Global Lab Updates – 25th March 2022

Global Lab Updates – 25th March 2022

Mar 25 Tansie  
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This week’s Black Desert Global Lab regular maintenance is scheduled to end after CalpheON Episode 2 to prepare content to be revealed in CalpheON Episode 2.

Mountain of Eternal Winter

  • The ‘Mountain of Eternal Winter’ region has been opened at the Black Desert Research Lab.
    • ※ However, you cannot proceed with the main quest of Mountain of Eternal Winter at the Black Desert Research Lab.

Red Battlefield

  • In the Red Battlefield – Valencia City, if you are in a position that is too high above the control point, it has been improved so that you cannot proceed with capturing the point
  • The phenomenon that you do not get hit when sitting in a certain location in the Red Battlefield – Valencia City has been fixed.


  • It has been improved so that the ‘Chapter 34: Ancient Relic Crystal’ quest in the ‘Fughar’s Secrets to Success’ series quests can be completed when interacting with the ‘Ancient Relic’.


  • It has been improved so that you can dismount while riding an alpaca using the S + R keys
    • If you press the R key while holding down the S key (S+R), you can get off the mount without interacting with an NPC.

User Interface

  •  In the purchase window of the central market, a function has been added to indicate how much of the item is in stock on the central market
    • Applies only to accumulated items, and can only be viewed on the in-game central market. (You cannot check it on the website or on the Black Desert+ app.)

  • The phenomenon that the deflection judgment effect display setting was turned on, but did not work when the attack judgment effect display setting was turned off, has been corrected.
  • In the hunting tutorial, the sit down shortcut guide has been modified to appear as the Q key.
  • Added a rattling animation for the trash can icon when an item is thrown from the bag to the trash.
  • The scroll function has been improved to work even in empty spaces when using the warehouse.
  • The notification message displayed when selling or purchasing pearl products on the central market has been improved to explain more clearly. 
  • In the voice chat setting UI, text phrases for sound setting and speaking setting have been added. 
  • Improvements have been made so that you can use the automatic quest line skip function even in the pad-only UI.
  • The alignment of equipment slots in the equipment UI has been improved so that they are aligned correctly.
  • Improvements have been made so that dialog macros can also save content with line breaks applied.

Bug Fixes

  • The phenomenon that the dye information was not displayed when being attacked by a monster has been fixed.
  •  The phenomenon that the exchange notification message displayed in certain situations did not match the situation has been corrected.
  • The phenomenon that the background of a certain area was displayed awkwardly has been fixed.
    •  Cyclop’s Land, Mansha Forest, Sycrakea
  •  Fixed the issue where the carriage got stuck on the bridge near the shores of Flondor, making it impossible to move.

Class Changes


  • The phenomenon that the hitting effect overlapped and output in the demonstration video of the Flow: Bypassing Wind skill has been fixed.

Dark Knight

  • The phenomenon in which damage was not applied when the skill Cluster of Despair was used in terrain with a difference in elevation has been improved.


  • The phenomenon that the additional critical strike rate on the Tidal Burst and Rapid Stream skills did not apply has been fixed.

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