Global Lab Updates – 27th May 2021

Global Lab Updates – 27th May 2021

May 27 Tansie  
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Patch notes are Google translated this week since I don’t have my PC atm. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope you can all understand. Should be back to normal next week.
– Tansie

● The secret stone chamber to Atoraxion, the last fortress to stop the red-eyed black invaders, begins to shake.
-The architect who tried to protect the fortress with all his might, more intensely and hotter than anyone else, please look forward to the thrilling battle with ancient weapons that could not be seen anywhere in Baamakia, where the story of Baa is located.
-Atoraxion will be updated on the official Korean server on June 2nd, and global will be introduced sequentially.
* You cannot play Atoraxion in Black Desert Lab.

Additions and Improvements


● Flesh: The phenomenon that the movement distance to the rear was shortened when the boundary technology touched by the flash after using the Geomgang Heavy Rain technology has been corrected.


● In the village of Bear, a hunting home, hunters have begun sharing new information about rare hunting animals.
-Somewhere in the Black Desert World, bees make a large beehive and a bear that craves the honey from the beehive is said to have been found.
-It is said that traces of small animals were found on an island. Rumor has it that the animal is small and fast, so it’s not easy to spot unless you look closely.
-It is said that a large boar that destroys the farm was found.

<Honey Loves> Bear

<Cooking> Squirrel

<Destruction> wild boar


-When hunting rare animals, knowledge can be obtained at a probability, and titles can be obtained when certain conditions are satisfied.

Monster name style
<Honey Loves> Bear No one can touch it, it’s
sweet, the
smell of honey
<Cooking> Squirrel Quickly avoiding
shock shock
cooking cooking
<Destruction> wild boar Destroyer farm
 Blowing dust
bump bump


● A household mark has been added to the list of vehicles exposed in the vehicle transfer function that can transfer vehicles located in other locations to the current stable/pier.

● When entering the barter list update window through the cargo loading menu at the dock, it has been improved so that the barter list update window can be closed first with the ESC key.
● The guidance text UI that is exposed when displaying directions during a quest in the Elvia server has been changed.

Web update

● Fixed a problem where the web integrated exchange server was not selected in the Internet Explorer browser environment.

Modifications and changes

● [Sage] Shudad Glory The phenomenon that the right waist of the costume was exposed unnaturally has been corrected.
● Ivedor’s spell book has been modified to proceed individually regardless of the progress of other parties when multiple parties are in progress at the same time.
● The phenomenon that the terrain of Padix Island is exposed awkwardly in the world map (M) has been corrected.
● Some of the awkward backgrounds of the Tarif village area have been corrected.
● The phenomenon that the ship was caught in some areas of Jinberray Island has been corrected.

Occupation war, base war

● If there are two or more completed fortresses, it has been added so that you can select the fortress to move when using Gather. If you select the Gather UI, you can check the list of destination fortresses to be moved.

With the ability to capture multiple points at the same time, it becomes very important where to focus troops when the battle first begins. So gather! With technology, each guild member can decide which fortress to move to.

● When repairing the fort/command post/field command in the base/occupation battle, a solidly polished stone and fine black stone powder that restores a higher level of durability have been added.
-One is consumed when repairing all fortress/command post/field command, and the time required is the same.

Item name Where to use How to make

Solidly polished stone

Base War/Occupation War Fortress Repair Polished Stone 10
Clear Crystal Ore 5
Clear Liquid Reagent 1


Fine Black Stone Powder

Pre-Occupation Command Post/Field Command Repair Black Stone Powder 10
Transparent Crystal Ore 5
Clear Liquid Reagent 1


● The maximum durability and defense of the subsidiary buildings including the base war/occupation citadel/command post/field command post and flame tower/shinkijeon have been increased as follows.

Citadel and annexed buildings
Citadel/Command Post/Field Command [Before Base] Level 1 Square Citadel-Maximum Durability Increased by 33%
[Base Battle] Level 2 Square Citadel-Maximum Durability Increased by 50%
[Before Base] Level 3 Solid Square Citadel-Increased Maximum Durability by 60%
[Before Base] 4 Level Solid Square Fortress-Increases maximum durability by 67%
[Before Occupation] Square Fortress-Increases maximum durability by 67%
[Before Occupation] Solid Square Fortress-Increases maximum durability by 39%
[Before Occupation] Solid Octagonal Fortress-Increases Maximum Durability by 25%
[Before Occupation] Command Post and Field Command-Increased maximum HP by 17%
Recovery station Stage 1 Recovery Station before base-36% increase in maximum durability
Stage 2 Recovery Center before base-33% increase in maximum durability
Stage 3 Recovery Center before base-22% increase in maximum durability
Level 4 Recovery Center before base and occupation-14% maximum durability Increase
2~4 level base battle and pre-occupation recovery station-Increases defense by 167%
Cannon observatory Cannon Observatory Before Stage 1-Maximum Durability Increased by 36%
Cannon Observatory Before Stage 2-Maximum Durability Increased by 33%
Cannon Observatory Before Stage 3-Maximum Durability Increased by 22%
Cannon Observatory Before Phase 4 and Occupation-Maximum Durability 14%
Cannon observatories before bases and occupations in stages 2-4- Increases defense by 167%
Elephant breeding house Elephant breeding center before the 1st base-36% increase in maximum durability
Stage 2 elephant farming-the maximum durability increased by 33%
-Elephant farming before the 3rd base-22% increase in maximum durability-
Stage 4 elephant farming before the base and occupation- Maximum Durability Increased by 14%
Step 2~4 Base Battle and Before Occupation Elephant Feeding Center-Increased Defense by 167%
Supply Station Stage 1 Base Battle Supply Station-Increases maximum durability by 82%
Stage 2 Base Battle Supply Station-increases maximum durability by 83%
Stage 3 Base Battle Supply Station-Increases maximum durability by 89%
Stage 4 Base Battle and Pre-Occupation Supply Station-82% increase in maximum durability
2~4 Tier Base Wars and Occupation Wars Supply Stations-Increases defense by 167%
Immortal Flag Construction Stage 1 Base Battle Immortality Flag Building-Maximum Durability Increased by 5%
Stage 4 Base Battle and Pre-Occupation Immortality Flag Construction Group-Maximum Durability Increased by 5%
Stage 2~4 Base Battle and Pre-occupation Immortality Flag Building- Defense increased by 100%
Flag of immortality Level 1 Flag of Base Battle-Increased maximum durability by 5%-Level
4 Flag of Undestructive Battle and before occupation-Increased maximum durability by 5%
-Level 2-4 Flag of Base Battle and Battle-Increased by 200% Defense
Barrier gate Level 1~4 Base Battle and Occupation Barrier Gate-Maximum Durability Increased by 20%
Flame tower Stage 1 Flame Tower-Maximum Durability Increased 19%
Stage 2 Flame Tower-Maximum Durability Increased 34%
Stage 3 Flame Tower-Maximum Durability Increased 43%
Phase 4 Flame Tower-Maximum Durability Increased 49%
Before Occupation Flame Tower-43% increased maximum durability

Stage 1 Flame Tower-Increase Defense by 100%
Stage 2 Flame Tower-Increase Defense by 200%-Stage
3-4 Flame Tower-Increase Defense by 300%

Shinkijeon Stage 1 Base War Shingijeon-Increased maximum durability by 19%
Stage 2 Base War Shingijeon-Maximum durability increased by 34%
Stage 3 Base War Shingijeon-Maximum durability increased by 43%
Stage 4 Base War Shingijeon-Increased maximum durability by 49%
Before occupation Shingijeon-Maximum Durability 43% increase

Stage 1 base warfare-Defense 67% increase
Stage 2 base warfare-Defense 150% increase
Stage 3-4 base warfare and occupation warfare-Defense 234% increase

Fortified Flame Tower Step base before reinforced flame tower 3-durability up to 32% increase in
strengthening the base 4 around the flame top-up to a 28% increase in durability
taken before flames reinforced top-up Durability 17% increase

Reinforced Flame Tower for Stage 3 Base Battle-234% Defense Strengthened Flame Tower
before Stage 4 and Occupation-Defense 275% increase

Great Shinkijeon Stage 3 Base Wars vs. Shingijeon-Maximum Durability Increased by 32%
Stage 4 Base Wars vs. Shingijeon-Maximum Durability Increased by 28%
Occupation vs. Shingijeon-Max Durability Increased by 17%

Stage 3 Base Wars vs. Shingijeon-Defense Power increased by 178%
Stage 4 Base Wars and Occupation Wars vs Shingijeon-Defense increased by 213%

● Corrected the phenomenon that the enhanced flame tower/dae shingijeon disappears when the reinforced flame tower/dae shingijeon is constructed overlapping with other attached buildings during the base war/occupation war.
● Fixed the phenomenon that the war maintenance cost consumed when declaring a one-sided war was consumed as an abnormal amount in a specific situation.

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