Global Lab Updates – 3rd September 2020

Global Lab Updates – 3rd September 2020

Sep 03 Tansie  
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Major Update – Nightmare Kzarka

  • Kzarka’s resentment, whose soul was taken by Ilezra, the Sorceress who brought the darkness of the three days to Media, began to absorb the anger of numerous adventurers that blocked the ritual of resurrection. On the day when the absorbed rage reaches its peak, it transforms into a more powerful “Nightmare Kzarka”, covering the skies of Serendia with darkness.
    • As Nightmare Kzarka appeared and darkness fell on Serendia, the Lord of Serendia is recruiting more powerful adventurers to clear this darkness.
    • Kzarka, which creates nightmares, has more power than the existing Kzarka, and if you defeat it, you can obtain even more valuable loot.

World boss Kzarka, can now “sometimes” appear with a new appearance. The new Nightmare Kzarka will be very powerful, as he has regained his prestige as the first world boss of Black Desert. There were requests from players about the changing the world boss, but we also had a lot of concerns. Increasing the difficulty level unexpectedly can damage the existing familiarity, so first of all, we have implemented a new form of Kzarka, which has a chance of turning into the more powerful version (the remaining world bosses will also be changed in order). However, this may change little by little, such as Nightmare Kzarka only appearing in the evening hours, or other methods such as needing a certain amount of players to emerge. If you defeat Nightmare Kzarka, you can get better loot from him than normal Kzarka, however he is also more powerful.

Major Update – New Red Battlefield Map

  • A new map ‘Garmoth’s Nest’ has been added to the red battlefield
    • In this map, Garmoth flies in the air and will randomly attack adventurers
    • The ‘Garmoth of Disaster’ is summoned to the middle ground of the nest, and when destroyed, Garmoth casts a powerful flame attack within the area for 1 minute.
    • However, the flame attack does not damage the team that destroyed the statue.
    • 5 minutes after starting, pots appear throughout the battlefield, and items that grant powerful buffs can be obtained when the pot is destroyed.
    • Unlike the existing Red Battlefield, the spawn location is randomly applied in this area regardless of the team.
    • When entering by selecting the ESC Menu → War → Red Battlefield, the battlefield will proceed from Garmoth’s Nest
    • Garmoth’s Nest battlefield is available in a total of 5 channels
      • Brego Waller-3
      • Delpad Castillion-1
      • Delpad Castillion-2
      • Delpad Castillion-3
      • Sarmain-1

A new map of Red Battlefield Garmoth’s Nest has been added. In a completely different atmosphere from the normal red battlefield, you will be able to feel a little more new with the addition of a strategy element that was not previously available. This is not the end of the red battlefield map’s expansion and changes in rules, but we are considering and testing various things, and we will continue to expand so that you can feel the changes and newness of the existing play.

Major Update – Dream Arduanatt (Tier 10 Horses)

  • A new fantasy horse ‘Dream Aduanat’ has been added
    • Dream Arduanatt is a new fantasy horse that allows you to obtain a different appearance and learn stronger unique skills compared to the exisiting Arduanatt
    • In order to obtain the Dream Arduanatt, you must first prepare a male and female Arduanatt, and then use additional materials to attempt ‘Dream’.
    • Dreaming materials can be obtained by collecting and processing a certain number of items obtained when delivering horses using Imperial Delivery. You can select the amount of material to use when attempting a dream, and the higher the amount consumed, the higher the chance of dreaming success up to 100%.
    • If the fantasy horse dreams are successful, the existing female and male aduanats are combined into one and a new Arduanatt is born. If the dream fails, only the additional material items used will disappear, and the male and female Aduanatt are returned.
    • Dream Arduanatt is born with one or two skills exclusively for Dream Aduanatt, such as the spirit of a horse, double leap, wings of the wind, which are unique skills of Aduanatt.
    • Dream Arduanatt has a red mane and has an exclusive effect
    • Dream Arduanatt’s unique skills can only be acquired when it is first born, and later horses can only learn skills that can be acquired with normal Arduanatt.
      • The appearance of Dream Arduanatt Art will be released when the horse arrives on live servers

[​IMG] Arduanatt walking in the sky, Diné going through the desert, Doom cutting the earth… The wonderful appearance of the fantasy horses and their powerful and useful unique skills have been exciting for players. Unlike in the early days, there are many people now who own a Dream horse, so the excitement has diminished, and there are more players who want a new dream horse. So, we are introducing a more beautiful, more powerful new dream horse. In particular, we hope this will be a new goal for those who mainly enjoy training and horse content, and we want to give it a little more meaning to those with a high training level. Today, we will only show you Arduanatt, but Diné and Doom, who have great appreances and abilities, are also in development as well. We hope you look forward to it.

Music Album Changes – Orchestra

  • A new feature ‘Orchestra’ has been added to the music album
    • Orchestra is a function that allows you to summon and play a Shai character when you are currently using another class, or when the family has two Shai characters.
  • To summon and play Shai characters use these instructions as follows:
    • Select a song to play from the music album and press the play button
    • In the performance setting window, select the Shai character and instrument to be summoned
    • When you press Start playing, the Shai character is summoned and starts playing
    • You can stop playing the summoned Shai character through the upper left note UI
  • When using the band function, one Shai character can be summoned, and the summoned Shai character can only be soloed
  • The Shai character you want to summon must be equipped with an instument
  • The band function can only be used in the basic standby position, and the Shai character can be summoned even on a sailing ship
  • Summoned Shai disappears when the distance from the summoned Shai character is more than a certain distance
  • You cannot open the music album while the summoned Shai character is playing

[​IMG] Shai’s instrument play is only possible when playing Shai. However, there are moments when I want to watch Shai play even while playing with other characters. For this, we allowed a Shai character from the family to be summoned and played. Now, if there is a Shai character in the family, you can summon and play Shai while playing other characters. And… When summoning a Shai character as a Shai character, we are also considering the part where a group can play ensemble.

Monster Changes – New Sea Monster

  • Reports of the Old Moon Rescue Corps indicate that Rekrashan, who had haunted the border of Ross Sea and Margoria, has now moved between the border of Juur Sea and Margoria.
    • Nineshark and Black Rust have formed a colony between the borders of Juur Sea and Margoria, after being attracted by the condensed black energy of Rekrashan

  • When killing Ninesharks and Black Rusts border between the Juur Sea and the Margoria Sea, there is a chance to reveal the Rekrashan.

  • Rekrashan, who has never been exposed outside the surface for long, is vulnerable to external shocks and is stunned for a short time when intensively bombarded
    • When you defeat Rekrashan, you can get loot for up to 3 people
    • You can obtain some of the materials used to make yellow grade equipment that can be worn on Carracks
    • However, it cannot be obtained from Black Desert Lab

[​IMG] A year has passed since we introduced the ocean update. First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to players who will love the ocean update and have supported us in updates. While bartering is the main focus of the content, sea monster hunting such as Hekaru and pirate ships remained as a means to support this. Starting with this update, we are going to add a hunting ground where you can experience the power of a stronger Carrack that will also be rewarding to many captains who have worked hard to develop their ships. In addition, we are planning to expand sea hunting as well to obtain materials for Carracks, which were previously limited to barter and daily quests.

  • It is easier for adventurers to discover the ‘Cursed Pirate Ship’.
    • ‘Cursed Pirate Ship’ begins to appear around the ships of players

Node War/Siege Changes

  • Five new guild skills that can only be used in Node War / Siege War have been added.

Guild skill name Required points Can be used by
Items required Cooldown Skill Effect
Battlefield Gathering
5 Guild Master [Guild] Pledge of the Blood  x250 5 hours Teleport exclusively used in Node War/Siege War
Breath of life 5 Guild Master/
Guild Officer
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood x500 5 hours Instantly removes the resurrection time for all guild members
Line Rearrangement II 5 Guild Master/
Guild Officer
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood x1000
5 hours Instantly recover HP of all guild members
Healing touch 5 Guild Master/
Guild Officer
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood x500 30 minutes Recovers +200 HP every 3 seconds for all guild members for 1 minute
Boosting morale 5 Guild Master/
Guild Officer
[Guild] Pledge of the Blood x700 30 minutes All guild members movement speed +20% for 1 minute

  • In addition to the ‘Battlefield Gathering’, the existing ‘Command to Gather’ has been changed so that it can only be used on channels that do not have a Node War
  • With the addition of the ‘Line Rearrangement II’ skills, the name of the existing guild skill ‘Line Rearrangement’ has been changed to ‘Linear Rearrangement I’
  • Among the existing guild skills, the maximum HP +100 effect of the guild member ‘Scream of the Lord’ has been changed to +500.
  • The amount of Shining Medal of Honors has been changed and the list of items that can be exchanged for Shining Medal of Honors has been added and changed.
    • Amount of Shining Medal of Honors earned upon victory

Node War Tier
Before change After change
Tier 1 6 12
Tier 2 8 16
Tier 3 10
Tier 4 12
  • Amount of Shining Medal of Honors obtained when the Node is liberated

Node War Tier Before change After change
Tier 1 2 4
Tier 2
3 6
Tier 3
4 8
Tier 4
  • Added to Shining Medal of Honours exchange list

Exchange item Number of Shining Medal of Honor
Offin Tet’s Light Fragment 4
Kutum’s latent Aura 4
Book of Training – Combat (3 hours) 8
Book of Training – Skill (3 hours) 8
Offin Tett’s Light Sealed Weapon Box 300
Kutum Sealed Sub-Weapon Box 300
  • Changed number of Shining Medal of Honors required

Item name Before change After change
Karanda Latent Aura
6 4
Advice of Valks (+20) 40
Dandelion Weapon Box 500

Other Changes

Background, NPC, effect, cutscene

  • Olun’s Colossus appearing in the Valley of Olun in the O’Dyllita area has been changed to display the attack range in advance when attacking, and the effect of the attack has been changed to be more intuitive
  • In some areas of the northern wheat farm, it has been modified so that it does not collide with NPCs in a transparent state.
  • An effect has been added to the movement speed increase buff.
  • The sound effect that is output when the character attacks CRITICAL has been improved.
  • When setting the screen quality remaster mode or ultra mode, the bug where that the light effect of the character’s body was too strong has been fixed.


  •  The maximum price of the Central Market for accessories of the following item (V) grade has been increased
    • Creepy Ring on the Back
    • Tungrad Ring
    • Eye of the Ruins Ring
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Black Distortion Earring
    • Ethereal Earrings
    • Dawn Earring
    • Tungrad Earring
    • Narc Ear Accessory
    • Tungrad Necklace
    • Ogre Ring
    • Laytenn’s Power Stone
    • Bensho’s Necklace
    • Turo’s Belt
    • Tungrad Belt
    • Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
    • Basilisk’s Belt
    • Orkinrad’s Belt
    • Centaurus Belt

  •  A clue about where to use the spirit of the ghost has been added to the item description.
  • A typo in the item list that can be obtained from ‘Eora’s Elixir Box I’ among NPC Eora’s sales list in Black Desert Lab has been corrected, and [Party] Elixir of Deadly Assassin has been added.
  • The elixir of the fallen iron armor that could be obtained from Eora’s Elixir Box I has been changed so that it can be obtained from the ‘Eora’s Elixir Box’.


  • Additional stories have been heard of seeing pieces of the Rich Merchant’s Ring all over the continent. When I put together the stories that were told this time, the following clues came out.
    • Second piece – In the pockets of drunkards intoxicated with the fragrance of flowers
    • Third piece – At the end of the sea of re-creation
    • Fourth piece – From the darkness wandering through the maze of thoughts


  • Epheria Carrack Chiro’s equipment and material items can be mass-produced, 3 types of processing methods have been added.

item How to obtain
Wave Residue Adhesive x10
Violent Sea Monster’s Ooze x10
Starlight Emulsifier x10
Starlight Powder x1
Simple Alchemy
Delicately Polished Support x10 Violent Sea Monster’s Bone x10
Starlight Hardener x10
Starlight Powder x1
Simple Alchemy
Violent Wave Plywood x1 Violent Sea Monster’s Scale x10
Saltwater Crocodile’s Scale x10
Starlight Powder x1
Simple Alchemy
  • The duration of the effect of strong protection that can be obtained from the supply officer Darts of the Red Battlefield has been increased by about 3 seconds. In addition, a Super Armor effect has been added to the effect of protection, and the duration is the same as other effects.
  • Skill EXP has been added to the loot obtained when defeating guild bosses.
    • Ancient Puturum
    • Ferrid
    • Giant Mudster

[​IMG] In the case of the guild boss, it was a weekend night content where guild members cooperated to subdue and share loot, but as time passed and everyone became stronger, the rewarding charm decreased a lot. Currently, about 20% of all guilds are subduing the other bosses except for the slots. To make you feel a little more attractive, we have added a Skill EXP reward similar to the wind mist secretary. The guild boss is also a little different from the field boss, and we will continue to refine it, including rewards, so that all guild members can smash it.


  • Game settings – The number of health counting has been added to the superimposed health gauge view.
  • Fixed a problem where the party leader’s class icon was changed to the witch icon when the party member left the loading screen.
  • The ability to check the gear equipped in another characters inventory in the game end window has been added.

  • A phrase that reconnects immediately after leaving has been added to the guidance text that appears when leaving the guild.
  • A button to refresh the web page has been added to the upper right of the UI window.
  • World boss summon message has been changed. You can check the summon of the boss together through the message.

Class Changes

[​IMG] Currently, several adventurers are giving opinions on the damage amount of each character’s awakening skill. We are also increasing the damage of Awakening skills through data collection and verification, and will be updated through the Black Desert Research Institute as soon as possible. We are not prioritizing specific characters, but we are adjusting the entire character that has not yet reached the legend, so we ask for your understanding for the delay in time, and we will further accelerate so that various adventurers can be satisfied.


  • Fixed a bug where the Injury effect was not applied to Black Spirit: Prime: Descending Current.
  • Fixed a bug where MP was consumed when using Flow: Pinpointing Gust I, II when Prime: Blasting Gust was on cooldown.


  •  Predatory Hunt I ~ Absolute have been modified to work properly on sloped terrain.
  • The bug where the movement distance in the air was shortened when using Giant Leap backwards has been corrected to be the same as the previous movement distance.
  • The character’s voice output when using skills has been changed to be more natural.


  • Some of Legendary Beast Dance I ~ IV descriptions related to Vermillion Bird, Black Turtle, Azure Dragon and White Tiger attacks have been simplified.
  • Fixed a bug where sound effects were heard multiple times when using Soaring Kick.
  • It has been changed so that ground mounts cannot be called during Succession and use of main weapon skills.
  • The intermittent return to non-combat state has been corrected when entering directional keys after using skills in the non-combat state via quickslots.


  • The sound effects of Projection and Flow: Extra Credit have been changed.


  • Fixed a bug where some buffs were exposed at abnormal locations when using Divine Descent.

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