Global Lab Updates – 20th November 2020

Global Lab Updates – 20th November 2020

Nov 20 Tansie  
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Node War Changes

  • Node wars have been reorganized into territorial disputes.
    • The node war, which was held around a specific node selected for each day of the week, will now proceed in their <Territory Unit>. For example, on Monday, all nodes in Balenos, and on Tuesdays, all nodes in Serendia are held.
    • A <Start Node> is set in each territory. If you participated in the first node war and captured a node, you must participate in this starting node battle. After a successful capture, you can gradually expand your power to other nodes connected to the occupied area.
    • For example, if Guild A occupies the starting point of <Balenos Forest>, in the next node war, you can challenge the connected node <Bartali Farm>.
    • If Guild A has captured <Balenos Forest> and is challenging <Bartali Farm>,  Guild B can challenge all nodes that Guild A is occupying or attacking. As a result, your attack and defense strategy becomes very important.
    • As the entire territory has been changed to a node battle area, participants can now battle with each other anywhere in the Black Desert World. However, safe areas are still excluded from this rule.
    • The maximum number of nodes that a guild can occupy in a territory is 10.
    • ※ For the reorganized content, a separate video guide will be produced and provided to help you understand more.
    • You can enjoy the node war in Kamasylvia, a land that preserves the natural beauty. You can experience new battles with guild members in a terrain that you have never experienced before, such as vast grasslands, dense forests, and ancient ruins.
    • The existing concept of ‘tiers’ will be maintained, and the entire area of ​​Balenos will be changed to tier 1 beginner.
    • The number of nodes, tiers, and taxes for each territory have been readjusted.

Day of the week Territory
Monday Balenos, Calpheon
Tuesday Serendia, Mediah
Wednesday Calpheon, Valencia, Kamasylvia
Thursday Balenos, Mediah
Friday Serendia, Valencia, Kamasylvia
Sunday All regions
  • The method of obtaining tax before node/siege has been changed.
Before change After change
Acquired immediately upon capture After capture ~ Acquired at a specific time every day when occupying the node/territory
  • As a War Hero, the way to participate in node war/siege war has been changed.
    • Now each territory and node has a ‘Maximum Score’ to receive the War Heroes
    • This score is according to the equipment of the adventurer who wants to participate, and the points sum cannot to exceed the maximum allowed.
    • Guilds in possession of the territory have been changed so that they can receive War Heroes.
  • Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia have been changed so that one guild can control multiple territories at once.
  • As a reward for the occupation of the node war, a merchant NPC trading exclusively with glorious warriors has been added.
    • If you participate in each node and successfully capture it, you can go to the exclusive merchant NPC and purchase several items (individual funds).
    • The store changes depending on the node tier, but much better items are provided from tier 2 or higher.
  • The benefits that the Guild Leader can get when winning the node battle and the siege battle have increased significantly.
    • The stats of the crown and armor of the exclusive equipment, which are the privileges of the guild’s leader (lords and castle lords) who have won the pre-occupation of each dominion and direct control, have been changed
Area Crown Armor
Balenos Crown of the Silver Mane Silver Mane’s Armor
Serendia Blue Lion’s Crown Blue Lion’s Armor
Calpheon Crown of the Golden Eagle Armor of the Golden Eagle
Mediah Asula’s Crown Asula’s Armor
Valencia Aal’s Crown Aal’s Armor
Gear Before change After change
Crown Defense 19 ~ 25

Max Health 50 ~ 100

Max MP 50 ~ 100

Defense 90

Max Health 210

Monster Damage Reduction 10

Armor Max Health 1,000 Defense 108

Max Health 360

Max MP 100

Monster Damage Reduction 13

  • Exclusive equipment and accessories that can be purchased (guild funds) for the guild leader of the guild that have won the siege and node battles have been added.
  • This exclusive equipment and accessories are for a 7-day period, and only the guild leader who has succeeded in the 2nd tier or higher can acquire them (select 1).

The node war will be reorganized into a new shape.

The reorganization focused on two main topics. One is to add strategic options to participation in node battles so that various battle patterns can unfold, and the other is to increase loot that can intensify your desire for victory.

As the method of occupying the node has been changed to a sort of ‘eat the ground’ rule, guilds with a larger number of members can benefit greatly through gradual expansion. On the other hand, we tried to compensate the imbalance according to the size of the guild as much as possible by allowing guilds with a somewhat insufficient number of people to take advantage of sufficient gaps through strategic selection. In particular, since all lands in the estate are now node battle areas, the limit on the number of participants will be lifted at all nodes except for tier 1. However, this part will be adjusted in response to the opinions of global adventurers. Along with this, the total number of nodes where base wars take place, and expansion and reduction will be flexible and frequent depending on the size of participation in node wars by country.

On the other hand, in addition to the basic tax that can be obtained when the node is successfully captured, the privilege to use the merchant NPC, which sells rare munitions, has been added to further enhance the victory reward. This merchant sells elixirs and elixirs needed for battle at a slightly lower price. Items to help with growth are also being considered. In addition, the benefits have been greatly enhanced for the guild leader of the guild who won the node war and siege war. Today, we plan to provide powerful munitions to each of the guild leader adventurers who are dedicated to the guild so that they can equip them with the dignity that suits their hard work and as a guild leader who has won victory in the fierce battlefield.

For the reorganized node battle, we plan to actively collect opinions by providing a test environment to global adventurers through the Black Desert Lab. And based on that feedback, it will be introduced to the live server after improving its completeness. However, as the Black Desert Lab is currently preparing for the World Siege War, we will provide a test environment after that or through other methods. We ask for your patience and understanding.

On the other hand, the reinforcement of the benefits related to the guild leader will be updated on the live server as soon as possible, regardless of whether or not the node war reorganization is introduced.

※ In addition, we are reviewing the Black Spirit 100% and 200% skills of all characters. Only characters with a large difference in performance will be upgraded. In addition, the 200% Black Spirit skill will have a rather long cooldown, as it has great influence in large-scale battles. In addition, for some skills with strong influence, such as Wizard and Witch’s ‘Protection Area’, Valkyrie’s ‘Elion’s Protection’, etc. We are considering a way to adjust it. Any comments on this part are also appreciated.


Hadum Server – Castle Ruins

  •  The ruins of Serendia’s ruins were engulfed by Hadum.
    • It is effective to fight in a three-person party to deal with more powerful soldiers in the abandoned castle.
    • If you kill the soldiers in the ruins, you can get the item ‘Al Rundi’s Order’ with a certain probability.
    • When using Al Rundi’s command in a designated place, 15 ‘elite Al Rundi forces’ appear in the ruins.
    • Out of 15 soldiers, if you defeat all 5 soldiers who secretly received secret orders from Al Rundi within a certain period of time, an angry ‘Al Rundi’ appears.
    • The loot obtained from the ruins of Hadum is not confirmed and may be changed later.
    • Changes will be continuously updated through the Black Desert Lab.

Family-Shared Inventory

  •  Valencia’s great god Shakatu has sent invitations to Shakatu’s realm to adventurers from all over the region who have discovered a special ancient artifact in the Cantusa Desert and have had a close relationship with him. Adventurers who received his invitation and checked the ancient relics called it a’family bag’.
    • The family bag is a bag shared by the entire family, and the items put in the family bag are convenient items that can be used as any character in the family.
    • Not all items can be stored in the family crest bag, only the following consumable items can be moved.
      1) Order documents
      2) Food
      3) Non-medicine
      4) Companion animal food
      5) Recovery of worker behavior

    • If you purchase and use the family bag maximum slot expansion coupon from the quest, loyalty, or pearl shop, the ‘family bag’ category is created and used in the bag.
    • The family bag can be extended up to 28 slots.
    • The first 100LT is provided for the family bag, and the weight cannot be increased any more.
    • However, the items below cannot be moved to the family bag.
    • 1) Items set as character bound
      2) PC room exclusive items
      3) Items purchased from the guild shop
      4) Specific content related items (guild, red battlefield, altar of blood, etc.)
      5) some event items
      6) recovery potions (life, Spirit, Fighting Spirit, Divine Power, Energy, Onet’s Spirit Water, Odor’s Spirit Water, etc.) 
    • Items that do not specify the function to put a family bag in the item description can
      not move the family bag.
  •  1 quest per family that can acquire a family bag has been added.
    • Lv.60 or higher Black Spirit recommendation quest [Shakatu’s Gift] When you complete a series of quests starting with an invitation, you can get 1 expansion ticket for the maximum 2 slots of the family bag.
    • The quest can be checked in the [Lv.60 Star Bag] in the quest list window-The recommended quest tab and the new quest tab, but the quests related to the gift hidden by Shakatu secretly that can be obtained during the quest are specified separately. Not.
    • ※ However, you cannot proceed with the above quest at Black Desert Research Institute.

[​IMG]The product launch of bags that can be used by family members has been consistently requested by adventurers from all countries over the past few years. We already decided that there was a maid and the integrated exchange was applied to solve a lot of inconveniences, but despite that, we made a bag exclusively for the family because there were never ending requests for release. However, not all can be stored in a family bag, only certain items can be stored. The Family Bag is basically activated when you complete an in-game quest, giving you the first 2 slots and 100 LT. Bag slot expansion is only possible through the Loyalty Shop and Pearl Shop.

Item Increase Scroll Changes

  •  The ability to use the item drop increase scroll by converting it into points has been added.
    • When defeating monsters, you can increase item drop and increase the number of items acquired by consuming points.
    • Item drop increase points are consumed differently depending on the monster.
    • You can recharge points using the item drop increase scroll.
Item name point
Item drop increase scroll (30 minutes) 50,000
Item drop increase scroll (60 minutes) 100,000
[Event] Item drop increase scroll (60 minutes) 100,000
Item drop increase scroll (Advanced) 60 minutes 200,000
  • Item drop increase points are shared by all characters in the family.
  • Item drop increase points are divided into 3 stages.
Stage effect
Disabled Points are not consumed and no effect is applied.
Stage 1 activation By consuming points, you can receive the effect of increasing item drop rate by 100% and increasing item drop quantity by 50%.
Stage 2 activation By doubling the points, you can get 100% increase in item drop rate and 100% increase in item drop quantity.
  • Points cannot be activated in situations where the existing item drop increase scroll buff is being received.
  • When the item drop increase points are activated, the existing item drop increase scroll buff cannot be received.
  • You can check the iitem drop increase points consumed by killing monsters in each hunting ground in the [Adventure Guide] after the official server update.


The method of using the item drop increase scroll has been added. This update is made for those who are unable to fill 30 minutes or 1 hour after using the item drop increase scroll, or are sad that the time is sometimes wasted (war with other guilds, etc.). In the new method, the item drop increase scroll is converted into points (similar to Agris’s Fever) and consumed when defeating monsters, and the efficiency may vary depending on the growth of the hunting ground or adventurers, but compared to the general method It will be designed to a level that cannot be reached. It may not be a meaningful patch for all adventurers, but I hope it will be meaningful for adventurers who needed this feature.

Old Moon Grand Prix – New Racetrack

  • Old Moon Grand Prix dedicated ‘Calpheon: Troll Defense Base’ racetrack has been added.
    • The new racetrack crosses Calpheon City and returns through the troll defense base.
    • This is a new racetrack that allows you to keep your hands on sweat in the bridge that crosses Calpheon City, where you have to avoid elephants running on both sides, and in the troll defense base, you have to avoid the troll catapult attacks and get out safely without falling.


Karanda Heart Recipes

  • Two types of simple alchemy recipes using Karanda’s heart have been added.
Materials Result
Karanda’s Heart x1 Mystical Spirit Powder x1 Mystical Spirit Powder x600
Karanda’s Heart x1 Mass of Pure Magical Power x1
 Mass of Pure Magic x20

Guild Boss Ferid Changes

  •  Guild leader Ferid absorbs the heat of the hottest lava in Omar Lava Cave, becoming a more violent and powerful chieftain.
    • Ferid’s attack with full power shakes the cave and stimulates the unstable lava around it, causing a devastating explosion.
    • At this time, if a swamp is formed by overflowing lava, when Ferid attacks, it causes a lava explosion and continues to create Ferid Tally.
    • Ferid Tally is very dangerous because he approaches adventurers around him and pours out his lava.
    • As the guild boss Ferid became more powerful, the probability of acquiring the energy of everything has been greatly increased, and other loot has been increased.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • When using other golden pig blessing items while receiving the golden pig blessing effect, the existing effect disappears and only the last golden pig blessing effect is applied.
  • La Orzeca armor that has sockets activated has been improved to enable work.
    • However, if the crystal is worn, processing is not possible, and the crystal must be extracted and processed.

Content Changes

  • Pure magical lumps have begun to be discovered in the separated mountain bases.
    • Added pure magic mass to the excavation node.
  • Crypt of Resting Thoughts – The probability of obtaining a pure magic mass from the excavation node has been increased by 2 times.
    • ※ The 2x increased probability is the same as the probability of obtaining a pure magic mass of Star’s End -Excavation node.

Monster Changes

  • The bug that the great Marni’s stone of another hunting ground was acquired when opening Marni’s research box that can be obtained when defeating the Valencia Gatekeeper has been corrected.


  • Fixed a situation where it was difficult to proceed because the location of NPCs and monsters appearing in the Valkyrie succession quest was the same as that of the Dark Rift monster.
  • Quest List Window Recommendation [Lv.58] Call of the sea, the content that can be started even when the reorganized Kamasylvia is completed in the acceptance conditions for the start of the undersea adventure has been added
  • ‘[Alchemy Lv26] Crystal I want to see again’ Infinite Magic Crystal during the quest description-The bug that the number of materials required for iron armor ductility was exposed differently has been corrected.

Background, NPC, effect, cutscene

  • The terrain of the red sand stone chamber where the world boss Kutum appears has been partially modified.
  • The dreamy arduana effect has been optimized.
  •  Bartali Farm 1-1 Fixed a problem where the housing item could not be installed on the residential floor.
  • The bug that the filtering effect remains when the bag is opened after closing the mount information window with the esc key has been corrected.
  • We have moved the location slightly so that the Kansia NPC of the pit of undying does not interfere with the game progress.
  • The Old Moon Grand Prix checkpoint effect has been changed to be a little more transparent.

Mount Changes

  • A transfer function that can bring mounts in other areas has been added.
    • This is a function that allows you to transfer the mounts held in the dock/stable to the current dock/stable. However, guild mounts are excluded.

User Interface

  • Skill-specific UI has been renewed.
  •  Corrected the bug that the Yoon Gothic font was not applied.
  • Fixed the bug that the UI disappears from the list of residential alchemy.
  •  [Crow Shop] A note that the expiration date will be applied immediately when obtaining the voucher as a reward for the battle/technological EXP voucher request summary and dialogue has been added.
  •  Corrected the bug that the order arrangement setting was applied abnormally after reconnection.
  •  Corrected a typo in the Old Moon Grand Prix racecourse guide.

System changes

  •  Fixed a problem where the client was abnormally terminated intermittently during loading.

Class Changes


  • Fixed the bug that when using the Headbutt skill at a certain attack speed or higher, it was activated abnormally quickly.


  • Fixed the bug that when attacking in some skills, the hit and blood effects were not output correctly.

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