Global Lab Updates – 30th July 2021

Global Lab Updates – 30th July 2021

Jul 30 Tansie  
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Atoraxxion – Sycraquia

  •  The last ancient fortress to stop the black invaders, Atoraxion’s second fortress, Sycraquia, has appeared in the world.
    • A rift has been discovered that allows you to travel from some Sol Magia to Sycraquia in Vahmalkea. This rift can only be crossed through Vahmalkea, as only those with verified Vahmalkea status can pass through it.
    • When you have completed one or more of the following quests, you can enter Sycraquia through Vaha’s Sky (Vahmalkea Start Area) or Vaha’s Paradise (Vahmalkea Reward Zone) Sol Magia.

※ This quest can be obtained and processed after the official server update.

Quest name Location
[Weekly] The immortal traces left by Vaha
[Weekly] Traces of the times left by Vaha
[Weekly] The trace of the moment left by Vaha
[Weekly] Traces of the cracks left by Vaha
  •  The main Sycraquia quest that guides you to Sycraquia has been added to the Black Spirit’s main quest.
Quest Requirements
Vahmalkea main quest
Complete ‘[Atoraxion] Vaha’s Paradise’
  • A knowledge topic related to Atoraxion Sycraquia has been newly added. 
  • Atoraxion Sycraquia is divided into three areas where various phenomena occur. This will be another challenge for adventurers to explore Sycraquia, following the ancient weaponry.
District name Detailed Features
Shika’s Scale This is the first area you will enter after entering Sikarakia.
Hot steam rises through cracks in the weakened ground. It is in a high temperature and humidity state due to the hot steam, and since Stellagia, which originally controlled it, is left unattended, it can cause burns due to high heat.
As a temporary measure, partial cooling is possible using ancient weapons with cold energy.
Excessive temperature can be very low.
Monster <Sica’s Greed> Verura
Shika’s Tomb This is the area you enter through the scales of Sica.
After Stellagia, which functions as a purification device, was neglected
The surrounding deep-sea corals have begun to be polluted by poisonous fumes.
The worker weapon “Mala”, which was originally collecting the power source of Sikarakia, was exposed to poisonous dance and an error occurred
Currently, we are collecting poison, not a power source.
The darker the poisonous dance, the more Mala appear, which further contaminate Sika’s tomb.
Monster <Sica’s Greed> Serpen
Sica’s Watch In order to enter Shika’s Jurisdiction, you must defeat the boss ancient weapons Verura and Serpen.
You must pass through the dark dawn using the obtained key.
Upon entering Sika’s Gaze, a huge, flying Apocross will appear, which must be defeated to enter Sika’s Cradle.
Monster <Sica’s Greed> Apocross
Sica’s Cradle This is the area where you will encounter Shika’s last ancient weapon, <Sentirutos of Grief>.
<Sentirutos of Grief> charges power from Rune Magia and casts a merciless attack on the black invaders.
Monster <Sentirutos of Grief>

※ If you die in battle in Sica’s Cradle, you cannot resurrect, and when all party members die, the situation is reset and you can try again.
※ Death penalty does not apply in case of death in battles with the field and final bosses on the normal server. However, in the field of Elvia server, be careful because death penalty is applied in case of death.

  •  Atoraxion Sycraquia, similar to Vahmalkea, is divided into several areas blocked by the dark dawn (barrier) for effective defense against black invaders.
    •  Each zone follows the control of an ancient technology cluster called ‘Sol Magia’, and a key is required to control ‘Sol Magia’.
    • Sica’s Scales Sol Magia, who controls the Dark Dawn, was destroyed long ago, and there is no Dawn on the Sika’s Scales.
Area Key How to make
Shika’s Scale
Shika’s Tomb
Sica’s Watch Sica’s Twisted Tentacles Yolun Fragment of Desire
Cruel Yolun Fragment
Sica’s Withered Tentacles
Sica’s Burning Tentacles
<Item combination>
Shika’s Garden Corrupted Yolun’s Dagger Sica’s Twisted Tentacles
Yolun’s Dagger
<Item combination>
Sica’s Cradle Corrupted Yolun’s Dagger
  • In order to be eligible to challenge the <Sentirutos of Grief> sleeping in Sica’s Cradle, all five party members must possess the ‘Dagger of the Corrupted Yolun’.
  • ※ All items obtained from Atoraxion, except for the corrupted Yolun’s dagger and the loot that can be obtained after defeating the final boss <Sentirutos of Wrath>, can only be entered after defeating <Sentirutos of Wrath> in Sica’s Cradle. All of them will be deleted if you get out of Sica’s Paradise where you can.
    • However, except for the ‘Corrupted Yolun’s Dagger’, all other keys are in the possession of the party leader to control ‘Sol Magia’.
  • The method to obtain each required key material is as follows.
Area material name How to obtain
Shika’s Scale Shika’s Cold Scales Kill ancient weapons
Eggs with Dried Time  Defeat the ancient weapon <Hate of Shika>
Shika’s Tomb Shika’s Cold Scales Kill ancient weapons
Eggs with Time of Fear Defeat the ancient weapon of Shika’s Tomb <Shika’s Hatred>
Sica’s Burning Tentacles <Sika’s Greed> Defeat Serpen
Sica’s Watch Yolun’s Dagger <Sica’s Greed> Apocross
  • The way to obtain the materials that can summon the ancient weapon <Sika’s Greed>, the head of each area, is as follows. You can summon ancient weapons by putting each material into each area Sol Magia.
area guv material name How to obtain
Shika’s Scale Verura Yolun Fragment of Desire 10 Shika’s Cold Scales
5 Eggs with Dried Time
<Simple Alchemy>
Shika’s Tomb Serpen Cruel Yolun Fragment 10 Shika’s Cold Scales
5 Eggs with Time of Fear
<Simple Alchemy>
Sica’s Watch Apocross Appears upon entering Sica’s Jussi.


The second area of ​​Atoraxion, <Sycraquia>, has been updated. Sycraquia is built under the theme of the sea, and you’ll play in a completely different environment than the first zone, Vahmalkea. As a reminder, each zone has an environmental gimmick consisting of heat and cold, and each zone has its own boss. In particular, the exclusive boss is a party summoning method, so you can focus on attacking without being disturbed by other adventurers. In addition, various interesting puzzles are prepared, and the exciting story of Sika, the second disciple of the ancient sage ‘Loks’, unfolds. This time, the main quest will be heard vividly with full dubbing made by the best voice actors in Korea, so please look forward to it.

Currently, the final work is in full swing in Sycraquia. Some data, including terrain data, has been applied to the Black Desert Research Lab today, and it will be updated step by step as the work is completed. Due to the nature of the content, in order to maintain the freshness of the first play, please understand that the actual play may proceed after the live server update


Enhancing QoL – Removed Naders CD

  • When exchanging an enhancement chance increase of +100 or more through Nader’s Belt, the cooldown applied has been reduced from 10 minutes to 30 seconds.

Olvia Server Requirements

  •  The period for new adventurers to enter Olvia (growth specialized) server has been extended as follows.
Before change after change
30 days entry period 60 days entry period
  •  The conditions for admission to the Olvia (growth specialized) server are as follows.
new adventurer Adventurers who logged in within 30 days (720 hours) after creating the second password
return adventurer
Adventurers who have not logged in to the game for the last 30 days (720 hours) or used the central market
  •  However, in the case of returning adventurers, the admission period is the same as before at 30 days.
  • ※ This server is not available in Black Desert Research Lab.

Blue Mane Lion’s Mansion

The contribution required to own the Blue Mane Lion’s Manor has been lowered from 50 to 5. Through this, I hope that more adventurers will enjoy the manor with a lighter heart.

On the other hand, many adventurers have given the opinion that it is difficult to find furniture for exclusive use of the manor. We will adjust the acquisition method for furniture to be released in the future, including those that have already been updated, so that you can realistically set goals and achieve them. In addition, manor placement items that can be easily purchased and placed in the shop will be added.

And the expansion updates will continue in the future. We will continue to refine it so that adventurers who enjoy the manor contents will be satisfied.

  •  <Manor Manager> Badane appeared in the Blue Mane Lion’s Manor. Badein has a lot of know-how in manor management by directly managing the manor while living in an old manor that is now gone. It is said that Badein obtained the qualifications as a manor manager with his accumulated know-how, and came to help a lot in manor management and to deliver related news.
  • The contribution required for renting a manor has been changed from 50 to 5 on condition that Badein provides his manor management know-how to Crucio Domongat, the manor owner of the Blue Mane Lion, without payment.
  • You can read ‘Badane’s Manor Diary’ at any time by talking with Badane. Through Badane’s Manor Diary, you can find out the path to craft each manor installation. 
  • Various NPCs from the Black Desert World are sending gifts to congratulate adventurers on moving into the Blue Mane Lion’s Manor. The move-in gift is related to manor decoration and can be received through Badane, one per day, for a total of 7 days. You may also find hidden gifts by carefully reading their letters.

※ You cannot meet <Manor Manager> Badane at the Black Desert Research Lab.

  • After summoning the Black Spirit at the Black Desert Research Lab, you can borrow the Blue Mane Lion’s Manor after completing ‘[Awakening] Black Spirit’s Bizarre Power’ in the Recommendation tab.
    ※ This update applies only to the Black Desert Research Lab.

  •  The number of wild beehive items required to craft wax items has been reduced.
Before change after change
50 pieces 30 pcs
  •  When heating with wild beehive (L), the maximum number of wax items obtained has been increased.
Before change after change
One 1 to 2
  •  When processing the following items, it has been added so that you can acquire life experience for each life field.
Item name How to obtain life field
wax Heating up Processing
Candles with Delotia Scented Heating up
solid white stone grinding
charred stone Residence – Alchemy Tool Pension
unquenchable stone
Rune Light Shards
Apuapu Leaf of Meloveli
dragon’s tears
  • The crafting method of Florin’s Wish Vase has been changed as follows.
Before change after change
1 bunch of Bethelona from Freelenzea and 1 vase of wish from Florin.
Combination by placing in the bag
1 bunch of Bethelona from Freelenzea and 1 vase of wish from Florin.
Processed into simple annuity (L)
  • When using the pad-only UI, when adjusting the height of the chandelier and adjusting the position of the curtain, it has been modified to accelerate if the RS operation is maintained.
  • The following manor exclusive plants have been added. These plants can be grown or obtained through several methods.
item Item Description
[Manor] A small acacia tree
It is a small acacia tree, and you can feel a good scent when you get close. It is a tree that is distributed in temperate regions and is characterized by being able to grow in barren land.

You can get it by visiting Loggia Severo at the Loggia Farm and taking care of the trees recently and helping to solve the problems that have arisen.

[Manor] Small birch tree
It is a small birch tree with white peeling bark. Although it is a plant in cold regions, it is one of the plants that grows well in hot places.

You can get it by going to Ovidio Toscany at the Tuscany Farm and helping him solve the problems he has had while taking care of the trees for a long time.

[Manor] Undergrown/Blooming/Fully Red Tulips
[Manor] Undergrown/Blooming/Fully Yellow Tulips
You can get it by doing a simple favor to Mrs. Norman Late, obtaining seeds, and then passing the tulips harvested through cultivation to Mrs. Norman Late.
[Manor] Maze-type forest
A high maze wall used to build a maze. It is neatly trimmed, so if you use it well, you can make an interesting maze.

This is a luxurious garden plant that Florence gardener of Odraxia sells only to those who have recognized her.

[Manor] Maze-type forest
A curved maze wall used to create a maze. It is neatly trimmed, so if you use it well, you can make an interesting maze.

This is a luxurious garden plant that Florence gardener of Odraxia sells only to those who have recognized her.

Terrmian Event Changes

  • [Event] The chance of success in making Terrmian’s Special Cocktail has been increased by 10 times compared to before.
  • When the ‘[Event] Small Happiness Delivery’ quest is in progress, an additional souvenir box has been placed, and the appearance time has been reduced by about 50% compared to the previous one.
  • When the ‘[Event] Raccoon Meets Water’ quest, the appearance time of the cute raccoon that must be brought has been reduced by about 50% compared to the previous one.
  •  A cute raccoon has been added to Terrmian Beach.
  • The conditions for completing the ‘[Event] Whale Care I’ quest have been changed as follows.
Before change after change
Fishing 1 goby Among the fish Parong said
hand over 1
  • The following fish can be passed to Parong.
    • * Fishtail, trout, mackerel, mackerel, trout, cutlassfish, canary, sea eel, herring
  • The acceptance line for the ‘[Event] Quench Thirst’ quest has been modified more naturally.
  • Even after completing the ‘[Event] Daily Clerk Experience Quest’, the task received (O) – The phenomenon of being displayed in the new quest list has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that a large number of pirate scarecrows are exposed in the sea in front of the port town of Epheria has been fixed.
    ※ The Terrmian event cannot be held at the Black Desert Lab.

Node War/Siege War Changes

  • War Heroes have now been changed to receive participation rewards.
    • You can receive rewards by clicking the ‘Participation Reward’ button in the Battlefield Hero tab of the Guild (G) window.
  • When opening the bag of Flame Tower, New War, and Cannon that can be boarded in Node/Conquest War, only items that can be put in the bag are exposed from the bag.
  •  Guilds occupying the territory have been changed to participate in the Node War.
    • When occupying a territory while occupying a node, the node occupied by the guild is not released and the fortifications have been changed so that it is not demolished. (However, except for the fortress, flame towers, new temples, and annexes will be demolished in the same way as before.)
    • You can participate in Node Wars in other territories regardless of the occupied territory.
For example,
Even if you are occupying the Calpheon Territory, you can participate in and occupy the Serendia Territory Node War.
  • In the Conquest War, it has been added that up to 10 heroes can be hired by each of the guilds participating in the siege/fortress.
  • As the battlefield hero system has been changed to be available, the guild member vacation system has also been changed to be available.
    • Guild members who choose Vacation will not be able to receive guild benefits, but will be able to maintain their affiliation without affecting the guild members.
    • Vacation requests can be made only in the safe zone, and you can be attacked by guild members who are at war even when you are absent, so you need to be careful.
    • War Heroes can be hired at a level that does not exceed the maximum number of guilds.
For example,
In a super-large guild with a capacity of 100 people, if all 100 members are currently in the guild, 10 adventurers can be hired as heroes on the battlefield if there are 10 absent members.
If a large-scale guild with a capacity of 70 people currently has all 70 members in the guild, if there are 5 absent members, 5 adventurers can be hired as heroes on the battlefield.
  • Vacation and return function can be used by clicking the Vacation/Return button in the guild information window.
    • Adventurers who are absent from the guild cannot receive daily salaries, participate in guild missions (accept/complete/abandon), declare guild wars, or invite/exile guilds.
      Also, it cannot be delegated/appointed as a guild leader, and guild skills are not applied.
    • Adventurers who are absent cannot use the heroes of the battlefield and cannot participate in Node Wars and Conquest Wars as a guild member.
    • An adventurer who is absent can return by clicking the button in the guild information window, but it can be done after at least 4 hours have elapsed.
    • * However, if a warhero is employed in the vacant position of an absent adventurer, it will not be possible to return until the war hero contract ends.

UI Improvements

  • Friends and 1:1 conversation UI has been reorganized, and the following contents have been added, changed, and improved.
    • The friend UI has been changed to allow group deletion.
    •  A menu for whispering to a friend has been added in the friend UI.
    •  If you select the friend list in the friend UI, 1:1 conversation is possible directly in the friend window.
    •  You can separate the 1:1 chat window by pressing the button at the top right during 1:1 chat in the friend window.
    •  You can minimize the separated 1:1 chat window and change it to a small widget.
    •  In a small widget you can preview some of the newly arrived messages.
    •  Changes have been made so that you can know your friend’s connection status more intuitively.
    •  It has been added so that you can know the server and region where your character is located while your friend is online.
    •  Improvements have been made so that in the existing 1:1 conversation, the conversation content that was initialized when reconnecting is saved even when reconnecting.
    • * However, up to 100 conversations are saved.
    • ※ This content cannot be used in Black Desert Research Lab.

The friend UI has been revamped. We changed the design to the same form as the messenger we are familiar with, and strengthened the function. Adjusted to record in ‘message box’ rather than in-game chat conversation, while improving visibility. As a result, you can manage your friend list more conveniently. However, in this Black Desert Research Lab, more work was needed to load the friend list, so it could not be reflected, and the official server will be updated first.
  • Conversation with NPC – When exchanging items through exchange, the following items can be exchanged in batches.
    • Exchange cooking and alchemy by-products 
    • Golden Reward Seal Exchange
    • Exchange Tuvala Ore for Tuvala Equipment
    • [Season] Exchanging Rift Thorn for various enhancement packages
    • Exchanging a long darong ore

  •  An integrated search function has been added to view other character equipment/bags.
    • End the game -> You can use the search function through the magnifying glass button in the equipment/bag view of other characters.

  •  A different sound effect has been added to output loot, item sales in NPC shops, and settlement of integrated exchanges depending on the amount of silver obtained.
    • The sound effect section according to the amount of silver coins obtained is as follows.

Sound effect based on the amount of silver coins obtained
When acquiring less than 1,000,000 silver
When acquiring more than 1,000,000 silver and less than 10,000,000 silver
When acquiring more than 10,000,000 silver and less than 50,000,000 silver
When acquiring more than 50,000,000 silver and less than 200,000,000 silver
When acquiring 200,000,000 silver or more and less than 500,000,000 silver
When acquiring 500,000,000 or more
  • When completing a guild mission in the guild mission window of the guild (G) window, the remaining time until re-acceptance of the guild mission has been improved.
    ※ This update applies only to the Black Desert Research Lab.
  •  The number of quests currently in progress is displayed on the quest button in the notification area at the bottom right.
  • After character creation, the skills that are basically registered in the quickslot have been improved so that they can be used continuously even when the skill level is raised.
  • The text color has been changed so that you can easily see which section of your fame is in the tooltip that is displayed when you hover your mouse over the reputation item in the My Information UI.
  • In the case of a paid item in the optional bundle item, the P mark is displayed on the item icon.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • [Season] The Artini Sol item acquired using Tuvala Awakening Weapon Conversion Stone has been modified to restore the normal Artini Solo’s maximum durability.
  • Baamachia: Akmach Hammer, Baamachia: Hisstrah Hammer, Baamachia: Desert Ship The descriptions of the items have been changed to be more natural. 

Quest, knowledge Changes

  • The quest summary text for ‘[Weekly] Baa’s Traces of the Era’ and ‘[Weekly] Baa’s Momentary Traces’ quests has been modified more naturally.
  • When talking with Yaz after satisfying the ‘[Atoraxion] Unpredictable’ achievement condition, the camera effect has been changed naturally.
  • The contents of ‘Decia’s Will’ and ‘Baa’s Record #22: Conclusion’ have been modified more naturally.
  • The completion condition texts for ‘Activation’, ‘The Story of the Past’, and ‘Start of the Labyrinth’ among the Atoraxion main quests have been modified more naturally.

Backgrounds, NPCs, Effects, Cutscenes

  •  Paldak Fish Pirates The Paldak Fish Pirates, who used to be lazy on the inside of the island, are now located in a more natural place.

System Changes

  •  Unnecessary content has been removed from the log file that is recorded when the game is running.

Bug Fixes

  •  The phenomenon in which a penalty was applied when the Putorium summoned by Putorakium dies, has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where certain quest objectives for killing monsters in Elvia’s <Orc Camp> area were progressing when defeating the ancient weapon invasion monster, which is a seasonal server exclusive content.
  • Fixed the issue where an unnatural message was displayed in some situations where the fairy could not be summoned or canceled.
  • When installing crops in the garden, the problem that the search was not possible in the displayed UI has been fixed.
  • When using the pad-only UI, the phenomenon that the description window does not disappear when you intermittently enter a specific key in the World Map (M) My Congregation has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon that some backgrounds in the following areas were awkwardly exposed has been fixed. 
    • Blue Mane Lion’s Manor
    • Oquilua Waters
  • After using the companion animal exchange function, the phenomenon that shadow processing remained on the removed companion animal has been corrected.

Class Changes

All Classes

  • When the character reaches level 56, the available notifications for Yianaros’s Light I~V, Pilgrim’s Steps I~V, and Knights Defense I~V skills have been changed so that only each I-level skill is displayed
  • A list of skills that cannot be learned when acquiring a skill and how to obtain the secret book for Yianaros’s Light I~V, Pilgrim’s Steps I~V, and Knights Defense I~V I~V have been added to the skill descriptions.

Dark knight

  •  When a character disappears while using the Nocturne, Absolute: Nocturne, Prime: Nocturne skills, the bug that other skills other than the linked motion of Nocturne can be activated in a specific section has been corrected.
  • Aiming at the enemy and entering W at a certain distance during Nocturne, Absolute: Nocturne, Prime: Nocturne, the bug of rotating in the opposite direction without moving behind the enemy has been improved.
  • The bug has been fixed where the attack is cancelled when the Dusk, Chain: Dusk skill is on cooldown, While charging Prime: Kamasylvia Slash I~III skills and turning to the left after using the Dusk, Chain: Dusk.
  • The bug that the actual number of hits of Prime: Enforcement III skill was applied less than the number of hits indicated in the skill description has been corrected.
  •  The bug in which the actual number of hits of the Seed of Catastrophe IV skill was applied less than the number of hits indicated in the skill description has been corrected.
  •  The description of the critical hit probability of the Absolute: Hidden Strike skill has been changed as follows to match the reality. (correction)
    •  However, the actual applied PvE and PvP damage is the same as before.
Before change after change
100% Critical Chance 100% Critical Chance (applies to monsters only)



  •  Fixed the issue where the character would stop intermittently when using the Prime: Rift Chain skill in a row with insufficient stamina.

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