the Crescent Temple, the gatekeeper of the Desert Naga Temple, the gatekeeper of the Titium Valley, and the gatekeeper of the Cadry Ruins have completely absorbed the powerful power gained through the blood ritual of Argos.
    • Through the power acquired through blood consciousness, the guards use more threatening attacks.
    • Also, if you receive extreme damage, you will have a chance to overcome death and move to your own area located nearby to recover.
    • If a certain amount of time passes in your area and the gatekeeper recovers sufficiently, the trace will disappear, but you can obtain loot if you defeat the gatekeeper before that.
    • If you defeat the stronger gatekeepers, you can obtain even more valuable rewards, including mysterious glyphs.
    • As the power of the guards has increased, the time it takes to appear intact again after killing has increased.
    • Improved so that a message is displayed to nearby adventurers when the gatekeeper appears.

▲ Message for the appearance of the gatekeeper (top) / Message when an additional gatekeeper appears in probability (bottom)

Gorgo’s Nightmare Changes

  • Along with Gorgo’s Nightmare, the power of the Basilisk Guardian, who emerged from the Basilisk Lair, began to permeate the nearby Basilisks.
    • The health of the Basilisk Guardian whose power is dispersed has been drastically reduced.
    • Basilisks that have absorbed the power of the Basilisk Guardian have been transformed into Basilisk Guardians, and when using Gorgo’s Nightmare Summon Scroll, the Basilisk Guardian appears in succession up to 5 times.
    • Basilisk Guardians have to deal with them alone as the black energy amplifies and becomes very powerful when fighting multiple adventurers.
    • The Basilisk Petrifying Trainer appearing in Gorgo’s Nightmare has been modified so that the knockback status does not apply when attacking.
    • In Gorgo’s Nightmare, it has been improved so that you can obtain Basilisk Scales when you defeat Basilisks that appear around the Stone Statue and the Guardian.
    • In Gorgo’s Nightmare, if there are no adventurers dealing with the Basilisk Guardian that appears after destroying the Giant Basilisk Statue, the Basilisk Guardian along with the statues will scatter into the nightmare and disappear.
    • For loot that can be obtained from Gorgo’s Nightmare, the item acquisition probability increase buff and the item acquisition quantity increase buff are applied. However, Agris’ heat does not apply.

▲ Basilisk transformed into a Basilisk Guardian by absorbing the power of the Basilisk Guardian

Other Changes

Monster Changes

  • The attack range displayed on the ground when Dark Rift Ahib’s Griffon uses a whirlwind attack has been improved to display more accurately.

QOL Changes

  • The speed of finding items in the warehouse or entrusting them has been improved to become faster.


  • Some of the main quests in the Balenos area have been reworked
    • Newly composed of stories that let you know more deeply about Balenos’ position in the vast world, the hidden story of Cron Castle, which was destroyed a long time ago after the turmoil of the village in Velia, the first town to arrive after the start of the journey. Has been.
    • As the quest was revamped after the first arrival of Velia, the story of Cron Castle has also been changed in depth. After arriving in Velia, the story of the remaining Velia, which was not seen in front, is not left for Serendia immediately. It has been revamped so that you can look around.

Background, NPC, Effect, Cutscene

  • Exchange items have been added to Philaberto Palasi in the port town of Epheria.
    • You can exchange drawings of Epheria light sailing ships/frigates obtained through the'[Daily] Favor of the Palasi Family’.
  • On behalf of Lord Marco Faust Keplan, who is suffering from a hardship in Calpheon, the mining site was built brighter to increase the efficiency of the mining workers.

User Interface Changes

  • When setting the adventurer’s name view, it has been added to set the name in the NPC conversation and party notification message as well.
  • If there is a character with character conversion set, an icon is displayed on the character portrait in the game end UI, so it is added to make it easier to distinguish.
  • When viewing the list of items that can be lent as a contribution degree through a conversation with NPC, the required contribution level and the available contribution level values ​​for each list have been changed to be displayed together.
  • Fishing life-level condition description has been added to the setting for discarding fish during automatic fishing.
  • An icon has been added to distinguish the standard items used in the transition.
  • Notification text has been added to the content that affects the transition item due to the change of the base item.

System Changes

  • The bug where the client stopped intermittently when using the Focus Fire Skill (Q or E) of the Epheria heavy sailing ship has been corrected.

Class Changes

  • Improved to display the cooldown time of emergency escape skill when connecting to a character.


  • Fixed the bug where the position of the weapon was exposed awkwardly when switching weapons during sprinting in Surado state.


  •  Fixed the bug where the attack direction was awkwardly displayed in some sections when rotating the camera while using Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage.


  • Fixed the bug where the character’s expression was displayed awkwardly while using Crouching Wolf and Succession: Crouching Wolf.

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