Global Lab Updates – 1st April 2021

Global Lab Updates – 1st April 2021

Apr 01 Tansie  
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Cooking Quests

  • Halo Inn owner Islyn Bartali calls for help from adventurers to prepare mass dishes for the hardworking sailors in Velia Village.
    • [Extra] Cooking quest I for Velia sailors has been added.
    • The above quests can be completed with 3 kinds of random quests from Islyn Bartali, and as a reward, you can receive 500 high-quality peppers or high-quality garlic.
    • When in the cooking level reaches a certain level, you can receive the quest at a probability when cooking the food, and you can accept the quest again immediately upon completion.
Dish name level Dish name level
Hunter’s salad Skill 1 fruit wine Professional 9
Essence of Liquor Skill 1 Pickled Vegetables Professional 9
High-Quality Carrot Juice Skill 1 Teff Bread Professional 9
Special Carrot Juice Skill 5 Fried bird Professional 9
Good feed Skill 9 Freekeh snake stew Artisan 1
Fried fish Professional 1 Fig pie Artisan 1
Exotic herbal wine Professional 1 Knight Combat Rations Artisan 1
Beer Professional 1 Cheese Gratin Artisan 3
Grain soup Professional 1 Meat sandwich Artisan 3
Steamed Whale Meat Professional 1 Honeycomb cookie Artisan 3
Whale meat salad Professional 1 Meat croquette Artisan 3
Meat stew Professional 1 Assorted Side Dishes Artisan 3
Grilled bird Meat Professional 1 Fruit pie Artisan 3
Organic feed Professional 3 Cheese pie Artisan 3
Boiled bird eggs Professional 5 Lean meat salad Artisan 3
Aloe Yogurt Professional 5 Pistachio Fried Rice Artisan 6
Aloe cookie Professional 5 Date palm wine Artisan 6
Stir-fried vegetables Professional 5 Sute tea Artisan 7
Fried vegetables Professional 5 Milk tea Artisan 7
fruit juice Professional 5 Dark pudding Artisan 7
Fruit pudding Professional 5 Ham sandwich Artisan 7
Soft bread Professional 5 Balenos meal Master 1
Lizard Kebab Professional 5 Steamed prawn Master 1
Steamed fish Professional 5 Pan-Fried Oyster Master 1
Seafood Mushroom Salad Professional 5 Butter-Roasted Lobster Master 1
Stir-fried seafood Professional 5 Serendia Meal Master 1
Seafood Grilled with Butter Professional 5 Calpheon Meal Master 1
Meat soup Professional 5 Prawn Salad Master 1
Five-Grain Chicken Porridge Professional 5 Rainbow Button Mushroom with Cheese Melt Master 1
Grilled sausage Professional 5 Hard-Boiled Shellfish Master 1
Pickled fish Professional 9 Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich Master 1
Oatmeal Professional 9 Mediah meal Master 1
Steak Professional 9 Grilled scorpion Master 1
Meat pie Professional 9 Couscous Master 6
Steamed seafood Professional 9 Stir-fried bracken Master 11
Fish fillet salad Professional 9 Ghormeh Sabzi Master 11
Stir-fried meat Professional 9 Roast Marmot Master 11
Steamed bird Professional 9 Skewered Llama Cheese Melt Master 11
Meat pasta Professional 9 Arehaza special meal Master 11
Omelet Professional 9 Margoria Seafood Special Master 11
Seafood pasta Professional 9 Tef sandwich Master 11
Smoked fish steak Professional 9 Coconut cocktail Master 11
Fish soup Professional 9 Coconut pasta Master 11
Tea with Fine Scent Professional 9 Coconut fried fish Master 11
Fruit and vegetable salad Professional 9 Khalk’s Fermented Wine Master 11
Borscht Professional 9 King of the Jungle Hamburg Master 11
Desert dumpling Professional 9 Kamasylvia meal Master 16
Fish Fillet Chips Professional 9 Valencia meal Master 16
Honey wine Professional 9 Drieghan special meal Master 21
Savory steak Professional 1 or Cooking Mastery 350


  • However, while the unexpected cooking quest is in progress, the following existing unexpected cooking quests cannot be accepted.
    • * [Extra] Cooking Request I for Heidel Soldiers (Reward: Premium Pepper or Premium Onion 500ea)
    • * [Extra] Cooking Request I for Calpheon Slums (Reward: Milk or 1000 Eggs)
  • When a certain cooking level or higher, when cooking Odylita food in the table below, an unexpected cooking quest has been added that can be ordered at a probability.
    • The unexpected quests that are received at a probability are as follows.
    • [Extra] Cooking Request for Heidel Soldiers I
    • [Extra] Cooking Request for Calpheon Slums I
    • [Extra] Cooking Request for Velia Sailors I
Dish name level Dish name level
Delotia Tart Artisan 5 Delotia Pudding Master 5
Delotia Juice Artisan 5 Delotia Milk Tea Artisan 5
Stir-fried bird meat Artisan 5 Stir-fried bracken meat Master 5
Chicken Breast Salad Artisan 5 Frank Sandwich Master 5
Odylita set meal Master 11
A new unexpected cooking quest has been added that gives you a chance to receive orders while cooking. In this cooking quest, you can obtain high-quality garlic and high-quality peppers as rewards, which are essential for many dishes, but there are not many sources to acquire. With an unexpected request to obtain milk and eggs, high-quality onions and peppers that were already introduced, I hope that it will help many chefs in supplying even a little bit of ingredients.

Starlight Vein Mining

  • According to the words of experienced miners, there are rumors that special veins can be found during mining. This vein is called the’Starlight Vein’ because it shines beautifully, and it is said that you can obtain ‘Aron Darong Ore’ when mining the vein.
    • You can find’Starlight Vein’ with a low probability when mining in all areas.
    • When discovering a starlight vein, I found a starlight vein with a sharp miner’s eyes!’ Message is displayed, and you can find a vein that glows in yellow around you.
  • Starlight veins can be found 3 to 5 veins once they are found, and they are said to disappear soon if you do not rush to mine them.
  • Starlight veins may be additionally discovered depending on your gathering skill.
  • The Aron Darong Ore, which can be obtained when mining the Starlight Vein, can be sent to the Crystal Merchant or Jewel Merchant in each of the villages below.
  • However, you must have at least 200 intimacy with the NPC to exchange.
Town NPC name
Velia Marsella
Olvia Corin
Heidel Dora Fonti
Calpheon Bianstimi
Florin Ardan
Keplan Greco Gorda
Altinova Belgar
Tarif Thyshelle Arms
Valencia Yara
Sand Grain Bazaar Binvane
Shakatu Gagaru
Audraxxia Hisulana
  • The NPCs above can be easily found by searching for ‘Edit’ or ‘Gem’ in the’Find NPC’ function on the left side of the minimap.
  • You can obtain some of the items below at a probability by exchanging the Aron Darong gemstone with the NPCs above.
Items that can be obtained through exchange
Manos Processed Stone-Lake
Manos Processing Stone-Vitality
Manos Processing Stone-Energy
Manos Processing Stone-Sun
Manos Processing Stone-Wind
Manos Processing Stone-Lava
Black Magic Crystal-Harphia
Black Magic Crystal-Cobelinus
Black Magic Crystal-Viper
Black Magic Crystal-Hystria
Black Magic Crystal-Carme
Black Magic Crystal-Addis
1-2 Scorched Fragment
2~4 Topaz Gemstones
2-4 Sapphire Gemstones
2-4 Emerald Gemstones
2~4 Ruby ​​Gemstones
2-4 Diamond Gemstones
7-13 Rough Stone
7~13 Black Stone Powder
Mining now occasionally finds shiny veins. In this vein, called the’Starlight Vein’, you can get Along Darong gemstones, but if you leave your emotions, you can get special crystals that cannot be obtained in normal mining. As if one day in life, unexpected luck comes, I wanted to give a little breath to the daily life of adventurers who enjoy mining.

Agris Fever Quests

  • A quest that requires you to consume a certain amount of Agris Fever points has been added.
    • You can receive a quest from the NPC, the manager of each node in the Valencia area hunting ground.
    • When you receive this quest, Agris Fever 15,000 points will be immediately reduced, and if you cancel the quest, you will not be able to get it back.
    • This quest is a daily quest, and only one quest per day can be processed.
Quest title Kill goal Completion NPC reward
Challenge to the Bashims
Challenge the Bashim Warriors

Desert treasure chest


Contribution EXP 300

Valleys stolen by Desert Fogan
Defeating Desert Fogan
Desert Naga Search Captain
Threatening Desert Naga
Stopping the Desert Naga
Quiet Waragon’s Wrath
Defeating the Waragons
Kadrie’s Misconception
Defeat the Cadry Swarm
Anne Raker
Defeat the Gahaz Bandits
Defeat the Gahaz Bandits
A crescent moon with savagery
Cleanse the Crescent Temple
Basilisk’s Curse
Destroy the Basilisk Swarm
Runaway Centaur
Silence the Centaur Swarm
Pilaku prison that cannot be escaped
Condemning the prisoners of Pila Ku Jail
Unusual Sulfur Mine
Punish the Workers of the Sulfur Mine
  • Open a Blazing Desert treasure chest to receive one of the following at random
    • Tungrad Necklace
    • Laytenn’s Power Stone
    • Sicil’s Necklace
    • Serap’s Necklace
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Ring of Cadry Guardian
    • Basilisk’s Belt
    • Centaurus Belt
    • Tungrad Earring
    • Yonas Fragment 10 – 15
    • Memory Fragment 10 – 20
    • Cron Stone 10 – 30
    • Ancient Spirit Dust 30 – 50
This new quest has been added as a way to expand your options to utilize Agris’ heat. The reason for setting the region to Valencia is that it is a little more meaningful to those who are still burdened with going to a stronger place, and hopes that they can use the heat of Agris in a more pleasant way. In addition, we have organized a variety of quests so that various adventurers can enjoy them without major restrictions, and please note that this configuration will be expanded in various forms in the future.

Node War/Siege War

  •  Battlefield fighting spirit content has been added.
    • The deaths of comrades who have fallen together create battlefield rage.
    • The death of a comrade turns into a burning rage, which can help turn the battle.

  • You can check the fighting spirit gauge of the battlefield through the UI at the bottom of the mini-map at the top right of the screen during node/siege war.
  • The fighting spirit gauge basically fills up when you die in battle, and when it is full, you can use a dedicated skill that can give powerful effects to all guild members. However, the fighting spirit gauge automatically decreases as the number of guild members surviving or killing enemies continuously increases. In addition, the gauge is also reset when using the exclusive skills.
  • A new guild skill that can be used by consuming the fighting spirit of the battlefield has been added.
  • The newly added new guild skill consumes the fighting spirit of the battlefield, so it can only be used during node and siege wars.
Skill name effect Cooldown

Breath of life
Reset waiting time for resurrection during node/siege war 5 hours

Battlefield protection
30 seconds
Recovers +500 Life per 3 seconds
All Damage Reduction +150
Movement Speed ​​+10%
Super Armor status for 15 seconds
10 minutes
This fighting spirit system was created with the purpose of hoping that guilds with relatively weak power can confront even a little more and become an element that can be used strategically in equal situations. The fighting spirit gauge is basically accumulated when you die in battle, but it is designed in such a way that it continuously decreases if the opponent continues to attack or if there are many survivors in the guild.
  • A weak barricade has been added that can be quickly installed in node wars and siege wars.
    • When using a weak barricade, 5 seconds of installation time and 20 seconds of construction completion time are required.
    • Weak barricades have a quicker installation time, but have less durability than other barricades.

Other Changes

Item Changes

  • When opening a PRI (I) ~ TET (IV) Kzarka’s sealed weapon box, Dandelion weapon box, Nouver’s sealed weapon box, or Kutum’s sealed weapon box, the pop-up window displayed now states that you can obtain an item up to the level of TET (IV).
  • Corrected a typo in the phrase displayed when using the character name change ticket within the family and the battle/skill experience value exchange ticket.

Content Updates

  • A typo in the FINISH tile of the adventure content of the Black Spirit has been corrected.

User Interface Changes

  • The ability to perform duplicate checks when creating or changing a character/family/guild name has been added.
    • You can check if it is a name that can be created through the duplicate check function, and if it is possible, it is not created immediately, so the final decision can be considered once more.

When creating or changing a name, if it was a name that could be created, it was created immediately without any room for change, so we have added a duplicate check function for adventurers who would have regretted memories.
  • A notification that is output when dice can be obtained in the adventure content of the Black Spirit has been added.
    • When the dice acquisition time is reached for the adventure content of the Black Spirit, a notification UI is displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

A notification function has been added when dice can be acquired in the adventure of the Black Spirit.
Now you don’t have to worry about the time to earn the dice, and you won’t miss a chance!
  •  The phrase’Cancellation Reservation’ displayed when canceling a worker job has been changed to’Cancellation’.
  • The text of the button to open the equipment UI in the enhanced UI has been changed to’View Equipment Equipment’.
  • Fixed the bug that the maid is summoned several times when using the warehouse maid repeatedly for a short time using a simple shortcut key.
  • Ecological knowledge tracking function has been modified to be saved in situations such as setting storage, after loading, and after character change.

Bug Fixes

  • [Nova] Aquila, Karlstein’s main weapon, awakening weapon costume-only standby behavior was different from the problem has been corrected.

Class Changes


  • After using the Detonative Flow skill, the bug where the skill could not be immediately linked with Flow: Magical Evasion and Teleport skills has been corrected.


  • Fixed a bug in which the first skill was activated when using a certain skill and reusing the link skill of the rift after moving to the link technology of the rift and in the attack action after the state abnormality was over.
  • Corrected the bug that the mana recovery effect of the Kyve Mastery is applied even if the hit is not successful.
  • During the use of other skills, the bug that the Overdrive stack buff effect was not applied on Prime: Ator’s Mark has been corrected. 
  • When attempting to transfer the Black Spirit Rage, the bug that the Kyve position looked awkward has been corrected.

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